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Pests - White flies, scale, thrip and mealybugs can be a problem. Use venetian blinds or white curtains to filter the sunlight reaching your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Cut a stem 1/3 of the way, just below the node. Since their leaves are so large, they need a lot of light in order to create food to live and thrive! Unlike other Ficus, Lyratas are not commonly trimmed. How to Care for Your Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica), 9 Tips on How to Care For Your Monstera Houseplant (Infographic), 7 Tips on How to Care for Your Haworthia Plant (Infographic), 7 Tips on How to Care for Your Ponytail Palm (Infographic), Well-draining, organic, all-purpose potting soil, Once every 2 weeks at half strength but not in the Fall or Winter. Moving your plant from a bright location to dim can also cause leaf drop. Houseplant Diseases & Disorders. To be successful growing your Fiddle Leaf Fig, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for a great relationship. Allow excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot to keep the roots and soil evenly moist. Wiping the leaves is an integral part of Fiddlehead Ficus care. You have to careful when placing your Fiddle Leaf Fig in front of a South facing window. You should rotate Fiddle-Leaf Fig so all sides get the same amount of light exposure. Roots can take up to six weeks to appear. (I water mine in the shower and leave it there for a few hours to let the pot drain before returning it to its plant saucer.). If your plants start to suffer from unusual spotting or funny colored growths, the problem is likely a fungus. Fertilize once a month through the Spring and Summer months and then do not fertilize throughout the Winter.

Cause: The spider webbing and yellow and brown spots are signs of spider mites attacking your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. It is a statement houseplant and makes a good centerpiece. Different types of fungi have a variety of appearances that include wilting, scabs, moldy coatings, blotches, or rotted plant tissue. It may not be happy there causing the leaves to drop. Again, give it time. We gave the plant a nickname, bought Precious its own rolling plant stand, and invited its little houseplant friends over for play dates so it wouldnt get lonely (or freaked out). Interesting fact: Although the word fig is included in their name, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig actually does not bear any fruit! I want to go over a variety of potential problems and scenarios so that you are fully equipped to deal with whatever problems your Fig could throw your way! The Gardenista editors provide a curated selection of product recommendations for your consideration. Stick your finger in the soil 1 inch deep. Sourcebook for Cultivated Living, sister site to @remodelistaTag us using #gardenista . However, know that it is tricky to do. Only buy organic soil mix because the fertilizer is not as concentrated in organic soil. Also, avoid misting the leaves too much as water will encourage the fungus. Other conditions can also cause leaves to drop including, low temperatures, not enough light or cold drafts. Another thing to keep in mind if you place it in full sun outside, it needs to adjust when you bring it back in, meaning adjusting to a lot less light. Jon began collecting plants over 10 years ago andhe maintains a growing collection of rare and tropical plants. Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig is a tropical plant from Africa and it thrives in rainforest-like conditions. See more tips inThe Fig and I: 10 Tips for Caring for a Fiddle-Leaf Fig. See our obsessively curated catalog of favorite products sourced by the Gardenista editors. Other types live in the soil and can enter a plant through the roots. All of the potential problems you could encounter when caring for your Lyrata are included at the very end of this article, but Ive outlined all the basic care guidelines you can follow below for a happy, healthy, aesthetically-pleasing, magazine-worthy Fiddle-Leaf Fig. But, it can tolerate temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get the inside scoop on what its really like to live in the suburbs through our interviews with local suburbanites and features on Food, Fashion, Home, Garden, Travel, Pets and Local Events. STRINGS - PEARLS, BANANAS, DOLPHINS, FISH HOOKS & MORE. The key to Fiddle Leaf Ficus care is keeping its soil evenly moist. If the brown spot is towards the end of the leaf, take scissors and trim around it. If your plant does, it could be a sign youre dealing with root rot or infection. Red spotting on leaves: this is most often a spider mite problem and can be solved by washing the plant off, allowing the leaves and stems to dry off, then treating the entire plant (stems included!) To tackle any of these fungal diseases, you can make a homemade remedy by putting a few tablespoons of baking soda and one or two teaspoons of mineral oil in a spray bottle of water. Secret No. You should let the soil dry halfway before watering your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. In the wild and south Florida, specimens measure up to 40 feet tall with a spread of 35 feet. We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. Keep the soil drier when your plant is in lower light or the room temperature is cooler. If you prefer a gentler solution, try using baking soda. You can also use a duster or dry duster cloth to wipe off the layer of dust on leaves. Problem: There are roundish black and brown spots on the leaves of your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Succulent 101: How to Repot Your Succulent Plant, Directly next to a West facing window (if there is a lot of direct sun for more than 3 hours, consider placing a sheer blind or pulling the plant slightly back as too much sun can cause burn), Directly next to a South or East facing window that has no blinds, where it will receive lots of morning sunlight, A small distance (no more than 3 ft.) back from a West facing window that has no blinds, In a brightly lit room, potentially under a skylight, where the room/plant gets a lot of indirect (or direct), bright light, Place the nursery pot on top of a bed of rocks that are covered in water, which increases the humidity in the air around the plant. Temperature - Fiddle Leaf Fig trees come from the tropics and do well in temperatures between 60-80F. The key is to remove the infected leaves and that should hopefully stop the spread. Fiddle-Leaf Fig should be fertilized once every two weeks at half strength when it is actively growing. Be the first to know about our newest plants and latest workshops. Water until water starts to drain into the saucer. It will cause root rot! Ficus Lyrata is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in the lowland tropical rainforest. To tackle any of these fungal diseases, you can make a homemade remedy by putting a few tablespoons of baking soda and one or two teaspoons of mineral oil in a spray bottle of water. Wrap the moss with plastic and tape it so it securely holds the moss but keep the top open so you have access to water the cutting. Avoid this by following the best practices for watering and draining the soil. Even though there are a lot of suggestions throughout this guide, if your plant is perfectly happy near a draft and with regular old tap water, keep doing what you do! We dont like the approach. If you want to make a bold statement, Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is a good plant to do it with. Too little light and the leaves will be small and larger leaves will fall off. But then? Know that repotting your Fiddle-Leaf Fig will make it grow larger.

The layer of dust decreases the plants ability to photosynthesize. You can also wash mites off with soapy water or rubbing alcohol. fiddle turning fig leaf yellow Keep away from air conditioners, cold drafts, and heating vents. Maybe I should explain how the fig and I got into this desperate situation. Give the spray bottle a gentle shake prior to use. This care guide is the exact reason why we call them divas, because they can be so happy, then one little thing changes and they have a temper tantrum Could be because the weather is changing and there is less light, etc. Constant use of a baking soda spray on plants will eventually seep through to the soil below. You can add humidity with a misting spray bottle or by placing the pot on a tray of pebbles and water. We had a freeze, and the temperature dipped below 30 degrees. If you have healthy leaves dropping off, you are overwatering and if the leaves are brown and crunchy, increase watering. They need very, very bright, filtered light, even being able to take full sun. I would only recommend trimming if it got too tall and you wanted to chop it back a bit, or if you wanted to encourage some branching. Only use liquid soap, like Ivory, and not laundry detergent. SOURCEBOOK FOR THE CONSIDERED HOMEThe one-stop sourcebook for the considered home, guiding readers artfully through the remodeling and design process. Read our, How to Control Powdery Mildew With a Homemade Spray, 5 Reasons to Keep Baking Soda in Your Laundry Room, 4 Ways to Use Baking Soda to Freshen Closets, How to Treat and Prevent Black Spots on Roses, Vinegar and Essential Oils: A Simple, Green Cleaning Solution, Learn How to Freshen and Unclog a Drain With Baking Soda, 22 Surprising Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Around the Home, Prevent Powdery Plant Mildew Using Baking Soda and Soap, Remove Stains and Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Sparkle, 8 Homemade Cleaners Made With Baking Soda, Refresh Your Smelly Shoes With Baking Soda, Common Tree Fungus Identification and Treatment, How to Make Homemade Sprays for Fighting Aphids. Curb damage to the plant by removing the brown and mushy roots and allowing the soil to dry out. For best results, take a cutting from the plant with at least three nodes and plant it in well-draining soil or water. If its in a larger container, wait until its a bit drier as large pots hold water longer. Use a general fungicide.

Colorado State University. Finally, get more ideas on how to plant, grow, and care for various vines and climbers with our Vines & Climbers: A Field Guide. Sigh. Check out our article on how to make your own homemade pesticides using baby shampoo: How to Make Horticultural Oil and How to Make Insecticidal Soap. the list is endless! Keep infected plants away from your other plants. And see more tips for growing, care, and design at Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees: A Field Guidein our curated plant guide for Tropicals 101. If youd like to adjust the plants shape, rotate it away from the window 1/4 turn every week. Its also a good idea to shower off your leaves every once in a while, as this can wash off any dust or potential pests that have accumulated on them. By entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today. Make sure you do your best to increase indoor humidity. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering. Woody plants like the Fiddlehead Fig can be difficult to root. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the plants glossy leaves and impressive size will bring plenty of beauty to your home. But if its still hard and strong, it can recover. It takes the plant 10-15 years to go from seedling (tissue culture these days) to full maturity. 5: Identify the areas on the stalk where there are damaged buds; dont pull off the hurt tips, but keep an eye on these areas. Trimming the roots limits how tall the plant grows. Erin Napier of Home Town adds the Fiddle Leaf to every home she and her husband Ben rehab. Joanna Gaines includes one in every reveal on Fixer Upper. Copyright 2007-2022 Remodelista, LLC. Suburbs 101is an insiders guide to suburban Living. Loss of leaves: Most common cause is over-watering. He is the author of "Houseplants for a Healthy Home," and his writing has also appeared in the Chicago Tribune,and Better Homes & Gardens, among others. If its during winter you can err on the side of less frequent watering. If the brown spot is towards the end of the leaf, take scissors and trim around it. If you have leftover spray, it can be left sealed and used next time. I suppose it is a good thing that houseplants dont have hands because it means they cant type. The purpose of air layering your Fiddle-Leaf Fig is to stimulate stem cuttings to grow new roots. Move your Fiddle-Leaf Fig to a different location. Clicking through to the retailer that sells the product may earn us a commission. They are also likely to get powdery mildew, root rot, and Leaf Spot Disease. Solution: When you see these black and brown spots on the leaves of your Fiddle-Leaf Fig, immediately cut off the infected leaves and throw it away. If a Fiddle Leaf Fig gets too tall, gently remove it from its pot and trim the roots. Keep the plant from sitting in water to prevent root rot and do not overwater. Ficus lyrata (Little Fiddle): Dwarf variety up to 6 feet tall, Ficus lyrata (Ivonne): Variegated variety with light green and white leaves. )Above: Happier days. use rainwater or distilled water to water your plant. Not good. Remove and trim away up to 20% of the roots and soil to promote a healthy plant. Fiddle Leaf Figs are toxic to humans and pets. We want you to be cautious of all these things and come prepared to care for one before investing in such a beautiful statement plant. Clemson University Cooperative Extension. Use rooting hormone for the best success and stick in regular potting soil. Plan your trip with our destination guides to our favorite public gardens, hotels, restaurants, and shops. The large, heavily veined, majestic leaves, resembling fiddles in their shape, give these plants their name, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Shake well and spray all parts of the plant.

Spider mites are tiny pests that are too small to see with your bare eyes. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Plant Biology from Ohio University. with a neem oil mix or a spider mite spray you can get from your local garden centre or plant shop. A damp cloth will remove dust to allow the most sunlight to penetrate the plant. Your resource for finding the best storage and home organization solutions for every room in the house. That being said, lets get into the nitty-gritty. Come spring, leaves will sprout. When you do, only go up one pot size at a time (roughly two inches) and mix some fresh soil in with the old as well. If your plant is further from a window in the summer, consider placing it closer to the window over the winter to keep bright light on it. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Secret No. Indoor, potted varieties are not able to flower or fruit. Get more ideas on how to plant, grow, and care for various tropical plants with our Tropical Plants: A Field Guide. Secret No. Nighttime temperature should be at 60-70 Fahrenheit (15-21 C). The next morning, I sat up in bed and suddenly remembered: Precious was outdoors all night! Gardenistas members-only directory of landscape architects and garden designers. SOURCEBOOK FOR CONSIDERED LIVINGThe definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces, with garden tours, hardscape help, plant primers, and daily design news. A few months agoI fell in love with a four-foot fiddle-leaf fig tree at Green Jeans Garden Supply in Mill Valley, California, my favorite local plant store, brought it home on a whim, and vowed to care for it properly. Problem: Leaves are falling off your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Common problems that affects your Fiddle-Leaf Fig are spider mites, leaf drop and leaf spot fungus. If the soil feels dry, its time to water your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Repot your Fiddle-Leaf Fig every year. The worst thing you can do regarding watering is "give it too much". Providing good air circulation around your Fiddle Leaf Fig will also help to prevent problems. Its normal to occasionally see one or two old leaves drop from your Fiddle-Leaf Fig but if a lot of leaves fall off all at once that is a sure sign that something is wrong. West facing windows can be tricky for Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Secret No. I know it seems like there is no one solution but I hope this can give you a head start on problem-solving.

When it comes to watering, consistency is again very important. If you really feel like spoiling your plant, (which you should do every once in a while obviously!) Secret No. It should never sit in water, which could lead to root rot. Pruning the upper leaves of the plant will encourage it to expand and become bush-like. Fiddle Leaf Fig are large plants that can grow to 8 to 10 feet tall. When the top couple inches of soil are dry, soak the soil thoroughly, ensuring all of the soil is getting wet and providing water to the roots. Bicarbonate can accumulate in the soil, impact the nutrients in the soil, and may lead to slower plant growth. When its dormant, during the fall and winter, dont fertilize. Consistency is key when it comes to watering your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. When you make the cut, wipe away any sap with a damp cloth. Secret No.

Related: How To Get Rid of Mealybugs on Fiddle Leaf Fig. I did everything I could think of to please this West African lowlands native: I found it a nice spot in indirect sun; let its soil dry out between waterings, and kept it in a tight pot so the roots wouldnt, in the words of Green Jeans owner Kevin Sadlier, get freaked out.. You will need a heavy pot for your Fiddle-Leaf Fig so it doesnt topple over. These chemicals can be used indoors, however safety instructions must be followed very carefully. If you can see roots poking through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, its time for repotting. Fiddle Leaf Fig is sensitive to overwatering. Periodically wiping down the leaves of your Fiddle-Leaf Fig with a damp cloth will help keep your plant healthy. Learn more . If caught early enough, the plant can survive. Other names for the Ficus Lyrata include: Below are the basics and best practices for keeping the fiddlehead happy.

(To be fair, theres nothing prettier than a healthy fiddle-leaf fig tree. But, there are a few rules of thumb for keeping your plant happy and healthy.

You can add a few drops ofinsecticidal soap or liquid soap to help the solution spread and stick to the leaves. Keep the plant from sitting in water to prevent root rot and do not overwater. Maybe this should have been the first clue that a needy houseplant was not the best fit for a negligent household where the Tillandsias have been known to resort tocrawling to the sink to turn on the faucet themselves after a few weeks without water. Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig is a tropical plant. Root-based fungi can kill the roots or block the water-conductingcells, causing the plant to wilt and eventually die. Large pots retain too much water and will drown this plant. Fiddle-Leaf Figs regal leaves will enhance the drama in your interior space. Baking soda sprays should be labeled and stored out of reach of children. 4: Dont pull off leaves. Like, ablack crispy. When you remove the plant from the pot, to repot. Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig can tolerate a few hours of direct morning sun so placing it in front of an East facing window will work. Solution: To treat spider mites on your Fiddle-Leaf Fig, spray off the leaves with water from a garden hose. Special Notes - These plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Use venetian blinds or white curtains to filter the sunlight reaching your Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Otherwise my fiddle-leaf fig tree would be writing a post for its blog right now, begging for help: Get me out of here, shes trying to kill me. As it is, the tree is looking at me accusingly as it drops yet another browned and dried leaf onto the floor. Rainwater has a lot of micronutrients that tap water just doesnt contain. Use a general fungicide. It is a tropical plant after all!

See 5 Glamorous Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees. Below is a list of things to look for. Remove the diseased leaves, replace the soil, and scrub the container with a mild bleach solution. To be successful growing your Fiddle Leaf Fig, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for a great relationship. If you want your Fiddle Leaf Ficus tree to stay its current size, you should still change the soil in its pot. When a brown spot occurs it doesnt usually go away and can get darker and develop a hole in the leaf.

The leaves dropping can also be a result of being too cold. If youre looking for a statement house plant, the Fiddlehead Ficus can grow quite large in your space. Starting from scratch or upgrading an outdoor space? Ficus are susceptible to Botritis if the leaves are kept too wet. We call this root to shoots. Thats for however many years they were grown before they got to your home too! Maintenance - Remove dying leaves to maintain good looks and discourage bugs. After watering your Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant and you see some water draining out of the pots drainage holes, make sure you empty out the accumulated water in the saucer. The best way to tell when it is time to water your Fiddle-Leaf Fig is to feel the soil.

That being said, the new growth will be beautiful and glossy. NOTE: When trimming and removing the root ball we always recommend you remove 20% of the foliage as well. If you dont rotate, your Fiddle-Leaf Fig will start leaning over to one side. It needs to have daytime temperatures of 70F to 80 Fahrenheit (21-26C). So keep them out of reach of little hands and mouths! Just use a generic house plant fertilizer that any greenhouse, garden centre, or plant shop offers! In summary, the best thing you can do to help your fiddle-leaf fig tree survive is to leave it be to recover, slowly, on its own. Water your Fiddle-Leaf Fig when the soil feels dry. Fiddle-Leaf Figs can handle drying out a bit more as well, just make sure you treat it the same every time and try to let it dry out to the same point before watering it again. And dont expect immediate miracles even then. Get ready for this list as it is extensive. The best time to repot is at the end of the winter season just as it begins to grow. The effect of sodium bicarbonate on plant performance and iron acquisition system of FA-5 (Forner-Alcaide 5) citrus seedlings. 3: If the stalk is shriveled, its too far gone to save. This article will seem like Im going back and forth (e.g. The thick, violin-shaped leaves inspire its name the Fiddle Leaf Ficus. Now, I know the Ficus Lyrata, or Fiddle-Leaf Fig, as most people commonly know it, is probably on your plant wishlist to fulfill your ultimate aesthetic dreams, but be aware, it is not a walk in the park to own one of these beauties. It tends to have leaf drop when moved from a spot where it was thriving. Are you overwatering your Fiddle Leaf Fig? They received plenty of extremely bright light but not a lot of direct light. You should know that Fiddle-Leaf Fig plants are not the easiest houseplants to take care of since it is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and gets finicky with inconsistent watering. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, How To Get Rid of Mealybugs on Fiddle Leaf Fig, Remove and plant the branch once roots start to grow. Dying off at the top: chop it back and it should sprout and branch from the trunk. The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. See 5 Houseplants to Simplify Your Life. Martnez-Cuenca, MR., Iglesias, D.J., Forner-Giner, M.A. A happy house Ficus can gain 2 to 3 feet in height each year. If a ficus becomes infected, spray with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with water (2 parts Alcohol, 1 part water) or an insecticidal soap at 1/2 the recommended strength. Looking for a low-maintenance houseplant? As the fungus grows, the plant withers. Potential Problems On sunny afternoons I even rolled the fiddle-leaf fig tree out to the covered front porch so it could wave to neighbors walking by. It should branch off at the location where you cut it, as long as there are still a significant amount of leaves remaining. Fiddle-Leaf Fig needs a well-draining, organic potting mix. Fiddle-Leaf Figs will thrive in a bright area with indirect sunlight. Popular antifungal agents contain copper and sulfur, which are both toxic materials. Are you trying to keep your fiddle-leaf fig alive too? Excellent Fiddle Leaf Fig care will encourage an indoor plant to grow up to 10 feet tall. Leaf spot fungus is contagious because the fungus spores can travel in the air to infect other plants in the room. If you see tiny holes or cobwebs on the plant, you likely have bugs. Keep your Fiddle-Leaf Figs pot in a saucer filled with water but make sure the pot is elevated with pot feet or pebbles so its not directly soaking in the water.

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