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Ouija boards, special cameras, paranormal gear, etc. Happy Haunts only lost the Stuff Pack vote because it deserves a whole Game Pack so jot that down. Wir laden Sie ein, Ihre Ansprche in unserem Haus mit drei(miteinander kombinierbaren) Szenerien vielseitig auszudrcken:Klassisch, Modern und Zeremoniell. Sie haben die Vision, in Schloss Hollenburgwird sie zu Hoch-Zeit wir freuen uns auf Sie, Zwischen Weingrten und Donau inHollenburg bei Krems: 72 km westlichvon Wien (50 Min. Haunted House Tour Part: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11. Deck out your sims in Von Dutch hats, denim mini skirts, and 2007 blackout era Britney Spears Gucci sunglasses to pay homage to the 2000s trends. - New NPCs to encounter: The graveyard keeper & ghosts, - The new functionality to purchase custom urns/ tombstones, - two modules to expand the mod: Skeletons and Witches & Voodoo which brings back Olive Specter as NPC. Anyone who has played Sims for long will have learned that sometimes having more than one person doing things makes life better for the whole household. - Enabled the "Kick Tombstone" interaction on EA tombstones Heres the FAQ link: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues-Mac/The-Sims-4-macOS-Notarization-FAQ/m-p/8876253. Like promised yesterday here is a summary of the WIP sneak peeks I shared on Twitter. Theres not much to track yet, of course! Holding an eulogy can be done by using a microphone.Download, DOWNLOAD : Patreon (early access, Public released on 24th October, 2021). I hope you still like these and of course the big thanks once again to the awesome, great cc makers! @maxismatchccworld, part 1 bc imma work on the rest some time today when i get a second bc im hanging out with dad ^^, i made these a month ago during my creative hiatius and decided to wait to post them today for daddo day so here ya go <3. Zwischen Weingrten und Donau in Hollenburg bei Krems: 72 km westlich von Wien (50 Min. What I want but probably wont get from the new pack: Different types of entities, bad/good/neutral. The server is not NSFW, so its very comfortably open to younger Simmers and those who prefer to stay clear of 18+ content. Expected from the community that voted for dirty clothes last time they had a vote. Please redownload the new version to get the following changes: Fixes- Fixed Objects missing tags and thumbnail overlay/ preventing the venue requirements and tombstone purchase interaction from wokring- Ghosts shouldnt be obsessed with sleeping and napping in coffins anymore (Vampire GP)- Removed Graveyard Ghosts (NPCs) being affected by venue buffs- Hopefully fixed the LE from the graveyard keeper raking leaves. Occult players have gotten two packs and now that Happy Haunts has gotten a lot interest the realism players are screaming that they have been too many supernatural packs. Id love to see what you do with it, feel free to tag me @miasimxo If anything is wrong please let me know! Einfache Unterknfte in Hollenburg selbst& in den Nachbarorten Diverse gehobene Unterknfteim Umkreis von 10 km Eine sehr schne sptmittel-alterliche Kirche im Ort. Item Index Preview | Download | Follow Ayoshi, - it's made for high-waisted pants if that wasn't obvious. I just made little changes. And of course Evers. We know that too. - Added the chance for accursed objects to spawn (depends on serenity level) The Ghost Hunter spends their time interaction with Specters, Ghosts and cursed Objects and will help you bring down the serenity level Auch fr Ihren Business-Events bietet Schloss Hollenburg den idealen Rahmen, dies haben wir fr Sie in der Szenerie Business zusammengefasst. If youre on Discord and looking for a place to talk with other Sims 4 CC and mod creators, or if you use Discord and want a central place to keep up whats new, come check out Creator Musings. And I know I may not have done it well. from mama bear inna and the barrel of monkeys hehe Happy Haunts Graveyard Mod - V1.32 - Patch Fixes & New Features! If you play on a Mac, check this FAQ to learn more! Get it here! The last thing I started working on are two new abilities: "Cause Nightmare" and "Visit in Dream". Ive started using The Plum Tree - a custom genealogy website for Sims 4 - to track my Legacy Lite save in. - the serenity level can be influenced the same way as it does on haunted houses

Welcome to Planet AxA, a custom content pack that focuses on Y2K fashion that Ayoshi and I felt like revamping to for a 21st century angle. Just my little Simblr. - removed two empty debug interactions from showing up on Tombstones - No CC besides the objects from the graveyard mod! Realism are honestly really pretentious at times. Please redownload the new version to get the following changes: Fixes- Fixed Objects missing tags and thumbnail overlay/ preventing the venue requirements and tombstone purchase interaction from wokring- Ghosts shouldnt be obsessed with sleeping and napping in coffins anymore (Vampire GP)- Removed Graveyard Ghosts (NPCs) being affected by venue buffs- Hopefully fixed the LE from the graveyard keeper raking leaves. 8 km sdstlichvon Krems und ca. - Lot must fulfill the requirements of the graveyard venue from my mod! Oooh I hope I can find enough time to join in. Ghosts can go invisible and choose to be visible, Random furniture moving and staying in different spots. It should becc free but you still have to check Include Custom Content on the Gallery to see it. Like wtf honestly. Creepier ghosts plz, I want them to actually be somewhat scary.. Our tour begins on The Sims 4 Gallery, under the EA Account ID: Sheepiling. Please make room for everyone. Over on Mod the Sims, denton47 is looking for testers for a tool that creates custom effects from existing Sims 4 effects, starting with particle effects. (DELETE THE OLD ONE!) A Forum FAQ on the script mod Pythonageddon and the usual broken mods is! Edible Art and Knitting won in a vote over Ghost Hunting and a Grim Reaper Career. Hier, mitten in Hollenburg, ca. Lots more info at: Please pass on the word to anyone you know who might be able to help test! +43 2739 2229 Ihr Event, sei es Hochzeit oder Business-Veranstaltung, verdient einen Ort, der ihn unvergesslich macht. IF BONEHILDA ISNT IN THIS NEW PACK I WILL CRY. I created a poll a while ago asking if anyone would be interested in a little build contest once my graveyard mod is out so here it is! PimpMySims4 has updated their Sims 4 LGBT mod, over on their Patreon.

Nicht jeder kennt es, aber jeder, der hier war, liebt es. Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Nov. 19 University EP & patch, https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues-Mac/The-Sims-4-macOS-Notarization-FAQ/m-p/8876253, Scumbumbos Temporary Tattoos for Kids Updated. - upload your lot to the gallery and tag it with #ChippedGraveyard. I know its very hard to make dark-skinned characters, but at least I tried. Happy Haunts - Graveyard Mod - First Public Release! https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/950909/broken-updated-mods-python-terrain-update-get-famous-nov-18. Thank you. In order, Edward Gracey, Elizabeth, Ramsely, Madame Leota, Ezra, Emma. We have a new patch coming soon that will make some file location changes for Mac users. A holiday tradition that will allow all Sims to see ghosts during the day of this holiday and a reward trait that enables the ability the ability to see and interact with ghosts (and specters) in general. Tatiana over on Sims Community has been accused of copying/stealing the Broken/Updated Mods lists that I am maintaining for the 4 December patch on the official Sims 4 forums. I also added a description and icons to both new motives. - Added the Chance for Specters to spawn (type of specter depends on serenity level)

To allow human Sims to see ghosts I started working on 2 new features. ), @sifixcc, @natalia-auditore (for hair and some poses) and lots of other cc-makers. This version fixes and tweaks some things of the core mod based on feedback I got. Schloss Hollenburg ist ein solcher ganz besondererOrt: Klassisch schn mit einer jahrhundertelangenaristokratischen Tradition und dabei anregend moderndurch kreative Anpassungen an die heutige Zeit. I came in late to the project but am impressed with how well thought out it is, and everything that went into getting it ready to launch. Depending on the type of ghost you want to play you can either torment the living or give them a nice comforting dream. - Renamed the Script! I have a new Discord home for posting news about Sims 4 mods & CC, This is meant to allow players who dont enjoy building to pick from a variety of graveyards.So get creative and create some creepy, beautiful or exotic graveyards! Core - Seances Circles will now be cleaned up once the sun comes up or you load onto the lot during the day They keep acting like there isnt a whole subsection of the community that likes occults. - Cleaned up & changed some parts of the mod structure to get rid of unneccessary resources - Debug & Move objects are allowed as well.

Thanks! Paranormal Module Many, many thanks to @MizoreYukii for giving me a role in this project, and to all the other founders for all the long work that went into making this! That includes aro/ace traits, homophobia (through a trait, so you can absolutely keep it out of your Sims world), events, and other things that arent obvious from the mod name. 18+ mods cant be reported on the Official Forums, but youll find update links (when known) for lots else. Schreiben Sie uns mittels des Kontaktformulars unten, schicken Sie uns eine Email an post@hochzeitsschloss-hollenburg.at, Obere Hollenburger Hauptstrae 14 vom Stadtzentrum), 8 km sdstlich von Krems (10 Min. Lot traits: peace and quiet, spooky, cursed, creepy crawlies, Packs Required: ALL (especially Paranormal duh), Download on the Gallery: miasimxo Please read the note about the script in the change log - I renamed the Script! Ill take this one and this one. Mr. Gracey was found in the Gallery, so thanks go to the original author. You can write an eulogy by selecting the option in the graveyard menu on any computer. Download and detailed install instructions can be found on my website! this ask is prehistoric but i wanted to do it anyway SO, 01. television / top / skirt / shoes / socks / bag / nails, 02. top / pants / shoes / necklace / bracelet / nails, 03. top / pants / shoes / necklace / acc coat, thanks to the cc creators! (DELETE THE OLD ONE)! , #yeah i was working on poses for the others but they didnt work out, #happy daddo day to all the dads out there <3, #teaser comes out a day before my birthday, #this edit is pretty shit ngl but i just really wanted to post something so here you go xD. hey could you maybe do a cc finds with your favorite lamps/lighting? Happy Haunts Graveyard Mod V1.23 - Update: Fixes & Tweaks. - fixed Object tags so Urns and Tombstones from the Vampire pack should be available in the purchase pickers now Kindly download this and view the links below for the picture tour. The new public version of the graveyard mod is finally here! 72 km westlich vonWien, nur einen Steinwurf von der Donauund den Weinbergen entfernt, wohnen wirnicht nur, sondern laden auch seit vielenJahren zu verschiedensten kulturellen Aktivitten.

Ready for todays Sims 4 patch drop? Tweaks

We arent a support server, but we can link you out to where to get support when you need it. Premium Tumblr themes are available from anywhere between $9 to $49. I'm a CC creator and modder but also enjoy building and playing the game from time to time. Tweaks- Added a spawn point for the NPC ghosts to the dummy tombstone object so they can spawn from the tombstone instead of running on to the lotDownload here. Why the fuck I'm I doing this shit again. facebook.com/hochzeitsschlosshollenburg/. top to bottom: Luna, Xandra, Riley and Remy , im a whole day late im so sorry ;u;" it took me most of my day yesterday to make this pose heheh ^^', so since y'all know the kiddos, a bit of info about them in regards of inna ~, inna is the biological mother of xandra (she had her with caleb), she was the surrogate mother for riley when morgyn and caleb decided to have a baby together, although morgyn later decides to look into and having the twins with nas, inna essentially accepts luna and remy and is a mother figure to all 4 kiddos, she's a good example of any type of mother and i wish all forms of mothers a great day and many days to come :3, Of course, Bonehilda is excited to meet the Grim Reaper!!!

Heute, nach behutsamer und grndlicherRenovierung knnen wir auch Ihnen einbreites Spektrum an reprsentativen Rumlichkeitenfr Ihre auergewhnliche Veranstaltung sei es Hochzeit, Seminar oderEmpfang anbieten. You all make so awesome work! I am your host, your ghost host. But I still wanted to do these and because Haunted Mansion now happens to fit the Halloween theme well and because I like both ghost stories and romantic stuff, I did these. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. Basemental has updated Scumbumbos Sims 4 mod Temporary Tattoos for Kids. New traits for believers and non believers, Electronic interference when house is haunted. Espesially @strangestorytellersims (I love clothes made by you! The 5 lots with the most Favorites (that fulfill the requirements listed above)will be featured in a little showcase and linked on the official mod page! ), Mit dem Laden der Karte akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklrung von Google.Mehr erfahren. mysterious hand prints/scratches on windows/floor/walls/etc. Wir laden Sie ein, Ihre Anspruche in unserem Haus mit drei(miteinander kombinierbaren) Szenerien vielseitig auszudrucken: Hochelegant und intimim Haupthausfr Gesellschaftenbis 80 Personen, Schn modern & flexibelin den ehemaligenWirtschaftsgebuden frunkonventionelle Partienbis 120 Personen, Verbindungenmolto romanticoim Biedermeier-Salettloder mit Industrial-Chicim Depot. Both interactions drain your spectral energy but increase your spiritual connection. DO NOT Re-color, Re-edit, Inculde MESH without My Permission. Schloss Hollenburg liegt idyllisch zwischen Weinbergen und der Donau mitten im pittoresken Dorf Hollenburg bei Krems: 72 km westlich von Wien (50 Min. vom Stadtzentrum) und 8 km sudstlich von Krems (10 Min. I decided to jump over my own shadow and finally relase one of the mods I have been working on for ages since I know a lot of people have been waiting for this! Tweaks- Added a spawn point for the NPC ghosts to the dummy tombstone object so they can spawn from the tombstone instead of running on to the lotDownload here! , IM SO EXCITED I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT I CANT IM SO EXCITED. Jim, Sara, Megan and Michael. Additionally it adds a new paranormal module with new gameplay! 3506 Krems-Hollenburg, post@hochzeitsschloss-hollenburg.at In fact, almost all characters, except Edward Gracey, is made by me.

Or if youre a creator, stop by with your own mod/CC update info! If you want to dip your toes into CC/mod creation, theres support for you here too. Ill still be posting a Broken Mods thread on the Forums and reblogging info here, but this server will cover all mod/CC updates, not only whats broken and whats fixed.

Happy Haunts Graveyard Mod V1.23 - Update: Fixes & Tweaks. Business but not as usual: Auf Schloss Hollenburg ist fr Ihr Business-Event (fast) alles mglich aber niemals gewhnlich, vom elegant-diskreten Seated Dinner ber Ihre eigenen Formate bis zum von uns ausgerichteten Teambuilding-Event, dem einzigartigenWeinduell. I just tuned this character. Got your back on Teen-rated mods and CC on the official forums, and will repost here, non-Teen included. That is not true. Yes, I did the (well some of the) characters from the Haunted Mansion by Disney. If you have it, update it. Play older saves without updated mods at your own risk. Please read the following information carefully!Pack tests by Frank also needed updating after the Cottage Living patch so you need to redownload that package as well.Changes- Ghosts fade in while spawning now- The venue items suggested in build mode should make more sense now, Fixes- Fixed several issues that were caused by changes of the Cottage Living patch- Fixed a XML Injector bug that made the interaction to buy tombstones/urns show up on wall sculptures- Fixed the icon of the buyUrns/Tombstones interaction- Fixed missing tags on the Vampire Tombstones/ Urns that prevented them from showing up in the venue requirements and purchase pickers, New Features- Added the ability to buy Urns/ Tombstones to tablets- Added a new interaction to kick tombstones with several different outcomes depending on your Sims personality- Added a first version of theGrieving Module that adds the functionality to write and hold eulogies. Pictures and details under the cut: With the help of Pandasama I was able to fix the ghost teleportation animation and this is the final animation I ended up with: I tweaked the motive bars some more and ended up with these dark blue colored version. A detailed list of the changes can be found down below: Download here, Lot Upload: CC FREE Duplantier Dwelling makeover. THIS NEW POSSIBLE HAPPY HAUNTS-ESQUE STUFF PACK BETTER HAVE BONEHILDA OR WE RIOT INSTANTLY IN 2021, Ghoulies presents: the knitting grandmas of the apocalypse, a group of devilish grandmas that knit sweaters to raise funds so they can pay a developer to make a happy haunts independent pack. Hey, Simmer friends! nas and bby luna and remy have my whole heart ok i love them ;u; Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. If you dont, consider checking it out! - added a notification to the special outcomes of the "Kick Tombstone" and "Ask for Advice" interaction to makewhat's happening easier to understand ), Einfache Unterknfte in Hollenburg selbst & in den Nachbarorten, Diverse gehobene Unterknfteim Umkreis von 10 km, Eine sehr schne sptmittelalterliche Kirche im Ort. http://app.theplumtreeapp.com/public.html#57b0b708f978430e00049b4b, And you can check the app out here: http://app.theplumtreeapp.com/. Ghost Overhaul - Progress summary Vom berhmten Biedermeier-ArchitektenJosef Kornhusl geplant, ist SchlossHollenburgseit 1822 der Sitz unsererFamilieGeymller. Thanks to everyone who reblogs this post)) With your help more people are able to know my work. Ive got a new home for mod/CC update news on Discord, in Creator Musings a server designed for all Sims 4 CC and mod creators, established and new, with news areas for non-creator Simmers to keep up on whats new. Graveyard Mod Update 1.4 - Paranormal OR Tray files on simfileshare here And I hope you have a spoopy Simstober! The truth is this: Tatiana and I have been working together since the patch launched so that both communities get as full information as either of us can find. This is really very important for me! - Added a new Ghost Hunter NPC (no special NPC this time - any Sim in the paranormal investigator career can be picked for this role). I wanted to do something spoopyfor Simstober and got the idea to upload my makeover of Duplantier Dwelling for you lovely simmers! Im really hoping the new stuff pack gives us cemeteries where we can find the gravestones of sims who died while we werent playing them. With Halloween around the corner I wanted to try & create an eerie kind of CAS Lighting. vom Stadtzentrum),8 km sdstlich von Krems (10 Min.) Teens and kids getting in trouble from playing ouija board, Ability to hire ghost hunters as a service.

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