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Just as they should be aware of how culture and climate influence behavior, its important for teachers to consider the structure of their classrooms, including both physical structure (classroom arrangement) and the classrooms day-to-day routines. What are some ideas for what you can do in your classroom to build positive relationships with even the students who are hardest to reach? How do you think it made that student feel? All classrooms need enough desks for the students and enough books for every child. However you decide to organize your books, make sure the book bins are clearly labeled. At the elementary level, routines typically incorporate the entire school day and could include: Instructional method that involves students practicing previously modeled or taught skills with feedback and support from the teacher. There will be large pillows near the windows. Chairs will be movable and will not have an attached desk. Describe the perfect classroom. What did you like about how this teacher greeted each student as they arrived? Do I reinforce the expectations for movement in the classroom? New York, NY: Guilford Press. Environment would be the physical classroom, the desk, the tables, your learning space, your group space, and to have that laid out in a way thats comfortable and convenient for you to move around the classroom as well as students. 184 0 obj <>stream Challenging behaviors are more likely to occur when students or teachers routinely bump into each other, one anothers belongings, or furniture. So if they dont have their crayons out then theyre going to be behind because they know that that little picture of that crayon box is up there. A tool used at the end of a lesson or class period as a brief formative assessment of student understanding of a topic or skill introduced in class; sometimes referred to as an exit card. Smaller schools and smaller rooms seem to work better than larger schools and larger rooms. Crowded and cluttered classrooms can set the stage for problem behavior. By organizing your classroom in a way that keeps clutter to a minimum and helps your students function independently. The teacher uses an attention signal that uses both her voice and a hand signal. So after we have our community circle in the morning, my next step is to go over the schedule, and the students know this. It must also be paired with real professional development for educators, not a just add water program of handing students a device and expecting positive results. I also make sure that they know what their voice level should be at that time. Form will follow function, and if one of the key principles of public education is to instill an appreciation for democracy, then classrooms will be arranged so that students are equals with one another (not some in the front, others in the back), and so that students are active participants in learning, not passive recipients of teachers knowledge. Ineffective behavior management in the classroom can interfere with academic instruction, increase student risk for emotional and behavior problems, and lead to high levels of teacher stress. School Behavior Support, /wp-content/uploads/module_media/beh1_media/audio/beh1_p06_cottrell.mp3, /wp-content/uploads/module_media/beh1_media/audio/beh1_p06_lloyd_b.mp3. |I=t^YrR`)1 92Tj>3W#%G?ah~x821'Xe>?*ek7) hbbd``b` $. Wow! Todays assignment: The Space. Integrated schools are important because they teach children how to get along with classmates from different backgrounds and underline the democratic message that in America, we are all social equals. +QI@p',:8@sx2#irIn|T Has the physical structure reduced confusion and/or disruptions? In this video, as she is passing out an assignment, she provides a precorrection to a make sure the students use the appropriate level of their voice (. The classroom will have big windows to let a lot of natural light shine through. She engages the class by asking questions along the way. How often do I refer to the classroom movement expectations? If Im holding this book and youre here on the carpet, is that a good spot? Notice how the teacher introduces the game to the class and breaks them into groups. e(BV> 2 hd "(IK~q1'YP94)t`?Z4a ;e[2,>f\)K67`%)J $r5.Y>G9c18x=2@YB^`9!{-F@WR>F\;!AA7.JH!*Vqbq1qA_WU@o'k-! In your work area, keep a set of baskets labeled by day and store the materials you need in the appropriate bin. This can be overwhelming and distracting for students. The Good Behavior Game helps teach student self-regulation by having them inhibit or not display misbehavior. To have a successful reading program, you need a successful classroom library. Many teachers keep their libraries in book bins that are organized by genre, topic, and level. Instructional management is a term used to give attention to teacher preparation of academic lessons and the extent to which academic instruction is rigorous, relevant, and delivered at a pace appropriate to the content. The students in this video are working together on an activity. Put each child's name on a clothespin and keep them in a basket near the books. IYrK2rHbx[>q2S](u~\OLM/+W2RSHj :,wNr;e17p _#+ol'+L+ A\d|!WsX{C~&AC@"s^Wi:0mS;T8.m5nh *?7**zkv"C

Keep any unnecessary furniture and equipment in your classroom that may limit classroom space and restrict student movement. Arrangements can vary depending on the activity, and different areas of the classroom can be used for different purposes. The physical arrangement of the classroom is set up to maximize teacher-student interactions while minimizing distractions. [The] combination of learning spaces [will be] inherently decentralized since it focuses on the students. How do you think Bailey felt when her class recognized her good work? Nicholson Baker, the author of Substitute: Going to School With a Thousand Kids. Notice how this teacher reviews the schedule for the day with the students first thing in the morning. This video shows a teacher using hand claps to gain the attention of the students before a transition. Instructional method in which students are encouraged to work on their own or to work separately from the teacher on activities that they are capable of performing without significant assistance. If misbehavior occurs, the team earns a point. A science lab needs scientific equipment. In New York, I negotiated a contract that said the arrangement of furniture should be up to the teacher and based on the needs of the class. There will be a large open space that will serve as a community gathering spot. How do you think the students in that class are feeling? How might you go about greeting each student? Classroom climates that foster effective teacher-student relationships are associated with increased academic engagement and student satisfaction with school. As Larry Kearns, an architect at Wheeler Kearns Architects who recently designed a cutting-edge school space in Chicago, told me, Ideally, spaces for all of these modes of learning can be located in the same physical space, interlocked to minimize disturbances between them. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How might you incorporate some of what you saw and liked about how she explained the lesson in your classroom? Finally, Taylor has the ultimate tool to keep your classroom library organized: clothespins! Crowded and cluttered classrooms can set the stage for problem behaviors. Why do you think the students were so engaged? R305A130375 awarded to Principal Investigator Dr. Wendy M. Reinke. So, for me, making sure that every single aspect of a childs experience throughout their day is well laid out, whether it be physicallyThey know where their materials are. %%EOF Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers. And, for me, I try to use as many visuals as possible, so they know what their morning routine is because they walk in, and theres a poster that they know exactly what to look and how to follow that morning routine, what is expected of them at each moment of that routine. The teachers desk, if there is one, is pushed to the margins., Richard Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation. Place bookcases, file cabinets, or other pieces of furniture in areas that may block students view or create visual obstructions for the teacher. Creating a structured classroom environment can promote student engagement as well as limit factors that might lead to disruptive behaviors. This will help them learn to take turns and collaborate! Rarely used materials can be stored out of the way and only pulled out when necessary. High-school classrooms will be designed by students themselves, providing breakout space for group work and more private areas for individual work and studying. What did you like about how this teacher used the Good Behavior Game? How do you see yourself using social-emotional coaching in your classroom? How might you incorporate some of what you saw and liked about from this video into your classroom practice. How does using behavior-specific praise make it clear to students what the expectation is at that time? Everything about the physical space should be designed so that there is little to distract from teaching and learning. We go over the schedule. I have seen movable walls come and go, and I have witnessed the debates over blackboards and whiteboards, and desks in a circle versus desks in a row. Coaching Process Introduction and Overview, Developing and Using Clear Academic Objectives, Identifying Reinforcers for the Classroom. This teacher greets every student as they come in the door in the morning. This video demonstrates a teacher using dot charts during active supervision. High-school classrooms will reflect the transition that students are facing, allowing for independence but also providing a nurturing environment for curiosity. Low-income students attending mixed-income schools are as much as two years ahead of low-income students in high-poverty schools, so we must ensure not only that the arrangement of the desks is equitable but also that the backgrounds of the students occupying those desks are diverse. They should know exactly if theyre allowed to be speaking out loud or if they need to be silent during the activity. They know when they are allowed to get them, how they are allowed to get those materials, as well as how are they to move about the classroom? This might mean clusters for group work, rows for independent work, and U-shapes for discussion. Notice how, despite the fact that the boy does not choose to share, the teacher compliments the peer who chose to give the pencil to the boy. Whereas the traditional lecture hall connotes hierarchy, placing desks in a circle suggests students should be learning to debate and become decision makers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How might you use this strategy in your classroom? Project Officer, Sarah Allen. The ideal classroom setup allows a fluid traffic pattern in which you and your students can move about the classroom without bumping into one another or other objects and without distracting others at work. Catherine Cushinberry, the executive director of Parents for Public Schools. What Kids Should Know by the Time They're Done With School. Notice how the teacher moves around the room between the desks, commenting on the work she sees as she goes. If they see a two-person, theyll know that theyre allowed to work with a partner. What did you like about how the teacher used behavior-specific praise? Don't let crayons, glue, and pencils take over your classroom! Theyll say, Ms. Less is more, in general. How can using behavior-specific praise help get students not ready to get on task more quickly? When a student picks out a book to read, they should leave their clothespin on the book bin. Students will be able to find a place that is comfortable for them. Check-Up Menu > Physical Classroom Structure. These include increased student attention, friendlier peer interactions, and less disruptive behavior and aggression. You can organize binders for various monthly themes and topics and can even store small craft samples. Climates where students do not feel respected or valued lead to student disengagement in school, resulting in higher levels of disruptive behavior. 150 0 obj <>/Encrypt 128 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<50555C281B2B5909185DD93AB996120D><02B936CC31E5D74F96A06A80A5474B76>]/Index[127 58]/Info 126 0 R/Length 106/Prev 477510/Root 129 0 R/Size 185/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream We asked prominent voices in educationfrom policy makers and teachers to activists and parentsto look beyond laws, politics, and funding and imagine a utopian system of learning. These classrooms will feature student artwork and projects but never publicly show grades or test-score results that might humiliate struggling students. Read previous entries on calendars, content, homework, and teachers. But schools will prioritize configuring classes to inspire learning first and foremost, and, where appropriate, reflect the diversity of environments that students are exposed to outside a school setting. What could you do to make it easier for you to move around your classroom and use active supervision? Structure of the classroom is what I would say is the absolute most important key to dealing with behaviors in the classroom. Maybe I need to adjust a group of desks so they have a better view of the learning piece in the front of the class or even to the side of the classroom. To learn more about effectively organizing the classroom, view these IRIS Case Studies: When teachers establish classroom routines, they are creating a consistent, predictable sequence of events to help students understand what to expect (and whats expected of them) during class. %(edA,T}>J$}q};DM?.v""#>Ks_/6RD/},p!)WZ8j0+KxXV{4PJV:9aGk Now that you have created a new physical classroom structure using the tool, set a few goals to help you determine whether or not the structure produces the results you want. She intersperses praise and describes what the students are doing well throughout. Well-structured classrooms increase efficiency, leaving more time for instruction and the promotion of positive academic and social behaviors among students. Make sure frequently used items are easy to access and clearly labeled with words and pictures. %PDF-1.6 % Will they be able to see me if theyre sitting here? The Engagement piece, I will often sit at various spaces in the classroom to see what the students vantage points will be. For example, a goal for day one should not be,Students can find and access all instructional materials,but perhaps that could be your goal for week 2. Further, when students are engaged in academic instruction, they have higher levels of achievement. What did you like about how the teacher included so many students and asked so many academic questions? Notice how she points out that Sofia (peer) was so kind and was a good friend. Every school will have air-conditioning, and there should be sufficient heat in classrooms when its cold, but there should not be over-heating. chain activity links They can include: A short activity students complete at the beginning of class to warm-up and review previously taught skills and concepts; also commonly referred to as a bell ringer. This will lead to the age-old question, What are we doing today?. Its also important to look at the appropriate role of technology in the classroom. Elementary classrooms will have work stations that can be easily moved throughout the room so students can begin fostering relationships with each other. Classrooms at the elementary-, middle-, and high-school levels will look very different.

Take a moment to make sure your plan for classroom layout is going to work. How might you use the Good Behavior Game in your classroom? $ $8A b:$M@+@:l- % Q If they need to know how they can get my attention, how they can ask questions to me. Having positive, respectful teacher-student relationships is the foundation to effective classroom management. Place frequently used materials in areas that are easily congested. Watch how this teacher uses behavior-specific praise when calling on a student to answer a question. What do you think the benefits are to greeting students every day? She also provides opportunities to respond (see. R305A130375 awarded to Principal Investigator Dr. Wendy M. Reinke. Effective behavior management practices are linked to improvements in student social behavior and academics. What did you like about the way the teacher used active supervision here?

So I would suggest, I call it my Two Es with an R: environment, engagement, and the response. In general, there will be different types of movable desks varying in size and capacityindividual, long, and round. Notice how the teacher comments on the students work, provides feedback, and then puts a dot on the students chart. And teachers will arrange the room in the best possible way for their students learning. Instead of file folders, try using binders to store lessons and activities. Post materials that support student learning (e.g., rules, routines, word walls, math equations, exceptional student work) on walls that are easy for students to view from all parts of the classroom. If Im standing here and youre sitting there, is this OK? It must be time to go to lunch. You know, youre right. How might you incorporate this or other attention signals into your daily teaching? Hallways should be quiet, and classrooms should be as sound proof as possible. She reflects on how building relationships can actually save time later on. The contents of this Website do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Notice how she asks both individual questions and gets the attention of the room by saying, . Students need to be in classrooms that inspire themspaces that are light, airy, and filled with examples of work that they aspire to do. Secondary teachers routines also usually extend over a full week (e.g., vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, discussion on Friday) month (e.g., essay, poster project) or quarter and semester (e.g., unit test). These will work great for storing manipulatives. The teacher also lets the student know how long the game will occur and what the reward will be for the team with the fewest points. Listen as KaMalcris Cottrell and Ashley Lloyd offer examples of how they create a structured classroom environment. Effective behavior management is proactive, placing emphasis on preventing problems rather than waiting to punish behaviors after they occur. After analyzing your classroom needs, arrange the room in a way that best meets the needs of you and your students. Windows that open are a nice feature, as are clean bathrooms and individual desks that can be rearranged. When are they allowed to be up? Explicitly go over your classroom routines with students on the first day of school. Likewise, when routines are not in place there is more opportunity for confusion among students. How does this feel? Were publishing their answers to one question each day this week. Notice how the teacher states each students name. Rita Pin Ahrens, the director of education policy for the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center. NRFvf{Va-l>R Can they see if I walk here? Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length. How might giving this prompt prevent students from inadvertently being too loud during the assignment? How might you use this type of opportunity to respond in your classroom? Arrange classroom furniture to create a smooth traffic flow that allows the teacher and students to easily move throughout the room. KaMalcris Cottrell We do our caring community circle. . Effective classroom arrangement refers to the placement and organization of the rooms physical elements (e.g., seating, materials) to help establish a learning environment that facilitates effective instruction and student growth. Throughout the day, if there is group work, if there is independent work of any kind, I tend to use slides, and all their directions for that activity will be up. Brisk pacing during teacher-led instruction has been shown to decrease problem behavior and increase academic achievement. How did she make fairly complicated math problems fun and interactive? This is a big timesaver for teachers! Specific routines in content areas (e.g., warm-up activity. What did you like about the way the teacher actively supervised the students work? Classroom structure is a term used to describe the actual physical layout of a classroom, organization of materials in the classroom, and the extent to which classroom expectations and routines are explicitly defined and taught. She asks 14 OTRs in just over one minute. What did you like about how this teacher provided academic questions and gave students feedback? Students and teachers need clean, roomy, well-ventilated, and well-lit spaces for teaching and learning. {SlH^)1%+ Make sure routines occur around the same time (and in the same order) each day. In secondary classrooms, routines can be content-specific (e.g., journal writing in ELA, conjugation practice in Spanish) and are generally established within each unique class period. This allows all the students to feel comfortable with the greeting. How important is relationship building to you when working with your students?

Notice that the teacher allows the students to ask questions before the game begins. Shoebox-sized plastic boxes are ideal for storing larger craft samples. She comments on their work, provides feedback as needed, and gives a lot of praise privately to each student. Notice how the teacher recognizes the problem from across the room (see. Each school will have a variety of spacious classroom settings. This teacher provides an opportunity to respond by letting all students answer the question and show her on their chest. Notice how the teacher explains the rule for that day. What would you do if students were not responding correctly? Classroom routines will differ according to the grade levels of students. They went back to the drawing boardand the chalkboardto build an educational Garden of Eden. If Ms. Cottrell happens to miss that step, they remind me, because thats what weve started to set up as our routine in our classroom. What did you like about how this teacher used this attention signal? Notice that the teacher provides behavior-specific praise to the students who respond (see. Expect students to automatically know your classroom routines. Technology can be a powerful tool, but it must be implemented with the intention of enhancing educator-facilitated learning, not replacing it. First, you need to decide how you want to organize your books. How might you incorporate some of what you saw in this video into your daily teaching? And like I said, we go over that every day right after our community circle. What activities or times of the day would it be useful to provide your students with a precorrection so that students know what to do before problems occur? If you are forced to go to a place you hate going every day, any sentence on the wall can become an irritant. This is an example of a teacher using yes knocks for students to respond to an academic question. You can also raise funds for your classroom with a ClassroomsCount campaign. Notice how she describes what the students will be required to do on the handout. There might be desks, cushions, or benches arranged in rows or circleshowever the teachers want them, as not every classroom will follow a template. I would also, once the students are in, be open to their feedback. 0 Notice that students choose how they want to be greeted by receiving a hug or high five. But Ill also have little icons that they have learned, so theyll know if theres just one person they have to be working independently.

The students in this video are very excited about the activity. Well-structured classrooms have established routines that align with classroom rules and expectations. Notice how quickly the students respond. Check back tomorrow for the next installment in this series.

Each classroom will be set up based on what is necessary to meet learning objectives.