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The CS1604 produces impressively little noise and boasts a large dial to tighten the chain. Chain speed way too slow./ thank you . Price: $229.99 bare, $299.99 with 2.5Ah battery and charger. bumper spikes, felling spikes, or dogs). Like Makitas other cordless chainsaws, expect smooth cutting and exceptional balance. Determining a good feel for felling cuts while holding the chainsaw sideways is more about the comfort of applying force to the front and rear handles as you grasp it from the side, and also the ease of operating the trigger while sideways. Learn more at the links below. Both types of saws require bar oil and a sharp chain. Most of them are from DIY and prosumer brands, but the Milwaukee M12 Fuel 8-inch Compact [], Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower Drive Higher Performance And Runtime Milwaukee got off to a hot start with its battery-powered lawn care system, but the blower has been in need of an upgrade. The differences in design give these saws a very different feel while youre cutting and we generally only recommend them for experienced chainsaw users.

It starts with a muscular brushless motor and builds out the drop protection (including a quickdraw harness ring) you expect from a professional gas top handle saw. We got our hands on them at GIE, though, and no matter which one you choose, youre in for a treat!

Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! Echo is moving away from its original cordless line to a new 56V Force system (the two systems are not compatible). Fast forward to today and cordless chainsaws meet and even exceed gas performance all the way up to 20-inch models. For pushing a saw through wood more efficiently, chainsaws come fitted with bucking spikes (a.k.a.

You wouldn't use this saw for firewood production, but it will handle those jobs without complaint. As we mentioned, lack of vibration improves saw durability and lessens your fatigue, so we liked this spunky cutters ability to move rapidly and smoothly cut after cut until its battery died. Bar and chain oil is thick and tacky.

| Vibration-free cutting. And in the course of the work, we tackled a number of spring poles that were bent under tension. Naked? Our choice for the best battery top handle chainsaw is the Makita XCU08. battery pole pruners stihl powered In addition to its higher performance, it has a more professional-grade feel with metal bucking spikes, dual captured bar nuts, and excellent balance. If youre already invested in the companys 18-volt power tool platform, get this saw. About every hour of working time or anytime you notice a change in performance is a good rule of thumb. These saws are unlike their gas-engine counterparts in that you dont need to store fuel or worry about that fuel chemically degrading over time. Dont Use a Cordless Chainsaw Like This Guy! It looks like, feels like, and cuts like a solid little saw, as its disc count more than amply illustrates. Of the three available, Sithl earns our pick as the best battery-powered chainsaw for professionals in a tight battle (DeWalt and Greenworks Commercial also have 20-inch models this year). The other part of this cleaner, greener, lithium-ion-powered story is you can pair your battery chainsaw with a biodegradable bar and chain oil made of vegetable-based ingredients, such as Stihl Bio Plus. If your priorities include getting a lot of bang for your buck, this is the chainsaw for you! All rights reserved. Its a 16-inch 36V (18V X2) model thats reasonably lightweight at 11.1 pounds with batteries. For those of you managing inventory, its also Smart Connector A 2 compatible. That means knowing how to hone that chain, and youll need at least one spare in case you get the saws nose into the dirt or hit a nail buried in the log. Most cordless chainsaws use 3/8-in. Gas-engine chainsaws are loudabout 105 decibels; a cordless chainsaw is roughly equal to a corded electric circular saw, at about 100 decibels. You see, I was asked if I would like to review a tool beltor two for Pro Tool Reviews. We found the Ryobi to be a good, fast-cutting saw, with an ability to hang in there in difficult cuts without tripping the thermal overload switch. In the end, Husqvarnas 540i XP is one of the best cordless chainsaws for professionals. Though not as powerful as the Greenworks Commercial 82V, its balance of 40cc power and weight makes it an excellent all-rounder for cordless cutting. This was the only self-sharpening saw. A compact saw that exhibits Makitas outstanding fit and finish. The name says it all: DeWalts 20V Max compact cordless chainsaw features a highly-manageable 12-inch bar and chain that works with one of the deepest lines of cordless power tools available. KEY SPECS: Volts: 18 | Number of discs: 41 | Weight: 12.7 pounds (approx.) While nearly every chainsaw comes with basic plastic scabbards to protect the chain while also protecting you from the chain, a few of the models go above and beyond. What that number doesnt tell you is how quickly and easily it gets to that numberwithout stalling, vibration, or tiring the user. First of all, we like that its a 6-inch bar and chain rather than 4-inch. We were thrilled with the performance improvement in Greenworks 2nd-generation 60V Pro chainsaw. Some have a large section of the cap that goes inside the tank and displaces a surprising amount of oil when you fill it anywhere close to the top. Want more? In response, several brands have introduced smaller versions. The MSA 220 C-B cut so many, we ran out and had to revert to the next smaller size of test material when it came time to run the Husqvarna. Moving to an 18-inch bar, we put the EGO CS1800 on the top of the charts. The tool is so quiet, the walkers seemed unaware that a chainsaw had just been used to clear the way. Most brands offer them now and several include them as a standard part of the kit. We liked its tool-free chain tightening, but disliked the inability to see the battery gauge, which is not clearly visible below the handle. Youve got two bar nuts and a slot for a screwdriver. Most Pros and experienced homeowners can immediately tell. Off the clock, his faith and love for his family are his top priorities, and you'll typically find him in the kitchen, on his bike (he's an Ironman), or taking folks out for a day of fishing on Tampa Bay. It made one neat slice after another. As one of three battery-powered 20-inch chainsaws announced launching in the spring of 2022, its in a very elite class. When you see numbers such as 60V Max, thats a battery that settles into a 54V nominal voltage. The best feeling triggers retract flush with the handle instead of leaving a raised bump your fingers have to push against. For starters, a 16-inch chainsaw is no jokeyou need a stronger motor than most DIY saws use. Make sure they can fulfill your wish list before going after just the chainsaw. Your preferences may vary, but I can appreciate both adjustment methods. KEY SPECS: Volts: 24 | Number of discs: 25 | Weight: 7 pounds (approx.) Providing another challenge, plastic filters at the inlet of its tank can constrict the diameter. DeWalt fans will not be disappointed with this saw. Even though its only 2 more inches, it gets you into cutting branches you might normally turn to a heavier standard-form chainsaw for. MSA 200 C-B Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, 540 LiXP Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, CMCCS660 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, RY40580 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Nitro WG385 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, DCCS670X1 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, XCU07PT Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Power+ CS1604 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Milwaukee 2727-20 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, CCS-58VBT Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Max CS300 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Greenworks 2016602 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, CS40L412 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, CMCCS620M1 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, Hart HLCS01 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaw, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Lightweight electric chainsaw Craftsman CMCCS660 Powerful but light electric chainsaw Worx Nitro WG38 Small electric chainsaw Makita XCU07PT Quiet electric chainsaw EGO CS1600 Budget-priced wood cutter Hart HLCS01. Saws in this class are equipped with a chain brake (this one is), not just a hand guard, and a large bar oil reservoir.

| Tool-free chain adjustment. I am satisfied with the power, chain speed and battery life.

KEY SPECS: Volts: 40 | Number of discs: 78 | Weight: 13.3 pounds (approx.). However, cutting speed with the torque to get through thick hardwood species is the number one priority for us. KEY SPECS: Volts: 40 | Number of discs: 46 | Weight: 13 pounds (approx.) The saw is so light, you can hold a branch in one hand and saw it with the other. Weve covered the subject of battery voltage, storage capacity, and current output many times. We also like that this model has an auto-oiler, something thats missing on Stihls model. Top handle chainsaws are an arborists and linemans best friend.

We dont like having oily fingers, so being able to fill the tank while leaving our work gloves on is our preference. Makitas cordless chainsaw didnt take long to get dialed in really well and they make some of the best cordless chainsaws in the industry. Anyone who has followed our tool reviews knows that were fans of Echo outdoor power equipment, especially the companys string trimmers and chainsaws, which are simple to use and very effective. We tested this saw cutting oak and it did an excellent job of confidently melting through branches up to 12 inches thick. Pro Tool Reviews is a successful online publication that has been providing tool reviews and industry news since 2008. We say usually for a reason. Pro Tip: Applying leverage with spikes adds control, but go easy and listen to the pitch of the motor. Our other observation: tool-free chain tightening? However, casual users may feel more comfortable with the tip of the saw fully protected against kickback. I purchased the 18V DeWalt saw October 2020 with some initial hesitation. Unfortunately, this makes some comparisons more challenging and adds to potential confusion. Combined, this makes it the best cordless chainsaw for those looking for a truly compact pruning tool. While there are a lot of options available, we tend to get the best balance of performance and weight in the 60V class.

All of the saws other features were likewise designed for speed and ease, from oil filling to chain tightening. Clearly its got a great motor and drivetrain. Another cause of spillsis an oil tank with a filler neck that is too narrow. There are many differences between a gas-engine chainsaw and an electric chainsaw powered by a battery and motor. In terms of its power, productivity, safety, handling, quietness, and convenience, the Stihl is as good as many gas-engine chainsaws that we've tested. KEY SPECS: Volts: 40 | Number of discs: 124 | Weight: 10.39 pounds (approx.) Price: $349 bare, $449 with 4.012.0Ah battery and charger, $499 with 5.0/15.0Ah battery and charger. However, most professional crews prefer dedicated tools to attachment systems. If youre already invested in one of these systems, the overall winner may not interest you as much as seeing which model from your brand is the best in the lineup. It has excellent power and theres plenty of runtime with available batteries up to 10.0Ah (a 5.0Ah pack comes in the kit). The top handle is our choice as the best Echo battery-powered chainsaw. Boy, did we open a can of worms when we started searching and testing to determine the best battery-powered chainsaw models. Our team will put our hands on hundreds of additional tools at media events and trade shows throughout the year. If a saw oiled well out of the box, it usually just needs a good cleaning to unclog it. Most chainsaws are similar in form and share all of the same basic operational features.

This saw is equipped with a massive 9.36-Ah battery, and that certainly helped boosts its number. Best of all, the kit is just $199.99. In use, some of the saws in our test have more defined two-step triggers while others can be easily activated with a single grasp around their lockout button and trigger. Its slim and powerful and pivots nicely through the cut without stalling or vibrating.

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