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It doesnt matter what you have if you dont have Christ. We should give cheerfully. He has no problem giving us the money, but we have to expose whats in our hearts. You definitely wont give God your life if you wont give Him paper (the money he gave you). 2022 Bold Insider Marketing | All rights reserved | 786 942 2958 |, If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through the website by clicking here, For more information about Transformation Church, visit, The D.I.G. Ask God what you need to give. TC called the people over at, Fully lean into it so youre not in the same place next year, When we feel like were doing everything right, we start to ask God to, show me the money. Mike heard God say back to us, show me the motive.. Its our nature to be born this way. God, give them the faith to stay in the fight. Too many believers are waiting on a sign from God for something that should be a habit. Text SHARE to 828282 to share your story via the TC video booth. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Join our mailing list to receive notices when the latest notes are posted. If you dont develop kind words, you cant give them. Determine your salvation goals, not just your sales goals. Men you were called to lead your family in kingdom principles. Too many of us are in debt. It might be your appearance or your house. We should be subscribing to more money, more purpose to use our funds for Gods purposes. Eventually Mike will give small bears with diamonds on them. Your children are an amalgamation of what you give them. 7If there is among you a poor man of your brethren, within any of the[a]gates in your land which theLordyour God is giving you,you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother,8butyou shall[b]open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need, whatever he needs. Pastor Mike is trying to get Pastor Robert to come. Join TC for prayer every Monday night at 6PM (CST). Exposing our kids to motive is more important than money and making monumental moves. Our blessed life is not dependent on the government or a tax break. Stockpile treasure in heaven, where its safe from moth and rust and burglars. Some people check their bank account more than they check their kids.

9Beware lest there be a wicked thought in your heart, saying, The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand, and youreye be evil against your poor brother and you give him nothing, andhe cry out to theLordagainst you, andit become sin among you. God will give our money purpose that we dont get to see the full perspective of until we get to heaven thats why its actually faith when we give. The storage industry is a billion-dollar industry because we store stuff that cant be stored where we live.

The only reasonable sacrifice to give God is our bodies as a living sacrifice. You can find out that theres so much healing to communicate what actually happened, with no judgment. If so, on the count of three, raise your hand. The anger youre experiencing happened in your heart first. He tries to steal the glory from God. In 2020, we also happily took on a more active role with the E-Fam of Elevation Church by fellowshipping with other married couples and were pleased to have the opportunity to join TC Beta Belong Groups. Your email address will not be published. Dont sit there clenched up thinking Mike is going to ask you to give anything. The bears Mike had in store for his daughters were so much bigger and better than the ones they wouldnt share.

Sometimes the packaging of how God blesses you is not in the same way He blessed you before.

We joined TC Nation as online members of Transformation Church in 2017 when we moved to Austin from Miami, Florida. Were not responsible for what they do with their resources. You dont have to pray to give people the money in your pocket. Its not about what were giving, its all about the heart. For those that are grieving, I thank you that they dont get weary in welldoing, but you are sending encouragement to them, that they will stay faithful. I believe that representing God doesnt have to be done in traditional spaces. God didnt invent giving for himself. God wants us to be very sure that giving is more important than giving money. -3. We should be able to stand before God and ask Him to check our hearts without question. I hope that these message notes can bring clarity to anything you may be seeking and help you to experience the peace and glory of Jesus Christ. Also, for any Amazon specific links that you see, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thats the motive of the heart.

Its obvious, isnt it? You can also Text TCGIVE to 77977.

The thing about motive is that its found in the heart, it doesnt have money attached to it. If the motive is not right, the money never will be. God wants us to give willingly to anyone who needs it. 10You shall surely give to him, andyour heart should not be grieved when you give to him, becausefor this thing theLordyour God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand. Pastor Mike wants us to have an impartation. We could bless someones entire life by giving away some of the stuff youre sick of cleaning. Text it to them. We trust you, believe you, and thank you in Jesus name. Thank you for your grace.

Pastor Robert Morris has an approval and an anointing from God on this. The effectual fervent prayers of many of you have helped countless circumstances in my life and in the lives of those around me. When we get that, the principles of God will change our families, relationships lives. He is excited that you would even consider Him as an option for your life. This can keep you from what God actually has for you.

God saved you to save others. It let Mike know that he wasnt alone and that he could come out of it because his father overcame it. Today, Mike wants to teach about the motives of our hearts. You may need counseling more than the shoes/purse. If you dont develop a grateful heart, youll still feel entitled to it like, its about time.. Youre in church worshipping and thinking God is going to bless you, despite everything he gives you turning to selfishness, then wickedness, then sin. Over 9,536 people have given their lives to Christ! How many people had a real, Im a grown man/woman, youre a grown man/woman moment with your parents? Some of you will do anything for your blood family, but not to others in the community. Today, I give you my life, I believe you lived, you died, and you rose again, just for me. Youll never accomplish the person if the motive is not in your heart. Pastor Craig Groeschel Transformation Church, Im Living Large // Mo Money, Mo Problems (Part 4) Pastor Charles Metcalf Transformation Church, I Found My Anchor // Grace Like A Flood (Part 3) Pastor Michael Todd Transformation Church. 38Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into yourbosom. The heart is the cockpit of your life. God sees a selfish person in the same boat as another sinner. In Biblical times, debts were released after 7 years. The enemy tries to convince you not to give. Even if you havent had that conversation, it creates a tension in real life because it happened in your heart. Look at your app with the finances and it will show you where you heart is. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. If you dont guard it, youll be open to all sorts of foolishness ravaging through your life. Im yours, take over, renew me, change me, and transform me, in Jesus name, Amen. Sin can make you think you have freedom. At the end of the day, were all saved by grace. He walked down the street all night with a pocket full of quarters. If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through the website by clicking here https://transformchurch.us/give/. Everybody should join a community group called B-groups. All products and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. This week, Mike got a reminder that him and Natalie have been walking through a journey of counseling and praying about grief and MJs situation. Today, right here, here is holy. Be the church.

When you give and get the idea of giving in you, it works out selfishness and gives you the heart of God. What does it look like to be physically confined, but spiritually free? Decide you will have $800 to give away. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and analyze traffic. God tells us 4 things we have to do in order to develop a heart of generosity. 7 Judge not, that you be not judged. Selfishness becomes wickedness; wickedness becomes sin. He told Mike that his lust and battles with pornography came from him. Forwith the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.. When we dont deal with our selfish hearts, God is like, really? are you seriously going to take the resources God gave you in grace and not extend that same level of grace to something or someone else. God is saying, Mike, dont teach them give and get. Thats a slot machine, this is kingdom. ", it became my mission to shed light on Christ in all arenas, including, but not limited to, corporate America, marketing, technology, and finance.

This week, be Gods hands and feet with generosity. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYv-siSKd3Gn9IsliO95gIw. Do you have a 2-car garage and 5 cars? If you dont remember who you were when nobody was checking for you, you act brand new. He can command us because we were once a slave in bondage, and we have the freedom to choose because God has been good. Everybody has to deal with a selfish heart because it turns into sin. He came so that you would have life, and life to the full. TC has also created a version for the kids called, . Until we deal with a selfish heart, we can never get into the blessed life. Join our mailing list to receive the latest notes. For more information about Transformation Church, visit https://transformchurch.us/. Its March decide how many families youre providing for this Christmas. When God wants to trust us with more resources, He looks at the responsibilities Hes already given us. This took Mike from being a liar, manipulator, and addicted to pornography with a really bad track record. We cannot grieve whats not ours. Everything that came from God, He wants us to be generous with despite us being born selfish. If at this moment your heart is open to salvation, on the count of three, slip your hand up. What he says has to oppose what God says. If theres any of these areas you need God to touch, a selfish heart, or a grieving heart, or you just want a generous heart or a grateful heart, lift your hands as a sign of surrender and let us pray. For everybody dealing with a selfish heart, God, I thank you that all selfishness is crushing under the power of this anointing. Me and Will are from the Bahamas, but we currently reside in Austin, Texas.

I'm happy to pray for you as well if you ever wanted to shoot me an email. God always provides for a soul winning church, a soul winning child, a soul winning business so that we can achieve His purpose. When were born again, were born generous. Let go of a selfish heart and deal with a grieving heart. You can even say, somebody told me to bless you with this. Go and find out someones shoe size. When you release it, youre no longer responsible for it, He is. Link to full Video (share this message): TBD. More money, more purpose. When you think about giving, it should be your life. The context of this is judging, not money., 37Judge not, and you shall not be judged. We dont own anything. 2. Your eternity will be secured, and your history will be enhanced. Mikes father shared with him that when he was younger, he would put in a quarter for peep shows. People have called the church to get $36 back. This isnt returning a tithe once.

Maybe God is trying to trust you with not bigger, but more value.. Nobody wants to hear, downgrade your house and go get marriage counseling. You can have a house thats not a home. The streets in heaven didnt run out of gold the light bill isnt too high. The point of this series is to unteach some of the things youve been taught, for example, give and youll get or give me a Psalms 442 blessing, and in 4 hours and 42 minutes this is manipulation. This applies spiritually.

The only way you stay grateful is to stay in touch with your desert place. Youll just somehow end up where you put your treasure. We must steward and give away what God has already placed in our hands. Dont lose your testimony in all of the great things God is doing. If you give screaming to them, thats what they give back. Try this one in silence. God is not repulsed by you or repelled by you. She has been born into a household of generosity. Grief and therapy are both important. He didnt make it for his sake, He made giving for our sake. From whattheLordyour God hasblessed you with, you shall give to him. If youve backslidden, today is the day. Were grateful for your grace. Sometimes, God will bless you and then assign it to someone youve had issues with. Required fields are marked *. One of the deal breakers in relationships can be the motive around money. Its driving you to eat like that, and to climb into a window at 4am. Generosity has no color. Challenge: Write down who you want to bless this year, with amounts. You may not have resources at the moment of release but the resources are in transit. You may have the least at the moment, but your level of obedience can start the train of generosity. Some people feel like Mike cant be talking to them based on what they have. If you dont allow God to check your motive right here, it will magnify who you really are. The gate to your heart is your finances. Today, we want to offer you the gift of salvation. You dont have to enjoy it to begin getting healed. We end up in seasons of less than because more for you only means more for you.. Nor are the resources in heaven changing with gas prices. God wants to raise up men in the kingdom. Allow God to do inventory on your heart and determine whats in there thats not like Him.

If you punish them out of your emotions instead of disciplining them, dont be surprised when they give that too. Women are out bossing men because of their mindsets. Were just managers. It says, when you pray, when you fast, and when you give not if. You can be selfish with both millions and hundreds.

For Mike, when he asked God for more revelation/wisdom, He asked Mike to give more away more release. Today, as many people are going to feel comfortable about their understanding in the areas of generosity and stewardship. Our mindset should be to give, just to give. Text Saved to 828282 for resources to walk this out with you. stands for Deeper In God and it is a conversation where we dive deeper in God. One of the greatest things you can do is share your failures with your children. God will withhold nothing from His people if we ever get the right motive around money. Only kids eat only chicken nuggets at every restaurant due to an underdeveloped pallet. Development is in the consistency its what happens in the dark room, like the developing of film. The truth of the matter is that there are adults that have still not learned the concept of sharing. Youre hoarding as well as not helping. Many of us need to do the Dave Ramsey thing in community with a group of people. How many shoes are enough? One of the things Mike decided, was that if were going to live a blessed life as a church, and as the church, we have to have a heart like His. The connotation for this is not your actual brother but someone in the community. Your $10 gift at the gas station couldve restored a marriage. for it determines the course of your life. Without Jesus youre a slave to sin, no matter how much money you have. You cant talk about grace without talking about giving. We need to understand that God needs to teach us about giving through our actual treasure. We dont need to know the impact, thats facts. The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.

Natalie and Mike made a decision that their kids would not get the dysfunctions they wouldnt talk about, but just pray about. You can be selfish with your resources and selfish with your ramen noodles. If you ever feel inclined to give something, its not the devil. God wants to check our motives to make sure He has our hearts. Something breaks right after you give in faith. // Why Is There A Hell? This verse demonstrates selfishness and greed. 15You shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and theLordyour God redeemed you; therefore I command you this thing today. Declare that you will live a blessed life. For many of us, this is a refresher, for others its a spanking, and for others, its a conviction. 19-21Dont hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust orworse!stolen by burglars. 14you shall supply him liberally from your flock, from your threshing floor, and from your winepress. Since January, there have been 900 inmates that have given their life to Christ. You should not grieve when you give to Him. Both the poverty gospel and the prosperity gospel are evil, i.e., more money, more problems & more money, more pleasure. As a parent, dont act like you were always a parent. Thank you that you will allow generosity to form.

Every time we hear it, its at offering time despite the word money being nowhere in this. . The Bible says, where your treasure is. Giving is exercise its training.

Give and declare that Gods got it. God will not ask you to give something up and not know how Hell get you to the next place. In crazy faith, begin to write down and assign your seed somewhere. Have the right heart. Your motive is the only thing nobody can take from you, even if they misinterpret it. Many of us are sitting on stolen merchandise that we should have given away years ago. Father, take away anything that is not like you. The devil will never tell you to give. Thank you! He can only lie. This involves discipline. We should give good things, no matter what. We must extend beyond ourselves and get the right motives in our hearts to be an extension of Him. Its not cute when God gives you resources so that you have more time with your kids and you dont share the time with them.

If giving is not in your heart with no money, then it wont be there with tons of it.

Transformation Church would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! When you develop a hard heart, God counts that as sin against you.

I'm not perfect, but I'm progressing. 1. At salvation, God gives us a new heart. If you need prayer, email [emailprotected]! Last week we learned that Mo Money, Mo Problems was rooted in the poverty gospel. Its not cute in a marriage. For those who have been generous, I thank you that you would spring them forward and continue to make them a river and not a reservoir, but that resources will erupt in the hands of people who have your heart.

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