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Hes been in some other country. I dont think they do, enough. You do all the talking and don't let anyone else talk. And this means more than what weve been doing. ", Nixon: "I appreciate that you are very articulate and energetic. It also defined the ideals of daily life in America. And I believe it incumbent upon us to be the defenders of the United States and the defenders of freedom; and to do that, we must give this country leadership and we must get America moving again. Ive been critical of the Administrations failure to suggest policies which would make it possible for us to establish, for example, closer relations with Poland, particularly after the fifty-five-fifty-six period and the Hungarian revolution. The Fourth Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate. Never make a statement here if you don't want it to be read in the United States. I think that judgment could be made after election, if Im successful. But we have never been willing to do anything that, in effect, surrendered freedom any place in the world. We arm to parley, Winston Churchill said ten years ago. Lets look at the reaction eh reaction to Khrushchev and Eisenhower at the last U.N. session. Khrushchev: Your capitalistic attitude toward women does not occur under Communism. More progress in the past eight years than in the whole eighty years before. We talk about schools three times as many classrooms built in the past Administration and Eisenhower than under the Truman Administration. You cannot have it all you own way. MR. HOWE: Now let me read the rules and conditions under which the candidates themselves have agreed to proceed. 1893-1894. Smithsonian Institute Archives Image # SIA 2010-1509. We can make it move. Will Guinea and Ghana, which have now voted with the Communists frequently as newly independent countries of Africa will there be others?

All right? This is very important in the present world context. MR. KENNEDY: I uh said that Ive served this country for fourteen years. Well, we can do what we did with Guatemala. And my judgment is that they dont want to give their freedom up to become Communists. In the last week, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I have re-read the testimony of General Twining representing the Administration in 1959, and the Assistant Secretary of State before the Foreign Relations Committee in 1958, and I have accurately described the Administration policy, and I support it wholeheartedly. And lets set the record straight right now by looking at the record, as Al Smith used to say. Well let me make one thing clear. When Kozlov was speaking in California about peace, you were talking here in somewhat different terms. I said we had too many slums. This is the kind which is built in thousands of units for direct installations in the houses. I hope it will not be necessary for any power to resume uh testing in the atmosphere. What areas do you see where the United States might take the offensive in a challenge to Communism over the next four to eight years? But your generals say: Let's compete in rockets. There isnt any doubt about that, number one. October 07, 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Transcript, October 15, 1992 First Half Debate Transcript, October 15, 1992 Second Half Debate Transcript, October 11, 1992 First Half Debate Transcript, October 11, 1992 Second Half Debate Transcript. Americans want to make life easier for women. The point of all this is, this is a struggle in which were engaged. We had a recession in fifty-four. What does this say about his view of women and their ideal role in America? Were going to have to try to provide closer ties, to associate ourselves with the great desire of these people for a better life if were going to prevent Castros influence from spreading throughout all of Latin America. He said he hoped he had not offended Mr. Nixon. India started from about the same place that China did. This is Quincy Howe. ", Nixon [shaking hands on it]: "By the same token, everything I say will be translated and heard all over the Soviet Union? And yet lets just see what weve done for Poland, A half a billion dollars worth of aid has gone to Poland, primarily economic, primarily to go to the people of Poland. Mr. Vice President, Senator Fulbright and now tonight, Senator Kennedy, maintain that the Administration is suppressing a report by the United States Information Agency that shows a decline in United States prestige overseas.

Nixon: [pointing to American workmen] "With men like that we are strong. I want people all over the world to look to the United States again, to feel that were on the move, to feel that our high noon is in the future. Do you know we dont have a single program sponsored by our government to Cuba to tell them our story, to tell them that we are their friends, that we want them to be free again? Unknown photographer, A Typical Boomer Family, ca. Im not as confident as he is that we will be the strongest military power by 1963. My judgment is that the Republican party has stood still here in the United States, and its also stood still around the world. One last word. UHsnCrSX$^knwo;pbvCPZ/aG~~VdzL ^421%"J}(F^-0&FJ"?4&:qs\cd4|A(KB I think that Senator Kennedys policies and recommendations for the handling of the Castro regime are probably the most dangers- dangerously irresponsible recommendations that hes made during the course of this campaign. Were quarantining him diplomatically by bringing back our Ambassador; economically by cutting off trade, and Senator Kennedys suggestion that the trade that we cut off is not significant is just one hundred percent wrong. I believe it my responsibility as the leader of the Democratic party in 1960 to try to warn the American people that in this crucial time we can no longer afford to stand still. Our d- security depends upon Latin America. Lets talk about civil rights. To put an end to the vestiges of war, to make a peace treaty with Germany -- that is what we want. Now, under our rules, I must ask this question of you, but I would hope that the Vice President also would answer it. We have moved in Latin America very effectively, and Id also like to point this out: Senator Kennedy complains very appropriately about our inadequate ra- radio broadcasts for Latin America. New-York Historical Society Library. Lets get that straight right away. ", Khrushchev: "These are questions that have the same aim. And if we fail, the cause of freedom fails. The fact is that the State Department polls on our prestige and influence around the world have shown such a sharp drop that up till now the State Department has been unwilling to release them. The other had a minute and a half to comment. The resolution commits the president in the United States, which I supported, to defend uh Formosa, the Pescadores, and if it was his military judgment, these islands. You challenged me. Expansions and Inequalities, 1820-1869 examines what Westward Expansion meant to the diverse women living within and outside of the expanding nations borders, how women responded to the burgeoning immigration debate, and the roles women played in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Thirdly, I believe that India represents a great area for affirmative action by the free world. "I can only say that if this competition in which you plan to outstrip us is to do the best for both of our peoples and for peoples everywhere, there must be a free exchange of ideas. I think that the next president immediately after his election should sit down with the President, work out a timetable, and get a decision on this before January of next year. America has not been standing still. Excerpts from an informal debate between Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev about daily life in America and the Soviet Union. I cannot be more precise than that, because until we see what Mr. Khrushchev does and what he says uh we cannot indicate what our plans will be. You are entitled to housing. ", Khrushchev: "You raised the point. Both candidates have asked me to express their thanks to the networks for this opportunity to appear on this discussion. ", Nixon: "It takes two to make an agreement. Oportunidades Iguales Para Las Mujeres En El Trabajo y La Educaccion, Womens Strike for Equality, New York, Fifth Avenue, 1970, Eugene Gordon photograph collection, 1970-1990. Yet you say that we are slaves of communism. MR. NIXON: First, with regard to Poland, when I talked to Mr. Gomulka, the present leader of Poland, for six hours in Warsaw last year, I learned something about their problems and particularly his. Then the President sent a mission, composed of Admiral Radford and Mr. Robertson, to persuade Chiang Kai-shek in the spring of fifty-five to withdraw from the two islands, because they were exposed. First, we have to learn from the past, because we cannot afford to make the mistakes of the past. MR. HOWE: We have time for only one or two more questions before the closing statements. But Im most concerned about the whole problem of the spread of atomic weapons. MR. HOWE: Walter Cronkite, you have your first question for Vice President Nixon. There are six countries in Africa that are members of the United Nations. We didnt recognize them for two months; the American Ambassador didnt show up for nearly eight months. w7}$wZ@>Ch!h#t_fEyz:My0 7 "z,Z@Pgn%D.[Gg~0B(<6)vQjkq\R. I also have had the opportunity of knowing and meeting other Communist leaders in the world. This debate took place during a time of increasing tension in the Cold War, starting with Sputnik in 1957 and ending with the U-2 affair in 1960. But I shall talk to you about this later. Well then we will say America has been in existence for 150 years and this is the level she has reached. ", Khrushchev: "Yes that's the kind of competition we want. We have existed not quite 42 years and in another seven years we will be on the same level as America. There is only one threat to peace and one threat to freedom that that is presented by the international Communist movement. But then if we fail responsibility will be clearly on the Russians and then well have to meet our responsibilities to the security of the United States, and there may have to be testing underground. ", Nixon: "Anyone who believes the American Government does not reflect the people is not an accurate observer of the American scene. I support that. Why didnt we bring students over here? Number two, I believe that if any economic sanctions against Latin America are going to be successful they have to be multilateral. And yet last year we gave them less than five percent of all the technical assistance funds that we distributed around the world. A political system in which all goods and items of value are collectively owned and distributed to citizens equally. I believe there are certain principles we must find in dealing with him and his colleagues principles, if followed, that will keep the peace and that also can extend freedom. Uh Were using about fifty percent of our steel capacity today. New-York Historical Society, Gift of Sarah Atwood Yale. A governments approach to working with other countries. Nixon: "We have many different manufacturers and many different kinds of washing machines so that the housewives have a choice. It is not enough to stand on this record because we are dealing with the most ruthless, fanatical leaders that the world has ever seen. Surely, they have set a new precedent. Each candidate will be questioned in turn with opportunity for comment by the other. War has been the constant companion of mankind, so to have these weapons disseminated around the world, I believe means that were going to move through a period of hazard in the next few years. So that Im hopeful we can try once more. All right? We cant stand pat for the reason that were in a race, as Ive indicated. Let's compare. You know for launching our missiles we need lots of calculating machines. And I dont think this Administration has shown the foresight, has shown the knowledge, has been identified with the great fight which these people are waging to be free, to get a better standard of living, to live better. But Ive not made a judgment, and I have not narrowed down a list of three or four people, among whom would be the candidate. He believes that people should be allowed to choose what kind of house they live in, what they eat, and what they believe. To us, diversity, the right to choose, the fact that we have 1,000 builders building 1,000 different houses, is the most important thing. They must know, in other words, that it is national suicide if they begin anything. MR. HOWE: Thank you gentlemen. Perhaps they have established a new tradition. The Information Age, 1974-2018 looks at the experiences of women as technology, globalization, and increasingly polarized politics shaped the nation. May I repeat that all those concerned in tonights discussion have, sometimes reluctantly, followed the rules and conditions read at the outset and agreed to in advance by the candidates and the networks. MR. KENNEDY: One of the areas, and of course the most vulnerable area is I have felt, has been Eastern Europe. The exhibition argued that the American home was the epitome of freedom. It is like those of our houses in California. This house costs about $100 a month to buy on a contract running 25 to 30 years. You showed no recognition of the Administration program to try to persuade Chiang Kai-shek for the last five years to withdraw from the islands. I want Mr. Khrushchev to know that a new generation of Americans who fought in Europe and Italy and the Pacific for freedom in World War II have now taken over in the United States, and that theyre going to put this country back to work again. You yourself said, Mr. Vice President, a month ago, that if we had provided the kind of economic aid five years ago that we are now providing we might never have had Castro. MR. KENNEDY: Mr. Howe, Mr. Vice President. Now, looking at the other parts of the world South America talking about our record and the previous one. Houses in the Soviet Union are well built.

By adequate preparation I mean that at that level we must prepare an agenda, an agenda agreed upon with the approval of the heads of state involved. Either hes for the President and hes against the position that those who opposed the President in fifty-five and fifty-nine and the Senators position itself, stated the other day in our debate either he is for the President and against that position or we simply have a disagreement here that must continue to be debated. And so we need military strength, we need economic strength, we also need the right diplomatic policies. I think he is better looking. *|"Wny3^v Our steelworkers, as you know, are on strike. ", Nixon: "You must not be afraid of ideas. Now I dont know what Senator Kennedy suggests when he says that we should help those who oppose the Castro regime, both in Cuba and without. I suggested that we amend our legislation so that we could enjoy closer economic ties. Reversing the order in their first meeting, Senator Kennedy will make the second opening statement and the first closing statement. In the past seven years, in President Eisenhowers Administration, this situation has been reversed. More countries in Asia voted against us on that question than voted with us. The Cold War began when World War II ended. In 1947, President Harry S. Truman made a speech that came to be known as the Truman Doctrine. He repeated that error in 1959, in the speech that he made. And therefore if we are to have peace, we must know how to deal with the Communists and their leaders. Ive reached the conclusion, too, based on the reports that have been made, that they may be cheating. MR. KENNEDY: Well, Mr. Nixon, to go back to 1955. We should hear you more on our televisions. Engraving. If we fail, its been a great serious failure for everyone for the human race. Why do you think Nixon chose to engage Khrushchev in an informal debate in the exhibitions kitchen? And in the years to come it will be written that one or the other of us was elected and that he was or was not a great president. Now, these are the conditions that I can lay out. Now, when we have a presidential candidate, for example Senator Kennedy stating over and over again that the United States is second in space and the fact of the matter is that the space score today is twenty-eight to eight weve had twenty-eight successful shots, theyve had eight; when he states that were second in education, and I have seen Soviet education and Ive seen ours, and were not; that were second in science because they may be ahead in one area or another, when overall were way ahead of the Soviet Union and all other countries in science; when he says as he did in January of this year that we have the worst slums, that we have the most crowded schools; when he says that seventeen million people go to bed hungry every night; when he makes statements like this, what does this do to American prestige? Nixon: This is our newest model. I dont believe we should go to a summit conference unless we have such an agenda, unless we have some reasonable insur- assurance from Mr. Khrushchev that he intends seriously to negotiate on those points. It has grown in the past seven years. We don't have one decision made at the top by one government official. I think were going to have to do better. Uh Vice President Nixon, in what important respects do you feel there are differences between you, and why do you believe your policy is better for the peace and security of the United States in the Western Hemisphere? ", Khrushchev: "I doubt it. Lets look at Africa. I dont believe theres any burden, or any responsibility, that any American would not assume to protect his country, to protect our security, to advance the cause of freedom. Neither should use that strength to put the other in a position where he in effect has an ultimatum. ", Khrushchev: "The Americans have created their own image of the Soviet man and think he is as you want him to be. Second, as far as this report is concerned, I would have no objection to having it made public.

If we build up the hopes of the world by having a summit conference that is not adequately prepared, and then, if Mr. Khrushchev finds some excuse for breaking it up as he did this one because he isnt going to get his way wed set back the cause of peace. MR. KENNEDY: Well, I think the president of the United States last winter indicated that before hed go to the summit in May he did last fall, he indicated that there should be some agenda, that there should be some prior agreement. Everything we say is in good humor. I dont believe that our relative strength is increasing. A panel of newsmen questioned each candidate alternately. The American government does not tell people how to live their lives. russian npr Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? This means at the secretary of state level and at the ambassadorial level. He explained that giving women the opportunity to live in a comfortable home was an example of American superiority. Enjoy. Well, it can only have the effect certainly of reducing it. We have no reason to be afraid. Vice President Nixon says they can learn from each other. Nicols Enrquez de Vargas (artist), Portrait of Sor Juana Ins de la Cruz, ca. I think if we had stuck by that position last winter, we would have been in a better position in May. The s- I believe the Soviet Union is first in outer space. ", Nixon: "There is not a day in the United States when we cannot read what you say. I can promise you every word you say will be translated into English. A public display of items focused on a particular topic. There are a good many able men who could be secretary of state. Officially known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). MR. HOWE: John Chancellors question for Vice President Nixon. I hope that before we do meet, there will be preliminary agreements on those four questions, or at least two of them, or even one of them, which would warrant such a meeting. It is essential that we extend freedom, extend it to all the world. We hope to show our diversity and our right to choose. See that the young people of America, particularly, have faith in the ideals of freedom and faith in God, which distinguishes us from the atheistic materialists who oppose us. Oil on canvas. That is why Senator wh- President Eisenhower was also correct in his policy in the Formosa Straits, where he declined, and refused to follow the recommendations recommendations which Senator Kennedy voted for in 1955; again made in 1959; again repeated in his debates that you have heard recommendations with regard to again slicing off a piece of free territory, and abandoning it, if in effect, to the Communists. General Twining, in January, fifty-nine, described the position of the United States. MR. CHANCELLOR: Sir, Id like to ask you an- another question about Quemoy and Matsu. Bring students here; let them see what kind of a country we have. MR. NIXON: Our policies are very different. But lets look at it. There are only three left. He says that he voted for the resolution. And so far as the summit conference is concerned, it should only be entered in upon, it should only be agreed upon, if the negotiations have reached the point that we have some reasonable assurance that something is going to come out of it, other than some phony spirit a spirit of Geneva, or Camp David, or whatever it is. Vice President Richard Nixon visited the embassy exhibition. He thinks houses never get too old.

% Mr. Nixon said he thought American houses would last more than 20 years, but even so, after 20 years many Americans want a new home or a new kitchen, which would be obsolete then. ", Nixon: "I think that this attitude toward women is universal. Vice President Nixon says that dishwashers make life easier for women in America. I would say first of all that we must have in mind the fact that we have been negotiating to get tests inspected and uh to get an agreement for many, many months. You want to threaten we will answer threats with threats. I think we have to demonstrate to the people of the world that were determined in this free country of ours to be first not first if, and not first but, and not first when but first. ", Nixon: "Wait till you see the picture. When I say phony spirit, I mean phony, not because the spirit is not good on our side, but because the Soviet Union simply doesnt intend to carry out what they say. We passed the bill in the Senate this year but it didnt pass the House. C/oyN{vtMc` G?[`d>p\q__$('O!Ok>SYQP `D@*`j F@P#rGcgWI*U )\gA%qd#wO\;pF8-P_ Reported resources will be reviewed by our team. We ended the Korean War; by strong, firm leadership we have kept out of other wars; and we have avoided surrender of principle or territory at the conference table. no. But we arent going to move America forward and we arent going to be able to lead the world to win this struggle for freedom if we have a permanent inferiority complex about American achievements. This has expressed itself in the revolts in Eastern Europe. We are cutting off the significant items that the Cuban regime needs in order to survive. A belief that the United States should support countries threatened by Communism to protect global freedom.

They want to stay free, independent perhaps of us, but certainly independent of the Communists. What was his overarching point? I agree with him. I believe that this struggle is going to go on, and it may be well decided in the next decade. The Family Feud Review Game is designed to support the information on the slides as the answers are found within. I want to show you this kitchen. I think we should go back to Geneva, whos ever elected president, Mr. Nixon or myself, and try once again. My wife and I saw and enjoyed it very much. If he says that, this issue will not be discussed in the campaign. He knows his business. Inspired by a 1947 speech by President Harry Truman. ", Nixon: "There are some instances where you may be ahead of us, for example in the development of the thrust of your rockets for the investigation of outer space; there may be some instances in which we are ahead of you -- in color television, for instance. Enjoy!1 Kitchen Debate (Nixon vs. Khrushchev)2 Reagan's SDI (Star Wars) speech3, RICHARD NIXON Unit Bundle - Legacy lesson, Family Feud & more, This bundle of resources explores the presidency of Richard Nixon by looking at primary source documents, political cartoons, foreign and domestic policy overview, and much more. Now, both you and Senator Kennedy have said that there are certain conditions which must be met before you would meet with Khrushchev.

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