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Photographic evidence left by Floyd in a stolen car showed evidence of Commesso, 18, badly beaten and bound. Her husband, a man named Clarence Hughes, soon showed up, identifying her as 20-year-old Tonya Hughes, whod apparently been the victim of a hit-and-run.

However, it soon transpired Tonya Hughes was not the victim's real name and that Floyd was not the biological father of her son. "We also contrasted the way we dressed, so on the first day I was in a full suit and FBI uniform, and Nate was in dress slacks, a sport coat, and a shirt with no tie, and so on.

Floyd left a trail of pain and despair in his wake and changed the course of multiple peoples lives. Speaking to FBI agents, Floyd also confirmed that Marshall was really Suzanne Marie Sevakis the daughter of a woman he had married in 1974. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Marshall was working at Passions strip club in Tulsa at the time of her death, and while Floyd was a suspect in the case, he was never charged. In 1990, Sevakis was found on the road, gravely injured. Franklin Floyd pictured here with who he claimed at the time was his daughter Sharon Marshall, who he would later marry. The tragic tale of a woman kidnapped as a child by her stepfather is among the most layered true crime stories to make it to the mainstream media in decades. Lloyd had their names changed to Clarence Hughes and Tonya Hughes and saw that they were officially married. Lobb then seized on Floyd's outburst of emotion as a cue to walk back over to him, get right up into his face and ask him "what happened to Michael?" He was found guilty on a federal kidnapping charge and admitted in 2015 to FBI agents that he had murdered Michael on the same day that he kidnapped him. Police also discovered during the investigation into Michael's kidnapping that Floyd's wife, Sharon Marshall, had also been a kidnapping victim of his. Special Agent Scott Lobb said on interviewing Floyd in an FBI article: "He turned and looked at me and said, I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick. I think he just ran out of excuses.". "I would like to try and open up a dialogue with him about Suzanne's death," he said. She had been shot twice in the head. He changed her name many times over the yearsshe grew up as Sharon Marshall before she became Tonyaand raised her as his daughter until she completed high school and had a son named Michael. Floyd kidnapped the boy and the school principal by gunpoint, leaving the administrator tied to a tree in the nearby woods. "[But] I also noticed he had deference for people who he perceived to be in charge and I thought I could use that against him somehow.". The Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture begins by focusing on his involvement with a woman named Tonya Hughes, who also went by the names Sharon Marshall. Despite the stranger-than-fiction events, Floyd has never been charged with Sevaskis' murder and, instead, remains a person of interest in her death. The trial began in 2002 and he was convicted and ultimately, sentenced to death. However, their marriage got off to a rocky start after Sandi was sent to prison for 30 days in 1975 for passing a succession of bad checks. In 2004, investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck published the book A Beautiful Child about the story of Floyd and the mysterious woman he believed to be Sharon Marshall. He was found alive by passers-by. Later that month, she was found on the side of an Oklahoma highway, with bruises and a head injury. In any interrogation, Lobb stressed, an investigator's introduction to the subject is incredibly important. Floyd refused to undergo another evaluation and asserted he was fit to stand trial, which he did. That's because for the next few years Floyd moved Suzanne around frequently, posing as father and daughter and occasionally changing their names. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters. In 1962, he was arrested for kidnapping and child molestation. At his 2001 trial for Commesso's murder, a judge ruled that was mentally incompetent to stand trial and ordered another mental assessment. A week after his release in 1973, he was arrested again for assaulting a woman at a gas station. Floyds criminal history was long before the kidnapping, but after he took Suzanne and raised her as Sharon Marshall, he flew almost entirely under the radar. It also transpired the man posing as her husband to some and her father to others was actually a convicted criminal on the run, Franklin Delano Floyd.

A man who called himself Clarence claimed to be her husband and identified her before she died.

Floyd, who had a criminal history of robbery, abduction and sexual assault, was also considered the lead suspect after his wife Sharon Marshall (one of the new names used by Sevakis) was killed in a suspicious hit-and-run at the age of 20. When Floyd responded, "well who the f**k are you then? Incredibly, Furr's assessment reduced an otherwise stunted Floyd to tears. "I was both excited and cautious, because of Floyd's past," Lobb said of learning Suzanne's true identity. Her real name was Suzanne Sevakis, and she had been abducted as by Franklin Delano Floyd, who raised her as his daughter and later married her. Floyd, now 79 years old, is still on death row. The fifth season of the Netflix hit will film this summer in British Columbia. The latest issue of Radio Times magazine is on sale now subscribe now and get the next 12 issues for only 1. Lobb explained: "I went to Nate a couple of days before and I said, 'listen, he has this respect, whether it's pseudo respect for people in authority or not, but he seems to respond better, so we're gonna tell him that I'm in charge. However, Tonya Hughes was not her real name and everything the people around her knew about her was entirely false. Eventually, in 1990, Sevakis decided to run away with her secret boyfriend, and take her toddler Michael with them. By the third day of the second trip, Lobb's patience with Floyd has worn thin. He began introducing Marshall as his daughter in Georgia and in 1989, the pair married in New Orleans. All rights reserved. "After conducting my research I came to view Franklin Floyd as someone who always tried to manipulate people around him," Lobb told The US Sun. He decided to storm out of the room as part of an act and returned a short while later, pulling a seat up right next to him in an effort to unsettle him. waters henry mary william margaret history ann john chazzcreations elizabeth florida ga thomas allen county daughter north carolina state nc In 1963, while serving a lengthy prison term, he escaped. In the doc, Willet says that she returned home from a 30-day jail sentence for writing a bad check to find Floyd and her children gone. Lobb says Floyd would immediately shut down the line of questioning straight away, often trailing off with an unsolicited anecdote about people he knew that worked in law enforcement. While he did receive the death penalty, no date has been set for his execution. Tonya Hughes was the victim of a hit and run back in 1990 in Oklahoma City. This put the FBI on his tail, and he was arrested later that year in Kentucky after he attempted to get a new license using one of his old aliases. There is even more to the story, though. Check out our dedicated documentary hub, our guide to the best true crime series, or see what else is on with our TV Guide. Lob recounted. "As he told us about her children, I said 'what are their names?' "Becoming a parent gave me even more respect for my birth mother, because she gave up two children, if not more, knowing that it was better for the kids," she said. Then, as if a switch had been flicked, Floyd stopped crying, looked at Lobb, and in an emotionless tone, said: "I shot him in the back of the head to make it real quick. Girl in the Picture: Everything You Need to Know About Sharon Marshall. Girl in the Picture is streaming on Netflix now. Months after Floyd's arrest for kidnapping Michael, authorities discovered an envelope full of photos that had been duck-tapped to the bottom of his truck. Michael was murdered by Floyd on the same day he was abducted from his elementary school. He was released in 1993, but the case took another shocking turn by the September of 1994 when Floyd turned up at then six-year-old Michael's elementary school with a gun. Her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevaskis, the daughter of Sandi Chipman, who Floyd was married to in the 1970s. The FBI uncovered in October 2014 that Tonya Hughes/Sharon Marshall was the daughter of Sandi Chipman and her name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis via DNA testing. Published: Tuesday, 12th July 2022 at 2:15 pm, Where is Franklin Delano Floyd now? She later died at an area hospital. Copyright 2022 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Heres why you can trust us. Franklin Floyd, now 79, remains on death row to this day with no date set for his execution. "In terms of twists and turns and bizarreness, this case is definitely at the very top for me," said Lobb, who retired as an agent in 2019 and now works for the FBI as a pilot. After being charged with Commesso's murder, Floyd was convicted and sentenced to death in 2002. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. In 2015, Floyd finally confessed that he had murdered the six-year-old, shooting the child twice in the back of the head. The chilling doc works in reverse, piecing together the story of Sevakis' life through the people who knew and loved her, including high school friends, co-workers, and eventually her birth mother. When 'Hughes' died in 1990, Floyd was able to convince the authorities he was her bereaved husband, Clarence Hughes, and that he was the biological father of their son, Michael. He was arrested but made bail and went on the run, failing to show up to court on June 11, 1973. As the search for the boy continued, photographs of dozens of nude children were found taped to the gas tank of the truck Floyd had stolen from Davis. After Floyd's arrest, and a trial where he represented himself along with a co-counsel, he was sentenced to 52 years without parole. He is 79 years old, and there is no date set for his execution. Per his Wikipedia page (opens in new tab), he's incarcerated at Union Correctional Institution in Florida. One of the images among the sordid pile also showed what appeared to be a young woman that had been bound and severely beaten, likely to the point of death. Commesso disappeared in 1989 after an altercation with Floyd. Sharon Marshall, was killed in an alleged hit-and-run, but through an investigation of foul play, it was quickly discovered that she and her older husband were not who they said they were. "He was not a very big guy physically and he wasn't intimidating but mentally he was very intellectual and cunning. The two were not biologically related.

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He had been seeking custody over the boy for years, but he wasn't his biological father and Michael was about to be adopted by his foster family.

Today, Franklin Delano Floyd remains alive at the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida. ", Lobb said we're FBI agents and began introducing themselves. The mysterious ordeal began in April 1990 when a young woman was found sprawled on the side of a service road of Oklahoma City's I-35, with the groceries she had been carrying scattered out around her. Sevakis had three children: the unknown child she conceived in high school, Michael, and a third child, a girl, born in 1989 in New Orleans. This led to Floyd kidnapping six-year-old Michael from school on 12th September that year, after leaving prison for his parole violation. Binge-worthy entertainment news and celebrity interviews. Sign up to be the first to know about breaking stories and new series! Lobb repeated the questions over and over again as Floyd stared at the wall crying. What happened to 'Tonya Hughes' has remained unsolved for 30 years. "We always made Nate look a little bit less dressed than me and Floyd seemed to respond well to that. Coming hot on the heels of Netflix's jaw-dropping documentary series Keep Sweet: Pray and Obeyis Girl in the Picture, which delves into the harrowing crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd. Franklin Floyd was never charged for Suzanne Marie Sevakiss 1990 death that he claimed was a hit-and-run, but he did reveal to agents that he kidnapped Suzanne after her mother, who Floyd married in 1974, was sent to jail.
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