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", He wasn't talking about $20 a week dues, either. However, it is not that simple. The last big rule of the Hells Angels? This is precisely why you never see a Hells Angels biker riding down the rode in neon pink or anything that's super outlandish. This means that if someone took any steps to become a police officer or prison guard, there is no chance he can ever join the club, says Hall. In his book, "Hell to Pay: Hells Angels vs. the Million-Dollar Rat," Neal Hall says a candidate must have already been personally acquainted with a full member for no less than five years until they will even be considered worthy. There's no way they'd remain the 1% MC club in the world allowing everyone to wear whatever they want. You honestly never know what they're likely to do. The website warns to never combine your support to Hells Angels with other clubs, street gangs, or others if you are unaware of the relationship between those others and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Which means that any friendships you support has to fit in with the group as a whole. When Neal Hall lists off the main rules for prospective members hoping to join in his book, "Hell to Pay," he starts off by saying you must own a driver's license and "a motorcycle (a big Harley-Davidson, not a 'sissy' bike)." Thats right. Theres no time for hobbies and theres certainly no time for other clubs particularly if those other clubs happen to be biker gangs. In 2015, CNBC News reported that the Hells Angels started camping outside the store five days before the holiday rush kicked off: When it did, they bought all the bikes the store had, as a donation to a local homeless shelter. Quiz: Which Event Actually Happened in the '80s? Remember when we said the vest was sacred? Dont break the other rules. When Disney made the movieWild Hogs, they included Hells Angelslogos and even their trademarked name. According to him, once he became a full-time biker, he had "a duty to serve the club. As an essential part of the lifestyle, these women spend much time with their partners, often on the road as well. Any rules broken are fined at least $100. This one sort of makes sense. Sheesh. There is also a strict attendance code in the Angels. Some of the bigger enemies include Banditos, the Outlaws, and the Mongols. The infamous Hells Angels biker gang has been given a lot of bad labels over the years outlaws, criminals, drug dealers, and so on. Well, that varies, but you wouldn't join a chess club and never play chess. The charter, once it is established, will mark its own territory. Even if it is found out that someone only applied for a job, that still makes them unworthy to wear the patch. The initiation process of the HAMC is so long and thorough because it is meant to attract the most loyal members possible who are in it for the long haul. That same year, the CBC reported that Canadian branches were seeing a decline in membership numbers. Christie learned the importance of this rule before he was even a Hells Angel in 1976. But timid cops might want to think twice before exercising the power of their badge. You would be assigned the most menial tasks and expected to perform them admirably.

Whether they like it or not, theyre also obligated to live by the laws of the land, meaning that if they get caught riding or behaving illegally, they stand just as much chance of being pulled over as anyone else. Of all the motorcycle organizations in the world, the Hells Angels are probably the most famous or should that be infamous? Even though the Hells Angels do not consider themselves a criminal organization, they still acknowledge that some of their members may be involved in activities outside the law. He said that they needed to get a crash course in the special considerations of caring for a Hells Angel in case of an emergency or accident, and was informed that the typical procedures of cutting through a patient's clothing to get to an injury rather than move them and risk doing more damage didn't apply. It's a club, so you can't just let anyone in, right? Hells Angels ride Harleys, end of story. As a Hells Angel, its a written bylaw, as well as a deeply understood rule that you cannot share any information about another member. Given how badly the media skews things, we can see why this is a rule. The Hells Angels also rely upon women in key positions to gather intelligence on law enforcement agencies and rival gangs, says Sgt. Theyre not shy about dishing out retribution, either, so think twice about dressing like a Hells Angel if youre not one, even if it is Halloween. We've made that much pretty clear. He explained: "The hardest part is knowing how to deal with having a family. Hells Angels members dont look kindly on civilians who wear their sacred vests, and neither do they think too much about members who eschew official merchandise in favor of cheap knock-offs. In 2017, Maclean's spoke with Dave "Shaky" Atwell, a former Hells Angel turned police informant. Other rules are more specific for certain circumstances. Get caught on anything else, and you can expect a stern ticking off. If youve ever wondered why theres no apostrophe in Hells Angels, keep it to yourself. There is a strict order to how different things are done in the Hells Angels and riding is definitely one of those things. Being a Hells Angel isnt a part-time job. And theres a lot of them too, meaning that once youre a member, you can forget about any other interests. Harley-Davidson's are a part of their heritage. In the same way that theyre very particular about their clothes and their codes, theyre also picky about the formation in which they ride. To the Hells Angels, showing up to "church" and club events not only shows commitment, it is also a sign of respect for the club. Sonny Barger points out in his book, "Hell's Angel," how the cops used to mock the bikers for their mile-long processions for the funerals of deceased members in the early history of club, but now that is common practice almost everywhere. And even if you get permission once, dont bank on it lasting forever if they decide to, the club can withdraw the permission at any time. It is quite obvious that all members of the motorcycle club must own a bike. But while these terms do not define all of them, the vast majority can truly be viewed in another way too, as warriors. You might find a few links to other websites scattered around this page. According to rumors, some have been known to engage in all kinds of naughty things, which, as youd expect, can occasionally get them into trouble with the law. In the early days, women were even given specific patches. With an MC as big as hells angels, there are a ton of enemies that are just looking to clash with them. Just, ya know, no embroidery or knitting or anything. Like the Musketeers, the Hells Angels live by the motto of one for all, all for one. As he tells History, when he was a prospect for the Los Angeles chapter, an outsider with a bad attitude pissed off the club president, known as "Old Man John." The club wants to make sure you're 100% committed before being allowed in. So, if you don't know, it's probably not best to ask. However, it could be possible that some of the bikers hate these people even more than the convicted felons that Hall also notes are prohibited, so there is a higher level of loathing behind the exclusion for snitches. Any questions should be raised before the meeting starts so they dont disrupt proceedings. The website likely has information about meetups and other charters. According to the sites website, the original founders didnt want an apostrophe in their name so they simply didnt add one: Missing apostrophe in Hells Angels? the site reads. It's like getting coffee, except we don't think Hells Angels will send you to Starbucks. It goes without saying that what happens in Hells Angels meet-ups, stays in Hells Angels meet-ups. Make no mistake, Hells Angels arent the kind of people you want to mess with. Unless youve got a good excuse not to attend, meetings, hangouts, events, and rides are all mandatory. Child molesters and rapists are also banned, although for very different reasons. They aren't all bad! Learn how your comment data is processed. However, the former chapter president is highly critical of Harleys and says they are a "piece of junk, in terms of machinery," while claiming there are many other members who would agree with him. Strict rules have created highly effective barriers to law enforcement, such as the years-long membership process and the "structured hierarchy" of the club, along with the careful restrictions over what is discussed. We dont.. It doesn't matter if they get pulled over by the police or the Hells Angels member is having motorcycle issues. If youve got a sneaky passion for Ducatis or a secret yearning for Hondas, keep it to yourself. When one member gets pulled over, all of their brothers will pull over too. There's no leaving and even the club themselves state that there is no retirement.

Quiz: Only Baby Boomers Can Pass This Quiz. They thump their chests and yell about how much they love the club and how they're going to be with us for the rest of their lives." Becoming a member can take years, and that gives potential members plenty of time to think about the commitment and we do mean commitment. Because of that, if a man wants to join the Hells Angels, his partner has to be just as willing for them to make that kind of commitment, because of the amount of time the club takes up. Like living.alot.com says, the Hells Angels are called a brotherhood for a reason. One-time president of the Hells Angels' Oakland, California branch Ralph "Sonny" Barger once described the MC to the BBC as just about as chauvinistic an organization as anyone could imagine. He had been looking into the Hells Angels for almost a decade and had written a book called "Angels of Death: Inside the Biker Gangs' Crime Empire." The club's security is of utmost importance, so these subjects are completely avoided in official discussions, says George Christie (via History). Things have been done this way for a very long time. Other members have been expelled for breaking the club's code. The reason for these rides? Because were scared. > As alphacute.com says, theres a very good reason why the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is such a mysterious organization: its members make a point of keeping it that way. Consequences for not doing so iswell, unpleasant. That being said, the severity certainly depends on the charter and the charter president. Because the process is so long and involved and you become, in essence, part of the family, they will expect to pry your bike from your cold, dead, arthritic hands. In 2009, evidence of the biker club's stance towards the media was on full display at their annual summer rally in Carlton, Minnesota. The bikers ride based on seniority and rank, beginning with the charter president all the way down to the prospects. 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways Your Identity Could Be Stolen, Customer Survey Systems: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself, 5 Reasons a Customer Service Chatbot Saves Time, 5 of the Best Online Customer Survey Systems, Customer Service Bots: A Guide to Your Secret Weapon for Stellar Service. There are a ton of websites out there that pretend to be the club, but remember, there's only one Hells Angels. Whether you want to take a walk down memory lane or explore the next big thing, were ready to help you do it all and much more at Alot Living! And in the early days, "old ladies" even wore the treasured patches to increase the exposure of the insignia, Barger says. Each meeting has a written agenda that has to be respected, and members are only expected to interrupt if absolutely necessary. That doesn't mean they haven't had their run in with drugs and law enforcement in the past. Entertainment. We are sure youve seen merchandise that looks as if it could have been branded by the Hells Angels, themselves. For it to be such an exclusive club, but to also be so well known, we wanted to know what one exactly had to do to be a Hells Angel. The leader and vice president were sentence to 25 years in prison. Since their inception, Hells Angels have only ridden Harley Davidsons, and thats unlikely to change anytime soon. The Hells Angels do not want their private business to be known publicly, so as a precaution, members are not allowed to talk to the media, reports theDuluth News Tribune. British Columbia, on the other hand, hasn't labeled them as a criminal organization, but that hasn't stopped law enforcement from raiding their clubhouses. Yet despite their reputation as troublemakers, theyre actually sticklers for rules. According to the Hells Angels website, as of October of 2020, there are currently 467 Hells Angels charter clubs, spanning 86 areas, in 59 countries, across five continents. As a member, youd be expected to put the club above all else. The inner workings are for club members and club members alone. That's wholesome stuff, but it doesn't always go as planned: In 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported that four Hells Angels had been arrested after leaving their chapter's Christmas toy drive. But even if Japanese bikes perform better, he says that the Hells Angels will never give up their Harleys not only because of tradition but also for patriotism as well (via the BBC). It would be pretty obvious by now that as time consuming as being an Angel would be, you probably wouldnt even have the time to think about joining another club. That doesn't mean you'll be beaten or anything. No surprise there, considering the two MCs ahve been trying to eliminate the other for years now. A Complete Travelers Guide to Using the Virgin Club Lounge, 20 Cars Similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Remembering The 2012 Ducati 848 Streetfighter, A Closer Look at The Ducati V21L MotoE Prototype, A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 9 Fire Red, The 10 Best Air Jordan Exclusives for Women, A Closer Look at The Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT, How Victoria Gotti Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million, How Chaney Jones Achieved a Net Worth of $27 Million, How Fred Savage Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million, How Pete Hegseth Achieved a Net Worth of $19 Million. hells hazing However, instead of wrecking all sorts of havoc with Disney which they certainly could have they took their greivences to court. Lets face it, the Hells Angels dont have a reputation for being squeaky clean. Any other commitments? This 1% is supposed to be in opposition to the other 99% of motorcycle riders who are law-abiding citizens. Like how soldiers depend on their comrades in battle, the Hells Angels know that other members will always be there for them when in trouble.

According to Sher, there was a lot that just wasn't publicly known about the group's code of honor: "[The code] is a part of their mystique. Unless they gave it to you or sold it to you themselves, dont attempt to wear it to make yourself look like one of the boys. Can You Guess the World City From Its Famous Landmark? Christie claims that the reason law enforcement agencies categorize the club as criminal is because it is easier for them to target the entire organization rather than specific individuals within the club. As a member of the Hells Angels, youre expected to be loyal, and that means getting friendly with rival gangs is strictly forbidden. The clubs expanded across California and then across the country, until in 1969, the first European charter was created. You must be a Harley-Davidson owner to even be considered as a member. Any kind of substance abuse is strictly forbidden. One of the most brutal incidents in recent memory occurred in 2002 when the two rival groups violently clashed at a Nevada casino and all hell broke loose (via Time). Again, we dont know specifics, but weve heard the consequences to breaking the rules can be pretty awful. lovers mc hells motorcycle club patch hell clubs biker patches gang bikers wild ones england hosts decatur happens nothing davidson hells angels motorcycle outlaw club bikers mc said clubhouse chopper road leather security york Guess they take the whole law enforcement thing very seriously even the grammar police aren't tolerated! Anyone who wants to wear the official Hells Angels vest is expected to abide by a fairly extensive list of guidelines and woe betide anyone who decides theyre above the code. There's no going off track here and talking about something pointless for several minutes. Some rules are so heinous that other charters may need to get involved, too. Hells Angels may be top-dog, but they have enemies out there that jostle them at any chance they get. The Hells Angels is one of the largest one-percenter motorcycle clubs in the world. So, the Hells Angels do not officially recognize any retirement from the club and expect members to stay for life (via the Hells Angels website). Again, it's a serious commitment (even moreso than marriage for some people). Atwell explained: "It was very corporate. Once a potential member is voted in by the rest of the club, some are given a patch that states "AFFA" or "Angels Forever; Forever Angels." ", In 2009, the Duluth News Tribune spoke with an investigative journalist named Julian Sher. According to the Hells Angels MC website, they ride approximately 12,000 miles together every year, and everyone is expected to ride along. In this case, tentative members are prospects who run errands until such a time as the club decides to either vote them in or out. The process can take years, mostly because this isn't a situation where you can bail after you're in. You always have to put the club first. Club meetings are a vital part of the club to discuss all sorts of important business. John then cut off the imposter's jacket and kicked him out of the bar. However, the club acknowledges that some members have been forced to disassociate themselves due to problems with the law. The Hells Angels have been very open about their use of drugs like weed, according to History, for quite some time. When he turned informant, the law enforcement officers he was working with gave him a stipend to cover the expenses he incurred as a Hells Angel. The police don't exactly have a friendly relationship with them either. While this is a concern, Hells Angels also doesn't want anyone representing the club when they have no right to be doing so. For a time, the club also banned rip-offs in drug deals, known as drug burns, because stealing damages the reputation of the club. Members are strictly forbidden from using them or selling them if theyre caught doing either, they can kiss goodbye to their membership. Why? One of the most recent was the opening of a new Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Halifax. Kudos to them! As George Christie tells History, these meetings can be very personal if someone needs to be disciplined, such as if a member has an issue with drugs or alcohol. One assumes that if you miss meetings or hangouts, youre not serious about the club, itself. Of course, maintaining your bike is a perfectly acceptable hobby because its part of the Hells Angels. Which 2018 Dodge Durango Is Right for You? Of course, you have to respect the upper members of the MC. What you wont find is any link to the official website of the Hells Angels. With how often they run into law enforcement, we can see why this is such an important rule. No, instaed, you can't have any hobbies! Although, considering how legally-inclined the club has been in the past, we wouldn't be surprised if they had a surprise vendetta against Hobby Lobby. Throughout their existence, theyve made trouble their business. So seriously do Hells Angels take their collective vow of silence, they wont even talk about members whove disappeared. Theyre gonna leave it the way it is, thank you very much. The result was the end of all contact with men that used to consider him a brother. Although women do play an integral role in the running of the club, only men can be members. In the Hells Angels, youre part of one super large family, so when one biker gets pulled over, they all pull over together in a show of solidarity. There are few who know the Hells Angels better than former president of the Oakland, California, chapter, Ralph "Sonny" Barger. If you were raised with that mantra, then you should be able to fit right in with these boys. The rule is especially true for rival groups that do not have a good relationship with the Angels, which would be many biker gangs. Anyone caught wearing something and impersinating a member of Hells Angels? However, members are supposed to follow guidelines in order to limit some of the chaos that comes with drug use, such as some of the harder ones being unacceptable. That process can take a long time, depending on the person. Thats right, if youre an officer of the law, a prison guard, or even a security guard, you cannot gain entrance to the Hells Angels due to the conflict of interest. After that, it turns into a chaotic free for all, with the rest of the members all jockeying for position. They were under no circumstances to cut through a patch: "They're sensitive to any desecration.". You should probably know ahead of time that as a prospect, you would be subject to much hazing. Which 2019 Cadillac CTS Is Right for You? So, if someone is caught wearing a patch without being a member, he will certainly get his butt kicked. Loyalty means everything to the Hells Angels, so there is no way they would ever accept someone who has taken an oath for any other group or cause, even if it is to uphold the law (via Demons Row TV). Those who have been stuck in meetings after they've gotten massively side-tracked can respect this rule. However, Barger claims this is no longer a rule because the cops have used it against them too many times to make criminal charges against the organization. According to Sgt. Women might play a role in the club as far as respecting the lifestyle and remaining loyal to the code, but only men can become official members. They might not be many peoples idea of model citizens, but in some ways, the rest of the world could do well to follow their lead. Not showing up also prevents you from voting, which tells the club that you don't care about what they're doing and what they're about. The Hells Angels aren't just a motorcycle club, and according to Fortune, the bike clubs of the U.S. (and their international branches) have been operating as businesses for a long time. The Hells Angels will do whatever it takes to protect their reputation and their image in the mainstream media. Its doubtful many police officers would want to risk their reputation by becoming a Hells Angel, but in case there are any, weve got some bad news in store they cant. In fact, maybe some companies should inact this rule sans the insanely expensive fine, that is. The club isn't all bad like we've been taught in the last. Reasons behind the decline were likely to be complicated, but RCMP Sgt. It's a real commitment. But what is not talked about is any sort of illegal activity. Here are 20 Hells Angels rules you might not be aware of, but which every hopeful prospect will need to learn by heart. But even respected "old ladies" can only attend meetings on special occasions because women are not allowed to ever become official members. If you come across some Hells Angels gear that you think would make a stylish addition to your wardrobe, think long and hard before you start wearing it around town. Why were they like that? All sorts of club business is discussed regarding members and important issues like how to deal with the police or the media. If a member misses a meeting without a good reason, he has to pay a fine of $50-100, notes Sonny Barger in his book, "Hell's Angel.". That also means they'll go up against entertainment giants if need-be. Yet regardless of that comment, it is only tradition that it has to be a Harley. And then theres the fact they have a zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault and violence against women. Yes. Along with this very important vest, they're also given a patch with the name of their charter sewn onto it. Some members aren't even sure why they're seen as the bad guys considering some of the good work that they do. When it does, the rest of the brotherhood is expected to keep their lips sealed. You can't expect a club like this to accept the law as in law enforcement officers, that is. With around 500 of the notorious bikers in attendance, reporters went to the event but noticed that the Hells Angels would consistently stop talking or turn their backs on the media whenever they were present, according to the Duluth News Tribune. However, Christie was shocked weeks later to discover that he was not in "good standing" and was instead "out bad." He was a member of another group who happened to know a handful of the Hells Angels, and when he was asked why he hadn't become one, he replied that he hadn't had the ability or willingness to commit to the 100% the MC demanded of members. This isn't a "get in, get out, get on with your life" kind of deal.

The last thing nayone wants is to be "kicked" out of the club for disrespecting what they're all about and other members who have attended the meetings. Most Hells Angels have regular lives, regular homes, and regular jobs, but you wouldnt know it from the amount of time they spend on their bikes. If this is the case, it would be easy to see why since it is nearly impossible for the police to infiltrate the Hells Angels, according to the Review Journal. Oof, that's certainly a hefty, hefty fine. This way, the bikers do not always have to resort to violent intimidation to do so. One of the most famous examples of this is the retirement of George Christie. Sher says that there are even protocols that say what happens to vests when a member gets arrested, and says that instead of having anyone else touch the vest, members will give it to one of their brothers to take care of. According to SMDC Health System's manager John Jordan, it goes even farther than that. When the club was first formed, Harley-Davidson was selling cheap, easy to maintain motorcycles, and it just kinda stuck. To keep order while on the road, the bikers tend to stick with a formation once it has been established, Baker tells the Duluth News Tribune. The Hells Angels and the other 1% biker clubs have an unwritten rule that never shall the other attempt to control an area that is already claimed by another gang. In 1948, World War II veterans created the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) when they were growing restless in peacetime, and surplus bikes from the military were dirt cheap. It's more than just about wearing them everywhere, and Sher says the vests are sacred. Sonny Barger in his book "Hell's Angel" does not mince words when describing these types: "Most rats are loud-talking bullies who like to push people around and talk tough when the club surrounds them. To make sure things stay civilized, the group follows Roberts Rules of Order, which was written over a century ago to help businesses ensure any meetings run smoothly and along democratic lines. Mark Baker of Minnesota State Patrol (via Duluth News Tribune). However, after the chapter officers, Sonny Barger in his autobiography describes the situation as being much more chaotic: "From that point back, it's a free-for-all drag race, jockeying for position. This is why someone really has to think about it before they go all in with the club.

Riding just goes with the territory. As the fearless leader, the chapter president always rides in the front even if that places him at the most risk for possible collisions. Maybe if you see them, just hang behind them. In other words? But whereas some people like to ride alone, Angels like to ride as a group. This means you can basically kiss all other hobbies you had planned goodbye. It's part of their secrecy and, to some degree, a part of their security.". Dare question their punctuation, and youre unlikely to receive a very pleasant response. "Because we want to be," was the reply. They are super-secret about their activities and as such, keep a very tight lid on their goings-on. Do You Know Where These Strange Roadside Attractions Are Located? Others are not so lucky and lose their lives. Nowadays, it's even hard to spot the fakes considering how easy it is to impersonate nearly anyone. Before someone can even try to become a member, there are certain things that instantly disqualify a person. It was about being a cog in a money-making machine. Just do the tasks set out before you without complaining, and maybe throw in a smile or two.

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