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That movement focused on spiritual unity, recognizing the diverse Indigenous populations of this Western Hemisphere as truly the foundation for hemispheric unity and oneness, and a stepping stone to the inevitable global ingathering of all.

Message and data rates may apply. Check your email for the latest from, PART 86 IN SERIES Indigenous Messengers of God. Their civilization flourished in ancient Colombia between 600 and 1600 CE (some evidence suggests their history goes back hundreds of years prior). Through the will of God this central luminary is the one source of the existence and development of all phenomenal things. At Sogamoso, in the Colombian highlands, Bochica lived two thousand years, and died there after performing many miracles, among which the opening of the cleft at Tequendama is most conspicuous. The summit of the hill is known locally as El Puerto de Los Dioses - the Gateway of the Gods - and while today it is one of South Americas UFO hotspots, and a portal to otherworldly dimensions, indigenous cultures worshiped the sacred hill as a representation of the goddess of the moon, Chia. Bernal insisted the problem of the lights of Juaica should be approached from two rational perspectives; scientific and historical/anthropological before the paranormal, but then, conversely, he suggested that the lights may be reflections from buried indigenous the gold that is said to have been buried in that mountain by the Muisca priests (Xeques.) This Indigenous messenger brought moral, ethical, and spiritual teachings to the peoples who lived on the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, the high Andean plateau that now surrounds the city of Bogota. hiking the Siecha Lakes with Uncharted Colombia. Fray Pedro Simon, who wrote somewhat earlier, discriminates between Bochica and Nemtherequeteba. 4. Professor Eufrasio was refreshingly honest in admitting that the South American scientific community was at somewhat of a loss as to what exactly happens at Juaica to cause the balls of light, and unique lightening phenomena, but he quickly pointed out that the high-metallic load of the mountain and the endless reported visual effects can not be merely a coincidence. (See The Trail of Light and Native Bahai Councils). While hiking the Siecha Lakes with Uncharted Colombia , you can see the fabled location that sparked the legends of El Dorado, which originated with these ancient people, whose ancestors are still living in modern-day Bogot! Figure 9. Ashley and Professor Mauricio Botero Montoya in his research library. Examining the Assipattle myth about a farm boy slaying a giant serpent which according to Carl Gustav Jung is the fiercest monster of them all - our ego. Once a massive people, numbering 500,000, they are now found in three remaining councils: in Cota, Cha, and Sesquil with a population of 2,318. Unfolding the territorial organization and sacred topography of Tiwanakus subterranean temples, enclosed platform mounds and stepped pyramids. Tezcatlipoca was a similar deity for the Aztec. Come and apply your skills at a unique archeological investigation and hear all about Ashley's Neolithic discovery in Caithness. The central archaeological discovery of the expedition will be presented at the March 2020 Blue Marble GeoTalks conference. Ref 4. Figure 1: Muisca tumbaga (gold, silver and copper) death masks on display at El Museo del Oro, (the Museum of Gold) in Bogota, Colombia. This is the story of how a ruined 19th century Scottish ice house was saved from destruction and became one the world's most highly awarded seafood restaurants.

9. That the memory of Bochica, Viracocha, and other Indigenous messengers of God, according to their respective sacred traditions, is preserved to this day is remarkable, especially considering the vast stretches of time and the ravages of colonization. Alleged photograph of a UFO above the summit of the Pea de Juaica posted on Twitter by Joninka Castillo, 10 Mar 2017. Ref 5.

Indigenous messengers of God have appeared to ancient peoples throughout the Americas although we probably know more about the spiritual traditions of North America than the Southern continent. In a speech he gave in Chicago in 1912, Abdul-Baha unpacked that term: In our solar system the center of illumination is the sun itself. When awareness of the Bahai Faith arrived in remote Indigenous areas, a persistent theme that emerged was the peoples expectation of the coming of a Day of Fulfillment, or the Day of God. One of the ubiquitous signs of this expected time of prophecies come true would be the ingathering of the diverse and dispersed Indigenous kindreds of the Western Hemisphere. Sign up for advanced notice of this film release. Message and data rates may apply. Huitaca's mythological archetype is reflected in Arianrhod (silver moon wheel)the Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess who was also part of a lunar trinity of female deities and both were associated with owls: Huitaca having been changed into one in punishment for her rebelling against the godBochica. Long before the first atomic explosion, during a d, Ultimately all the battle of life is within the in, The Bahai writings make it clear that humankind, The wrong in the world continues to exist just bec, When a Divine messenger appears, the new revelatio, They should manifest gratitude and thankfulness t, No one goes through life without difficulties, tes, The only real difference that exists between peopl, Tunupa, the Aymara Messenger of God from Lake Titicaca, Ibeorgun, Spiritual Founder of Guna Culture, The Trail of Light and Native Bahai Councils, Eco-Caskets: The Spiritual How - and Why - of Green Burials, Dr. Anthony Lee and the Excavation of Buried Racial Narratives. Did early Norse churchmen and Viking navigators create an ancient prime meridian and round churches located across their territory which also served as astronomical observatories? The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith.

In brief, the moral and ethical world and the world of spiritual regeneration are dependent for their progressive being upon that heavenly Center of illumination. However, other scientists say this form of light can only be generated under laboratory conditions duringplasma ball experimentsusing capacitors,microwaveoscillators, ormicrowave ovens, and they argue that this can not occur naturally. Religious beliefs and practices were central to the life and community of the Muisca tribes. The lunar deity Chia was the patron deity of the zipa and aspects of this deity were recorded by chroniclers Juan de Castellanos who described her as: Chie, Huitaca, Guitaca, Huythaca, Xubchasgagua, Jubchrasguaya, Yubecayguaya. Treading water in this ocean of speculative chaos where those applying the scientific method battle with mystics over the source of light phenomena, I reasoned thatif these visual effects were being caused as a result of the mountain's metallic structure, as suggested by Professor Bernal, then the lights must have been observed for as long as people have lived in these territories, whichaccording to the Carbon dating of the nearby archaeological site, El Abra, is around 10,400 years.

To progress research I contacted Dr. Ioannis Syrigos who founded the Ancient Origins platform and we organized a scientific expedition into historic Muisca landscapes.

However, in todays post we will be focusing on the deities present in Muisca culture. The wonders of the universe are majestic, and just as they are in touch with history, the tabiunos are enough to open the window of the house to contemplate a magnificent mountain. RELATED: Ibeorgun, Spiritual Founder of Guna Culture. This is a notable drawback, because the reader has no immediate clue as to his sources of information, nowhere to check for verification, and no way to go forward to find further information. Their territory encompassed what is now Bogot and they have gained lasting fame as the origin of the El Dorado legend. Perhaps this expectation cannot be associated with any one of the myriad holy ones who have walked these lands, but they have all used similar analogies and metaphors in conveying their divine guidance of the Indigenous peoples of the ancient Americas, which collectively represents the original spiritual heritage and legacy of the Western Hemisphere. A: Hi Chris, great question and good observation. Ref 6. Another scientific often offered to explain this light phenomenon points towardsplasma physics where free-floating plasma orbs (Ball-lightening) are created when surface electricity (e.g., from a capacitor) is discharged into a solution. By clicking "Submit", I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and consent to receive communications (email, telephone call, or text message) from about news, events and offers, including via automated technology and/or prerecorded calls or messages to the number and email provided above, even if my number is a mobile number or is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list. A Land That Time Forgot, Caledonian Guerrillas Crush New World Order. The birds spread light from their beaks which produced light in the cosmos. chinese mythology goddesses gods china ching spiritus elves fairies fictional myths machina legends ex artwork Come and have your say on the blog or download your free ebook HEREusing FREE Voucher Code: viking, Rediscovering Colombia's Moon Goddess Of El Dorado, Spain's Swastika And Temple Of Heavenly Spheres, Rediscovering Tiwanaku's Ancient Prime Meridian, Ancient Facatativ. Author of Arising (2018), Kevin Locke (Tokaheya Inai in Lakota translation First to Arise) is a world famous visionary hoop dancer, preeminent player of the Indigenous North American flute, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. A Spiritual land. Thai biologist, Jessada Denduangboripant, analyzed footage of a Naga fireball event and concluded that the effect was caused by the firing offlare gunsfrom the other side of the river but other scientists think the lights result from, flammablephosphinegas generated by the marshy environment 7. Composed of rich landowners and successful agriculturists who produced textiles, mined salt and emeralds, as one of the four High cultures of South America the Muisca forged vast amounts of fine gold and silver crafts, that was a major part of their culture.advanced and thriving as the more famous Inca, Aztec, and Mayan tribes, with a hierarchy in leadership, developed religious beliefs, and advanced farming, craft and trade practices. The curious sheet-lightening phenomena, mysterious balls of light and other visual effects can be attributed to geomagnetic stress which in this case manifests in the highly-charged skies above the pointed-summit of Juaica.. The Muisca spoke a variation of the Chibcha language, which historians believe originated in Central America, and so the Muisca are sometimes also known as the Chibcha people. Mythology, archaeoastronomy and geodetic alignments of the Chibcha Temple of the Moon in Colombia lead to the discovery of a rare ancient treasure. Figure 5. The culture-hero complex among the Paez, Guambiano and other Chibchan nations of central Colombia, associated with figures like Guequiau (Castillo y Orozco 1877), Bochica (Simon 1953; Triana 1951), and Juan Tama (Rappaport 1978), evinces numerous parallels to Sibundoy Valley motifs. Bangkok Post(Brunch). Tracking the creatures that power First Nations mythology, legends and folklore in Canadas Desolation Sound. Testimony to the centrality of gold in Muisca religious rites isEl Museo del Oro (The Museum of Gold)in Bogota which has a collection of 55,000 ornate golden masks, jewellery and ritual artifacts, with over 6000 pieces on display to the public. How can they best reach you? So we should not be surprised that many of these accounts, relying on distant memories kept alive by Indigenous sacred oral traditions for centuries, are fragmentary, and perhaps intermixed with other narrative elements as well. Colonization by the Spanish has had a profound and devastating effect on the Muisca. This brief anthropological note on Bochica (also known as Xue, the sun god) of the Muisca or Chibcha of Colombia does not provide much detail, but offers a striking parallel with Tunupa (see Part 85) and Viracocha (see Part 4). Chia is worshiped in accordance with the three monthly phases of the moon: as the waxing moon she was the young rebelling deity Huitaca while on the full moon she was worshipped as the fertility goddess Chia, and on waning moons was the wise old mother goddess, Yubecayguaya (Bachue). RELATED: Tunupa, the Aymara Messenger of God from Lake Titicaca. He then created two large black birds and launched them into space. When the Spanish arrived in 1537 the Muisca were ruled by zaque centred in Hunza (now Tenjo) who ruled a territory covering what is now southern and northeastern Boyac and southern Santander; the zipa of Bacat (now Bogota) ruled over most of what is today Cundinamarca, the western Llanos and northeastern Tolima. Sign up with your email address to receive articles and documentaries and download a free ebook. tezcatlipoca aztecas azteca dioses guerreros meeks mexicanos pernastudios mayas mexicano Chiminigagua was the supreme being, omnipotent god and creator of the world in the religion of the Muisca. Historian Ashley Cowie explores a vast ancient lake in Colombia and explores a lost lagoon inside a cave with hundreds of mysterious petroglyphs and pictograms. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.

These notions are not contested, but were supported by Clinical Psychologist, Juan Sebastin Castaeda Soto, who has lived in Tabio for more than 15 years, when he claimed to have witnessed a blue light moving quickly and hiding in the mountain. Moreover, the doctor said, it could have been the reflection of an airplane, a comet, a shooting star or a meteorite but it was most probably a UFO.. Not only is Dr. Eufrasio Colombias most eminent rock specialist but he is also an author on the Pre-Colombian (Spanish) Muisca civilization and in 2014 he published a research paper, Turmequ Cultural and Historical Geography, and upon enquiring about the reports of lights at Juaica and he informed me: Unlike all the other peaks in the Andes in Colombia, Juaica is composed of abnormally high quantities of metallic elements which interact in unusual and unpredictable ways with its local environment. Talking about the light phenomenon reported at the rock of Juaica, Csar Eduardo Bernal Quintero, a journalist for the National Broadcasting of Colombia recently stated in an interview with national newspaper El Espectador: I have always thought that those born in the municipality of Tabio experience what happens to people living near the pyramids Egypt. PART 86 IN SERIES Indigenous Messengers of God. Figure 2. Film Production: Muisca Council of Sesquil and Guatavita Lagoon: Organizmo Foundation - Indigenous Bio-construction,Landscaping andTraining Center: Mayor of Tabio - RubnDaro AceroGarc: Legal council - Pedro Leonardo Escobar. Piedrahita asserts that, according to Chibcha tradition, Bochica came to the plateau of Bogota whence, he does not state. Q: Kevin, I noticed that Vinson Brown, despite his comparatively rich Bibliography, provides very few footnotes throughout his otherwise excellent book Voices of Earth and Sky. Figure 4. Adolph F. Bandelier, who wrote Traditions of Pre-Colombian Landings on the Western Coast of South America, in the American Anthropologist in 1905, offered some information: Almost parallel with the Tonapa [Tunupa] and Viracocha lore is the myth of Bochica or Nemquetheba (Nemtherequeteba), also called Zuh, among the Muysca or Chibcha Indians of Colombia. The Muisca spoke a variation of the Chibcha language, which historians believe originated in Central America, and so the Muisca are sometimes also known as the Chibcha people. Kevin is Lakota and Anishinaabe. The origin of the El Dorado myth took root from the practice of the Muisca of covering their future chief with gold dust and floating him into the center of the lake on a gold raft where he would offer gold and emeralds to the gods, and be deemed the new leader. What happens is that seeing it every day becomes normal, as is seeing lights on the site. She emerged from the waters in the Iguaque Lake with a baby in her arms, who grew to become her husband and populated the Earth. 3. . Architectural photography music video featuring Scotland's foot stomping heavy folk-rock group Brach. CC BY 3.0. Ref 7. And an example of how deeply this particular mountain is associated extraterrestrial activity, Systems Engineer, William Chaves Ariza, founded UFO Contact asa national organization disseminating information about sitings across Colombia andin his book Juaica, The Door of the Gods, he claimed to have observed lights forming a disc or dish circulating in the sky above the mountain. The four names apply, according to Piedrahita, to one individual. Bochica also taught the people agriculture, metalworking and other crafts before leaving for the west to live as anascetic. by Ashley Cowie. Its lights are the lights of reality which have shone upon humanity, illumining the realm of thought and morals, conferring the bounties of the divine world upon man. We all should honor, acknowledge, and respect that deep spiritual heritage. The Muisca people were flourishing in Colombia between 600 and 1600 C.E., but there is evidence of them in the region as far back as 1500 B.C.E. The Muisca were Chibcha-speaking people of pre-Colombian South America who inhabited the central Andean highlands of the present-day Altiplano Cundiboyacense. He taught the primitive Chibcha people ethical and moral norms and gave them a model by which to organize their states, with one spiritual and one secular leader. In this essay, though, well explore the life and teachings of one of the Indigenous messengers from what is now the nation of Colombia in South America Bochica. Ref 2. Following Pirate legends in the Caribbean Sea of Seven Colors Ashley hunts of Captain Morgans lost treasure cave. The bronze busts of two famous French archaeologists reveal an ancient Gallic geodetic solar solstice alignment of seven churches.

This source, from FrayPedro Simn, the 15th Century Spanish Franciscanfriar andchroniclerof theIndigenous peoples of present-day ColombiaandVenezuela, presents a seemingly reliable source of early information: According to Chibcha legends, Bochica was a bearded man who came from the east.

2. Muisca people considered gold as semen of the Sun and silver was tears of the moon, and artifacts created with these two metals were imbued with creation energy and deposited into caves, waterfalls, lakes, lagoons and temples on important dates in agricultural, civic and ritual calendars. Botero, Alvaro (1999). A 1901 depiction of French scientists creating foudre en boule or ball lightning. Thank you so much! Since both sun and water are critical components of successful farming and survival, its only natural that these gods were revered and efforts would be made to appease them for a successful harvest. She was worshiped as one aspect of the triple Goddess of the Moon - Chia, the other two being Chia and the creator goddess Bachu, representing the three phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning (young, pregnant and old). February 2019. Chia, this statue celebrates the triple moon goddess Chia who holds the new zipa in her arms atop a triangle mounted on three circular steps with three paths leading to the statue. La fbula y el desastre: estudios crticos sobre la novela colombiana, 1650-1931. In simpler English, McDowell appears to be saying that there is a culture-hero complex among the Chibchan nations of central Colombia, in which the figure of Bochica finds parallels with other Indigenous messengers like Guequiau, Juan Tama of the Paez people, and Wangetsmuna of the Sibundoy. Looking beyond reports of locals, the lights of Juaica were the focus of Colombianethnographer, Luis Guillermo Vasco Urie, who in his 1972 paper, Roads Of Water, listed hundreds of similar light-phenomenon at mountains across Colombia which he calls Mohan (blues-male lights) and Mohana (red-female lights).

It appears that the most common name for this Indigenous messenger of God is Bochica, about whom precious little is known, since the accounts are so fragmentary. These lights are the cause of the education of souls and the source of the enlightenment of hearts, sending forth in effulgent radiance the message of the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God. Dr. Montoya introduced me to the 16th century Spanish accounts, for example, chroniclersJuan de Castellanosin his Elegas de varones ilustres de Indias in which Spanish colonists residing in Tabio said the local Muisca believed their gods and goddesses came and went in arcs of light which they called ranchitosencendidos (little houses of light) after the lights they watched interacting with the Pea de Juaica. Where this poses a problem is that in other similar instances of reported lights skeptics forward reasonable arguments which challenge notions of ball-lightening, and for comparison we might look towards theNaga fireballsof Thailand, also known as the Mekong lights and "ghost lights." Also on the very fringes of accepted science many believe that the mountain holds some sort of superior technology capable of warping space-time, that causes compasses to spin, smartphones to jam and to rationalize all the reports of hikers descending the summit on the east face and arriving much later at the west side, two to three hours from the main road. While his instructions By clicking "Sign up", I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and consent to receive communications (email, telephone call, or text message) from about news, events and offers, including via automated technology and/or prerecorded calls or messages to the number and email provided above, even if my number is a mobile number or is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list. Muiscas Sun Temple Reconstruction at the Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso, Colombia, Grandes culturas indgenas de Amrica - Great indigenous cultures of the Americas by Javier Ocampo Lpez, El proceso de Ubaque de 1563: la ltima ceremonia religiosa pblica de los muiscas - The trial of Ubaque of 1563: the last public religious ceremony of the Muisca. The other tracks are of sky lanterns or fireworks. These seeming dichotomies are resolved within each individual, since ones parents must be from complementary clans for example, sky clan marries earth clan, etc. Background research: Professor Mauricio Botero Montoya: Professor Eufrasio Bernal Duffo: Ashley Cowie. Get in touch with the Bahais in your community. They have also started a publication called Suati Magazine (which means The Song of the Sun). By CC 2.0. Read online here:, Ref 8. When the Muisca later forsook the teachings of Bochica and turned to a life of excess, afloodengulfed theSavannah of Bogot, where they lived. La Pea de Juaica, or El Puerto de Los Dioses (the Gateway of the Gods,) is a visual representation of the Muisca moon goddess Chia, in her pregnant form, which was worshiped in fertility rituals on the full moon: 454'12"N 747'44"W. The Pea de Juaica features heavily in modern supernatural stories and every year hundreds of reports describe mysterious blue and red leaving and entering its summit which greatly today interpreted as UFOs, but for at least four centuries Spanish accounts and indigenous mythology have called these lights: Mohan, and their female versions: Mohana. And to illustrate how ingrained these mystery lights are in modern Colombia culture, in a pre-production meeting with the Mayor of Tabio, RubnDaro AceroGarca, he said many of the modern indigenous people in Tabio believe Juaica is a portal to another dimension and to many locals in Tabio the reason it is called El Puerto de Los Dioses is because the hill serves as an UFO airport. However, all this aside, over the last three years I have conducted several research projects on the mountain and during this time I have ascertained a set of geologic and metrological circumstances which might offer down to Earth origins for these extraordinary light shows, flying-disks and whizzing balls of so called energy.1. Several deities were central to the faith of the ancient Muisca, but the primary gods were Su, the sun god, and father of the Muisca, and Bachu, the water goddess and mother of the people. For thousands of years groups of carnally-minded women developed systems of seduction and hyper-sexualized themselves to warp the realities of men. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Learn about these captivating people and how they contributed to the culture of Colombia. So, for instance, on p. 99, Brown talks about Nemterequeteba, the Colombian messenger of the Chibcha or Muisca people also known as Bochica, and by many other names as well: Chimizapagua, Nemquetheba, Neuterequeteua, Sadigua, Sugumonxe, Sugunsua, Xu, Zuh, or Zuh.
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