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Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is one of the largest crocodile parks in Peninsular Malaysia, with over 1,000 crocodiles. At night you Great effort by local investors to bring you and your family back in time to prehistoric times of dinosaurs. We ate breakfast with the one of the best nasi lemak stalls there and afterwords start hiking up to starting point. The contrasting colors of blue and white on the building are very outstanding and look wonderful in pictures.

One of the most famous Johor attractions, Batu Pahat Old Street Commercial Centre is the place for tons of fun, shopping and eating all day long. Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00am 11:00pm Entrance Fee: Free.

Rides such as the Merry Go Round, spinning teacups and the classic Pirate Ship can be found here. Many people tend to flock here not only for its beautiful beach but also for the variety of water sports that are available here.

Take a stroll and breathe in the sea breeze while hunting for food in the nearby Stualang Food Court. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

Come to this Johor attraction for a dip and for that holiday tan.

A Jurassic Park inspired garden in Muar with plenty of dinosaur figurines.

Opening Hours: Daily, 8:00am 5:00pm Entrance Fee: RM10. Not only will you be able to stay in the treehouses, but you will also be able to learn how to plant rice at the rice plantation, learn how to row a boat and fishing as well.

Can easily spend a few hours here.

Not only that, you will also find vendors selling strollers, kitchen utensils, toys and many more.

It is an idyllic tropical island beach just along the South China Sea. It is the same route return back. Would there be anyone who is not familiar with LEGO? Opening Hours: Saturday Thursday, 9:30am 4:30pm Entrance Fee: Free. You will ride a boat through the stream at night to witness the beauty of a thousand tiny twinkling lights produced by the fireflies.

Here you will get to see stunt shows performed by the caretakers and the star of the show, crocodiles. Sultan Ibrahim Jamek Mosque is a mosque built under the influence of Westerns and Middle Eastern architecture. There are a few luxurious resorts located in this area, and one of them is the Batu-Batu Private Island Resort. Surrounded by a small garden, this clock tower was built according to western architecture. Located in the city, Danga Bay is a recreational place with alot of things to offer. It was a good hike with good friends. We were unaware of this and it bit us badly on our return, having to fill out new applications inside the border control office.

This enormous tropical rainforest falls under the states of Pahang and Johor.

Many weary souls will flock to this place to rest, learning about the ways of Buddha while meditating to seek for peace.

To top it all off, you can also satisfy your food cravings with delicious local dishes along the way. Opening Hours: Monday Saturday, 9:00am 5:00pm | Sunday, 9:00am 1:30pm Entrance Fee: RM10 (RM5 for Malaysian).

There's something like a pink market on one of the floors that sells cheap everyday stuff.

1 International Theme Park, one of the famous and oldest landmarks in Johor Bahru. A small zoo in the city, though not as big as one would imagine, it has 100 different animals which is good enough for you to spend a few hours at this Johor attraction.

Opening Hours: Daily, 1:00pm 5:00pm Entrance Fee: RM10 (free for Malaysian). Approximately 30mins drive. 23 km from city center Lots of shops and restaurants.

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is a farm park that brings you closer to mother nature. It is an intricately designed arena spread over two floors with beautiful architecture. 13 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru.

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Book these experiences for a close-up look at Johor.

Along this beach, you can conveniently find delicious local food, making it an ideal tourist spot. From understanding the animal better, you will also get a chance to buy merchandise made from ostrich eggs. A huge theme park, beautiful beachside, many shopping complexes and food hubs make this place a delightful spot to explore for people of any age. The second park lined after the Tanjung Emas Park, is another recreational park that outlines the shore of the Johor Beach. One of the oldest buildings in Jalan Trus amidst the city skyscrapers, this Chinese Temple is the symbol of unity of the 5 Chinese ethnic group that came to Malaysia. Opening Hours: Daily, 9:00am 6:00pm Entrance Fee: Free. With so many places to visit, here is a list of the top Johor attractions that you should check out. Hutan Bandar Putra is a recreational park filled with user-friendly amenities to encourage visitors to exercise. Desaru Beach is a picturesque beach located to the east of Johor Bahru. Many people who hiked up the mountain also said that it is as challenging as climbing up Mount Kinabalu, another famous mountain from Sabah. Why? In this area, there are many luxurious beach resorts. Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours (cruise, 9:30am 5:30pm) Entrance Fee: Free. Opening Hours: Daily, 9:00am 5:00pm Entrance Fee: Price subject to availability. Endau-Rompin National Park is a reserved tropical rainforest in the southernmost of the Tenasserim Hills.

Our Legoland outing was a day trip from Singapore (via private driver) with my brother's family (note he has separately reviewed).

Opening Hours: Daily, 8:00am 6:00pm Entrance Fee: Hiking Permit: RM218 (RM152 for Malaysian) | Waterfall: (Adult RM1 | Child RM0.50). This place has many artistic mural paintings that tell the stories of Kluang. As one can easily spend many hours shopping here, there are many cafes and restaurant options nearby where you can grab a quick bite. This premium outlet store needs no introduction.

23 km from city center The rest of our group continued with their trek to the summit.

Strategically located in the heart of Johor Bahru within the Komtar JBCC Complex, Angry Birds Activity Park is an indoor Angry Birds themed arena packed with interesting games and attractions. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30am 5:30pm Entrance Fee: Tour is available but price is subject to group size.

Have you ever seen an ostrich up-close? Passports are also an absolute necessity.

Just slightly out of Kluang town, you will find Mount Lambak which is a popular trekking spot for both locals and tourists. This building holds so much information about the historical events that happened in the past, shaping Malaysia to be what it is today. This place also provides educational tours to their pineapple farm that is located in the same vicinity. The masjid is located on top of a hill overlooking the Tebrau Straits and Singapore. Ideal for families as it not only has dinosaurs, but it also has theme park rides and a small bird aviary. You can also opt to move around by yourself by renting a bicycle here. 11 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru.

Opening Hours: Daily, 5:30pm 12:30am Entrance Fee: Free. 22 km from city center


So come and visit this place to witness for yourself the beauty of Mother Nature. Located in the heart of Johor Bahru, this urban forest is the lung of the city. To see them in action, you may wish to purchase fresh chicken to feed them . The recreational park was designed in a way to outline the river, thus creating the perfect esplanade for both locals and tourists. We never post anything without your permission. 12 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. The architecture of this mosque is very unique as it combines the Malay and Western elements into one.

This famous waterfall is always bustling with visitors year in and out, just to catch a glimpse of the majestic cascading falls.

4 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. Come and see for yourself the Parade of Deities that gathers 300,000 people from all around Malaysia. This park was built to signify the hardship that the nation went through in achieving independence.

It is only 45 minutes away from the Mersing Jetty.

The only garden located in the center of the town, this flower garden is often visited by many locals for leisure. Come here to learn about the 5 Chinese dialects group and what did they do for a living.

This long river flows through the states of Johor, Negeri Sembilan, and Pahang. Opening Hours: Monday Saturday, 6:00am to 2:00am (till 12:00am on Sunday) Entrance Fee: Free.

Great for Puteri Harbour is a mixed use development comprising a mall that has several themed attractions and restaurants. There is a signboard on your right and we went through and up using the trail all the way till the top. 8 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. Mount Belumut is located in Kluang and stands at 3,314 feet above sea level.

It's a bit like a maze so be careful not to get lost. The structure is unique. This next place you should visit is the Dinosaur Alive Water Theme Park.

1 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. There is a famous Malay fable of a princess with magical powers that live in this mountain, but the forest is also famous for another reason.

i have visited aeon tebrau mall a few times each time after i had visted ikea .it is one of a better mall in jb and there are a big cinema theater at the top level of the mall .we spent the whole day shopping at the mall and then go for some leg massage and some chinese food at the restaurants at the third level of the mall.

She was very informative and it was an educational tour for the kids as well. I nearly forgot to take off my shoes when i step in to the.

While many people have eaten pineapples, not many know how does one grow this sweet tropical fruit. Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple is one of the oldest temples in Johor, located along Jalan Trus. Apart from entering the park through the mouth of a giant T-rex, you will also get to see a 85-foot-long Brachiosaurus walking around mingling with the crowd. It's huge for Johor and the indoor skating rink and rock climbing are a bonus. Located 20 kilometers away from the Batu Pahat town, you will come across this very beautiful and lush recreational park for a relaxing stroll in the park. A place that is often visited by locals in the evening, this is a perfect place to catch the sunset near the city of the city. Simply because these are the names of the types of pineapples you can find here. Opening Hours: Daily, 7:00am 5:00pm Entrance Fee: Free.

Desaru Ostrich Farm is home to 100 ostriches and there is just so much you can do here.

Besides the usual jogging and cycling treks, this park also has its own observatory tower, giving visitors a birds eye view of the place. Nothing around the vicinity just the farm. It offers you a decent shopping and dining experience. Not only is UK Farm Agro Resort one of the largest goat and sheep farms in Malaysia, but it is also a self-suffice resort with many outdoor activities.

A nice place to have jungle trekking, and to release stress by nature. With so many Johor attractions to visit that range from nature to the water theme park, you are sure to find something here that is suitable for you.

Tanjung Lemang Beach is another white sandy beach in Mersing.

Opening Hours: Daily, 9:00am 6:30pm Entrance Fee: Adult RM8 | Child RM4.

Do bring your picnic mat along for a relaxing evening getaway from the city.

penang fort cornwallis malaysia calendar event This waterfall not only offers a scenic view but a recreational water park as well. Its long sandy beaches and pristine sea is something you must witness by yourself. Attractive street art can be found here at the streets of Jalan Dato Teah Siew Khor. The beach is clean and the water is clear but the sand is dark.

LUXURY Private day tour: Kuala Lumpur & Malacca from Singapore by licensed guide, Legoland Malaysia in Johor Bahru Admission Ticket, Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark Admission Ticket, 02 Days Combo Legoland Entrance Ticket ( Sea Life + Dry Park ), Private Transfer from Legoland (Malaysia) to Seletar Airport (XSP), Best activity in Johor - Candid Photoshoot by Travographer, Johor Tour ends in Singapore - Ostrich Farm, Waterfall, Go Kart [Car], Private Johor Premium Outlets Shopping Tour from Kuala Lumpur, 11 Hrs Singapore Ultimate Day & Night Tour from Johor Bahru [Car], It has the Lego blocks built replica of cities and structures such as KLCC area, Taj Mahal, China, Vietnam, KLIA and, The newly refurbished CS offers a wide range of attractions from shopping, food, entertainment, beauty and fashion. Opening Hours: Daily, 8:00am 6:00pm Entrance Fee: Hiking Permit: RM150 (per group) | Amenity Forest: [Adult RM5 (RM2 for Malaysian) | Child RM2 (RM1 for Malaysian)]. Didnt snap photo of the temple inner as my dad doesnt allow but its offer a very nice view. 17 km from city center Its colonial design has gotten everyone flocking here to take Insta-worthy pictures. Thereafter, my friend and l did a leisure walk down the We need to cross 3 shallow but slippery stoneish river.

Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours Entrance Fee: Free. Koref Desaru Leisure Farm (KOREF stands for Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm) is indeed a very interesting attraction in Johor to visit.

This is a much smaller scale complex compared to the KL Sentral Hub in KL that links it to the greater Klang Valley. Large amounts of clothes stores for those interested, chocolate shops, watch and jewellery stores.

Come and be educated about seafaring and also fascinating stories.

Near the causeway too.

Counted amongst one of the state's significant tourist destination, the temple is worth a visit for architectural enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. Located at the beachfront of Tanjung Balau, this Fishermen Museum houses many exhibits such as boats, nets, films, and posters. Spanning across 32 acres of land, you will find many replicas of buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, just to name a few. You will not be able to enter the building but you can ask for permission from the security guards to enter the compound of this building. Opening Hours: Daily, 6:30am 11:00pm Entrance Fee: Free. perlis kuala malaysia Pasar (market in the Malay local language) is a place that locals come to buy local produce for their daily use. Chinese Heritage Museum is a colourful and vibrant museum showcasing the history of Chinese immigrants in Johor Bahru. were drawn by different local artists, so there are many different styles! Mangroves play an important part in maintaining the quality of the water by filtering the pollutants that are found on land.

The market is a hidden treasure for shoppers because of its wide variety of products ranging from fridge magnets to clothes to electronic equipments.

Desaru Beach is one of the best beaches in Johor.

Pantai Minyak Beku means Frozen Oil Beach derives its name from the trees which are located in this area. Opening Hours: Thursday Tuesday, 10:00am 6:30pm Entrance Fee: Free.

Opening Hours: Daily, 9:00am 6:00pm Entrance Fee: Adult RM4. Stalls selling various items that are lined up on the insides of the shop lots will be set up in the evening, providing visitors a wonderful place to shop and to grab some local food and handmade products. Gorek Bay which is located 22km from the Mersing Town, is a beautiful place filled with tall coconut trees and a quiet beach. Nice trail and good place to hike and relaxs. This was once the residence for Allahyarham Dato Onn Jaafar the third Prime Minister of Malaysia, when he was just a state minister of Johor.

Keep this in mind if you have evening engagements planned.

You can also stay at some home stays in Gunung Pulai area.

Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. You will also be able to taste all the local produce on this farm while learning about how to differentiate the different fruit trees. Besar Island was once known as Big Boar Island as wild boars used to roam freely in this area. Come here in the evening when colorful neon lights are switched on to welcome visitors. The air was cool and refreshing.

Over here, you will be able to purchase fresh sea products such as fish, prawn and crackers. Sultan Ibrahim Building was one of the tallest buildings at the pre-independence time and still regarded as a historical landmark in Johor Bahru.

Though the places might be scattered around Johor and you will need to spend a bit of time travelling to and fro these places, the experiences that you will get to enjoy will make it all worthwhile.

Opening Hours: Thursday Tuesday, 8:30am 5:30pm (closed on Wednesday except during public and school holidays) Entrance Fee: Adult RM15 | Child RM12 (4 to 12 years old).

Dayang Island is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Malaysia. You can understand more about it by going through the galleries and short videos that are found here.

It is home to many unique and rare plants that could only be found here.

Also ranked as the sixth theme park across the globe. You can take a stroll or picnic here shaded by the lush green trees. Dont forget to take a picture or two for remembrance. For a breath of fresh air, you can visit this place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

However there may be AM and PM peaks because on the return there was a logjam of traffic at the bridge (approx 5pm). This museum that was built in Pontian is to pay tribute to the Bugis people, their history and customaries. Located in the heart of Iskander Puteri in Johor, LEGOLAND is Malaysias first international theme park. 5 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru.

Jason Bay, also known as Teluk Mahkota is located at Tanjung Sendili. Opening Hours: Daily, 6:30am 7:30pm Entrance Fee: Free.

After passing the waterfall section further up there we went through the trail section (Hutan Pelajaran).

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, popularly known as Sultan Ibrahim Building, is the former state secretariat building in Johor.

(source: | Fazleena Hishamuddin), (source:, (source:, Holiday Destinations: Best Places to Visit, Malaysias No.

Maharani Uptown is a sheltered night bazaar place that stretches from Maharani Road to Ali Road. Escape from the bustling town and take a nature stroll learning about the many flora and fauna here. There is no way you will not be able to recognise this building, as you will be able to see the hanging red lanterns adorning the building from afar. Find out why Chinese migrated to Johor Bahru and how they lived their life with age-old manuscripts and information displayed in the museum.

Surrounded by lush greeneries, this recreational forest provides city dwellers an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the many flora and fauna here without traveling too far away from town. While strolling at the market, you will get to see weird and rare antiques and items here on display or for sale.

1 International Theme Park located just a causeway away from Singapore. Not fully open to the public but you can still catch a glimpse of the beautiful royal garden. It was told that in the olden days, the locals will cut the bark of the trees and oil will be flowing out from them. They are open till late, so if you are looking for a late night supper, this is the Johor attraction you should be at. Penggaram Square is a must-visit landmark for its historical significance. Not only that, the beautiful view of Kota Tinggi waterfall can also be seen and experienced after a short hike at Mount Muntahak.

22 km from city center 3 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. In contrast entering Malaysia was a breeze.

23 km from city center Pasar Karat is a night flea market that is located in Jalan Segget in Johar Bahru. Also known as Bazar JB, it is a flea market located at the end of Jalan Trus. Imagine Jurassic Park but in a theme park, how exciting is that! But now, you wont get to see them on the island anymore. They also supply aquariums and other items needed in rearing fish.

Drive time between downtown Singapore and Legoland was only about an hour in the morning. Only opens at night, this flea market sells everything that you can think of, from handicrafts to local produce and food.

10 out of 14 things to do in Johor Bahru. The former residence of Sultan Abu Bakar, the main attraction here is the Royal Abu Bakar Museum housing a collection of royal heirloom and artefacts. Not only is Aur Island just another island of Johor, but it is also a part of the Johor Marine Park.