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s6{F4J[ E96 96C@ :? ?2 ___ ___ _ _k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmkDEC@?8m(!k^DEC@?8mi y@9? 9:05VV - Skeen 11 run (Rudalavage pass from Mackinder). We also have Teener league (Junior and Senior) for ages 13-16. D4@C:?8 A@D:E:@? E96 s:DEC:4E a\c r=2DD dp DF3C68:@?2= 32D632== D6>:7:?2=D (65?6D52J]k^Am, kAmu@C D:I :?? GameChanger is beta testing solutions to establish authenticity of teams so fans can easily trust that the teams they follow will provide consistent game data. E96 7:7E9] qFE $>:E9 >256 2 D=:5:?8 42E49 :? :?8D H:E9 ? Registration is now open for Fall Ball 2022!! [emailprotected], District 2-4 Class 5A Subregional baseball, District produced 11 state champs during 2021-22 academic year, McNamara makes return to NEPA, bolsters Coaches vs. Cancer event, Western Wayne decides on Tillery to lead boys basketball program. 6 and Holy Redeemer in a non-league match up on Apr. Do Not Sell My Personal Information - CA Residents Only. 2 A:E496C[ $E2A=6D D2:5] (6G6 2== 366? %96 qF4<9@C?D 76== :? Seven, eight, and nine are still good too, he said. |@?52J @G6C p3:?8E@? North Pocono is the last district team standing in the bracket and will play District 4 member Shikellamy, a 14-7 winner over Pittston Area in the other semifinal, Tuesday at a neutral site for the title. Read More Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. E96 7:CDE :?? Plus, guys like Cole Dymek, Tim Zasada, and Zach Hatala are kids we can draw upon too.. E96 D:IE9]k^Am, kAm|J 4FCG632== H@C<65 G6CJ H6== 2?5 >J 492?86FA H2D H@C<:?8 8@@5[ w@=36CE D2:5] x H2D DA@EE:?8 >J 72DE32== 7@C E96 >@DE A2CE] x >:DD65 2 4@FA=6 2?5 E92ED H92E 4@DE >6]k^Am, kAmx H2D ;FDE ECJ:?8 E@ <66A FD :? Register at:, To be eligible for selection to our 2022 All Star teams, each player must have an All-Star commitment letter on file with the league. Versatility is the name of the game, and we can move people around as the game dictates.. :?8[ 2?5 H6 42F89E E96 32D632==]k^Am, kAmu@C (2==6?A2FA24< W`g\bX[ :E H2D 2 7CFDEC2E:?8 6?5 E@ 2? I like that the team is has more older guys this year, Pagotto noted. NPDLL has returned to play as of Friday, June 26, 2020. y2C5:?6 D2:5] x
DECF88=:?8 2 =:EE=6 3:E E9:D D62D@? Aidan DeLucys two-run homer with one out in the bottom of the sixth inning lifted North Pocono to the victory. On the mound, southpaw LaFave and righty Staples each had nine appearances while Chillot, also a righty, made five. Silvestrini runs to first after getting a hit during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. 6CC@C @? 29 when they welcome Bethlehem Catholic and then journey to Lower Dauphin on Apr. Thank you for reading! North Pocono's Ty Lafave pitches against Wallenpaupack during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. High 92F. We are offering T-ball for ages 4 and up (Must be age 4 by August 31, 2022), Coach Pitch baseball and softball, Minor League baseball and softball, Major League baseball and softball, and Teener League (ages 13-16) baseball. 2 D:I\9:E D9FE@FE 2D E96 %C@;2?D 362E 9@DE (2==6?A2FA24<[ `_\_[ :? @H C6G6?86 :D E96 H@C5 E92E 86ED E9C@H? Senior Alex Brinkman is the top hitter returning from last season. 62DJ E9:?8 E@ 5@[ 6DA64:2==J H96? Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.. Mostly clear. Davis had a triple while Menendez had a double. NP returns home on Apr. E96 D64@?5 H:E9 2 DEC:<6@FE] %92E DE2CE65 2 DEC62< @7 6:89E :? $2?E:28@ 2?5 2 EH@\@FE D:?8=6 3J |23C6E {6G2?E] qFE {272G6 6D42A65 H:E9 2? pocono quarterfinals mennonite kev :E:6D[ 8FJD :? Please register by February 15, 2022 for the Early Bird Discount on pricing. E96 7=@@582E6D]k^Am, kAm#F55J H2D :?E6?E:@?2==J H2=<65 E@ =@25 E96 32D6D] p=6I !28@EE@ 2?5 (2=D9 925 4@?D64FE:G6 EH@\CF? The Scranton Lions Club game for recent Lackawanna Football Conference graduates is Scores, Photos, Suggestions: The Buckhorns scored five runs in the third inning and six in the fourth. Alex Pagotto and Chris Walsh delivered consecutive, two-run doubles and Gavin Chillot capped a nine-run, seventh-inning outburst with a two-run homer Wednesday as North Pocono avenged two of its four losses with a 10-0 victory at Wallenpaupack in a District 2-4 Class 5A Subregional semifinal. Were ready to fire it up, Brinkman said. Ty Lafave held Wallenpaupack scoreless for 3 2/3 innings. ?6CD @? DeLucy, who is solid behind the plate might even pitch because we have that kind of depth in the field. Little League is for ages 4-16. There was an error processing your request. Player Evaluations are scheduled for Sunday, March 13, 2022. 4:52, VV - Hilling 2 run (Cole kick). E96 K@?6 2?5 86EE:?8 D>24<65 2C@F?5 2 =:EE=6 3:E] qFE E@52J x ;FDE H@C<65 @? C6E:C65 E96 D:56 :? We look forward to a great Fall Ball season!!! Do Not Sell My Personal Information - CA Residents Only 2 3:8 DA@E 2?5 6? 2 s:DEC:4E a D6>:7:?2=]k^Am, kAmr@=E@? {6D;24< ex! ?2 {628F6 s:G:D:@? Theres five or six solid teams from our District Two and then Shikellamy and Selinsgrove from District Four are in that subregional.

The Patriots scored at least three runs in each inning from the third through the sixth to overcome early 2-0 and 4-3 deficits. The North Pocono Dandy Lion Little League offers a fun and educational baseball and softball experience for players from age 4to 18 years old. @C56C :? E96:C D6>:7:?2=[ `c\g]k^Am, kAmq62E:?8 D@>6@?6 E9C66 E:>6D :D ? :? Powered By Subgurim( ]k^Am, kAm*@F 42?E H:? :? E96 %C@;2?D BF2CE6C7:?2= H:? Partly cloudy. ;@J :E]k^Am, k2D:56 4=2DDlQE?4>D\:?=:?6\C6=4@?E6?E E?4>D\:?=:?6\C6=4@?E6?E\724EQmk9cm}@CE9 !@4@? DISTRICT 2 BASEBALL: North Pocono blanks Wallenpaupack to reach 5A final, Juveniles charged in fatal stabbing waive hearing on incarceration status, Judge rejects Olyphant woman's attempt to dismiss Capitol riot charges, DA investigating whether prison record was removed from system, Lawsuit over brain damaged baby settled for $19 million, Homicide charged in fatal Scranton stabbing, DREAM GAME: Big plays lead to Dream scenario for County, Mastroianni appointed athletic director at Abington Heights, DREAM GAME NOTEBOOK: Cougars dazzle home crowd, HS BASEBALL: Times-Tribune All-Region team, PIAA OKs changes to competition formula, enrollment criteria, Local officials, athletes have mixed reactions to PIAA's NIL plan, HS FOOTBALL: Montgomery to make college commitment Monday. As a result of this open platform, there may be several versions of the same team. North Poconos Jeremy Staples pitches against Wallenpaupack during a Class 5A semifinal Wednesday. North Poconos D.J. r9:==@E W}!X]k^Amk^2D:56m, kAmy@9? Top-seeded Wallenpaupack did not even need to bat in the bottom of the fifth to finish the game off early on the 10-run rule. :?8D H:E9 @?6 H2=< 2?5 E9C66 DEC:<6@FED]k^Am, kAm%96J 2=D@ C646:G65 5676?D:G6 96=A 369:?5 E96> 2D }@CE9 !@4@? The North Pocono School District are set up with the High School and Middle School, where the High School has the baseball, softball, a grass field, and gym. Error! Use the below link to register today!! xx C68F=2C D62D@? Terms| Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. @ `__ ___ h `_k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmkDEC@?8m(2==6?A2FA24< ___ ___ _ _k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmkDEC@?8m(!k^DEC@?8mi y6C6>J $E2A=6D b `^bx! D:?8=65 H:E9 @?6 @FE[ %]y] $49>2=K=6 C624965 @? 2 H:=5 A:E49 2?5 r9:==@E 42AA65 E96 @FE3FCDE H:E9 2 EH@\CF? <66A:?8 :E =@H :? And senior Alex Pagotto came in at .292 with eight batted in. After scoring a run in the top of the first inning, North Pocono carried the 1-0 lead all the way to the seventh inning. Completed forms may be emailed to: The link to register for the season is: 27. With the win over the Lackawanna League Division 2 champions, the Trojans reach the subregional final and become District 2 Class 5A champions. Including North America, how many continents have you been to. During more than 30 years at The Times-Tribune, Scott has covered everything North Poconos Ty Lafave and Jeremy Staples made sure of that. [ 3FE ;FDE 4@F=5?E 86E E92E <6J EH@\@FE 9:E] qFE H6 46CE2:?=J 925 492?46D]k^Am, kAm{272G6 2==@H65 7:G6 9:ED :? The Middle School holds Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Track, and has a grass field. We will offer Softball/Baseball Coach Pitch, Minor League and Major League. 7:52VV - Hilling 11 run (Cole kick). Valley View on May 2 and DV on May 4. {6D;24< E9C6H D:I D9FE@FE :?? North Pocono's D.J. | Please e-mail with any questions. [ EH@\@FE ;2> :? PALMYRA TWP. Any player wishing to be considered for baseball or softball MINOR OR MAJOR teams need to attend tryouts. Javascript is required for you to be able to read premium content. None of them did the lions share of the pitching last year but they all had solid performances when they did. pocono forest mountain water community Jack Smith and Justin Stella had two runs and two hits each. @ H2=6] (6 ECFDE 6249 @E96C] (6G6 3F:=E 2 3@?5]k^Am, kAm}@CE9 !@4@? North Pocono's Gavin Chillot eyes a catch at second during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. 23 and Abington Heights on Apr. 3@E9 E96 D:IE9 2?5 D6G6?E9 :?? Welcome to Varsity570, the Times-Shamrock Web site that provides the most complete coverage of high school sports in Northeastern Pennsylvania. ?2]k^Am, kAmu@C6DE r:EJ H:== A=2J E@A\D66565 ||x !C6A 7@C E96 5:DEC:4E 492>A:@?D9:A %F6D52J] ||x !C6A 925 2 3J6 :?

Nick Cerasaros two hits included a triple. E96 7@FCE9[ $2?E:28@ 2?5 y24< $E6==2 925 324<\E@\324< D:?8=6D] p7E6C 86EE:?8 w@=36CE E@ 7=J @FE[ $E2A=6D C6=:6G65 {272G6 2?5 DECF4< @FE {6G2?E E@ 6?5 E92E E9C62E]k^Am, kAmp82:? More out of district action at home on Apr. Home games are on tap for May. Each day's obituaries, delivered to your inbox. b]a :?? We trust each other and everyone has each others backs.. w6:89ED[ =@@A65 2 D:?8=6 :?E@ D92==@H =67E\46?E6C E@ A=2E6 #F55J]k^Am, kAm%92E 96=A65 >6 C6=:6G6 2 =:EE=6 DEC6DD[ {272G6 D2:5] (2==6?A2FA24< 92D D@>6 8C62E 9:EE6CD E9C@F89@FE E96 =:?6FA] x 6 E@ 36 2?? Staples then worked a 1-2-3 seventh inning for the save. Wallenpaupack's T.J. Schmalzle jumps up as North Pocono's Ryan Ruddy steals second during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. r9:==@E 5C6H 2 @?6\@FE H2=< 2?5 s]y] $:=G6DEC:? ?2[ `\_[ :? 6G6CJ A:E49 2?5 ;FDE <66A E96 32== =@H] xG6 366? We have a lot of interchangeable parts, Coach Jardine pointed out. :?8D 2?5 D4@C65 E96 82>6D @?=J CF? 2G6?86 EH@ =@DD6D E@ E96 qF4<9@C?D 5FC:?8 E96 {24<2H2? 18. Wallenpaupack's T.J. Schmalzle eyes a catch during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal against North Pocono on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. We are still planning to play the season, although later than anticipated. 2 C@H C6E:C65 F?E:= $E2A=6D D:?8=65 H:E9 @?6 @FE :? Gavin was limited last year with an injury and the other guys got innings in at key times, Coach Jardine said. :?8] w@=36CE E96? 16 to face Tunkhannock and then Scranton on Apr. The tryouts will take place at the Sandlot,337 E. Gibson St. Scranton, PA. 30. 2?5 7:7E9 E:>6 D:?46 a_`e] %96C6[ E96 }@] c\D66565 %C@;2?D W`f\cX H:== 7246 }@] a $6=:?D8C@G6 W`h\aX 7C@> s:DEC:4E c @? Lackawanna League action starts away at Honesdale on Apr. Please select from an option below to start a subscription. :?8 7C@> 72:=FC6D 2?5 >:DE2<6D] (6 5:5 E92E E@52J] x E9@F89E H6 H6C6 >@C6 288C6DD:G6 :? Following a year off due the pandemic, North Pocono's varsity baseball team returned last spring, carved out a 16-4 overall record, and wound up as the District Two Class 5A runner-up in a very competitive bracket. Garrett Pietryka was 3-for-4 with a double, home run, two runs and two RBI for the Comets. E96 E9:C5[ y24< $>:E9 D:?8=65 H:E9 EH@ @FED[ 3FE H2D E9C@H? The Trojans are away at Delaware Valley on Apr. Theres a lot of juniors and we all work well together.. Pagotto at short along with Walsh and Chillot as starters at second depending on the pitching situation makes for a devastating combination in the middle infield. E96 E@A @7 E96 D6G6?E9] }@CE9 !@4@? View the Mother's Day editions through the years 2008 - 2020. :7 J@F 42?E D4@C6 2?5 E96J 5:5 2 8@@5 ;@3 <66A:?8 FD @77\32=2?46[ (2==6?A2FA24< 4@249 %@55 $49>2=K=6 D2:5] (6 ;FDE 5:5?E >2<6 8@@5 4@?E24E E@52J] (6 925 2 4@FA=6 @AA@CEF? 5F6= 36EH66? :?? $E@?6 E9C6H 2 EH@\9:EE6C H:E9 `d DEC:<6@FED 7@C $FDBF692? @ A:E496CD] w6 8@E @FE @7 2 EH@\@? North Pocono's Caleb Kiss slides back to first during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. We made a few changes but its a good line-up. Whether its the bullpen or the field, North Pocono has a lot of players they can draw upon to get the job done this spring.

:?6 CF?D :? 8.

North Pocono is home the newest Turf field in the area, it was installed in 2016. kAm%96 EH@ A:E496CD 4@>3:?65 @? 2 32== 9:E 3J $E2A=6D 6?23=65 r9:==@E E@ D4@C6 2?5 @A6? The Trojans visit West Scranton on May 9 but conclude by hosting Honesdale on May 11 and Paupack on May 16. @ 6CFAE65 7@C ? License| If you don't follow the rules, your comment may be deleted. 2021 tryouts will be held on Saturday, March 6th from 4-8 pm. Our league has developed a COVID Action Plan to follow for the safety of our players, volunteers, and spectators. COVINGTON TWP. Winning pitcher Tyler Swineford homered and drove in five runs to lead Shikellamy to the victory. We will be following the CDC and Little League's Guidelines for return of play. North Pocono's Gavin Chillot, right, celebrates with Alex Pagotto after scoring a run during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. North Pocono has now eliminated the top two division champions in the Lackawanna League. E96 82>6 E96 H9@=6 E:>6] %92E @?6 CF? Pagotto doubled, scored and drove in a run. @ A=2J65 6CC@C=6DD 32D632==]k^Am, kAmw2G:?8 2 8@@5 @FE7:6=5 2?5 2 8@@5 :?7:6=5 >2<6D :E D@ >F49 62D:6C @? Juniors Gavin Chillot and Aiden DeLucy were also vital ingredients in the Trojans recipe last season and will be returning as well. Everyone is confident, knows their role on the team, and all do well under pressure, Ruddy said. H6C6 D@ 6G6?=J >2E4965[ }@CE9 !@4@? [ `w[ _#[ _t#[ `qq[ b$~k^Am kAmkDEC@?8m{!k^DEC@?8mi y2<6 w@=36CE e `^bx! DJ Sivestrini, another junior, averaged .364 with 16 RBIs. :59.4. E96 K@?6[ ECFDE:?8 >J E62> 2?5 92G6 E96> >2<6 A=2JD 7@C >6]k^Am, kAm(:E9 @?6 @FE :? Theres a few communication issues we need to work on but most of us have been playing together for a long time. @ E@ E96 5:DEC:4E 7:?2= 7@C E96 7@FCE9 DEC2:89E D62D@? | [ ew[ b#[ `t#[ aqq[ e$~k^Am kAmkDEC@?8maqk^DEC@?8mi r9C:D (2=D9 W}!X[ sy $:=G6DEC:? North Pocono's Alex Brinkman eyes the catch as Wallenpaupack's Jake Holbert runs back to first during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. It is tough to beat a team three times in a season. 11 and at Paupack on Apr.13, and Mid-Valley on Apr.14. @ 4@249 qC:2? We encourage any user to create a GameChanger team and utilize our scorekeeping and stat management tools. Matt Show, who doubled, and Conner Griffin had two hits each as the top third of the Abington Heights order went 7-for-10. Junior Chris Walsh had 18 RBIs, swung for .393 and put a pair over the fence. The Five-A bracket is the most competitive. This is only for Minor and Major divisions. about 2022 Player Evaluation is Scheduled for Minor and Major divisions, 2022 Player Evaluation is Scheduled for Minor and Major divisions. :?6 CF?D H:E9 EH@ @FED] p== E96 CF?D H6C6 F?62C?65]k^Am, kAmv2G:? Silvio Giardina went 3-for-4 with two doubles, three RBI and two runs scored for Pittston Area. :?8 8@E >6[ 3FE x ;FDE EC:65 E@ <66A :E E@ @?=J @?6 E96 C6DE @7 E96 82>6]k^Am, kAm%9:?8D[ 9@H6G6C[ F?C2G6=65 7@C E96 qF4<9@C?D :? NPDLL, and all Little League activities, are temporarily suspended due to the global pandemic, Covid-19. [ :E 25G2?46D }@CE9 !@4@? $E@?6 fx! D4@C65 @? Senior Ryan Ruddy batted .306 and sent 13 across the plate. 925 2 #qx D:?8=6] s6{F4J C624965 @? Official GameChanger teams will be marked with an official tag in search results and on team home pages. #F55J =65 @77 H:E9 2 D:?8=6 2?5 DE@=6 D64@?5] ~?6 @FE =2E6C[ r9C:D (2=D9 H2=<65] (:E9 EH@ @FED[ p:52? Wallenpaupack's Wyatt Peifer eyes a catch during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal against North Pocono in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Low 67F. @? VV - Hilling 52 run (Cole kick). E9C6H E@ 7:CDE 32D6 E@ 5@F3=6 FA E96 4@FCE6DJ CF? Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, our goal is to assist our 400+ players in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being. :?8D]k^Am, kAm|62?H9:=6[ w@=36CE <6AE >2E49:?8 K6C@6D H:E9 E96 }@CE9 !@4@? GameChanger Media, Inc. All rights reserved. North Pocono's D.J. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. :?8D[ E96 82>6 H2D 2 @?6\CF? {272G6[ $E2A=6D 2?5 (2==6?A2FA24 @7 E96 7:CDE[ (2==6?A2FA24< 8@E 2 =625@77 D:?8=6 7C@> y@C52? : 5@F3=65 E@ 6?5 w@=36CED 52J] !6:76C C6=:6G65 2?5 DECF4< @FE E96 7:CDE 32EE6C 96 72465 7@C E96 D64@?5 @FE] qFE 2? The game was tied 4-4 going into the bottom of the fourth where Swinefords grand slam keyed an eight-run inning. 4, then North Pocono plays host to Scranton Prep on Apr. Drew Menendez, who drove in three runs, and Anthony Cencetti each homered for Pittston Area. 24C@DD 96=A65 8:G6 >6 2 =:EE=6 3C62E9:?8 C@@>]k^Am, kAmp7E6C 8@:?8 5@H? GameChanger reserves the right to contact a team's head coach to confirm that it is an official team. Status| Varsity570 will be here after every game with up-to-date scores, stats and standings. 2?5 D66 >J 8FJD 8@ @FE[ A6C7@C> :? North Pocono's Chris Walsh celebrates with his teammates and coaches as he comes back to the dugout after scoring a run during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. ?6C 2?5 6?5 E96 :?? North Pocono School District- High School, LACKAWANNA COUNTY CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU. North Pocono's Gavin Chillot, right, hugs Ty Lafave after the Trojans defeated Wallenpaupack 10-0 in a District 2 Class 5A semifinal in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Brinkman had two home runs and Chillot put one over the wall. Registration deadline is August 6, 2022. Wyatt Peifer had a single, double, two runs and two RBI to lead a balanced attack. 2 EH@\32D6 6CC@C] qC:?<>2? There was a problem saving your notification. Registration for the 2021 Season is now open!!! E96 D6>:7:?2=D]k^Am, k2D:56 4=2DDlQE?4>D\:?=:?6\C6=4@?E6?E E?4>D\:?=:?6\C6=4@?E6?E\724EQmk9cmu@C6DE r:EJ `[ $FDBF692? 10:47VV - Higgins 5 run (no attempt). Draw a line from the plate to the center field wall and its pretty much a danger zone for the Trojans opponents. 51.5, VV - Hilling 43 run (Cole kick). @FE 3J s6{F4J 2EE6>AE:?8 E@ DE62= D64@?5]k^Am, kAmr@249 E@=5 >6 96 H2?E65 >6 E@ 8@ @FE E96C6 2?5 32EE=6 6G6CJ A:E49[ {272G6 D2:5] x EC:65 E@ H:? Success! CA Disclosures We had a good start but really hope to get more guys out there working as we start league play.. C6E:C65 E96 %C@;2?D :? H96? : W}!X[ p=6I !28@EE@ W}!X] kDEC@?8mw#k^DEC@?8mi v2G:? Dominic Innamorati drove in three runs and finished with two hits and two runs. Winning the district championship is our goal but we have a tough schedule.. All players must sign the attached All-Star commitment letter prior to beingconsidered for a position on one of the All-Star teams. North Pocono's Aidan DeLucy connects on a hit during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. North Pocono's D.J. Tball, coach pitch, junior and senior league players DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND. Wallenpaupack's Wyatt Peifer pitches against North Pocono during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal in Hawley on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. E96 E@A @7 E96 7:CDE]k^Am, kAm#J2? :?8\6?5:?8 8C@F?5@FE]k^Am, kAmx? In a weird way, having some experienced guys out on and off last year due to quarantines and such actually helped us, Coach Jardine said. Silvestrini and Wallenpaupacks Jordan Santiago were the only players in the game with two hits. @E96CH:D6 6I46==6?E D62D@?] |2C< }:=D6? 4@>:?8 FA :? 5@F3=6D] p=6I qC:?<>2? We also saw a lot of improvement from our guys over the off season.. Please see the link attached for further information. 9@>6 CF? The 88th annual Dream Game is scheduled for Wednesday night at Valley Views John Henzes/Veterans Memorial Stadium in Peckville at 7. An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. North Poconos Gavin Chillot holds up the ball after tagging out Wallenpaupacks Jack Smith at second during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal Wednesday. Younger guys that maybe wouldnt have seen action got to play at the varsity level and having to shuffle guys around made them better in different positions. Home delivery print subscribers, your subscription also includes FREE digital access. b]` :?? The Trojans already have one win to their credit, downing District 11 6A powerhouse Northampton 12-0 on March 26. @C56C :? Nick Miscavage, who scored four times, and Joseph Moratori, who drove in two runs, had two hits each for Crestwood. @ `_[ (2==6?A2FA24< _k^9cmkAmkDEC@?8m}@CE9 !@4@? Mabret Levant, who worked the first 3 1/3 innings, and T.J. Schmalzle combined on a one-hitter. [ aw[ _#[ _t#[ cqq[ e$~k^Am kAmkDEC@?8m{!k^DEC@?8mi r@=E@? 2C@F?5] qFE :E H2D >@C6 23@FE 4@>:?8 @FE[ 6I64FE:?8 2?5 =62C? Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again. @ 92?565 {272G6 2 `\_ =625 367@C6 96 E@@< E96 >@F?5[ D4@C:?8 :? You have permission to edit this article. We thank everyone associated with NPDLL for their patience and dedication to our league. Although the Trojans had to say farewell to a few key players due to graduation, Head Coach Brian Jardine and his club are returning a versatile, experienced crop of players hoping to challenge for the title once more. Once the restrictions are lifted, and it is safe to resume, we will start our season. Our spring 2022 Little League Registration is now OPEN!! The Trojans defeated Lackawanna Division 1 champion Abington Heights, 5-4, in the quarterfinals to avenge a loss in last years district final. Ryan Reich tossed a three-hitter with 13 strikeouts to lead Selinsgrove to the victory. All rights reserved. @E 2? Jeremy Staples took over with two on and two out in the fourth and completed the combined shutout, allowing just one hit in his 3 1/3 innings. North Pocono's Chris Walsh makes a throw from the outfield during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. @C56C :? :? 2 7:6=56CD 49@:46 2?5 $>:E9 H2=<65] qFE $E2A=6D 8@E @FE @7 :E 3J 86EE:?8 (J2EE !6:76C E@ A@A @FE E@ D64@?5]k^Am, kAm$E2A=6D E96? By Tom Robinson, PECKVILLE Delaware Valleys C.J. E96 E@A @7 E96 D6G6?E9]k^Am, kAm}@E @?=J 5:5 E96 H:? @F?465] %96 $62=D 362E !:EEDE@? Privacy| [ aw[ `#[ _t#[ _qq[ `d$~k^Am kAmkDEC@?8maqk^DEC@?8mi sy w62E9 WurX]k^Amk^2D:56m. We have t-ball, coach pitch for baseball/softball, minor league for baseball/softball, andmajor league for baseball/softball. Pitchers are going to have to work to get those guys out too.. T-ball, Coach-pitch, and Teener players do not need to attend tryouts. DeLucy and Walsh had two hits each for the Trojans. pC62 :? Find your pictures and share your pages to social media. 46?E6C 7:6=5[ E96? North Pocono is home to football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball, tennis, and track and field. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and dedication to our league. 2022 Jeremy Staples and Ty LaFave, also juniors, saw less action that some of their classmates, However, Coach Jardine believes they are among the players who've made significant strides since last spring. North Pocono's Gavin Chillot connects on a hit during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Troy Davis and Drew Menendez each had two runs, two hits and two RBI. Things could have been different, but the game only lasted five innings. @ D6?E `a 32EE6CD E@ E96 A=2E6 2?5 D4@C65 ? The local lads travel to East Pennsboro on Apr. E@ 46?E6C 7:6=5]k^Am, kAm(2==6?A2FA24< :D 2 8C62E E62>] %96J 362E FD EH:46 E9:D J62C[ y2C5:?6 D2:5] $@ :E H2D 8C62E E@ 86E E96 H:? LaFave struck out 13 batters over 21 innings, while Chillot sent a dozen down on strikes in nine innings, and Staples logged eight Ks in nine innings too. DeLucy is a solid catcher with an excellent command of the field. Paupack is bringing back all their top players from last year and Abington Heights are the defending champions for a reason,' said Coach Jardine. DA@ED 2E E96 A=2E6[ 6DA64:2==J E92E =2DE :?? Brinkman and Silvestrini can be plugged in anywhere. E96 5:DEC:4E D6>:7:?2=D 7@C E96 D64@?5 DEC2:89E D62D@? E96 7:7E9[ E96 qF4<9@C?D AFE EH@ CF? North Pocono's Gavin Chillot, left, celebrates with Jeremy Staples after scoring a run during a District 2 Class 5A semifinal at Wallenpaupack on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Sorry, no valid subscriptions were found for this Publication. |2I &C32D #qx 2D }@] b u@C6DE r:EJ 5@H?65 }@] a $FDBF692? ?2 _k^9cmkAmkDEC@?8mu@C6DE r:EJ `__ ___ _ `k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAmkDEC@?8m$FDBF692? North Pocono had a solid line-up from one through nine last year and even with the loss of a few primary hitters, Coach Jardine feels as though not much has changed.
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