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You can now become President in BitLife by following our guide on how to become President in BitLife! Crime and Healthcare make their first appearance as two additional issues you can base your platform on, aside from the first four, which are Economy, Education, Environment, and Social Issues. Your email address will not be published. No, you cannot become the President of the United States if you are not 35 years old. However, it doesn't come with the undeniable prestige of being president, so you'll have to weigh up your options.

The first thing to bear in mind when it comes to the Politics Update is that not every Bitizen can run for office. owners. After graduating from high school, it is recommended that you attend college while you can run for School Board Director or Mayor even if youre just a high school graduate, both Governor/Council Chair (college) and President/Prime Minister (graduate school) require higher educational attainment in order to qualify for the elections. Start out as a School Board Director or the lowest political job in your country. That means if you allocate money toward your campaign and arent successful, you will a) lose the money completely and b) have to wait four years until the next election! For example, your Approval Rating could take a hit if you choose to treat homeless people or immigrants poorly or if you choose to give in to temptation and let the intern seduce you, and it could improve significantly if you decide to feed the homeless man instead of kicking him out of the buffet, or if you report that corrupt friend who wants you to prevent schools in your district from buying books online. Then transfer over into Business or Law school after this is done. There will definitely be a lot of other scenarios that are specific to the world of education that you may encounter as part of your job. BitLife is a game about life. What to avoid doing if I want to become President? First off, you'll need to start in a country like Mexico or the United States since those countries have elections. It is recommended that you have at least decent Smarts to be considered for a political position, and if your character isnt born with a high intelligence rating, it is recommended that you get this stat up by reading books, going to the library, joining clubs in school, and taking advantage of the random boost opportunities that pop up every once in a while when you age up. Even if you fail a playthrough, your character will have the chance to see how things would go in their lives had they made different decisions. If you want more information on this topic or any other topics, then feel free to leave a comment below. Related: BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Porn Star, Music Composer, Pharmacist or an Architect. When you purchase Is Paladins Cross-Platform in 2022? After all that work getting elected, you'll be pleased to know that being BitLife president comes with plenty of perks. The barrier for making the ballot, however, is substantially more prohibitive a budget of at least $1.5 million is recommended in order to launch a successful campaign. You will, however, get your first chance to pass or veto new laws most of them, such as forcing restaurants serve donuts every Friday or banning dancing on TikTok, are rather frivolous. Whether youre simply aiming to become School Board Director or aiming to become your countrys next president, weve got it all covered in this new BitLife guide, which covers every facet of the Politics Update, and all the tips you need to win any and all elections. You may need to work more than 40 hours a week, on top of properly balancing your focus on each of the relevant issues, because if you arent focusing enough time (or arent focusing enough, period) on the right things, that could cause your Approval Rating to go down instead of up when you hit the Age button! Monitor how stressed you are and try to stay in orange (or below). Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective BitLife is a game in which you can live your dream life, and if you want to become President in BitLife, then you'll have to do it the right way. Once you do get fame, leave all of the options available while elected because if you do them, they can get you impeached. This simulation game is different from other games because it actually calculates your life. And who will your friends be in the end, and how much time do they spend with you. Have kids? We cover all the steps required to achieve ultimate power and watch it grow bigger than ever before. Also Related: How to Become a Singer in BitLife? Not only can this negatively affect your grades once you start running for Mayor, Governor/Council Chair, or President//Prime Minister, your opponents can use this against you, thus potentially costing you the peoples vote! You can run for President as many times as you want in BitLife. If you are interested in becoming the President of BitLife, then read our guide on how to become President in BitLife. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The last option is Speech, where there are three drop-down boxes you can alleviate public fears, brag about your accomplishments, scare the public, or spread awareness about any of the four aforementioned issues, and if youre a School Board Administrator, you can do this via Public or Livestream. Now, once you're all grown up, you need to begin plotting your way into politics. We did try having one of our test Btizens have an extramarital relationship while serving as President, but that didnt result in any impeachment alert. Aside from your overall Approval Rating, which is displayed in numerical and bar form, you will see bars showing your approval in terms of all of the applicable issues. Some of these are career paths, like firefighter or doctor; others can be professions where you start at the bottom and work your way up to the top, like business or politics.

This isn't always going to work, though, so it's mostly about luck! Most countries don't let you run for president until a certain age, usually between 35 and 45, so you'll want to cut your teeth on other political roles before advancing. The first requirement is that you need to be at least 35 years of age if you want to become United States President. BitLife is a video game that lets you live the life of your dreams. If you choose the correct, most logical options, the chances are you'll win the election. This text-based mobile game has a surprisingly deep political gameplay system, as you rise the ranks from local councillor to ruler of your country - or even its dictator, if you wish. has been helpful to you. If you don't, then this job will not even show up for you! If people are not voting for you, then try to improve your approval ratings. That's because you'll need a vast amount of political experience behind you, or your chances of succeeding at the election will simply plummet. Most excitingly, there is a constant range of dynamic decisions to make. Once your job as a school board director is up, you can run for mayor. ), The Q&A scenarios during the election process are the same as they are for School Board Director, though this time, your opponents may now choose to play dirty and ask some below-the-belt questions. (It is at this point where we should also remind you that generally speaking, the more money you put into your campaign, the better are your chances of winning!). We are, of course, talking about BitLife, which, for those who arent quite aware yet, is a life simulator that allows you to control a virtual character from their birth to their death, making different decisions that cover everything from early childhood, school, work, and beyond. Conversely, striking the right balance and devoting the ideal amount of time to each issue will result in an organic Approval Rating increase once you age up and finish one year of your term. Regardless whether youre being accused of trying marijuana when you were younger (and you actually did) or if youre being accused of believing in things like aliens or flat-earth theories (this could happen if you had a clean, incident-free youth), you can confirm or deny the rumors, slam them as fake news, or try to turn the tables by spreading a rumor about your opponent. Headlines can also help out a ton too, so keep an eye on those every now and then to see what's going on in the news. Gubernatorial elections are similar, with the same six platform choices, same sections in the menu, a focus on statewide issues for your annual scenarios, and a maximum $247,000 budget for rallies. In addition to those scenarios, you may also be offered a bribe by some shady figures, may they be school officials (as would be expected as a School Board Director), businessmen, or other high-ranking officials. So make sure this doesn't happen before playing BitLife! No part of this site or its Of course, if the presidential title is a little too overwhelming, you can hold more minor political roles instead. It also helps if you work a regular job for a few years before becoming School Board Director, but in any case, its advisable to buy a house early on, and turn a profit by selling your house right before you finish your first term as School Board Director. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We would recommend Alleviate Public Fears and Spread Awareness, as these are the safest methods of communication compared to the other two, youll have a typically good chance of riling the public if you opt to Scare the Public or Brag About Accomplishments. But you can, in theory, apply to become School Board Director the moment you graduate from high school, but in order to do this, you will need to at least have $10,000 to $20,000 available for your campaign budget. 2022 Gfinity PLC. Once elected as Mayor, most aspects of your job will work the same with a few add-ons same yearly scenarios but with a citywide focus, same rallies but with the maximum investment being $52,000 per rally, same Agenda and Speech options but with the two additional issues, as well as Radio and Television appearances now available for Speech. If you are really interested in becoming President of BitLife, then here's what you're going to need: Note: If somehow you don't get the ticket, then you can exit the game again and re-open it. Also prepare to spend millions if youre looking to hold a successful Rally the maximum budget per Rally goes to around $2.5 million if youre the commander-in-chief! You will also need to be a college graduate to make it on the ballot, just as we mentioned earlier, and you may also find it harder to pick up landslide victories when running for Governor than it was when you were running for School Board Director or Mayor. These, too, will show up under your Agenda and Approval Ratings sections once elected, thus making it nine different issues which you would need to take into account when balancing those 40 hours (or more). Do the same thing and work your way towards fame and money by doing commercials or writing books. 5. As with real life, becoming BitLife president is no easy feat, and it'll take until your twilight years before you can even enter yourself into the election race. Just as we said in the first tip, keeping your nose clean as a kid prevents political opponents from digging up your past history and using it against you during the elections. Last, but not the least, BitLifes Politics update allows you to run for President or Prime Minister of your country, with the requirements that you meet the minimum age, have finished graduate school, and have at least $5 million or so in your war chest for your campaign budget, with $20 million or more most recommended for the best chances of winning. Running for presidential election costs millions of dollars, so if you spend all that but then fail to get re-elected due to bad decision-making in your first term, it will have been for nought. You may be wondering what happens to the money you spend on your campaign do you get it back if you lose the election or worse, dont even make it on the ballot? Politics is, after all, a dog-eat-dog world, so dont be surprised if your opponents try to take those skeletons out of your closet by bringing up that time you randomly tried marijuana at the club, or perhaps your past stint in rehab, or worse, your current addiction, may it be to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. All in all, once you get into office, you will need to make sure that your approval ratings are high. Is smartness and looks matter before becoming the President? This will be the hardest thing to do, though! Every day, you make choices that determine what happens next. Being the BitLife president functions differently from other high-society roles, like being a business owner or an actor. Make sure you're running on the right things too. This will largely depend on their Ethics, so if their Ethics stat is in red or orange territory, chances are good that theyll try to throw you off your game by insulting you during a debate or smearing you through social media or through billboards. You can pass or veto law proposals - but be careful, as passing unpopular laws will reduce your approval rating. This time, your minimum recommended campaign budget would be around $50,000 to $80,000 (this could be higher for the smaller parties) if you want the best chances of winning. Then, focus on getting good looks by going to the movies and wearing nice clothes. through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Check More: How to Become a CEO in BitLife? In other words, accept those bribes at your own risk and if you want to build up your fame and earn more money as a Famous Politician, do so when youre not in office. This is a very helpful tool if youre looking for something to focus on more in your Agenda for example, if your Environmental Approval Rating is lower than your rating for the other issues, you can go to Agenda and adjust your hours to devote more time to the environment.

So, this will require improving yourself and then running for elections again! Like all other positions, you are only allowed two four-year terms as a School Board Director this may vary depending on country. [PS4, Xbox One, PS5, PC], King's Raid Tier List (July 2022) Best Heroes Ranked, Is Rec Room Cross-Platform in 2022? Your agenda is going to need to be working on things that are important. After completing those steps, you should have enough funds for multiple successful campaigns, as well as a term or two as President just remember to choose wisely during the election scenarios, and to quit the app and restart it if you lose, in order to keep your campaign funds intact! (See the final tip for ways in which you can save up enough money and go from strength to strength in the world of politics! There are several other factors that determine how well known or liked a person is by others, like height, weight, skin color, etc. (This may, or may not be a possibility.)

But it goes without saying that you should avoid being impeached, because as far as weve seen, this almost always results in us getting removed from power. The player is a newly born baby in the game. However, generally speaking, there are four or five types of political roles to hold throughout your life, ranging from school board director to president. So, if you have more of it, you will be able to throw more into the campaign! In BitLife, players can get into many different careers. This, however, applies if youre representing one of the major parties. You will also see basic information such as their name, age, party, and platform, though Party obviously wont be included for School Board Director just yet. You have one chance for each playthrough, and if that ends badly, then it's over! This is because they don't know who you are, or they think that your stance on certain issues doesn't matter. You can then choose which party you want to run for, your policy focus throughout the campaign, and the amount of money you're willing to spend. It's the top of the political career progression ladder, and comes with the highest salary, as well as an approval bar to gauge public reaction to your tenure. (In case youre curious, you need to invest $10-15 million if youre running as a Fascist, and thats the bare minimum you may need to double, or even quadruple that if youre actually hoping to win!) Once you get on the ballot, you'll need to go through all of your options and figure out what will work. If people aren't happy about something, use that as your agenda for what to run with next term! These all add up though, as when it comes to re-election you'll want the highest approval rating possible. That often involves unique role-playing choices, and toeing the line between moral good and moral evil, so choose wisely! It is available for Android and iOS. Your Agenda is the most important part of raising your approval ratings, so make sure to keep an eye on things! Let's first go over the basics of who can become President, and then we'll look at each requirement individually to see what they do exactly. However, having all that power is irresistibly fun - just be sure to keep your citizens happy, otherwise it could all come crumbling down. These would usually pop up among your yearly political scenarios after hitting on Age, but you can also see new laws appear in the Law Review section from time to time. Usually, the most effective types of rallies feature Energetic or Maniacal enthusiasm and the maximum amount of money spent toward the rallies ($1,000 for School Board Directors), though you may have to mix things up if you hold too many rallies with so much enthusiasm. Required fields are marked *. Unfortunately, the answer to this question would be no. Just like in real life, the money spent by losing candidates in an election is gone forever. Following that, there's a series of decisions you have to make. So, make sure that you are prepared for a long and difficult campaign! The possibilities are endless! In BitLife, the president role is the highest political job you can hold. If you have enough money and fame, then try running for President. Networking is also key for this, so you'll need to spend time at parties with people who are involved in politics or may know someone. Also be sure to be posting regularly on social media to increase your following having at least a million followers is strongly recommended, as is getting your account verified! Also Useful: How to Become an Actor in BitLife? So with that out of the way, lets look at what changes once you run for Mayor. Of course, the richer you are, the more you can spend on campaigning, so the system favours those with plenty of disposable cash. You'll have to start at the lower rungs and work your way up, gaining influence and respect from the country's citizens. Lead your nation with our BitLife president guide. If you fancy foraying into the other side of the law, then you might be interested in joining the BitLife Mafia. Join Social Media when you get a position; this way, you're going to need to take advantage of fame which will get you quite a bit of money. And just as we hinted above, its also recommended that you dont just hit the books, study hard, and get good grades you also need to avoid getting into trouble in school for bullying others, acting up in class, or even fighting back against bullies or laughing at troublemaking classmates.

Treating opponents with respect is the safest path to take, regardless of which position youre running for, though you could potentially get bigger wins if you choose to disrespect them it may or may not happen, and acting disrespectful could lead to a loss, but if youre looking for bigger wins and a potentially higher starting Approval Rating, you might as well take this gamble. At some point, you should already have your social media account up youll need this once you become famous. With much of the world still in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, Candywriter has been keeping fans entertained over the past few months with a number of major updates for its biggest iOS and Android game so far. Equally, you can hold rallies, give speeches, or dedicate more of your time to certain policy groups to please your supporters. At the time you're earning over a million for commercials, you can then try to get into the Senate. Once you have that, you will then get to choose your platform, or the main focus of your administration Economy, Education, Environment, or Social Issues then choose how to treat your opponent in the election. [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5], Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters, Is Hunt Showdown Cross-Platform in 2022? Last, but not least, you will be introduced to the Headlines section as Mayor, and this is another very helpful tool, as it will show you what people are most concerned about. Make a speech based on it if you can. Head to the Special Occupations menu, select Political Offices, and then President. The fourth requirement is that you need to run for office. We hope that this blog post on "How to become president in BitLife?" Will you go to college? In this BitLife president guide, we'll run through how to become the president of your country, as well as how to ascend the political ladder and reach that peak.

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