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Your child will be excited about hitting the field in these colorful soccer cleats. Much like Diadora, Vizari is a brand that's lesser known than Adidas or Under Armour, but it stands out when it come to youth soccer cleats. Still, this is a good price and has been praised for its ability to fit wide feet. +Excellent reviews You can use a toothbrush if you need to work out any really dirty areas. If you want soccer shoes for indoor play or on a field that is not dry grass, then perhaps shoes with just a rubber outsole without the cleats would make for a good choice too. Several people rave about how these are great for kids with wide feet and are super comfortable. Can my son wear regular shoes to soccer practice? being paid to wear them). Synthetic materials Comfort: Your child wont want to continue on with the sport if the cleats are uncomfortable and causing blisters. 100% leather will always be the higher priced shoes. Click to find out why we felt this cleat made the cut! A three sport athlete, MaKayla knows that mental and physical strength is the name of the game, but feeling good by looking good can be just as important. This will come in handy at those times when kids wander off the field. Adult Large unisex neon soccer goalie shirt. Imagine playing soccer with footwear that is full of sweat? +Highly Recommended for wide feet They are available in both blue and pink variants. The cleated design offers wonderful traction on the ground that prevents slipping and allows the wearer to run faster than the wind. FutnSoccers Review section. Many people want their kids to get full exposure to the sport at a young age, and enroll them in regular soccer practice. These second tier brands are perfect for newer players or someone who is looking to spend less on wide soccer cleats. Beautiful, classic soccer look and feel. Soccer is a game that is loved by kids and adults around the world. The wonderful mix of lightweight yet durable construction and an ingenious stud configuration offered by these boys soccer shoes allows your kid to move as fast as possible on the field with remarkable stability and agility. Cleated shoes are perfect for this type of field as they provide exceptional traction with the conical studs on the outsole. Not super common to find combination shoes, but I find these to be pretty good shoes given the cost. Girls Vizari Blossom Shin Guard Pink Floral XS Soccer Sports, Soccer Shin Guards - *new* in opened package - Vizari - size xs - xsmall - pink, Vizari Infinity FG Pink and Black Little Girls Size 8 #93344, Vizari Soccer Collection Black & Neon Green Size YM, Vizari soccer cleats girls 8 black pink hearts, Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoes Cleats Youth Size 4 Black & Silver Gray, Vizari Unisex Stealth FG Youth soccer cleats size 5, Boys Vizari Soccer Cleats Size 4.5 Orange and Black, NWT Vizari youth/jr Strier FG Soccer Cleats boys black silver 8, Vizari Striker Soccer Cleats Shoes Football Athletic Black Size 2Y Boys Kids, Vizari Verona youth cleats NWOB soccer lacrosse baseball size 5, Vizari Napa Soccer Shorts Black Men's (XL) Unisex NWT! Made with leather, lightweight, durable, and perfect for people with wide feet. Not the prettiest looking Click here to look at the price on Amazon and find the best deal. Synthetic material shoes are cheaper, but they dont last as long as leather shoes. These cleats feature a synthetic upper constructed from extremely durable, stretch-resistant materials that are designed to last. If your soccer cleats experience any scuff marks, you can remove them easily with a melamine foam sponge.

Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this for the hobbyist player that just needs a good fitting wide shoe. You must ensure that the pair of shoes you choose offer adequate traction so your boy does not keep slipping during the game. However, it will not replace practice and exercising. Whether your child is just getting started in the sport of soccer or theyve been playing for a few years, theyll need a quality pair of soccer cleats. But the only way they are able to become the best is with the support of the right kind of shoes. Although they may not be a high-performance cleat for players with advanced skills, beginners and recreational players will certainly find the quality and support they need to enjoy the beautiful game. Also, the synthetic rubber sole ensures long-lasting durability and delivers an impeccable grip so your kid can move without fear of slipping. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Take your time and read the product reviews to see what sizes other people bought. The upper on these shoes is made with a soft polyurethane material that is wonderfully durable, while it also has a padded lining on the ankle collar that makes them very comfortable to wear. Yes, kids care about the appearance of their shoes, although they dont require anything too fancy. Choose these shoes to ensure a comfortable experience during all your games. Several reviewers have said how it is one of the few PUMA soccer shoes that fit their wide feet perfectly.

Frankly, it is #2 and not #1 simply due to the slightly higher price, which is expected for a high-quality shoe from a top brand. However, given that it is not made with 100% leather, expect these shoes to not be as durable, and they wont mold to your feet as well. Another synthetic material show that fits kids with wide feet very well. The shoes have a synthetic mesh construction to give them adequate breathability, preventing sweat and odor from building up on the interior lining. +Made with leather, very durable Sizing is available by age, with U4-U8 and U8-U12 categories available. Never buy oversized cleats. Finally, our shoes feature molded rubber soles that provide excellent traction on any soccer pitch. Firm Ground cleats are meant for use on pitches where rain does not happen regularly. The insole of the boys soccer shoes you choose must provide exceptional comfort to your kid. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and be a part of the soccer community. Goalkeepers will need a pair of cleats which offer good ground grip. Things to review when buying wide soccer cleats If you are a serious player or someone who plays often, go for a leather shoe. I have updated to include the best 2021 wide feet cleats. The conical studs on the outsole have a unique shape and pattern that provide impeccable stability and prevent slipping on the field, so your kid can move around with ease. This will only result in blisters and other painful issues, wide soccer cleats must be snug, yet not too tight. The top brands are constantly using the best technologies to make the best possible pair of cleats. Try going for shoes that are made with synthetic leather material and have a rubber outsole. Cleats come in a variety of colors and patterns. We support the community with the best products, services and prices so that everyone has what they need to play and enjoy soccer. Defenders will need to purchase a pair of shoes which can allow them to pass the ball cleanly. Higher quality wide cleats (over $100) are perfect for serious players who need the finesse, durability and top quality feel that shoes in this price range provide. MaKayla appreciates the dedication and hard work she sees from the competitors around her. These shoes offer exceptional comfort, durability, traction, and ball control, allowing your kid to play like a pro! We provide soccer uniforms and products to thousands of players each year at all levels of the game. You can try finding an insole made of foam and fabric material, but make sure that it provides sufficient shock absorption. If budget is not an issue, shoes in this price range are perfect for growing players. Soccer is a rigorous sport that requires a lot of physical exertion, making the player really sweaty from head to toe. Best 5 Wide Soccer Shoes (Kids Sizes). Next, use a soft bristle brush to remove any remaining dirt from the cleats. Both the sporty appearance and durable construction of these boys soccer shoes make them perfect for your kid to wear to the next soccer practice. Kids with wider feet may wish to step up to a full size above what they normally wear. A good pair of cleats will certainly help to make your playing experience more enjoyable and comfortable, which could improve performance. Girls Frost Style Vizari Soccer Cleats- Sz 2.5 NWOT. They have a low boot silhouette that makes them very easy to slip on. Learn more. Buying a pair of cleats which will fit your feet properly is one of the most important things to consider when making a purchase. Kids who have feet that are extremely wide or those who have higher arches may not feel like these boots have the supports that are necessary for their unique needs. To add further stability, the cleats are also riveted to the upper so there is even less of a risk of shoe separation. Most brands offer shoes that are true to size, but some brands might have a narrower/wider fit. Its low price makes this wide youth soccer shoe perfect for very young players, who will likely outgrow their shoes quickly. Arch support could be better. Overall, the shoes provide exceptional traction with a TPU outsole that has conical studs. There is a stretch-resistant lining in these shoes that helps maintain their fit even after rigorous use. Combinationleather and synthetic shoes provide a good balance between cost and durability. In order to extend the life of your cleats, youll need to clean them after games and practices. The Vizari Striker is a top-selling item, it is the product with the most reviews on this list. Shoes that have excellent shock absorption help reduce the impact of each step on your kids ankles and knees, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of injury. It comes at a great price, though you should definitely note that this shoe wont be as durable as a leather shoe. Your teammates are likely to have been or are in a similar situation to you. Furthermore, it is a quality product made with leather by a top brand, this will ensure its durability and performance on the pitch. During the offseason, youll want to store your cleats in a breathable sports bag and set it in a cool dry location. Perfect if you live in an area where youd be expected to play in wet weather. Many people often buy larger cleats for young players so that they can grow into them. See the important information below. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Affiliate Disclosure: Top Corner Mag is reader-supported. Although it has received good reviews, this Adidas is made of synthetic materials, and you should consider that it will decrease durability and not be as comfortable as leather shoes. +Colorful Dont forget to look at width as well, as soccer cleats are designed to be narrow in order to gain a snug fit. Best 7 Wide Soccer Cleats (Mens Sizes) Soft Ground cleats are best used in regions where the ground is soft due to excessive rainfall. You also want the cleats to be listed as firm ground cleats, as these will work well on a variety of soil types, including soft, hard and synthetic fields. Two color molded rubber outsole for comfort and traction. The outsole on this soccer cleat is stitched to the upper instead of being glued so there is an extra level of durability. The modern-day Firm Ground boots are also mostly nowadays accepted for use on Artificial surfaces, but as always, it is best to ask the seller for advice in this regard before making a purchase. There are different types of cleats developed for different surfaces. 3.

Coming in at #7 of our Mens wide soccer cleats, the Zephz is the only non-top brand shoe on our list. This texture could be in any pattern, as long as it is not completely smooth. The tongue of these shoes stays in the center throughout the match thanks to the integrated shoelace hole that keeps it in position. +Made especially for wide feet This shoe is perfect for the weekend soccer hobbyist that needs a wide shoe. Soccer cleats vary in pricing based on things like size and brand. This provides shock absorption and cleat dispersion, so feet arent as tired and sore after the game ends. Many reviewers have praised this Adidas soccer shoe for being perfect for people with wide feet. The various brands might vary from the usual shoe size, so it is very important to purchase from a respected retailer that has a hassle free return process (Amazon is fantastic at this), in case the wide soccer cleats are not a perfect fit. Padded elbow. Vizari Little Girls Soccer Cleats Size 10. Join her and read through her Product Reviews to find exactly what you need. Still, it is the synthetic shoe I would recommend as your top pick. Best 5 Wide Soccer Shoes (Kids Sizes). For instance, if you play in goal, the cleats that you choose will have to be different from cleats that one would choose to play as a striker. 1. Both of these will cushion your childs feet during play. +Made especially for wide feet. This content is created by a 3rd party. At the amateur level especially, a lot of players tend to be versatile, while others tend to be very consistent in terms of their position. +Made with leather, lightweight and durable If budget is an issue, simply buy an appropriately sized cheaper soccer shoe. Heres why you gain an advantage when these are the cleats that are being worn by your youth soccer player. Soccer Village began with a shared dream in 1984 between a young family that just discovered their love for soccer and a professional soccer player at the height of his playing career. This means a quick wipe down of the cleats is about all this is needed in most instances to provide a proper level of maintenance and care. The durable synthetic upper has a polygon patterned surface that allows for better control over the ball. Size runs small.

Through this analysis, we've determined the best Girls' Soccer Cleat you should buy. The heel and collar lining in these shoes is adequately padded to provide matchless comfort and support. Think of this youth soccer cleat as a solid boot that provides basic supports in a very budget-friendly manner. +Affordable price 1.

The lace-up design provides a snug fit to the feet. Although many people are unaware of this feature, soccer shoes are supposed to have a textured upper that ensures the player can have superb control over the ball. If you love soccer but are struggling to find the best wide soccer cleats for youth and adults, then this guide is exactly what you need. Dip a rag in the cleaning solution and use it to wipe down your cleats. +Best price in this list They throw them around everywhere, leave them out in the trunk, or stash them under the bed and who-knows-what-else might be under there. You can be guaranteed a good experience when buying soccer cleats from any of these top three brands. Indoor vs Outdoor Soccer: What Are the Real Differences? These types of shoes are usually the most durable as far as materials are concerned. Shop All Electronics Cameras, Photo & Video, Shop All Electronics Cell Phones & Accessories, Shop All Electronics Computers, Laptops & Parts, Shop All Electronics Tablets & Accessories, Shop All Electronics Video Games & Consoles, Shop All Electronics VR, AR & Accessories, Vizari Goalkeeper Shirt Youth Large, New With Tags, New Little Kids 12 Black White Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats, Vizari Striker FG Big Kid Soccer Shoe Size 3 Y, Vizari Infinity FG Pink and Black Girls Cleats Size 1Y, Vizari Soccer Cleats Blue & Orange Fire Flames Blaze Youth Size 9C/26.5EU, Brand New! As part of this sole is 14 studs that are spread across the bottom of the shoe. But, you must ensure your kid is wearing the right kind of footwear to excel at the sport. It is important to get just the right size for soccer cleats. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bigger sizes are usually more expensive compared to smaller ones, and shoes from big brands will obviously cost more, typically around $45.

Have a comfortable padded lining that is perfect for long practice sessions, Provide excellent traction that prevents excessive slipping, Made with long-lasting synthetic material, Soft yet durable leather material for a comfortable fit, Provide a snug fit for enhanced foot support, Wonderful bright color that kids absolutely love, Soft and durable upper with padded lining, Shock-absorbing EVA foam insole reduces pressure, Impeccable fit for the perfect foot support, Exceptional traction on the field for superior game performance, Cushioned insole provides remarkable comfort, High-top elastic socks design delivers superb ankle support, Conical studs ensure exceptional traction and stability on the field, Lightweight yet durable construction, has a synthetic upper, Soft padded collar for adequate ankle support, Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Cleat Best Overall, Adidas Unisex Child Football Shoe Runner-Up, Saekeke Soccer Shoes Kids Honorable Mention, Diadora Kids Cattura MD Jr Soccer Shoes Also Consider, PUMA North America Spirit Iii Fg Jr Soccer Shoes, DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Football Cleats, Hawkwell Athletic Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes, Stand Your Ground With the Best Boxing Shoes, Reviewing the Best Running Shorts for Men, Have enhanced grip so your child can run extra fast on the field, Have cool designs that your child will be excited to wear. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Players are sure to appreciate the added padding around the collar and in the footbed, as this keeps the cleats comfortable for an entire game. They are designated as firm ground cleats. Passing the ball is one of the most important skills of a defender. Other than the brand, your budget, and shoe size, there are other important factors which you definitely need to consider when buying soccer cleats for wide feet. Use a lint-free cloth to completely dry the cleats once theyre clean. While regular shoes might work for soccer practice, your son is at a greater risk of slipping more frequently during the game, especially if playing on a dry grass field. Really important, never make the mistake of buying a size bigger for youth players, thinking that they can grow into them. Lastly, although this might seem like a given, you should get shoes that your kid will actually like to wear. We looked at the top Girls' Soccer Cleats and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Do your research! You must opt for cleated shoes for better traction so that your son can run faster with greater confidence and ease. If the ground is extremely flat, then these cleats would probably be a good choice. Your kid should wear shoes that are designed for dry grass fields. The texture of the upper can make a significant difference to your boys performance, hence you should get shoes that have some sort of texture on the upper. I have only listed soccer cleats for wide feet that are highly rated, and have online reviews that specifically mention how good they are for wide feet. The outsole features fourteen studs that effectively reduce pressure on the players feet even further, while their wide placement ensures superb user stability.