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If you were to throw CS at someone who had a potentiallyundamagedgas mask on I think you'd be doing it all wrong. I'm all for the gas mask being removed from the shop - like mentioned earlier shop items shouldn't give a game advantage, they should stay 100% cosmetic. @keyframes anim5860{ When doing strenuous activities like running or anything that brings your heart rate up and with it your breathing. Scavenge the wasteland. Actual footage of groups in DRP learning to put their masks on at 100mph: I'd say make the masks on the shop fully cosmetic or remove them. Armbands have been a staple for identification since the beginning of DayZ. whatever would be the best and easiest solution for everyone. a[data-uid='5860'] span { I think I either have one right now or at least had one. Werent we gonna remove NBC suits + gasmasks from the item store, or make item store versions that did not provide any resistances to the toxic gas? My stance remains. Doesn't that meanyou'd pretty much fuck over everyone who has bought one since now they'd just be given? I have been searching for them forever now! This means that people can still spawn in gasmasks from the shop that don't have this buff/debuff if they purely use them for cosmetic/roleplay reasons and gives the PvP side a balanced item that guards them from the teargas but has them dealing with decreased stamina (whichpeople counteract through the dexamphetaminepills or epipens) during firefights/hostile situations. I got one recently on EXP in a fire station. } This will allow those not fortunate enough to find a gas mask to at least have an advantage in stamina over people with gas masks in the case that they are using tear gas and you're able to avoid it. And of course it should lower your stamina, that's just adding realism to the game. I'm part of a group that wears Masks as an identification method, so I don't agree with any of these suggestions. It's time I bring to you another one of my terrible suggestions With the new tear gas that was just added I am now fearing that everyone I now bump into will be wearing gas masks turning the atmosphere into something that replicates S.T.A.L.K.E.R, what most people don't know is that Gas masks (with filters) restrict your air flow, sort of like breathing at high altitudes. } . Since I as well as others dont want to have to use binoculars to tell whether something is a store mask or a normalmask before tossing gas nades. In American Dollars. not necessarily but some changes need to be made, either remove gas mask from shop or the gas grenades. You know how you purchased account credit and then used said account credit to purchase the item in question? Not only that but potius cras and the late liquidators all wear gas masks most of the time, it's nothing unique.

If you add welding goggles or ski goggles with a half face mask respirator, then I'd be in favor of it. I found a Badly Damaged Gas Mask in the Chernaya Polana fire station today. It increases your fatigue, your goggles fog up and you can't drink water unless your hook up a bottle to your gas mask (some gas masks have drinking tubes).

animation-iteration-count: infinite; I agree with removing them from the shop - but potentially having retextured damagedversions replace them / made available (which don't have any of its protective functionality and have visible wear-and-tear) for the people who still want that reliable cosmetic spawn-in. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. But i still went for +1, im more into realism when it comes to things like that. With CS gas being a thing it makes the item now a pay to win accessory. Isn't there military spawns and police spawns on the prison island? Finn, This feels more and more like the server is pandering to PvP instead of RP. It's part of my look. To be honest i dont really care if the gasmasks reduce your stamina or not. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. August 14, 2019 in Gas masks should be removed from the shop so people can't spawn them in the middle of a fight. text-shadow: 0 0 1px #212121; animation-duration: 5s; to { If it can be done maybe the gasmask loses its effectiveness depending how long the male characters beard is as it wouldn't make a complete seal on the face? 1. I don't wantgas masks tobe removed from the shop.

You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results. Suggestions. Are you talking about stable now or experimental? I ain't going through all those refunds just for a grenade debuff. 50% {

You may ask "why should we remove them? Sign up for a new account in our community. animation-name: anim5860; Sometimes you can't even tell things are damaged from afar, and to actually tell if something is damaged (atleast for me) you have to be within 10 feet where it won't really be smart to throw gas grenades. I think I had one on my current character because I liked switching it out with my helmet every once in a while. Literally found all parts to an NBC outfit besides the boots in one loot run yesterday. It's rather unfair to suddenly pull a item that's been in the game since forever just because of a recent addition, I'd rather see it (if possible) be replaced with a purely cosmetic item that doesn't have the same advantage as the gasmasks that you actually find within the game. In exchange for removing the gas mask. } Particularly military, medical, and police buildings. or as @Rolandalready said "The solution I was thinking about was either remove the protection that gas mask offer, or add a simple free gas mask to the item shop.". I personally have done physical activity with gas masks during my service in the military and I can tell you, it fucking sucks. }

As for the item shops that's a no brainer.

I'm sure you can tolerate not having a gas mask for a little while till you find one in a police station or military base. Valve Corporation. By color: #212121; : , (, ). -1 Does the Gas Mask even spawn anymore, because I haven't found one of them in a really long time now, I'm starting to worry that my baby has been removed from the game :,(. I don't want "store credit". I agree with removing them from the shop, not the stamina part. I spent money for it. Along with being able to wear it with the helmet again, I miss that look so much. Roland has already commented on the item shop issue so I won't vote on that. NBC stuff and gas filters spawn in clinics and medical buildings, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm part of a group that wears Masks as an identification method. 2. Gas masks now give an edge in combat as they nullify the effect of the non-lethal gas, and much like it was discussed in the past that NBC suits likely would be removed from the store once they had an actual advantage/use, this is the same scenario. I don't know if they have any real planned functionality for it, but I hope so. Please. color: #212121; They are still in the game, don't worry. The new medical tents at NE air field are great too. So 1+ to having them have a downside and 1- to removing them from the shop without replacing it with a purely cosmetic variant. Nah they still do spawn generally in military loot locations, though for some reason they've become more rare. Maybe add a cosmetic gas mask to the item shop instead of the one that gives you an advantage? Not sure about the stamina part, but leaning on the yes side, because sprinting around in a gas mask isn't too stamina inducing in real life either, and I think that should be taken into account. The more Ibreathe, the more condensation fogs up the lenses, sure. I spent money for that item alone. , Espaol Latinoamrica ( ), PortugusBrasil(). . That's where I'd see a problem since people wouldn't throw gas grenades as they'd think people would have gas masks. Unless you are going to send my money back to the method of payment I used to purchase it and not in Euros.

I voted no but I've changed my mind it should be removed from the shop as it gives you an advantage over others during fights. Vote in the poll and let me know what you think below. I suggest gas masks should limit your stamina moderately (while worn) so people can't be constantly sprinting around with them to the point where you have no advantage over them even though your breathing isn't restricted. The solution I was thinking about was either remove the protection that gas mask offer, or add a simple free gas mask to the item shop. Doesn't mean it's the only thing people should wear as an ID. If they areforced to remain in the shop they should have different colors ie: working (white) not working (black) so you can easily differentiategas masks. text-shadow: 0 0 1px #212121; It might not be the best identification method as there's tons of people wore them before and there'll only be more that wear them now. its still in there i just found my first one at the lighthouse or whatever it is above balota maybe its a really tall tower i cant remember. @The Shaky Surgeon you can now combine the helmet with the gas mask just saying if you didnt know that already, I know this is very old and all, they just removed that ability bc of the bad cliping it had, but now they have fixed it i really love it but the gas mask is extreamly rare to find tho. Forcing a refund on me isn't going to help. As someone who actually owns a fully working double-filtered gas mask and often uses it and runs around with it, It does not affect how far I can run. Thanks for reading, have a good day everyoneSlava Kamenici. } After giving it some more thought, I'd actually rather switch around my votes, it being +1 to stamina reduction and -1 to removing it from the shop. As for removing them from the shop:@Roland. Press J to jump to the feed. It's easy! No I don't agree with this at all. The shop is for cosmetic items, not for getting an upper hand in pvp. You can be refunded, it's considered protective gear now so for example: I wouldn't consider a plate carrier part of my look. I got one in a fire station at an airfield just yesterday they just arent that common. And I feel that now the in-game gasmasks have somekind of advantage/buff on them, it'd be nothing but fair to have them reduce stamina as a sort of balancing act. Should they be removed from market?

/r/dayz - Discuss and share content for DayZ, the post-apocalyptic open world survival game. It would suck so bad if they got rid of the gas masks because they complete the look of my instagram page dayz_stalkers. I own it. What about when Kamensk receives it's long awaited actual physical threat, toxic air? Does anyone know how to get gas mask filter and just nbc suit parts in general?

from { The only point you'd find it harder to breathe through filters is if there is if the quantity of activated charcoal is too high, meaning it would be classed as a faulty product. People with lung diseases such as asthma or emphysema, elderly people, and others may have trouble breathing normally through a gas mask, but someone without respiratory health issues would be fine running in a gas mask. We could just remove their effects so they don't have the same qualities as a spawned gas mask" because why would you throw a tear gas grenade at a group of people with gas masks not knowing whether they were spawned or not. text-shadow: 0 0 1px #212121; I'd rather remove CS nade than gas masks from Item Shop. Goodluck! I didn't ask for tear gas to be added so feel free to remove it if it means masks stay on the shop. Forcing a refund on me is taking some away from with out my permission. TL;DR Gas masks restrict your breathing similar to training masks. As well as this, people can just go into their bags and try and find their gas mask if they're quick enough when the grenade rolls up at their feet - so how do you REALLY know they haven't got a working gas mask unless you frisk them? Armbands have been a staple for identification since the beginning of DayZ. color: #212121;

Luckily the only place I have found them to spawn is in the military base south of NW airfield. -1 Even giving a damaged texture most of the time the items don't actually show the damaged texture unless you are close. Being restricted with breathing due to a mask should lower the stamina when worn.