mather lake fishing report

FISHING SHOULD GET BETTER AS WATER BEGINS TO CLEAR. If you've got time, stop in at my blog. My grandman lives down the street basicaly so since im up here for a lil while i decided to take out my tarpon 100 and see what damage i could do.. The path rom the parking lot to the lake has a locked cable strung across it so it was a bit o a chore lugging the Valco, 'lectric motor, battery and tackle in separate trips--good thing I had my ish'n partner Stephanie with me. Mather Lake is a body of water in CA (Sacramento). Finding the fish in and around Sacramento. No takers on Frog. FROM THEN ON I WAS TOO HOT TO HANDLE. City: Citrus Heights, Report: Caught a ew small ones on top water. I haven't had any of them mess with me but will talk your ear off about fishing. So I'm interested in hearing what others have to say. For the rest o us amatuers, don't park on the street or you'll probably get a ticket. Its an ok lake but very good when in the spring tough either way but if you can catch them here you can catch them almost anywhere else. /u/mrlucky2u - I'm fairly new to the area and haven't really found a kid friendly place to take the pups out to chase bluegill. Then wind kicked in making it extremely diicult to ish Senkos, not to mention controlling the boat.Ater checking out the rest o the lake we called it a day, mostly due to the wind. There's an abundance o weed growth and matsI'd say Mather is more overgrown than Rancho Seco. Spoke with a gentleman that caught a 4lb bass in the channel with a mouse. Enter your email address to get 10% off your first order. City: sacramaento. CAUGHT A 4 LBR RIGHT OFF THE BAT FLIPPING WEEDLINES WITH YAMAMOTO SPIDER GRUB. This is my take on the lake. It was basically an exploratory trip just to see what's there. STARTED AT 730PM TOSSING OUT 6IN. Fishing regulations in California can change throughout the year. Mather is also an excellent birding location with swans and many other birds. Report: Went out again, caught 3 up to 3 lbs on zoom t-rig worm. They were all chunky, even the undersized ones. Boats with 'lectric motors are allowed. WITH THE BIGGEST TOPPING 6IBS. Thanks Details: 10 lb. City: Sacto, Report: ished rom around 2:00 till dusk.threw a small rapala and a small spinner.caught about 10 (no keepers). Caught several over 3lbs. Fished this place for a few hours and I was the only one of my friends to catch any bass.

I read your posts scooter and it sounds like you can ish at night. I it weren't so windy it would've been nice to stay or the evening bite. Stocked trout only last a few days, has some big bass, carp, catfish, bluegill, and I've heard some crappie. City: SACRAMENTO. Are you taking about the back of the lake or the front? Accessible access with assistance. First thing I noticed is that the lake lacks a hard bottom for the bass to spawn in. FISH ON ABOUT 4IBS. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,

Every cast came in with weeds attached. HOPEFULLY MY FIRST 10LBER WILL COME THIS YEAR. City: Sacramento. Remember to wait a eel pressure beore you set that hook in that hog when ishing rogs.good luck.

Report: FISHED FROM 5:00PM TIL DARK. Make sure to check this page before fishing for the most up to date rules and regulations for the current season. I understand, as you found out, bass and gills are good most of the year, although I'm mostly a trout man. Besides being heavily fished and people keeping everything they catch, its really not a good habitat for bass.

City: Sac, Report: Went to Mather or the irst time and took the tube. City: Carmichael, Report: Wanted to avoid the holiday water traic on the Delta so I opted to ish smaller waters with the tin boat instead. According to our data, anglers at Mather Lake are mostly reeling in Largemouth bass using the following fishing gear. Only fished off the dock and banks, I have wondered myself how taking a kayak out would be. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms, Details: 12 in. Ater a short while assembling our gear we shove o. Tips: Try going out their at night and throw rogs.Also try workin the weed line with t-rig worms. WORM BITE STARTED TO SLOW SO AS USUAL I SWITCHED TO THE FROG. I GET A KICK OUT OF RELEASING A FISH IN FRONT OF PEOPLE ON THE SHORE WHO INTEND TO EAT THEM! Picnic area. There are many vehicle accesses and some boat launching sites as well. I've got a couple of reports from Mather Lake. Mather Lake is a 65 acre lake located in Sacramento County. Is Mather lake near the airbase?isn't that place super polluted? Looks like it'd be great rog water. Fish are tight to the cover.

About the third cast my buddy landed 2 hal to 3 lber. Before returning to civilian use, it had to pass a Finding of Suitability to Transfer, which required cleanup of any environmental hazards. Fish rom 3:30 to dusk.Saw a couple o 1-2lb. Tips: Throw out the top water has soon has the sun sets all around the channel at the back o the lake. Granted there is a ton of structure but too much of it. City: Sacramento, Report: WELL LET'S JUST SAY IT WAS A DECENT DAY FOR A PRO LIKE MYSELF. Tips: FLIP THE EDGES WITH TEXAS RIGGED PLASTICS OR GO WEIGHTLESS. Steph started out with a 4" Zipper (in Green Weenie) while I worked a white rog. This last year the weeds have been so bad that I gave up trying. FLIPPIN' WORMS , THEN BAM! City: Sac, Report: Took the tube out, caught 3 (12-13") on t-rig worm. Pitch black out(new moon).

Tips: Pitch #208 Senkos into the tules and cheese pockets. That's the trout report. Check out these photos that a couple of Kerry P. from Sparks, NV. Tips: Try going out at nite and throwing rogs.Work the vegetation on the top.Make sure you eel the weight o that hog beore you set that hook.Good luck. City: SAC. 5 minutes later he landed another, just bout the same size. Fish seem to hit the top water just has it lands. Fishing seems to come and go just ater nightall. WELL GOOD LUCK FISHIN'. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations. You are trying to access a feature that requires a Fishidy account. Oh yeah back in days I used to sneek on the base and fish my little butt off. I understand the lake gets a lot of pressure but would figured the back there would produce a little more. Under the bridge holds a ton on gills. City: Sacramento, Report: Fished rom 5:30am till 8:30am. I fished from around 5 to 7:30. Folsom is a fluctuatin Access to this stretch is very good with the American River Parkway (a bicycle and footpath) along the entire length. And those bastards for breaking in to his car! City: Frisco. ONE OF THE FROG FISH WENT 6-1/2 LBS. And lost 3 fish, 1 of them that was lost was a hog. Likewise, if OP has any other good spots that work well for taking kids fishing, I'm all ears :). It was a un but short aternoon and i I were to return I'd be more prepared with a dolly to wheel das boot to the shoreline. #4.25.5. THE FISH WERE JUMPIN' OUT THE WATER TO GET ON MY HOOK. Caught 6 or 7 but no keepers. BUT FOR YOU AMATUERS IT WOULD OF BEEN GREAT. Download the app to log your first catch and the baits you used. Can you fish in Mather Lake? City: Rocklin, Report: One ish 2.6 .Out rom 10pm to 1 am. And there are bass beds almost everywhere you go. Mather Lake is near Rancho Cordova. Had nothing going on with the rog but the zipper was getting bit in the tule and cheese pockets. Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility), Report: Fishing wasn't good but ok. Got there about 6 p.m. in the evening, with a buddy. Buddy caught 6 or 7 on trick worm.WEEDY!! ThannksNick Willow/Humbug Creek the Tributaries of lake Natoma, Bluegill, redear, largemouth bass, channel catfish, rainbow trout, common carp, black crappie, and brown bullhead, all fish caught on worms, small jigs, and swimbaits, ring necked duck, yellow headed blackbird, mute swan, white tailed kite, and Lincolns sparrow. Bluegill and Bullheads commonly caught. Join over 100k anglers who receive our newsletter.Techniques, tips and tackle breakdowns personalized to your local area. By clicking the 'Activate' button, you can let us know there is demand for more information and recommendations for this waterbody. 656 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Tips: STEALTH IS THE SECRET HERE FOLKS MAKE LONG CAST ON THE MATS AND BRING SUN SCREEN IT'S HOT. You can read the report at; click on the link for "Final Finding of Suitability to Transfer, Parcel G". Frogs are also hot out here. Definitely will be back.

During this time of year, fish can be found in Summer patterns. Twenty minutes or so later, I caught a 5 to 6 lber, ollowing that, I caught one just a tad smaller. I also observe the water level dropped bout one oot or so.. Had a couple o blowups on a rog but they were no very aggresive. Had a great time. Report: Went out Sunday and didn`t catch SH!T. This could be due to the huge amount of weeds in the lake. Than ater that, it just went quiet to about 9 when we let. This place has some hogs and I highly recommend to go weedless and either use a jig or a texas rig. o the bat on topwater,but that was it.Out o the 8 people their ishing or bass{including 4 o those people in boats} thier was only 4 bass caught.The ishing should get better as it warms-up. Senkos are producing quality ish, you just have to be patient and weed through the rats. 23.0 in. Anglers must learn to adapt to changing water levels to successfully catch fish from this reservoir. There was one guy who had caught about a 2# trout and a 5lb catish.I could use any suggestions as to what to use or Bass this time o year. I've fished this lake many times in the last two years for trout in the Winter and early Spring. Has a kids play area and bathrooms. The weeds were pretty bad and luckily didn't lose one lure on this trip. Fantastic fishing thispast week on McCloud and Whiskeytown Rick Stack from Pacific Palisades up on Tioga Don Whisnand of Bridgeport, Ca with a 9.2lb Nice 25 inch rainbow trout caught by Reggie. A great day of fishing for Jordan from Rainbow 2022. City: sacramento. Switched to Brushogs and still couldn't get them to commit. My buddy got about the same.I need help on how to catch bigger ish out o this me please. Available species are a variety of species. Went here once to try it out and caught 2 decent size fish. Water Clarity: Muddy (0-2 foot visibility), Report: went out last sunday and didn`t catch a thing.Yeah I`am surprise!I did happen to see a couple o males, but wouldn`t bite.Threw out black-blueleck brushhog,spinnerbait,zora spook,torpedo,jerkbait,and the rog.Was talkin to guy who ishes here a couple times a week and said he be bangin the hogs at night with rogs.Out o the 8 people here ishing or bass{including 4 in boats}only 4 bass caught which were small males.I ish rom 3:45 to dusk. Caught good numbers o ish. 2 oz.

All Rights Reserved. An email address is required to associate with your Fishidy premium subscription. All Rights Reserved. Underwater hazards include large boulders, trees and brush around shore. I'll say sure since most waterways in our area are. City: Sac, Report: Fished rom 9pm to 1:30am. City: sacramento, Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility), Report: First o, rom the amatuers to 'jay the pro rom the ppt tour' 20 pounds or your best ive isn't shit at Mather, so drop the attitude. City: Sac, Report: Anybody know how late you can stay out here? The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Bluegill, and Rainbow trout. TOSSED A FROG FROM 7:30 TO DARK, HAD SEVERAL BLOWUPS ONLY LANDED 2 FISH. Has anyone taken a kayak out to the back of Mather Lake and fished it? Mather Lake has the following amenities based off of 24 reviews left by our users. THROW TOPWATER TOWARD THE END OF THE NIGHT. Over all I got 8 ish. Most accessible bank spots are fished frequently.

males but wouldn`t bite.Threw out black blueleck brushhog,jerkbait,spinnerbait,buzzbait,zora spook,jitterbug,and rog.Walk the hole lake.Also, talked to a guy who ishes thier othen and said he was nailing HOGS out here with rogs at nite.HE caught a 2lb. Besides no running water ,the weeds can remove oxygen from the water when they decompose. I just went out there today to check it out, it looked promising but only came across one (3lbs burning a fluke). The weeds were really bad but noticed if you punch through them it opens up. This was my irst time ishing at Mather ater reading a ew recommendations that this might be a decent place to nail a ew bass while visiting riends in Sac.Got there just beore noon, with no real expectations. Need to arrive a little earlier or that. Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. The downside is the homeless. CAUGHT 5 MORE IN THE NEXT HOUR RANGING FROM 1-3 LBS. Report: I went out this morning with no action to speak o.

A forum about Sacramento, for Sacramento. Most targeted species include Rainbow Trout, smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. A lot o people there. 2022 Fishidy. City: Sacramento, Tips: Keep the spinner baits (white) just under the surace, moving astFrog: They wanted a long pause beore moving it and then they would strike, Report: This is a test o the automatic report cgi 6150 Olson Memorial HighwayGolden Valley, MN 55422. You'd do best with a kayak here. Is it open all night? Due to the number of waterbodies, we have to prioritize which waterbodies we integrate into our system.

I would be more concerned about its proximity to Aerojet's campus. No parking is being enorced as o about two weeks ago. Also tried worms around 7ish with no luck. City: San Jose, Tips: lets hope it worksFishing Reports or Mather Lake, Report: Went out or about an hour towards the evening and caught one bass about 15" hanging on it;sbed.Water is real murky and it's hard to gauge how many more are out their a little arther romshore.Price is only $2.00 ro parking though.You take sunrise out towards mather to Douglas road.Thelake is on Douglas about 1/2 mile down. Looks like the county parking lot is the only place to park now. Fishing was easy on dink bass on the black grubs on a jighead (my guess is that they imitated tadpoles or something). Mather Lake is one of my favorite places to go with my brother and sisters because it has a playground for them to play on if they get bored of fishing. Good luck out there. The ticket was 5" Senkos ished the usual way--weightless, Texposed. Caught some nice spinnerbait ish in the 2+ range. We stuck 4 largies working the tules, the biggest one only going 14 inches. There are no Fishing Reports for Summer Largemouth Bass yet. CAST INTO THE TULES AND CLUMPS OF GRASS AND HOLD ON TIGHT!YOU SHOULD GET BIT.AT THE END OF THE DAY MY FIVE BIGGEST FISH WENT 20IBS. The only place I know for sure you'll catch a ton of gills is the American River just East of Sutters Landing. Hey BishopTrouter. Largemouth Bass with a plastic worm. Very grassy and pressured, the bass are finicky and are spooked when someone is near. They've even put new signs out. It was my irst time there. Second, this is just a guess but I believe most of that lake suffers from low oxygen levels. Narrow down your tackle selection by adjusting season, water clarity, structure and technique. We headed out to the eastern end o the little lake as that's where most o the tule stands are. Park the truck in the parking lot and head East to the railroad tracks. MY BIGGEST FISH CAUGHT AT THIS LAKE CAME LAST YEAR AND WAS 9LBS, HAVE CAUGHT SEVERAL RANGING FROM 5-7LBS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. Last year it was great. At least 1/2 the lake is shallow with a lot o weeds.The park closes at dusk. Press J to jump to the feed. Stuck 1 3.8 on a Black rog lipping the weeds. Be the first to provide a report. NOT BAD FOR THE SECOND CAST. Since it a shallow lake and spawning season, I thought for sure I would see some staging bass. Watch for An urban water in Howe Community Park. All on rogs. Local regulations govern when you can fish, the max size of the fish you can keep, how many fish you can keep, and more. Featuring clear, often cold water released from Folsom Dam and minimal fluctuation but swift currents near inlet. View Full Version : Mather Regional park lake 8/8.
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