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My husband loved it and the recipe was really easy to follow!! ["Detail"]=> Hi Steve, I look forward to your newsletter every Monday! Spray a 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray and set aside. Use your own judgement. 1924 1925 1926 1928 1980 1992 150 92 16 ( ) 20 % 15 ( ) " " . Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Thank you for your visit today. Poke a couple of holes in the spaghetti to let the egg drop thru,and top with about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of mozerella cheese. . When you know the suggested cook time, set a timer for a minute or so before it. So easy. -Steve. }. ["GalleryID"]=> Its in Southwest Florida. Smile. Cook the spaghetti in salted water. Season meat mixture with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, paprika, and crushed red pepper. object(stdClass)#1100 (3) { } [created] => 2022-06-28 11:33:27 Read more, How to cook trout in the oven. Let this start heating up while you dice the onion. Take the sauce off of the heat, and then stir in the basil. Susies baked version sounds great too. Check the package directions of the spaghetti you plan to cook. I have another twist on this. That would make a plenty of sauce for the rest of the recipe. Have you ever cooked spaghetti this way? Im surprised the actual magazine ad recipe didnt call for adding any. Goes to show you--don't use a wine for cooking you wouldn't drink. Shop our Taste of Southern Christmas Collection. 1 Large Onion, chopped Ill send you an Email every once in awhile to remind you when I post a new recipe, or when anything else of importance is going on around Taste of Southern. }, - , " " 5 , , : , " " , Slight changes I made were 1/2 cup wine, 6tsp rehydrated freeze dried garlic and added 1tsp italian seasoning. Just add a few dashes when the sauce is cooked. Add chopped onion and bell pepper and cook until onion is translucent and veggies begin to soften, about 3-5 minutes. Thank you in advance for sharing. Drain excess grease if needed. All rights reserved. -Steve. This recipe is the bomb! Read more, Learn what sloe gin is and how to use it to make one of our favorite cocktails: the sloe gin fizz. Enjoy! We are so happy youre here. Have spaghetti one night and lasagna later! The sauce is simple, vegetarian, and made 100% from scratch. vegfamily When would you add the fish sauce in? [images] => {"image_intro":"images/sager1.jpg","float_intro":"","image_intro_alt":"","image_intro_caption":"","image_fulltext":"","float_fulltext":"","image_fulltext_alt":"","image_fulltext_caption":""} For the red wine I bought a $2.50 bottle of red Cabernet and used that. I do hope you get to try it soon. Your email address will not be published. For every 4 quarts (16 cups) of water, we add about one tablespoon of salt. This way, at the 8-minute mark, you can check on the spaghetti to make sure it isnt done already. Adding a leftover rind of a parmesan wedge to the sauce at the same time as adding the tomatoes adds richness and extra flavor. Our favorite weeknight friendly spaghetti recipe with a meat sauce that is made completely from scratch. Your email address will not be published. -Steve, In this recipe you said, I think the recipe could have easily used a bit more than four ounces, but. God bless you and yours Steve. -Steve, Your email address will not be published. This oven baked trout is incredible easy to make. Stir in the garlic, tomato paste, oregano, and red pepper flakes and cook, stirring continuously for about 1 minute. Next time though, Ill add some of those Italian spices to boost it up a notch or two, maybe some garlic. Made from a vintage ad recipe. The door is always open for you, please stop by any time. Be Blessed!!! When the can was full, shed just cover the can and toss it. Gradually add the spaghetti, stirring after each addition so it doesnt stick together. This cheesy baked spaghetti recipe is one that the whole family will love and is super easy to prepare. It is up to you. Add the ground beef, crumble with a wooden spoon as it browns. Yep! Guess the figured there was enough in the sauce. Bake spaghetti for 20-25 minutes until cheese is melted and bubbly. Subscribe to Inspired Taste's free newsletter to receive hand-picked recipes and as a thank you for joining our community, we will send you a link to download our free eCookbook! Be Blessed!!! 2022 Warner Bros. I like to cut some pats of butter and place it on white sandwich bread, then sprinkle it lightly with garlic powder. Place large sauce pot over Medium heat on your stove top. string(1) "1" Wow! Hope your friends are alright, I do say prayers for them often, also for you Steve in hopes that you continue enlightening our lives with your wonderful recipes and newsletters. I have made this recipe many times and love it. One of the most popular ways spaghetti is served where I'm from is as a side dish to fried fish at a backyard fish fry. Thank you for the question. Thanks for sharing! Just store the cooked spaghetti in an airtight container in the refrigerator and transfer it to a baking dish, top with cheese, and bake as directed in the recipe when ready to serve. Family likes it. Do Not Sell My Information, Makes 5 cups of sauce and approximately 6 servings, anchovy fillets, minced with some of their oil or use anchovy paste, Inspired Taste Easy Recipes for Home Cooks, Our Favorite Chocolate Cupcakes (Naturally Vegan), Parmesan Baked Eggs Recipe with Thyme and Rosemary, Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Veggie Burritos. Easy peasy one dish baked meal. You can make this straight away BTW, I also live in Lee County, Florida. For some reason, the spaghetti that night was the best ever. Required fields are marked *. [0]=> .

Just one question do you drain off the fat from the ground beef? I So look forward to your newsletter every week. Smile.

Plan to use the sauce for lasagna next. I do hope you will try it soon. } I read and appreciate every one of them! I hadnt considered using chicken broth instead of water but I bet it makes for a great flavor. () Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about another minute. Add the meat and cook until browned, about 8minutes. Jump to to the Sloe Gin Fizz Add it a little at a time and stir it around for a few seconds after each addition. My husband asked what wine I put in it and I showed him the bottle. This baked spaghetti can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for five days. ["ImageName"]=> Frozen spaghetti will keep for up to three months, See blog post for other important tips and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it and I trust youll stop by again real soon.

Just remember, all comments are moderated. Its already seasoned and spiced! -Steve, Hi Steve, yes I did try that before. Your email address will not be published. [introtext] => ::cck::6083::/cck:: array(1) { My family has been making this recipe for my entire life (48yrs). Jump to the Homemade Turkey Burgers Recipe How

In case thats unfamiliar to you, Toppers is a (so-called) beef flavoured soya mince which boils up a bit like ground beef, and Smash is instant mashed potato which tastes like anything but. I dont know if she adapted it or if someone else did, but we add oregano to the meat as it is cooking and shredded sharp cheddar to the top right before serving. Id love to hear how it turns out for you. Be Blessed!!! It will still have a bit of a bite, which is perfect. ["ImageName"]=> I was saying that it made enough sauce that I thought you could use a bit more than the 4 ounces of pasta called for. Add the chopped onion, cook until onion is soft and translucent. Hi Kathryn, I would also add some Italian type seasonings to this dish should I make it again. I enlarged the ad to be able to read the recipe but its probably difficult to see it online. 1 teaspoon Salt Storing/Make-ahead: The meat sauce can be made in advance and should last in your refrigerator for up to 3 days and in your freezer for about three months. [content_title] => It is a recipe I have been perfecting for years and it is so good (if I may humbly say) that my kids are disappointed when they eat spaghetti anywhere else but home! Add the onions and cook, stirring every once and a while, until softened, about 5 minutes. [created_user_id] => 524 I dont like onions so I substituted with 1.5 packets of Lipton onion soup mix delicious!!! [content_asset_id] => 14649 Copyright 2022 Pink Owl Kitchen LLC | All Rights Reserved. It will only take a minute or two for you to leave your comments in the section below. Read more, Soft buttery caramels are dipped in creamy chocolate and topped with a little salt for the perfect treat. Click Go to signup for free! Just keep an eye on it. Hi Mike, I was referring to the spaghetti itself. Cover pot, simmer for 20 minutes or until pasta is done, stirring occasionally. Toss the cooked spaghetti with a flavorful sauce like our homemade spaghetti sauce. All at Once Spaghetti Recipe a one pot spaghetti. Thank you for the question.

We promise not to spam you. Chef Note: After I posted this recipe I remembered a funny incident--my dear husband usually has a nice bottle of wine handy so when I make a batch of spaghetti I just help myself to a splash of it. Goes to show you--don't use a wine for cooking you wouldn't drink. Add onions and continue to cook, stirring occasionally until onions are softened. Looks good. Our readers have said that ourMeaty Lasagna Recipeis the best theyve ever made. You might also like: Vintage Ice Cream Pie Recipe, inspired by another magazine ad. Yep!

Im giving the recipe to our Scout Patrol Leaders Ill even donate the oreganum! Please note that the recipe only calls for half of an eight ounce box of spaghetti. Stir it good to combine all the ingredients. He nearly fell off the chair. The recipe made enough for 2 dinners so I did spaghetti first and rigatoni the next week. We all greatly appreciate it. I thought it tasted pretty good. Read more, Vegetable packed and easy veggie burritos with spicy cauliflower, onions, peppers, rice, cheese, and beans. You get the best results from a good wine!". All comments are governed by our Privacy Policy & Terms. All information and tools presented and written within this site ( are intended for informational purposes only. On the box, there should be an approximate cook time for al-dente, which means the pasta will be tender, but not mushy. I'm Ashley, go-to chef and hostess for huge family gatherings, new mom to a beautiful baby boy, and founder of Pink Owl Kitchen. Next time I will try adding the anchovies or fish sauce. After its already cooked? Saves so many of your pots and pansand lots of time, too! In fact they tell me I should open a restaurant and serve only this spaghetti and garlic bread. Dice the onion. As the meat cooks, use a wooden spoon to break it up into smaller crumbles. Well begin by placing the ground beef in a large sauce pot over Medium heat on the stove top. recipe. Enjoy! , , " " ( , , Grated Cheese, optional. All comments are moderated before appearing on the site. Its totally free, and super easy to sign up. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Stir in the tomatoes, 3/4 teaspoon of salt, and a generous pinch of black pepper. Subscribe to our newsletter with easy, delicious, and fresh recipes and receive our eCookbook with 16 of our most loved recipes for free! Bake for about 20 minutes at 350. He nearly fell off the chair. Inspired by a vintage magazine ad from Hunts Tomato Sauce, were trying this one pot spaghetti and showing you how to make it as well. This spaghetti is much too soft for my taste..i have to have rolling boiling water, and then cook al dente.this makes a soft squishy mess no matter what you do. Heres our recipe for zucchini noodles pasta. Cook spaghetti according to package directions. stdClass Object Add tomato sauce. I do appreciate your visits and hope youll stop by again real soon. We call this baked spaghetti. The door is always open for you, so please stop by again real soon. 1 pound lean ground meat like beef, turkey, chicken or lamb, Handful fresh basil leaves, plus more for serving, 12 ounces dried spaghetti or favorite pasta shape, 3 to 4anchovy fillets, minced with some of their oil or use anchovy paste. Black folks in the South also consider spaghetti a side dish instead of a main course. It can be refrigerated for up to three days and stored in your freezer for about three months.

We combine beef, sausage, and a homemade sauce. Nothing else makes it as good. Thank you for sharing your comments, and thank you again for being a subscriber to the Newsletter. But, I wanted to try it first, just like the ad called for. This easy spaghetti recipe was especially developed for Hunts Tomato Sauce. . The two cans made a good amount of sauce so I have updated the printable recipe to show two 8 ounce cans. Add about a tablespoon of oil to your pasta cooking water to keep the pasta from sticking together. This seasons the pasta as it cooks and is necessary for the best-tasting pasta. Frozen spaghetti will keep for up to three months. For this spaghetti, we turn to our favorite quick meat sauce recipe. Once its lightly browned, drain off and discard the grease. All of our recipes are influenced by my southern upbringing and feature fresh, seasonal ingredients to encourage families to come together around the dinner table more! Im grateful that you have subscribed to the Newsletter, thank you for the compliments. If by chance you dont, you might want to add just a teaspoon or so of cooking oil or bacon grease so it doesnt burn and stick to the pot. My kids will give up a steak dinner for this spaghetti. You can also freeze this spaghetti by storing it in a zip-top freezer bag and wrapping it in plastic wrap. Thanks. If the flavor of the sauce doesnt pop, you probably need a bit more salt. Thank you for suggesting it. Tastes great and takes very little time or effort(which makes me happy at the end of a busy day). Youll love this very basic, one pot spaghetti. In response to requests, I have posted the recipe for Recipe #28559 that uses approximately 1/2 of the sauce from this Add pasta sauce and diced tomatoes and give everything another good stir. lb Spaghetti, half of an 8oz box Be Blessed!!! Steve, are the cans of tomato sauce the 8 oz size? I cant wait to try this recipe. ThisEasy Baked Spaghetticombines a simple tomato meat sauce, spaghetti, cheese, and a creamy pesto layer. }, array(1) { -Steve. I had opened a rather expensive bottle he had bought to give his boss. and I for one love to read your ramblins. [content_id] => 6190 Season with more salt and pepper to taste, cover and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Spoon sauce over drained spaghetti noodles and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. This baked spaghetti can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for five days, You can also freeze this spaghetti by storing it in a zip-top freezer bag and wrapping it in plastic wrap. Must try, and easy to put your spin on it. Nutrition Disclaimer. Knowing how much water would be helpful.

We still love this recipe and have it regularly. Hi Fawn, I used two of the 15 ounce cans. I broke mine in half so it would fit into the pot easier. This is perfect for cooking 1 pound of pasta. [0]=> -Steve. Used more spices and added a couple punches of brown sugar.

Stir mixture well and let come to a boil. For more spaghetti recipes, look at this baked spaghetti is similar to lasagna, but easier and if you love veggies, try our easy veggie spaghetti. This is a revolutionary recipe and it will work like a charm in your kitchen! We have used the USDA database to calculate approximate values. Add water. Skillet Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms, Creamy Avocado Pasta with Corn and Sun-dried Tomatoes, Blackened Redfish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw, Chocolate Cream Cold Brew (Starbucks Copycat), or ground turkey, chicken, or plant-based meat, baked spaghetti, easy dinner recipes, easy pasta recipes, spaghetti. +: 966126511999 : , array(1) {

lb Ground Beef Simmer on low, stirring frequently for at least an hour. The water should taste salty. I hope youll do it today.

That just means that I personally read each and everyone before they are approved for viewing on our family friendly website. Toss in the cooked pasta, and then leave for a minute so that the pasta absorbs some of the sauce. Be Blessed!!! Custom Design by Nina Cross Its made using one-pot, is ultra flavorful, and can be made in under 45 minutes. However, if you'd like to get a bit more creative, feel free to explore with any of the following additions: You can prepare and store this spaghetti a day or two ahead of time and bake it on the day you'd like to serve. A Great recipe, a great way to cook Spaghetti! Tags: all at once spaghetti, hunt's tomato sauce, main dishes, one pot spaghetti, pasta, southern recipes, Steve Gordon, Taste of Southern, tomato sauce, vintage ads. Once the grease has been drained. , : , , , , , , , Recipe doesn't include pasta sauce and tomatoes in list of ingredients but mentions them in the instructions. Add ground meat, breaking apart with a wooden spoon, and cook until almost cooked through, about 3-5 minutes. [0]=> Please review our Comment Guidelines. When I was a child, my great aunt made this dessert and it was very good. Thank you so much for waiting. It just tastes better this way. It wont melt all the way, just remove whats left before serving. Alright then, lets head on out to the kitchen, and Lets Get Cooking! Add salt. The spice flavor of Hunts Tomato Sauce cooks right into the spaghetti. If you were looking to reduce the carbohydrates in your dish, swap half or all of the pasta with zucchini noodles. Smile. . 2134 21451 Thats why I suggested you could add more pasta to it. Gradually add the spaghetti, stirring as you go. 2014 - 2022. The spaghetti sauce is also perfect for making ahead. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The BEST recipe Ive ever followed!!! Unsubscribe at any time. Ive never made spaghetti like this but think Ill try it one day. Sometimes I shiver at the word "updates"! 2 cans Hunts Tomato Sauce (8oz) Add garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce and water. So if the box suggests 10 minutes, set a timer for 8 minutes. Heres what the ad says about Hunts Tomato Sauce and the recipe.

Stir to combine everything. , / I like your variations on it. [catid] => 4558 Ready to try it yourself? Ive been doing some updates and a few recipe cards have been affected. Mama always kept a small metal can on her stove top to pour old grease in. Or toss it in with other ingredients? Bring the sauce to a low simmer. I really like your writing style, superb info , appreciate it for posting . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I enjoy your email on Mondays, Hi Nora, When I make this again, Ill add some Italian spices to it. Place the pot back on its burner and add the diced onions. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. For a lighter take on spaghetti, try ourFresh Veggie Spaghetti. Thanks so much! object(stdClass)#1106 (3) { We add a lot of salt to our pasta water (it makes the pasta taste delicious). Here you will find easy recipes for home cooks that you will want to make again and again. Thank you for the call out! How about this? Cook until pasta is done. Thanks for the recipe. That would make it more to my liking I think. Stir beef and fry until lightly browned. clams clam chowder clarissa As it cooks, stir and taste the sauce a few times so you can adjust the seasoning accordingly (see notes for suggestions). Recipe can be doubled if needed. This was SO amazing I cooked It for my mom and dad and THEY LOVED IT thanks so much for this recipe. [category_title] => Now, lets get everything else into the pot.

I do hope youll visit with us often. Ive updated the printable recipe to show it as using two of the 8 ounce sized cans which would be plenty for making it the way the recipe calls for. This post may contain affiliate links. Use ground beef, turkey, pork, chicken or lamb to make this simple spaghetti. string(1) "3" Thank you so very much for your prayers for my friends and for me. Inspired by this vintage ad from Hunts Tomato Sauce. Id love to get out of washing another large pot and colander. I loved munching on this long juicy pasta and i wanna fuck ms mullan macrae her flabs are insanely bouncy and are a coushin when i bounce up and down on her 15 inch cock. If the sauce is too acidic, a pinch of sugar will do the trick. I like the look of this real comfort food! . I actually used two 15 ounce sized cans and as I mentioned in the photo section, it made a lot of sauce. My husband asked what wine I put in it and I showed him the bottle. First time commenting? [asset_id] => 14571 Printable recipe. Imagine! More than likely youll have more grease in the pot as it cooks down even more. Meat sauce almost EXACTLY how my mother and grandmother made it YUM! Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat (we use a Dutch oven). [created_time] => 2022-06-27 12:46:07 ["Detail"]=> Take care and may God continue to richly bless you! This will keep the pasta from sticking together. Southern spaghetti typically keeps vegetables and other add-ins to a minimum. You cook everything all at once in Hunts Tomato Sauce. Just let it cook until it starts to turn brown. I havent made the one-pot spaghetti yet, but Im certainly going to do it next time. The baked fish is tender, juicy, and flavorful thanks to lemon and BTW, do you have a recipe for butter roll the Southern dessert, not a buttered roll? [urls] => {"urla":"","urlatext":"","targeta":"","urlb":"","urlbtext":"","targetb":"","urlc":"","urlctext":"","targetc":""} I love baked spaghetti and plan to do a recipe for it here on Taste of Southern one day. Take care. Use ground beef, turkey, pork, chicken or lamb to make this simple spaghetti recipe. Please let me know if you try it. Crab Annie a seafood pasta dish. By tossing the pasta and sauce together, the pasta starts to absorb some of the flavors in the sauce. 11/2 cups Water Its very delicious, i like it. ["ImageName"]=> Be Blessed!!!

Serve while warm, garnish with grated cheese. When this one popped up one lazy afternoon, I saved it so I could prepare it here on Taste of Southern.Its a very basic spaghetti sauce, so if you have folks in the family that dont care for all those Italian style spices, this just might meet their approval. [alias] => 2022-06-28-11-33-27 Thanks to our secret ingredient, these burgers are loaded with flavor and wont dry out. Definitely easy, making the sauce for the second time.

What size cans or tomato sauce did you use? The magazine ad says to use 4 ounces of pasta and they even note that its half of a 8 ounce box. recipe. Printable recipe included. Were Adam and Joanne, the creators of Inspired Taste. Im thankful for your visits and do hope youll stop by again real soon. Sprinkle on some grated cheese and serve with some garlic bread. Of course, the internet is the easiest way to do it. On one occasion, there wasn't a bottle opened, but there was a bottle sitting on the counter so I got out the corkscrew and helped myself. Carefully transfer spaghetti to your prepared baking dish and top with shredded cheeses. COVER the pot and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Toss again, and then serve with parmesan sprinkled on top. since I mix them together after the first meal anyway. . I also like more spices in that sauce. my mom always did that, of course, that was a long time ago. Hi Della, Thank you for sharing your memories of this old spaghetti recipe with us. And why not? And LOTS of grated parmesan! I raised the heat a bit to get it boiling. Smile. My mother probably started with the exact ad you have in the article. Smile. Serve spaghetti immediately with cornbread or garlic bread if desired. ["GalleryID"]=> The magazine ad just didnt call for any, and I wanted to follow their recipe. Gives the whole dish a wonderful richness a homemade goodness your family will love! Ill be looking forward to seeing you add your name to our list. Im thankful to have you as a subscriber to the Newsletter too. 2022 " " . Smile. Try Hunts Tomato Sauce anytime you want deep, true, all tomato flavor. Hi Teresa! Im guessing they may not have even been making a larger 15 ounce sized can at the time the ads were appearing.

Add cooked spaghetti and stir until all ingredients are well combined. string(11) "Image_1.gif" Cook pasta in a large saucepan of salted water until al dente according to package instructions, drain, and set aside.

I have made the one-pot spaghetti I add some Italian seasoning to it and Garlic ( Garlic is heart healthy) .I also am fond of Spagetti Pie. Just wondering how much. Pour in the water and use a wooden spoon to scrape up any bits of meat or onion stuck to the bottom of the pot. In large, heavy stockpot, brown Italian sausage, breaking up as you stir. Cook, uncovered, at a low simmer for 25 minutes. If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #inspiredtaste We love to see your creations onInstagramandFacebook! I appreciate your visits and hope youll visit with us often. The recipe in the magazine ad didnt state a particular size. A longer simmer makes for a better sauce, just be careful not to let it burn! maybe it will get them thinking away from the interminable Toppers & Smash for camp suppers. I love getting your letter. On one occasion, there wasn't a bottle opened, but there was a bottle sitting on the counter so I got out the corkscrew and helped myself. ( Ill have to try that next. The ad in the recipe called for 1-1/2 teaspoon of salt. I often cook for some elderly friends and the 3 of them all thought it was the best spaghetti they ever had. Makes perfect sense to me. We dont get different flavoured tomato sauces here, so Ill add garlic anyway and some fresh origanum from my garden (where it grows like a weed!). You may be wondering what makes this a Southern recipe since spaghetti is a dish of Italian origin. Easy to make and freezer friendly! string(16) "" * Required fields (Email address will not be published). Have spaghetti one night and lasagna later! Have a great day. Just like Pavlovs dog, my mouth begins to water when I see I have mail from A Taste of Southern. I will if there is a lot left from browning the beef. object(stdClass)#1081 (3) { I hope to make it tomorrow! Thank you so much! My apologies for any confusion. teaspoon Black Pepper The box directions are a helpful guide, but its always a good idea to check the pasta early! I will always be grateful. Oh my! You must be at least 16 years old to post a comment. Hi Roselyn, The recipe in the vintage ad didnt specify a size. Read more, This easy baked French toast casserole is lightly spiced, slightly sweet, perfectly soft in the middle, and has a buttery crisp top. Nutrition facts: The nutrition facts provided below are estimates. Beat two eggs and pour over the top. , , It does turn out pretty good. Once again a happy good morning Steve. and add 1/2 c. water and a small can of chicken broth. About 15 minutes before the sauce finishes cooking, bring a large pot of salted water to the boil, and then cook pasta according to package directions, but check for doneness a minute or two before the suggested cooking time. I must admit, I do the same thing to this day. Let me know what you think. Im so sorry about that!

Be Blessed!!! Super delicious! Chef Note: After I posted this recipe I remembered a funny incident--my dear husband usually has a nice bottle of wine handy so when I make a batch of spaghetti I just help myself to a splash of it. Catfish, bream, and crappie are typically the fish you see offered at a Southern backyard fish fry, and spaghetti with meat sauce is sure to be the main side dish!

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