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G40, AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor Bahru. In other words, the ambiance of the cafe is as posh as the food presentation. Mon Fri, 12PM 11PM The cheese also makes the most delicious cheese fries, much better then the artificial Nacho cheese and mayo mixture that fast food fries are topped with. Whether you want to eat local foods, Western or Asian cuisines, or kind of food, just name it and Johor will surely have something to offer to you. Jalan Ekoflora 1, Taman Ekoflora, 81100 Johor Bahru |Opening Hours:11am 9pm Daily|Tel:+60 7-364 2552| Facebook: EcoPalladium| READ MORE.

Location: Lot 16-01, Laman Niaga Sunway, Persiaran Medini 3, Sunway Iskandar, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Location: J5-19, Level 05 Johor Bahru City Square, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, A post shared by *littletinysun (@littletinysun) on Sep 26, 2019 at 1:17am PDT, A post shared by Athena Au (@athena528) on Aug 11, 2019 at 2:36am PDT. Address: 44, Jalan Zabedah, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Opening Hours: 12 PM 11 PM (Closed on Wednesday). Most customers recommend trying their Sous Vide Piri Piri Fried Chicken.

Talk to us now. is a container cafe and restaurant boasting a menu from Malay to Western cuisine. This cafe is a coffee house based in Johor Bahru. Social Media:Instagram,Facebook. Address:47, Jalan Molek 1/9, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor Address: TGV Cinemas, Toppen Shopping Centre, No.33 Jln Harmonium, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru One of the best i try at Papa Rich. 260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru, 88 Jalan Setia Tropika 1/7 Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru, 99, Jalan Lembah 18, Bandar Baru Seri Alam, Masai, Lot G03, Ground Floor, AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru, Lot 1.19 Plaza Pelangi, Jalan Tebrau/Jalan Kuning, Johor Bahru, Unit No.8, Ground Floor, Sunway College Student Hostel, Johor Bahru, 4. What makes Fluffy Time different from another animal cafe in Johor is their feature of exotic animals like wallabies, marmots, skunks and many more! Fri Sat, 12PM 1AM sold are also reasonably priced, with choice of flavors and served hot or cold! Have you tried the best chicken chop in town?

Social Media:Facebook. 2021 Hello Travel Pte Ltd.All Rights Reserved. (@kerepekbronis_ain), A post shared by Jareds Food Journal | +65 (@jglovesfood), A post shared by lay chin (@kellylaychin), A post shared by DROP OFF CAFE (@dropoff_cafe). G40, AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor Bahru My only concern is that it's very oily, I mean like the United States wants to invade your plate levels of oily. Taman Molek is well-known for housing the best coffee houses in JB. Definitely a go-to! Fri, 2PM 10PM Status:Halal Operating Hours:2 PM 10 PM (Opens Every day) The second spot halal cafe to experience in Johor is to dining with the flavourful dishes accompanied by the cutest creature mingling around you! Their signature dish is a plate of juicy burger, fries, beans, and lots of cheese! Status:Ingredients sourced from Halal certified suppliers, Address: Lot D, Jalan Ekoflora Utama, Taman Ekoflora, 81100 Johor Bahru, Opening Hours: 11 AM 11 PM (Monday Friday),10 AM 11 PM (Saturday and Sunday). Jalan Storey, Bukit Senyum, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Sun, 10AM 9PM Location: Pos 64 Kampung Parit Raja 84000, Muar, Business Hours: 5:00pm 12:00am Closed on Mondays, A post shared by Jareds Food Journal | +65 (@jglovesfood) on Apr 13, 2019 at 7:22pm PDT, A post shared by Mrs. Wh (@ohmywho) on Jul 27, 2019 at 10:22am PDT, A post shared by Mrs. Wh (@ohmywho) on May 15, 2019 at 9:45pm PDT. The ambiance alone is almost enough for many to make the trip here, with dried flowers hanging off the ceiling.

Address: 54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia |Opening Hours: 11am 8pm (Tues Thurs & Sun), 11am 10pm (Fri-Sat) |Tel: +60 7-221 3530|Email: [emailprotected]| Instagram: Bev C | Facebook:Bev C| READ MORE, Address: 106, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor |Opening Hours:9am 6pm (Mon Sun) |Tel: +60 16-713 2714| Instagram: Faculty of Caffeine | Facebook:Faculty of Caffeine| READ MORE, Address: Lot 2810, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia |Opening Hours:9.30am 6.30pm (Mon Thurs), 9.30am 6.30pm, 8pm 1am (Fri Sun) |Tel: +60 12-735 3572| Instagram: Chaiwalla & Co | Facebook:Chaiwalla & Co. Container Cafe| READ MORE, Address: 12, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia |Opening Hours:1130am 8pm (Mon Tue, Thurs-Sun)|Tel: +60 7-295 6109| Facebook:Coffee Valley | READ MORE, Address: 33, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru Malaysia |Opening Hours: 11.30am 2.30pm,2.30pm 6pm, 6.30pm 10.30pm Daily |Tel: +0167132714, +60 10 226 0311 |Instagram: The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen | Facebook:The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen | READ MORE, Address:72, Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor BahrulOpening Hours:11.30am 11pm (Mon Sun)lTel: +6073350000 | Facebook: Caf Racer by Grillbar | Instagram: Caf Racer by Grillbar | READ MORE, Address:Jalan Serampang, 80050 Johor BahrulOpening Hours:12pm 930pm (Mon -Fri), 12pm 1130pm (Sat Sun)lTel: +6073305731 | Facebook: Coffee Signature | Instagram: Coffee Signature | Twitter: @CoffeeSignature | READ MORE, Address:No 7, Molek Pine 3 Apartment, Jalan Molek 1/27, Taman Molek Johor Bahru lOpening Hours:12pm 12am (Mon Sun)lTel: +6073613338 |Facebook: Homies By JWC lInstagram: Homies By JWC | READ MORE, Address:No. Their burger has juicy patty combine with fries and their signature sauce and lots of CHEESE! Operating Hours:11 AM 11 PM (Closed on Monday) The dishes here mostly have a touch of Japanese food, even the presentation still maintains in such a classy way. Initially focused on a lunch menu, this cafe now hopes to create a richer culinary experience for the community. is the perfect spot for you! Address: Jalan Storey, Bukit Senyum, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Address:27, Jalan Ponderosa 2/2, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor It uses a lot of light wood tones that are just like stepping into a Japanese bakery. The cafe has a very calm ambiance so for those already bored with hipster cafe nowadays, you definitely should try this spot! There are also various types of toast served warm with ice-cream and some fruits on top, definitely a dessert that you should not miss out on! Poke bowls are something some people love when they feel like eating clean. There's nothing much to say, it's a halal lok lok place. The relaxing ambiance of the place is a big plus! Address:155, Jalan Beringin, Taman Melodies, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor This cafe serves a variety of fusion menu and absolutely mouth-watering desserts. Lot 2810, Tan Hiok Nee St., Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia.

You can also find a jukebox, high-speed wi-fi and even a charging area for phones to be charged. Especially for modern Muslims that always desire to try and about! Address:17, Jalan Ibrahim, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor Opened since 2015, this cafe is well loved for the lovely company you get as you lounge and relax here. Johor is a place of many wonders: you will never run out of places to see, people to meet, or things to do. They also still serve brunch menu and small plates that includes Avocado & Baked Beans, Sambal Fried Chicken, Truffle Fries and more. Perfect for small gatherings and a little stopover for a little treat, this cafe only uses halal ingredients making it a Muslim-friendly caef. It combines the flavors of beloved Malaysian dish, Nasi Lemak, into one creamy cheesecake. Address:6C, C1-02, Jalan Suria, Bandar Seri Alam, Gravity Green, 81750 Masai, Johor With that, weve come to an end of our list of the20Best Cafes In Johor You Should Visit in 2020that all foodies must not miss out. The chicken is crispy even after being wrapped with the cheese and covered with sauce. serves refreshing milkshakes, soft serve ice cream and scrumptious snacks for you to have on the go! Address:R&F Mall, Lot G-025, G-026, Mercu 1, Jalan Tanjung Puteri 1 R & F, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru Address: Pos 64 Kampung Parit Raja 84000, Muar, Opening Hours: 5 PM 12 AM (Closed on Monday). Sign up to access your saved articles across all your devices. Not to be forgotten is their new menu, the 3 Tier Savory & Sweet Afternoon Tea Treat for 2 people to share! Operating Hours:6 PM 1 AM (Closed Tuesday) They also have 3 Tier Savory & Sweet Afternoon Tea Treat, best when shared with someone special to you! We believe many would have heard of the famous People & Places Caf in JB. Some of the dishes available here includes Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Aglio Olio, Curry Chicken and more. Bloom by Mok Mok is a cafe serving up fusion food from rice bowls, burgers and a variety of desserts on their menu. Please check your mail to get key and manually enter in on Google authenticator app and verify the token. johor bahru If youre looking for a good hole-in-the-wall for the best halal cafes in Johor, Drop Off Cafe Industry is the place to go. This Cafe In Johor Offers Top-Notch Coffee with Australian Brunch Menu, 22 Best Cafes To Visit In Johor (2022 Guide), The Alleys First-Ever Drive-Thru Outlet Has Opened In Johor, 10 Best Halal Breakfast Spots In Johor Bahru For Every Morning Person, 8 Sea-Front Resorts In Desaru For A Perfect Weekend Getaway, Check Out Malaysias First Shiba Inu Dog Cafe Located In Johor Bahru, An Exciting Line Of Potato Chips Has Landed In Malaysia & Its The Perfect Treatz! For You, JB City Square Lets You Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With This Exciting 90s Retro Event, 4 Reasons Why Johorians Should Switch To Malaysias Widest Network, Celcom (Exclusive Deals & Contract). Our next spot is an alluring Mrs Who cafe in Johor. You can also find a jukebox, high-speed wi-fi and even a charging area for phones to be charged. Imagine foamy creatures bobbling just at the brim of the cups! Social Media:Instagram. You may also like to read about Johor Cafes in Jalan Dhoby, Taman Pelangi & Sri Tebrau &Jalan Tan Hiok Nee & Trus too. Good food and good music will always be a great combination. Their all-time favorite Lemak Cili Api Daging Salai is worth to try. Head on down to the worlds first ever in-theatre.

is a Muslim-owned cafe with a large and comfortable space, perfect for those looking for spot to hang out, relax and enjoy good food. Situated in the heart of JB town, its an easy spot to find because its very near to Bazaar Karat JB. Status:No Pork No Lard Here Are 5 Things Muslim Travellers Need to Know. #malaysiancafes#mycafefood #burpplekl #burpple. Operating Hours:11 AM 9 PM (Opens Every day) This cafe in Johor has a small play area as well as reading material to keep your kids company. This is another popular halal cafe in Johor worth to try that has an affordable price, plus thefoods there were super scrumptious. Inspired by Taiwanese cuisine, Canteen 78 serves up dishes like braised pork rice, chicken rice topped with raw egg, and fried chicken cutlet. This cafe is knownfor its beautiful food that never disappoints the customer. You can also pair your beverage of choice with some food to go from a variety of pies including Black Pepper Beef or desserts like brownies and blondies! Perhaps if you have an afternoon in JB to spare, make your way here for some great coffee and gyoza! Operating Hours:12 PM 11:30 PM (Monday Friday); 9 AM 11:30 PM (Sat & Sun) Opened since 2015, this cafe is well loved for the lovely company you get as you lounge and relax here. They use boneless chicken thigh which is fried to perfection and incredibly moist and juicy. Lot 2928, Jalan Kempas Baru, 81200, Johor Bahru, Want to visit a cafe that is out of the ordinary and would definitely bring a nostalgic vibe to your instagram feed? Operating Hours:11:30 AM 10 PM (Opens Every day) Moreover, dont forget to try their irresistible coffees! Filter wonders :) Breakfast of champions. Their all-time favorite Lemak Cili Api Daging Salai is worth to try. The CATS Cafe JB is known as Johors first and largest cat cafe. Editorial | Contribute your travel stories or submit content enquiries. Surely making you coming back again! After that pick your sauce, they have BBQ, green chilli, Thai chilli, mayonnaise, cheese, and ketchup. Status:No Pork No Lard Most customers agree that Meltique Beef Sirloin, Nyonya Style Spaghetti with Marinated Chicken Fillet, and Devils Chicken Wing are must-try dishes here. If youre looking for a good hole-in-the-wall for the best cafe in Johor, Drop Off Cafe Industry is the place to go. A single portion can amply feed 2-3 pax. Breakfast is probably the only thing that can get me out of bed on a cold & early Saturday morning. The tasteful decor will surely take your breath away, perfect for a meal out with your friends to chill and relax. The place provides a nostalgic feeling to its customers every time they dine here! For those who wants to have a little break or have a full meal, this is the go-to place with its laid back environment, it is perfect for all.

They serve a variety of great coffee, latte art, and other refreshing drinks for your halal cafe-hopping adventure. Address:S-018 The Mall, Midvalley, Southkey, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor The first stop for our 2020 journey of the best cafe in Johor to visit is Senso Art Gallery Caf.

They serve a variety of local dishes and the best coffee that many people love. Dragging myself to class *sigh You will be surprised to discover is a sanctuary in the industrial area. It comes with grilled corn slathered with tomato salsa sauce, sour cream and topped with pomegranate and coriander leaves. When you step inside this place, you can see the cafe is equipped with warm shades of pink and pastel terrazzo interiors and filled with tons of greeneries. :) #travelgram #glutinousrice #dimsum #jbeats #pelangi #eatfatfat #eatstagram #sgfoodies #foodgasm #foodpics #foodporn #foodstagram #foodspotting #eatstagram #burpple #8dayseat #asian #whattoeat #breakfastofchampions#myfoodiediarysg #LINE #foodieapp, I'm not a champion. Next up for our list is this wide-openspace and a fusion menu concept at Openwork. Operating Hours:12 PM 9 PM (Tue Thu); 2 PM 10 PM (Fri); 10 AM 10 PM (Sat); 10 AM 9 PM (Sun) (Closed on Monday) Then Molten Chocolate Cafe is the cafe for you. Social Media:Instagram,Website,Facebook. Natasha is always on a quest to find a place where it is always spring. Miyakori Sunway Iskandar is the cafe for you. The cafe serves the best chicken chop in town! Head on down to the worlds first ever in-theatre Coca-Cola Cafe located in Tebraus Toppen Shopping Centre! Want to visit a cafe that is out of the ordinary and would definitely bring a nostalgic vibe to your instagram feed? Their all-time fave is a variety of cakes and pastry. If you are planning a visit to Johor Bahru with your Muslim friends or colleagues to shop and hangout over some of the coolest cafes across the causeway, heres our pick of the Top Halal Cafes In Johor Bahru Best Cafes With Halal Suppliers. bahru johor