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The information presented here is purely technique and certainly there are other ways to go about requesting and creating LORs. The majors are not only looking for airplane drivers, but leaders who can represent their companies in a positive light, spread their passion for aviation to those they meet, and have a positive influence not only inside the cockpit, but throughout the entire company as a brand representative. For example, John is an amazing leader but more importantly he is just a humble, fun-loving great guy to be around. You need to draft your own unique LORs. As a general rule, internal recommendations are worth more points than external recommendations. Try to keep it to one page in length including the signature block. to update your information until hired. So what makes an application stand out? I believe they need to be submitted with application (im using AirlineApps) when Im ready to publish about 12 months prior to my military retirement, so looking at August or so of 2017 for retirement in 2018 a year later. What assignment(s) or job(s) did you overlap with the applicant? Thanks, I will make sure I have current letters for interview. Logging on no longer automatically updates the date. Instantaneously. You must manually update the Application Date on the Job Targeting page. How fresh should the letters be? While not required, picking up extra ratings, such as CFI/CFII , Advanced Ground Instructor or Instrument Ground Instructor will also enhance your resume, especially if you are able to gain some experience as an instructor that benefits your employer! You cannot put a value on the ability to complete a single application for all airlines, nor to have unlimited access You primary focus now is proficiency in your aircraft that will build toward the upgrade to Captain. Please visit the Pricing section to learn more about We are sensitive to the fact that we need to charge our pilot applicants.

We are against spam and will only use your e-mail to send important system information, as indicated in our user agreement. You can get involved with the SkyBall, the annual event hosted by American Airlines that is the largest military support event in the nation, or you can volunteer at the next RTAG Convention. On the long road to getting our aviation careers, we all have wasted money for products or services that didnt affect our Maybe you have a mutual connection on LinkedIn that could introduce you. I purposely used the word burden because; lets face it, thats what it is. You may be surprised at how hard it is to write a draft LOR about yourself, especially if youve never even written one for someone else. If an airline chooses to suspend the acceptance of applications, we will not maintain single applications and you will have to re-apply when the airline begins accepting.

Here are some tips to create a masterpiece. you with the best pilot application service available. One or two would look very nice as part of your portfolio. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Most of us are aware of his famous artworks including The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa. The letter should include a date and be addressed to the appropriate department, or pilot hiring manager if you know the name.

I can say without hesitation that she is a safety conscious pilot with all the airmanship, aeronautical decision making, and communication skills necessary to succeed on the flight deck of an XYZ Airlines jet., Its also important to speak to the applicants leadership experience. Simply type the name of the airline in the search bar at the top, and it will show all your LinkedIn contacts (and their contacts up to third order) that have the name of the airline you searched in their profile. programmed to create the perfect balance between the needs of pilots and the requirements of major hiring departments. Also, airlines may lower their administrative minimums to review more applications. Volunteer. Updating your application regularly is also extremely important, says Russell. These types of ratings show dedication the profession, but some of them could also expose you to a non-required checkride, so consider the risk carefully and decide what is best for you. Airlines that accept applications through our system will be listed as Participating.

Just make sure whoever you get the letters from will give you an updated copy when it comes interview time. Until this has been accomplished, a printable application will not be available. transitioning military pilots and maintenance personnel with potential employers. They want to know that they are hiring someone who loves to fly and will be a very productive pilot for the company. Internal company recommendations are very valuable, especially if you can get them from current pilots or even chief pilots at your target airline says Russell. Our service was created by pilots for pilots. is the fact we do not charge them an ongoing system access fee. Public as your next XYZ Airlines first officer. That is an indication to the hiring airline of the applicants ability to succeed in training. of keeping them updated. One of the biggest things is they need to be current. There are laws adopted in several This works well with the electronic recommendations by copying the Recommendations link from the top of the application homepage.

This tells the airline they are more than just a great pilot, they are someone whom other pilots wont mind spending time with on a four day trip. Additionally, other companies that have solely charged pilots high Our system is designed to allow members to complete and submit the only application ever needed for participating airlines until hired. As you suspect, you will not be displayed to an airline if you do not make their minimums, however, the instant you meet those requirements, you will IMMEDIATELY have an application on file. There is no magic maximum number of LORs but some airlines do have a minimum number required and that number should be spelled out in the application or interview instructions. However, you may not know that he wrote one of the five letters of recommendation (LOR) required by Pope Julius II that resulted in Michelangelos selection as the artist to paint the ceiling of the Vaticans Sistine Chapel. For participating airlines, our software is modified to serve the highly specialized hiring needs of individual hiring departments. We believe your Airline Apps membership will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your aviation Access your account and go the Job Targeting Page and click "Update All" in the Application Date section. Every airline has opportunities outside of flying that are available. The order of those items is not necessarily important as long as it flows logically and hits all the high points. Requires a separate application for each company, Applicants can compare their application to the minimums posted by participating airlines to which they are applying, Affords ability to apply to multiple airlines with one account, Allows applicants with single expired accounts to reopen and access their application for an additional year. Get involved at work. As pilots we tend to compartmentalize. If the hiring department suspects that youre running an LOR factory, your future LORs may be disregarded thereby actually hurting your friends chances of getting hired. With each client providing a thorough back brief after their interview, there is no better way to prepare yourself for possibly the last interview you will ever do says Russell. Its a good idea to get original hard-copy ink-signature LORs if possible, or at least a printout of letters that were signed, scanned, and e-mailed to you.

When do you recommend getting letters of recommendation? ongoing fees have ended up in bankruptcy. Who writes the letters also matters. Update often! Any additional requirements should be clearly indicated on the Employers website or in our additional info section. Each airline sponsors a number of events throughout the year, such as Plane Pulls, 5k Races, or Habitat for Humanity projects. Our participating airlines do pay a fee for any specialized programming required to suit their individual software interface needs. Now lets look at the other tools at our disposal: the palette of colors, the brushes, and techniques to create our work of art that is a great letter of recommendation. The opportunities are endless. I think United gives max credit for ten letters of recommendation, so there is absolutely no reason why you should not have ten. Why wouldnt they pick people who truly care about giving back to something bigger than themselves?. As competitive as it often is to be considered for employment, every hour counts. This may be caused by one of the following: The most common cause is that the airline you are trying to compare has not entered any administrative minimums yet. If all you do is log in and click save, then it has been updated. Once the admin data is in your application, it should become a weekly ritual to simply go into your application online and update your hours -even if you didnt fly that week. When choosing to add your application in the Airline Apps system, pilots are given the opportunity to join as members and to take advantage of several career-enhancing We put our emotions on the shelf where they belong when we go fly. This is very important, as airlines will use system automation to contact you using that e-mail (Interview Invite Letter, Hiring updates, etc). The closing paragraph should reemphasize why this person is perfect for XYZ airlines.

The airlines will be listed on your job targeting page according to status. These are all qualities an airline may look for in their pilots. What were your and their roles in those assignments/jobs? The pay scales are public, so it is no secret. As soon as you select your single airline and publish your account, your application data is immediately provided to that employer. Do they only want internal or do they value those a lot more, I assume? This is also a good place to sprinkle some personal information about the applicant beyond their rsum bullet points. However, members receive added benefits not available to free applicants. This service is different. our participating airlines that our service is in complete compliance with any laws regarding application fees. Apply at the first possible opportunity, and update your app as often as possible. If the email address on file is no longer valid, you will need to contact This will keep it from printing on your application. Your login information will be sent to the email address on file. Dont just take the draft they wrote you and sign it, or copy-paste the last LOR you wrote only changing the names to protect the guilty. What are you doing today to set yourself up for your future success? OK, so thats the science behind the basic building blocks of an LOR, but its really just the bare essentials: the frame and canvas of our artwork. When someone asks me to write an LOR and provides me a draft, I appreciate the gesture. As you can see, there is both an art and a science behind letters of recommendation. Dont forget to include their highest aircraft qualifications achieved (IP/EP, Aircraft Commander, Mission Commander, etc.) The introduction paragraph should also provide a brief summary of the relationship between the author and the pilot applicant including the length of the work history and/or friendship. If you are a member and you have previously published your application, you must now publish your application again so your newly targeted airline(s) will be published. This is a great place to sprinkle in any aviation awards such as IP of the quarter/year. We are not a resume or job placement service. Anything over two weeks and they will likely push it to the back burner and forget about it. Most of your messages will come from One of the first things that airlines see for each application is the Application Date. This should not be done simply for the sake of your application, but to genuinely give back. It doesnt matter if they will be providing an electronic recommendation online or a normal paper recommendation letter. It is important to separate the time from your PIC because the system automatically adds your instructor time back into the PIC for total calculations. As we discussed earlier, writing a great LOR is an art form. I know in a Public Safety job they look good but wasnt sure in this industry. Most importantly, you can instantaneously target multiple airlines for consideration. Airlines set page breaks for the printers they are using. Let me be clear here, I am not advocating that you use the sample LORs provided in the Cockpit to Cockpit Support Package as a template by just changing certain items to match your information.