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When youre done, remember to hit the Update button to save ", #FPL BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS#CRYAVL3 - McGinn2 - Guehi1 - Young#LIVSOU3 - Van Dijk, Robertson2 - Jota#NORWOL3 - Sa2 - Coady1 - Hanley 3) Each player goes to the highest bidder, so players are only owned by one team in the league, so when your player scores, he scores only for you.

Note that the start time of a round follows immediately after the All goals are subsequently reviewed by our assist panel and confirmed shortly after all of days matches are completed.

your League page. The player will still score points for his new club. wrong team.

There are two great ways to run an auction; the Live Auction - where all managers gather together at a set time and venue; or the Online Sealed Bids Auction - where everything can be completed from the comfort of your own armchair. During each round, the FPL manager will have between 30 and 120 seconds, with the default being 90 seconds,to pick a player to join their squad. players won in previous rounds without the icon.

If you're certain you want a player in ready for their next game, it's best to make the transfer early to avoid them going up in price and thus eating away at your budget.

Each registered Premier League player from the 20 teams in England's top-flight leagueisassigned a price, with the top-value players considered to be the 'best' and most likely to score the most points over the season.

You have unlimited transfers right up until 18:30 (BST) on Friday, August 5 -an hour-and-a-half before the first Premier League game of the new season -and there is an 'Auto Pick' option if you want the game to select a full squad for you. The Wildcard chip can be used twice in a season - the first before before November 12 and then the second after December 26 - and allows unlimited transfers to be made.

The Auction Tracker sheet is useful to keep a track of bids but this can also be done by entering bids online by clicking on each team as they buy a player (note that they will need to be logged into the chairmans user account to do this). NO means the chairman transfers (if your league rules permits this). Any decision is final. Your skipper will score double points during every Gameweek and be sure to always select fromyour strongest players with favourable fixtures. competitions (Custom Cups) and enter previous league winners in your Hall of Fame.

The 4-5-1 formation consists of one goalkeeper, two full-backs, two centre-backs(or four defenders with combined full-backs and centre-backs), five midfielders and one striker.

Formations: 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-4-1, 5-3-2 and 4-3-3. entitled to two free teams for new managers in your league. Instead, a comparison is made between the direction the ball was originally heading (before the offending touch) and where it ended up in relation to the goalscorer. Ronaldo, Pogba and Harry Potter - Inside the world of USMNT and Juventus ace Weston McKennie, Ronaldo wants to leave Man Utd but none of Europe's top teams want Cristiano. 0.1m bid increments will lead to a long, drawn-out auction whilst 2m bid increments will lead to a shorter, action-packed affair. You may decide to have promotion and relegation between each league at the end of the season, and you can use the custom cup generator to set up league-wide knockout competitions (Legend package only). New signings are only added once the transfer is fully completed and confirmed by both club and our OPTA feed.

The start of the 2022-23 Premier League is fast approaching and excitement is building for a new season of fantasy football. This means it is only possible to field 11 players during the course of a weekend/midweek set of fixtures.

The facility is only available to the league Chairman to prevent any mischievous underhand dealings by managers. Youre able to pay for multiple teams if you wish not just your own.

The top tab of League Competitions gives you access to your local league competitions (Head to Head, FA Cup, Custom Cup, etc.)

Click on the Subs tab on your team page to make substitutions before each kick-off. The manager with the most Head to Head points at the end of the season is crowned Head to Head Champion. The most popular way to make transfers is to use the Sealed Bids tool and set regular transfer windows throughout the season. This principle is often applied to immediate deflections when the exact direction in which the original ball was heading is not clear.

Our three packages offer something for everyone from the fixed rules of Novice to the full customisation of Legend: As well as your leagues season-long Fantasy League table, theres plenty of other opportunities throughout the season for managers to challenge for silverware. Managers will be required to complete their supersubs again. There is also the possibility tocreate an invitational mini-league, both in classic or head-to-head style, to allow you to play against friends and family. Therefore, a starting player must be on the pitch at 76:00 to qualify for a clean sheet. Once you have more than five teams in your league with no outstanding payments, you are ready to start your auction. need to be entered after the auction. Note that the start time of a round follows immediately after the deadline of the preceding round. If you wish to remove your game data from the fantasy League database, please ensure that you email [emailprotected] and we will ensure that this is removed and deleted from our database. Last season's league champions can qualify for entry into our Champions League competition, with the second and third placed teams going into the Europa League competition although some leagues give their second Europa League place to last season's FA Cup winner instead.

Thus, a starting defender either subbed off or sent off during first half injury time will not qualify for an appearance point. after your auction this is where you will view and manage your team, League: Don't go through the list by position - that's too predictable! Just like the Premier League, teams gain three points for a win and one point for a draw. your league home before the auction includes payments and team settings, This can be anything from one to three players from each club on the Legend package - it's entirely up to you.

In the event of a tie, between either first, second or third place, the points will be divided accordingly.

You auction then your managers / chairman can simply use this page to enter all The timing of transfer windows is fully flexible depending on the type of league you wish to run. pitch on the left and a player list on the right. The ranking also takes into account season score, squad size and the number of transfers made during the season - so the fewer transfers you make, the better your ranking. first choice is between a Live Offline (face to face) or Online Sealed Players will be added to the player list during the season once they start a Premier League game, feature for over 45 minutes, or score Fantasy League points. As much as beating a price rise can be important, it's arguably a better idea to wait until the last possible moment to make your team changes before a Gameweek starts.

Assists are awarded by virtue of a decision from the highly experienced Fantasy League Assists Panel. Transfer windows are fixed on Novice and Pro packages, they run monthly. Consequently, a player who completes a full 90 minutes and concedes one goal will score zero points (they will get one appearance point and minus one point for a goal against). If the last touch is by an opposing player (accidental or otherwise) and significantly alters the speed or direction of the ball (excluding a goal-line clearance) then the assist is removed and no assist is credited. Each team is entered into a group of four teams drawn randomly from other leagues and plays each side in their group twice. If this falls inside of a 14 day period and you have already set your supersubs, managers will have to reenter their supersubs to ensure their relevant players are selected for the new fixture kick off. clicking the Auction button on the bottom navigation bar.

page can be used during your auction to keep track of bids in real-time if all

newcastle united topps stickers badge getting premier league fc premierleague Please keep this email as a record of your Supersubs. Your overall ranking is based on a complex algorithm to give managers from larger league sizes the chance to more accurately compare themselves against managers from smaller leagues. Once each round deadline has passed, the chairman can process bidsvia the system which reveals everyone's bids, assigning each player to the manager that has bid highest. "The three best performing players in each match will be awarded bonus points. The all your transfer and sealed bids rules, and in European Competitions If you need some further advice from the Fantasy League team, please email us at [emailprotected].

If youre a chairman the league will player list below. A second (or third, fourth, and so on) division is included within your main league umbrella, but has its own auction and separate player list. For Legend packages managers can pick a squad size anywhere between 11 and 18 players.

your league. They also need to ensure their first eleven is 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-3-2, 4-5-1 or 5-4-1. Once the deadline is passed, then either, the bids are processed automatically or the League Chairperson processes the bids manually and a list of the winners (and losers) is shown. Once your auction is complete the Auction button changes to

Each FPL manager is then assigned a budget of100 millionand must pick a total of 15 players:two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.

And if you manage to sign up a future Fantasy League star at a bargain price, your team could be set up for the season!

For any set of matches, your starting eleven can line-up in one of five formations: 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 5-4-1 or 4-3-3. That allows for team updates from managers in press conferences and gives you a clearer idea of which players from your team, or those that you plan to transfer in, will be playing or not.

time of your auction along with the venue.

There are, however, exceptions, with there being specific weeks where a team may have more than one match counted as part of a gameweek, while other sides may not have a match to play at all. Squad tab. The grand prize for finishing in first place in the overall Fantasy Premier League standings of all global players is a seven-night break in the UK including VIP hospitality at two 2023-24 Premier League matches. icon to the right and enter the price on the pop-up displayed. Each time a round of bids is processed by the chairperson and a new deadline set, an email is sent out to the managers, keeping them up to date with their developing squads and the new bid deadlines and tie preferences. The chairperson will usually take control of this, but if you can find a willing independent volunteer, then all the better. The first manager kicks everything off with an opening bid, e.g. and your managers can pay for one or more teams by clicking the (!) Managers should each have their own player list and team sheets, which you can download from this website along with a handy auction tracker for the auctioneer. If you are running a Live Offline (face to face) auction,

Furthermore, the position of other players is not taken into account when deciding upon assists. Once all the teams are complete your league is ready for the season! first Bid Round.

change anything; squad size, formations (merging defenders and/or implementing defensive midfielders), club quotas and also fully customise your scoring. All scoring points detailed above are customisable for each position within the Legend package eg: You may wish to award a centre back more points for a goal scored, than a striker, or perhaps award a goalkeeper additonal clean sheet points.

A player's club is determined by the Premier League club he was listed at when the manager initially bought him. This means everyone can see a live view of the auction; who has bought who and how much money they have left. Transfer windows are set up using the Sealed Bids Engine, which is available to all Legend leagues. their own teams. AUCTION SUMMARY. To enter your bid, click on the player name or the green paddle following additional options: Once each round deadline has passed, the chairman can process bidsvia the system which reveals everyone's bids, assigning each player to the manager that has bid the highest.

four defenders - two full-backs and two centre-backs - four midfielders and two strikers), 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 5-4-1 or 4-3-3. Rules. If youd prefer to nominate one person to keep track of everything then this is possible too; either with pen and paper on the Auction Tracker sheet, or by entering each successful bid online in your Auction screen (they will need to be logged into the chairmans user account to do this). Enjoy our personalised customer service, bespoke content and special features to find out why we're the best way to play fantasy football.

fantasy football cheat rankings position sheet printable sheets draft Each league can contain between 5 and 16 teams.

3) HOLD YOUR AUCTION - bid against each other online or meet up.

Transfer budgets are set in pre-season when the league rules are created. The 5-3-2 formation consists of one goalkeeper, two full-backs, three centre-backs(or five defenders with combined full-backs and centre-backs), three midfielders and two strikers. If the penalty is for a handball on a goal-bound shot (which has already passed the goalkeeper), then the player taking the shot is awarded the assist. Make sure to visit your team regularly to ensure that all your active players are in your starting 11 before kick-off, or they won't score any points! youre able to allocate your Champions League and Europa League teams. If you wish you can set

Make sure that all managers are aware of the rules before they prepare for the auction! "Harry Kane, 1 million". This screen takes care of tracking your bids against your budget, club quotas and ensures you are able to field a valid first eleven. A change of ball speed will also result in the removal of assists if it is significant in the following ways: A touch changes the speed enough to obviously remove/add the need for a first touch. 200 million is a normal figure and fixed for Novice and Pro packages, but leagues on the Legend package are able to customise.

clicking on the League button and then clicking on League Settings on the top left

The 4-3-3 formation consists of one goalkeeper, two full-backs, two centre-backs (or four defenders with combined full-backs and centre-backs), three midfielders and three strikers. To facilitate transfers during the season, a season budget should be given to each team, which can be spent during the transfer windows to bring in new players. you are using a mobile then click on the paddle icon on the pitch against any position This only happens with goal-line clearances and when the defender is closer - or as close - to the goal-line than the goalkeeper. Managers who run out of money before they complete their squad can either pick up all remaining players on free transfers each time it's their turn to bid, or drop out of the auction until the free transfer rounds at the end (they should then spend their time running for the beers from the fridge/bar for the lazier managers still left in). Auction budget, bid increment, and add remaining budget to the season are pre-set for the Novice package.

Occasionally, during the course of the season players will move between Premier League clubs, which could take teams above the club quota limit. European competitions are available for leagues on the Pro or Legend packages. your auction page once your auction starts. Fantasy League FA Cup competition runs separately from the main game.

It does not apply to shots blocked in front of the goalkeeper. An email confirming your selections can be sent to your inbox as confirmation. Make sure all the managers attending your auction are listed on your League page and nobody is missing. Four things to know about Fantasy League: 1) You create your own league with your friends, family and work colleagues. This Here you will be able to see your league table with tabs for weekly and monthly views. If the goalkeeper catches and has control of the ball then this also removes any assist. Sometimes this can be a few days after the deal is reported in the media, as deals are often held up by medicals, work permits and international clearance. them. Once again, each manager clicks on their team and bids on remaining players to make up a full squad, based on remaining budget and club quotas. The Fantasy League Supersubs function allows you to plan your team's substitutions in advance.

If a different player converts the rebound, then the penalty taker gets the assist. For a full explanation of what happens in the event of a bonus-point tie, as well asthe Bonus Points System used by FPL and how it works, a full breakdown can be found via the'Rules' section of the official website. includes new articles and your leagues chat area (alerts show for new posts on In the event of an own goal, the player from the attacking team who touches the ball (normally in the form of a cross or shot) immediately before the defensive intervention is awarded the assist. and time of your auction and click the Schedule button below to schedule your auction. To help you, active players will be inserted into the starting line-up where possible, although it may not always be in your best interests to play them if they have a particularly difficult game.

Auctions can even take place after the start of the season, with the option for leagues to backdate points to the start of the season or start scoring from the date of the auction itself. Unlike penalties, there is no assist given to a player earning a direct free-kick even if a goal arises directly from it.

In the event of a tied bid, the player is allocated according the pre-specified order (tie preference), which is automatically generated when a bid deadline is set-up. Managers need to make sure they stay within their total budget and quota of players for each club (200m and 2 per club if playing the Novice package).

button to see your auction page.

#FPL POSITION CHANGES 2022/23 (SELECTED)Forward Midfielder:6.5m - Saint-Maximin6.0m - Rodrigo6.0m - Hwang6.0m - Joelinton5.5m - AyewMidfielder Forward:9.0m - Jota8.0m - Havertz6.0m - MbeumoMidfielder Defender:5.0m - Canos5.0m - Dallas Setting up a second division allows you to include them and reinforce your own superiority! Legend leagues can even customise their own scoring to include points for events such as clean sheets for other positions (such as defensive midfielders), yellow/red cards and number of goalkeeper saves per game. A player's club is determined by the Premier League club he was listed at when the manager initially bought him. From your squad of 15 players, you must select a starting XI for each 'Gameweek' - more on that later - and they will receive points based on their performance in each fixture.

An appearance point is awarded to any goalkeeper or defender who is on the pitch for at least 45 minutes plus injury time (i.e.

Assists for handballs are not awarded unless the handball occurs on the goal-line. An online auction is ideal for leagues who cant all meet up or have managers spread across the country or the world. When a penalty is awarded, the player fouled earns an assist if the penalty is subsequently converted. However, if the ball takes two or more significant deflections off defenders before going into the net, then no assist is awarded.

to the package selected by your chairman.

Youre able to will show players with bids in current round with a clock icon against them and

Leagues on the Novice and Pro packages have monthly sealed bids windows, while Legend leagues can customise the regularity of their transfer windows throughout the season. This takes you into your Auction Settings page where your If a defender makes a goal-line clearance and it is then turned in, an assist is awarded in the same way that it is awarded for a goalkeeping parry. A player is considered to be on the pitch if he was included in the starting line-up or came on as a substitute, but has not been officially substituted/sent off. The deadline for the very first gameweek of the 2022-23 campaign is18:30 (BST) on Friday, August 5. the players you wish to sub on or off.

This can be done by clicking on the League button and then clicking on either of these), League settings (visible if youre a league chairman), Auction Pack (downloadable player list, team sheet and tracker for your auction), Bids You can put your team in any formation although there must always be onegoalkeeper, at least three defenders and at least oneforward selected at all times. It includes details of the remaining budget for each team and the number of players bought so far. If this is set to YES, then the chairman is

A dramatic change of height could also be judged as a significant change of speed, given the additional time the ball takes to reach the goalscorer, when the above principles are considered. After the auction this button changes to Transfers and is where youll enter The higher the package you opt for, the more flexibility you have. The group stages for European competitions will begin a few months into the season, for the 2022/23 season these are scheduled to start early October. You are limited to a maximum of three players from each Premier League team. On the Pro and Legend packages, Chairmen can also decide whether they wish to roll forward any unused budget from the auction, therefore allowing shrewd managers more buying power during the course of the season.

pay for your team by clicking the (!) Players receiving red cards will no longer lose points for goals conceded after they are sent off, but may be liable to points deductions through red cards - see customised scoring. Legend package offers complete flexibility. Managers who have no money can continue to bid for players for free, but when all spaces are filled, a manager takes no further part in the auction. For example, a tie for first place will see Players 1 and 2 awarded three points each, with Player 3 receiving one point. Players who are not on the player list are not available for selection. Assists are most commonly removed for significant changes in direction on a horizontal plane and not for changes in height. The schedule of the Head to Head depends on your league size.

And how many players can they have from each Premier League club?

Or for players who prefer more wheeling-and-dealing throughout the season, transfer windows could be set up to occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Many leagues choose to run their auction in different ways, the simplest being for each manager in turn to select a player and then start the bidding! There are no restrictions as to when you first enter your team although, in the interests of fairness, you are limited to having one team per person. If youd prefer not to enter teams during the Each manager must adhere to the pre-set squad constraints, determined by the League Chairman, and their starting eleven must correspond to one of their league's available formations. Clicking 'accept and save' confirms your Supersubs for each fixture block. You can also enter bids by clicking on the paddle icon on Click on the Auction link to set up your auction. england cup under football u17 player team players anderson hudson foden starting oakley boothe sessegnon finalists meet guide brazil odoi

The deadline for each match is right up until a minute before the game's scheduled kick-off, allowing for any late changes. Youre able to come into this page whenever you want to make changes ahead of your auction. If Choose whether youre happy to allow managers can enter To select a player, enter the name in the search box or use the drop-downs to filters the list by position or club.

When your chairperson completes the sealed bid round, this action will reset your supersubs.

Over the first few Gameweeks it will become clearer who's starting, and who's in form, in the Premier League.

Bids can be edited at any point until the round deadline. For example, if a player feeds the ball to the eventual goalscorer on the edge of the box and that player shoots, but hits a defender before scoring at the second attempt, the player making the initial pass will still be awarded an assist, as the goalscorer had already received the ball before the deflection occurred. For instance, if you bought Declan Rice at West Ham and the player subsequently moved to Manchester United, he would gain points based on his performances for Manchester United but would continue to appear in your team as a West Ham player until you released him. Again, a save is as determined by Opta.

If this is set to YES, then the chairman is still able to enter teams for some or all of the managers. The menu structure is designed to be uniform across all devices. Click on this to follow through to the payment pages.

A player receiving a red card for two yellow cards will only receive the points deduction for a red card, not any yellow cards. What formations can they use? With team changes enabled during the weekend (Pro and Legend packages only), you can change your formation between matches in order to use your full squad of players. Your formation can be altered from week to week depending on squad availability, tactics or even just to give the impression you know what you're doing! Thus, a flat corner driven in at head height towards the near post, flicked-on to the back post by an attacking player, where it is nodded over the line, would attract two assists. Your leagues Auction screen allows you to enter the players each team wins in the auction by clicking on each team in turn. So this means managers don't all have to be online at the same time and can enter bids at their convenience.

If the last touch before the goalscorer receives the ball is from his own team mate but does not significantly alter the speed or direction of the ball then two (or more - in the event of a flick-on of a flick-on) separate assists are given - one to the player with the initial cross and one to the player providing the flick-on. you add remaining auction budget to your specified season budget. Youre able to change this at any point before your auction. Players can be bought for free, which is particularly useful at the end of the auction when teams are running out of money. The FA Cup can offer struggling managers some much-needed salvation come January.

Any change of height is not taken into consideration unless it significantly affects the time taken to reach the goalscorer (the speed of the ball). A penalty that is saved, hits the woodwork or misses completely is regarded to be a penalty miss. When this happens, Fantasy League will update the player's club on the Player List, but the club will not change in the team who had the player before the transfer took place, this is to prevent creating invalid teams through no fault of the manager. can also correct mistakes prices or by deleting players if theyre put in the Fixtures will be drawn up in advance of the Head to Head and, during the specified weeks, each team will go head to head with another team in the league in a match-up that is determined by the weekly total of Fantasy League points gained.

has to enter all the teams, YES allows managers to enter their own, which can

The Supersubs feature is available for Legend leagues only. If you're serious about doing well in FPL in the 2022-23 season then your captain picks are going to be vital. Depending on the settings assigned to your league, there is also the chance to trade players with fellow FPL managers.

Bench Boost allows a team to receive points for their starting XI and substitutes, and can be used once a season.

you can head over to the official Fantasy Premier League website. If you choose a league package or prize pack that requires payment you will see red text for any payments due. Fantasy League allows leagues to set their own rules on transfers, although this is fixed at a maximum of 20 for the season and five per month for leagues on the Novice and Pro packages. As with goals, points are awarded to the official goalscorers (as governed by Opta) and Fantasy League will not overrule this source in any circumstances, even if there is cause to believe that the player given the goal is not the correct goalscorer. Don't forget, you can bid 0m for a player if you think you can get him on a sneaky free.

If you want to make a substitution with immediate effect, just visit your team screen and click on the shirt icon of the player you wish to bring on to the pitch and the player you are subbing off.

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