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The other good Witch (of the North) is Locasta. In this case, it happens to be opposite the dedication page, which also features an illustration. It is very much based on the book, (green glasses worn in emerald city, silver shoes rather than ruby and so on, and glinda is not reffered to as witch of the North as in the book she is witch of thecsouth). Actually the musical of wicked is not based on the films at all. In "The Giant Horse of Oz", it is revealed that Tattypoo was a transformation of Queen Orin of the Ozure Islands, her true form restored falling through a "Witch Window". There are actually two good witches in Baums original version: Glinda is the witch of the South, not the North, in his telling, and she doesnt appear until the second-to-last chapter. Gregory Maguire's 1995 revisionist novel "" and the musical "Wicked" (based on the book), follow the model of the 1939 movie in giving the name "Glinda" to the character who grows up to become The Good Witch of the North. It was during this time that historians and writers including Jules Michelet and Charles Godfrey Leland wrote books that romanticized witches, often reframing witch-hunt victims as women whod been wrongfully vilified because of their exceptional physical and mystical capabilities. (LogOut/ However, in the 1910 silent film, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this witch is named Momba in the intertitles (or title cards). There are a few redone fairy tales by that author. The Wicked Witch of the West sees Dorothy and her band approaching and sends (among other sentinels) the Winged Monkeys with instructions to destroy them all except the Lion (whom she wants to harness like a horse). This statement is proven to be correct later in the book, when the sight of the shining mark left by the kiss prevents Dorothy from being harmed by the Winged Monkeys or the Wicked Witch of the West. Whats interesting about these illustrations is that they work together as if related, which can hardly be an accident when Baum and Denslow designed the layout so specifically throughout the book.

Though Glinda sees through Ozs facade early on, she knows genuine goodness lies within and helps Oz achieve his true destiny. It can be easy at first to dismiss the Good Witch as frivolous when compared with her nemesis.

If you choose to explore the Hidden History of Oz, there are some very interesting plots coming soon. Not only does the Good Witch of the North display the only true magical powers not tied to a magical object in the original book, but her power is impressive and lasts. She is quiet and non-confrontational, doing what she is told. She is cruel and easily irritated. Its not until she meets the Winged Monkeys and the Witch of the West that the power it represents becomes evident.

(LogOut/ Thomas Dolby wrote "She Blinded Me With Science" so he could direct the video, which was inspired by silent films and set in a "home for deranged scientists. When the Wicked Witch threatens her, she responds with a laugh: Oh, rubbish! She was arguably the first American pop-culture figure to prove that, despite their reputation for diabolical antics, witches could be benevolent beings. (LogOut/ Though there had been two silent-film adaptations of the Oz story before MGMs The Wizard of Oz came out in August 1939, the typical moviegoer would have been most familiar with screen witches who were creepy old crones or black-frocked fairy-tale monstresses out to get wide-eyed ingenues. Not wanting the Good Witch of the North, now depowered, ruling two countries, Princess Ozma proclaimed Up Town the capital of the Gillikin Country, and its rulers, Jo King and Queen Hyacinth, to the rulers of the Gillikin Country. Pingback: Zombies in Oz | The Hidden History of Oz. She is a sorceress who exists in a different time than normal people she does not ever age. For the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz MGM for some reason decided to merge the two Good Witches and make Glinda the Good Witch of the North. She is wife to King Cheeriobed and mother to Prince Philador. She is clever and constantly schemes to gain more power, especially against her chief rival, Gayelette. Yes it is not official cannon in that is an interpretation of what the back story might be of the witches might be by a modern writer. She is, after all, a ruler, and its her decisions that drive much of the films plot. She is short and stocky, and fond of wearing ornate neckpieces. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In Baum's fifth Oz book, "The Road to Oz", the Witch of the North is one of the many guests who attend Ozma's birthday party. Thank you for the comment. Ill be putting it on my list soon! The Witch Wars end when all the Witches are dead. She arrives at the site of the Wicked Witch's death with three Munchkins, and alone of the party is brave enough to speak to Dorothy, who, having killed the Witch of the East, is believed to be a powerful sorceress. See if you can spot the true tales. In his first book, he detailed this witchy phenomenon: There were only four witches in all the Land of Oz, and two of them, those who live in the Northand the South, are good witches. Adaptations have had a range of names for her. As Burke recognized, theres more to Glinda than her saccharine trappings. Sometimes the label is chosen to signify ones engagement in some form of modern witchcraft; just as often, its used as a way to express opposition to patriarchal constraints.

Such fictional covens reflect not only the diversity of TV audiences, but also the broad range of contemporary witchcraft practitioners who draw from non-European traditions. It kept me reading! But it is not based on the film. Since writing this song for his then-finance Stephanie, Art Alexakis has converted from atheism to Christianity. (Due to some other elements, including Ozma marrying a Larry Stu character, this book is not considered official by all Oz fans.) Wicked was written before the Musical, what are you talking about. Thanks for inspiring! Her most powerful magic is the ownership of an oracular hat. The author is a prolific writer of adult and childrens stories, not a fanfic writer. (LogOut/ He has also identified himself as a "left-wing Christian," and put a fine point on it with the later song "Jesus Was a Democrat."

These occult guerrilla girls manifested in the movies during a decade when sexual harassment came to the fore of public discussion, partly because of the riot grrrl movement and Anita Hills testimony at the Clarence Thomas hearing. WATCH WICKED! sangoma healers traditional healer dr spell call dress africa eye khosi prof kharid Billie Burke, the 54-year-old actor who played Glinda, also prized beauty, and some of her opinions on the matter come across as retrograde today. Before Dorothy leaves on her yellow brick road adventure, the Witch of the North gives her a kiss on the forehead. Tattypoo means Protector. At the beginning of "The Marvelous Land of Oz", it is revealed that the Good Witch of the North had banned the practice of magic by any other witch in Gilliken Country. Theodora only wants peace to come to the Land of Oz and truly believes that a prophesied wizard will arrive someday to restore order. And you might cry after that because its just too tragic and too big a misunderstanding. To be a woman, it seems to me, is a responsibility which means giving, understanding, bearing, and loving. When we first meet the Good Witch of the North in the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, she doesnt arrive by bubble. Thanks for that. I love the mystery of her and the glimpse she gives of actual magical power. The Good Witch of the West (Nishi no Yoki Majo) Genre Drama, Fantasy Light novel Wikipedia, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West This article is about the book. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Title card from the English language version Wikipedia, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1986 anime) Infobox animanga/Header name = The Wonderful Wizard of Oz caption = ja name = ja name trans = Oz no Mahtsukai genre = Fantasy, KodomoInfobox animanga/Anime title = director = Naisho Tonogawa studio = Panmedia network = flagicon|Japan TV Wikipedia, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1986 TV series). Dorothy melts the Wicked Witch of the West, by W.W. Denslow. .

If you havent picked up your copy yet, you can find it on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle versions) or on Smashwords. The plays and musicals were based off his book series Wicked which he in turn had based off oz like many of the other above mentioned books he based off fairy tales. In the Hidden History stories, Locasta is a Munchkin girl who was chosen to be Kalinyas (The Witch of the East) apprentice.

Why? With Bernie Taupin, Martin co-wrote the #1 hits "We Built This City" and "These Dreams." She does not give Dorothy the protective kiss in the movie, but she does make it clear to the audience that she is watching over the companions when she makes snow fall on them to awaken them from the poppies. interesting! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. YOU WILL BE SUPRISED HOW AWESOME IT IS AND THE SONGS ARE AMAZING. Lets explore this witch-rule across three different versions of Oz canonical Oz, by L. Frank Baum; Disney Oz, coming to theaters soon; and The Hidden History of Oz, available now. "Stay" by Shakespears Sister is based on a 1953 B-movie called Cat-Women Of The Moon. Even when she meets her demise at Dorothys hands, she goes down in style, seething: Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? The filmmaker John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray) has said, That line inspired my life. In the editions that Baum and Denslow designed for the original printing (and which have been reprinted many times since), like every other chapter, it starts with a splash page stating the chapter title and featuring an illustration. And then theres the way her character affirms old-fashioned ideas about the value of beauty: Only bad witches are ugly, Glinda tells Dorothy upon their meeting. Sonadia is only mentioned in the book. Edit: Update on the ending of the Third Witch Wars. Its clear why Oprah Winfrey chose to be styled as the Oz sovereign for the Harpers Bazaar 2015 Icons issue, declaring, Glinda is a spiritual goddess. The Good Witch may float in a bubble, but she has plenty of gravitas. (Some writers have surmised that Glinda is a play on Gages name. ELPHABA IS OZMAZING, THE WIZARD US HIDIODEOS AND GLINDA IS PERFECTIFIED! While this book begins the Third Witch Wars, they do not end until later books, withthe arrival of a young sorceress (Dorothy) to the Land of Oz. Many fans delight in the Wicked Witch of the Wests deranged cackle and her lust for power and ruby pumps.

Glinda Glinda is a good witch who rules over a peaceful kingdom of simple, kind folk. She kisses Dorothy on the forehead, so as to protect her from harm on the journey, because "no one will dare injure a person who has been kissed by the Witch of the North". With a name and a fame belonging to her mother, Glinda fights back against the witches to earn for herself the title of Glinda the Good, and secure a new home for herself in the South. oz dorothy wizard reference glinda 1939 place there mulholland drive Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Guide for Parents Tabby Abacus and the DangerbreadHouse, HH1: The Orphan Sorceress of Oz AuthorQA, Oz author working on adoption | The Hidden History of Oz, Friday Fictioneers : Up in the high castle where the wind blows cruel Word Shamble, MorgEn Bailey Editor, Comp Columnist/Judge, Tutor & Writing Guru. ), Like Gage, Baum was a proponent of equal rights for women, and he wrote several pro-suffrage editorials in the South Dakota newspaper he owned briefly, the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer. She is careful in her use of power, though sometimes she gets caught up in Kalinyas schemes. The Wicked Witch of the West is not named in Baums books. However, the journey from four cardinal witches to two witches is a fascinating one explored in the Hidden History of Oz novels. [] Great Characters: The Good Witch of the North []. Nor whas she named in any of Baums Oz books. AND THE SCARECROW IS KINDA HMM.. Through conversations with Kalinya and Glinda, we learn that Sonadia had powers over weather, and she taught some of these spells to Gayelette. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You may have seen what Disney is doing with their Oz prequel, Oz, the Great and Powerful. Having been told that all witches are evil, Dorothy is initially frightened of her, but she assures the girl that she is a good witch who is loved by her people. Of the two Witches, good and bad, can there be anyone whod choose to spend five minutes with Glinda? Salman Rushdie once asked in The New Yorker, calling her a silly pain in the neck. Its true that theres a cartoonish high femininity to Glinda: her butterfly-bedazzled pageant gown, her honeyed singing. Change). The movie makes no reference to the Good Witch of the South. Well, then, youll have to walk, the Good Witch replies when Dorothy says no. The Witches unwisely used this power and poisoned and destroyed the sea. When she meets the Wizard, he observes and asks about the kiss, but does not comment on it. Ondri-baba is the homely and cruel younger sister of Kalinya. She met her untimely death under very mysterious circumstances. They rule over the Munchkins from Sapphire City in the Ozure Isles. Thats an impressive kiss! However, Baum gave her the name of Locasta in the 1902 musical extravaganza, The Wizard of Oz.

Gayelette is the eternal sorceress who rules from the Ruby Palace in the lands of the North. He cautions, however, that he is not a Bible-thumper; he just states that he uses it to improve his own life. But I still didnt get who was the other good witch (Glindas sister). They couldn't find a lead singer, so Page and Jones formed Led Zeppelin. The book then tells how Locasta returns to Oz and what happened. Go.

Awesome info! Though her powers of transformation and disguise are well-known to the leaders of the various lands in Oz, Mombi seeks out the true positions of power those behind the throne. It happens in later books, not Book Four. This information is taken from The Hidden History of Oz, Book One: The Witch Queens. But she thought the wise and gracious Glinda was a departure from the (in her words) skitter-wits and spoony ladies with bird-foolish voices that she was known for playing. New art is good but knowing the original stuff is important also. []. (LogOut/ Nevertheless, this is clearly a woman of great power. As if maybe she summoned it, and Dorothy, deliberately. Although Baum had specified the Good Witch of the North was more powerful than Mombi, Thompson credited Mombi with the transformation, with frequent outbursts of "but she was put out two years ago," in reference to her execution in "The Lost King of Oz". But no matter the connotation, Glinda helped pave that yellow brick road for us, amplifying the notion that a witch is someone we can root for or, better yet, be. Emilio talks about what it's like to write and perform with the Tower of Power horns, and why every struggling band should have a friend like Huey Lewis. By exploring the different worlds, you can find magical characters and stories that speak to you. With her penetrating gaze, she exudes a powerful presence and has positioned herself as the royal advisor and protector of Emerald City. Both of these wars tore the Land of Oz apart as the Witches combined their powers and created vast armies to fight against the kings and queens of the land. Several of the animated and video game adaptations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz also keep the Good Witch of the North as her own character. I mean, even setting aside the amazing color reveal of the world, what kind of magical person can travel by bubble? To begin with, these things require being as attractive as possible, she declares in her 1959 autobiography, With Powder on My Nose. The Good Witch of the North was not named in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She has fiery red hair, and a temper to match. The witch was in reality the profoundest thinker, the most advanced scientist of those ages, she writes in her feminist treatise of 1893, Woman, Church, and State. How a gym teacher, a janitor, and a junkie became part of some very famous band names. Thank you for the scholastic answer(s). A maternal Merlin of a sort, Glinda is both a generous guide and a firm teacher.

Delving into the provenance of Glindas character reveals a lineage of thinkers who saw the witch as a symbol of female autonomy. She is more than one hundred years old. Please dont spread tripe. Dorothy observes that the men each appear about her Uncle Henrys age, but the little woman was doubtless much older: her face was covered with wrinkles, her hair was nearly white, an she walked rather stiffly. And that is our first introduction to her. The name of the Good Witch of the North in Baum's own stage version of "The Wizard of Oz" is Locasta. She came to consider Glinda her favorite role, though shed insist on referring to the character as a good fairy rather than a good witch, thereby distancing herself from the very word that the film sought to redefine for the better. Elizabeth Montgomerys Samantha Stephens, of the 1960s show Bewitched, must constantly choose between her desire to be a normal housewife to please her husband and her own need to use her (super)natural abilitiesa tension that many second-wave feminists would have recognized. Glinda then sends the child to brave the wilds of Oz with nothing more than a canine companion and some flashy footwear. Many unusual folks appear in Grateful Dead songs. She is the most powerful of the Witches. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Where she kisses Dorothy, her lips leave a round, shining mark and the Witch says that no one will dare injure person who has been kissed by the Witch of the North. And throughout the story, this appears to be true. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Wikipedia, Wicked Witch of the West Infobox character colour = yellow colour text = series = Oz name = The Wicked Witch of the West caption = The Wicked Witch of the West threatening to beat Toto with her umbrella Art by W.W. Denslow. Indeed, that kiss on Dorothys forehead is still there twenty-nine books later in 1935s The Wishing Horse of Oz.

The first chapter of the book is The Cyclone and starts a while before we meet the Witch or see Oz at all. But for a character with no definitive name, she has a big impact!

Check out the books for clear information about all the Witches. Her vision of so-called witches being brilliant luminaries apparently inspired her son-in-law, L. Frank Baum, to incorporate that notion into his childrens-book series about the fantastical land of Oz. After writing the Pretty Woman song for Go West, he had his own hit with "In the House of Stone and Light.". Theodora Theodora is a beautiful, naive witch who is protected by her powerful sister Evanora. In the classic 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz", the Good Witch of the North is called Glinda, which is the name of the Good Witch of the South in the Oz novels. In fact, the Witch of the North is the only character in the entire book who actually does display magical powers! Is this a Star Wars dark lord of Sith-type limitation on the number of Witches? Locasta is a young Munchkin maiden, taken as an apprentice by Kalinya, Witch of the East. In "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz", Glinda and the Good Witch of the North are again separate characters (and the Good Witch of the North has the name Tattypoo), although they are both played by Miss Piggy (as are the two Wicked Witches). My Dad grew up with the books, he read them to me, and I read them all to my sons. She clearly has great power and is likely causing and guiding a huge amount of what happens in the story, but she takes no credit for anything. Indeed, her touch is so light that its not actually clear how much she is involved in the story at all!

Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. She assists Dorothy in key moments, giving her the ruby slippers and changing the weather to wake her out of a poppy-induced stupor. She certainly seems to be affecting things, even simply by kissing a little girls forehead, more than any other single character in the story besides perhaps Dorothy herself! (LogOut/

Still, on the 80th anniversary of the movie that made the Wicked Witch famous, I find myself more drawn to her pastel counterpart, Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Ill be honest and say that I havent yet read the rest of the post as now I want to read the book and come back to this blog after. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. She welcomes Dorothy to the land of the Munchkins, points out the body of the dead Witch and then introduces herself as the Witch of the North. She destroys two of them, and receives magical protection and favors from the other two. Well have to wait until March 8, 2013, when the film is released, to find out. See the article on Glinda for more information on this character. (Check out our. Infobox character colour = purple name = The Good Witch of the North caption = first = "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1900) last = "The Road to Oz" (1909) cause = nickname = alias = species = human/witch gender = female age = unknown born = unknown death = probably immortal occupation = Ruler of the Gillikin Country title = Good Witch of the North family = unknown spouse = none children = unknown relatives = unknown residence = somewhere in the Gillikin Country nationality= Gillikin creator = L. Frank Baum. There is one on Scrooge, Cinderella, and Snow White as well as the Wicked series. Oz is a very special part of my family. Glindas arrival on-screen blazed an iridescent trail for the aspirational witch characters that followed. In all her rosy-pink goodness, Glinda was literally and figuratively a witch of a different color and an unlikely feminist force. Queen Orin is among the Ozite celebrities banished to the bubble at the bottom of Lake Lightning by Skamperoo of Skampavia in "The Wishing Horse of Oz".

Using a magic slate formed from her hat, she advises Dorothy to travel to the Emerald City to seek the aid of The Wizard in returning to Kansas.

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