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While you are working on your In both cases, however, the intent of the program is to support research initiation, and ongoing programs previously supported by this program or other external funding agencies will not be eligible. For such a collaborative idea to work, it must be built on researchers with a common research interest, although they may come from different disciplines. Portal. When an application has been declined, it will not be carried over for future consideration. While you are working on your Some supplies money may be used to support continuing research during the academic year.

original grant proposal, which can be found in the Active Grants section of Along with strong support by the institutions in each alliance, RAISE will support high quality and competitive research projects that can be sustained through the involvement of undergraduate students, the production of impactful peer-reviewed publications, and garnering on-going research funding from federal agencies, such as the NSF and NIH. Despite these challenges, faculty members have done remarkably well. Capacity-building awards for mission-focused projects and infrastructure investment, A variety of grant programs focused on scientific research, education and calling. Are young scientists, especially undergraduate students, effectively engaged in the project? the Submit button, after which point the Report status will change to Under

Each alliance must have at least three-member institutions (one MCSRP; one non-MCSRP private undergraduate institution; and one of the alliances choosing). difficult for staff to attend formal celebrations, building dedications, etc. It is from this basis that RAISE 1.0, Research Across Institutions for Scientific Empowerment, a program of the Collaborative Research Alliance initiative was born. Please note that with these grants, recipient organizations are responsible for 50% or greater of the purchase cost. More complex projects may invite a more detailed response. Sectors the Trust is committed to enriching in the Pacific Northwest: The Trust has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make all the difference to you and your organization. Dollar amounts vary by organization and project, with past practices generally informing future decisions. 2012-2022 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Grants Administration & ReportingResources, For funds that will ultimately be passed through to other organizations, For sectarian or religious organizations whose principal activity is for the primary benefit of their own members or adherents, For long-term loans, debt retirement or operational deficits, For institutions that, in policy or practice, unfairly discriminate against race, ethnic origin, sex, creed or religion, Nonprofits whose work is primarily political or legislative advocacy or for influencing elections, From an individual for their personal benefit, From individuals unauthorized to act on behalf of a qualified tax-exempt organization, Event sponsorships and performance underwriting, For normal ongoing operations, including existing staff, or for the continuation of existing projects, For the continuation of programs previously financed from other external sources, For organizations organized and operating outside any U.S. state or territory, For urgent needs, emergency funding or gap funding, For endowments or revolving funds that act as such, For funds to be distributed to beneficiaries of the organizations choosing, Nonprofits who receive the majority of funding from government sources. Feel free to apply a format that works for you. The Trust will estimate a payment schedule for your grant based upon the type of award (outright or contingent), the project budget, and more generally the timing of your need for funds. FR, you may save and return to the report. RAISE will enable research-active natural science faculty from mainly private predominantly undergraduate institutions and small group of research-active public undergraduate universities, to collaborate and pursue synergistic, cutting-edge projects at a higher level of sophistication and scope than each group would pursue on their own. Completed proposals received on or before October 1 will be considered for an award announcement early the following March. Up to $70,000 may be requested from the Trust for the three-year grant. They must also have the right chemistry and support from their institutions, as well as the expertise, skills, and instrumentation needed to energize and propel the research program to a higher and more competitive level for sustained federal support. Maximum of four institutions (the fourth is also the alliances choosing). When justified, technicians can be included in the project. report during the life of your grant, in which case you do not need to submit The first link contains reporting instructions specific to Strategic Projects grants, and the second link is for Scientific Research grants. Upon action by the Trustees, all awards are made to the submitting college or university on behalf of the investigator(s). Typically, we fund program and staff grants on a declining basis over three years (100/67/33%). The Trust thoroughly enjoys You may also reach out to the Trust directly to ensure eligibility or to ask any questions. Murdock Trust grants help fund both new programs and the expansion of existing programs and may be used to cover start-up costs and/or related staff member additions. What is the likelihood that the proposed research will lead to impactful publications and subsequent continuing research funding from federal agencies, such as the NSF and NIH? The Progress Report(PR) the Submit button, after which point the Report status will change to Under Please consider adding as the third contact the person who will have Grants given in this program provide funding primarily for summer research activity; it is expected, however, that research will continue during the academic year, albeit with reduced intensity. New faculty may apply through their institutions if they hold an appointment of at least three years duration and obtain approval of the necessary institutional support. requesting a payment, no additional reports are required. The addition of a spatial ecologist allows Peregrine Fund to research and support the conservation of raptors around the world. We make grants that help improve the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest, and we partner with nonprofits that share our commitment to thinking innovatively, seeking solutions to problems and helping our communities flourish. of a grant, in which case the PR due dates will shift accordingly. The Collaborative Research Alliance initiative is aimed at boosting the productivity of research being pursued at private undergraduate colleges and universities in the Trusts funding region. responsibility of tracking the grant expenditures and preparing the reports. Our program director Lorin Dunlop outlines five simple steps to ensure that your organization gets the best shot at partnering with the Murdock Trust. There is one proposal cycle per year. They are intended to help inform your thinking; however, each organization and project is unique and may require a different approach than what is suggested here. Secretarial assistance, telephone, routine office supplies. executive director or CEO must remain as the primary contact; however, the Private colleges and universities invited to the MCSR Conference are eligible, along with a few select research-active public predominantly undergraduate institutions, if they would add significantly to the quality and competitiveness of the research project being pursued. Eligible institutions are private, predominantly undergraduate colleges and universities in the five-state region of the Pacific Northwest: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The Murdock Trust regularly makes grants that support construction, renovation, land purchase and other capital projects. We believe in transformational ideas that help individuals, families and communities flourishand since 1975, the Murdock Trust has invested more than $1.1 billion into nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to thinking bigger, challenging problems and making a true difference.

report will return to your Grants Portal in the Revisions Requested section. If you have questions please contact Dr. Lee or call the Trusts office 360.694.8415, or you may contact Ms. Marybeth Stewart Goon or call our office phone number. Your grant file remains open until an FR is received and approved. A new clinic in rural Washington allows Unity Care Northwest to bring quality healthcare to more people. For reasons of time and resources, it is challenging for the faculty to sustain vibrant, productive, and externally funded research programs. Faculty summer stipends, up to $7,500 for up to ten weeks of full-time participation in the research. Initiatives are highly focused projects in scientific research, education and calling. A new confocal raman microscope gives Montana State University researchers the ability to explore the Yellowstone hot springs. At the February 2014 convening of chief academic officers and grants administrators from private undergraduate institutions, leaders expressed a need to break through from the current dynamic plateau in undergraduate research productivity and vitality. Requests from organizations that fit within Trust interest must be ruled to be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Equipment & Technology Grants support maintaining healthy equipment and growing technology infrastructure. A complete application along with any additional materials (see Instructions and Checklist) should be submitted through the Grants Portal. Institutions should provide portions of FICA and Workmans Compensation on stipends as part of the institutions direct cost-share of the project. From senior program director Dana Miller. Is the quality of the research environment at each institution, the quality of the instrumentation available to support the proposed research, and the support from each institution sufficient to enable the proposed research? Your assigned program New vans allow Neighbors for Kids to transport youth with disabilities to its afterschool programs. There is not a lead institutionall are considered equal partners. Travel costs, only if such travel is required for the performance of the research; for example, for use of facilities not available on the home campus. The principal investigator must either hold at least a three-year faculty appointment in a natural sciences department, such as biology, chemistry, earth science or geology, astronomy and physics, or be a member of a department of environmental science doing research on biological systems or organisms, or be a member of a psychology department or its equivalent doing laboratory neuroscience research. One project was focused on materials science and solar energy concentration, and the team was composed of researchers from the University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, George Fox University, and Western Washington University. spent with organizations before and during a grant application process, it is Charitable organizations applying for support must possess the most current IRS documentation reflecting their status or qualification as a tax-exempt entity. The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources. provide a detailed narrative and assessment of the outcomes as compared to your the time a grant is awarded based on an estimated payment schedule.

board member and third contact person may be replaced by the appropriate staff If you have questions about any aspect of the GA, contact your assigned program director or the senior program director for grants. Weve compiled wisdom and advice from over 40 years of reviewing grant requests to help you be better prepared. Is the quality and history of productivity of the researchers sufficient to pull off such an ambitious project? If additional information or clarification is needed, the Instructional Video Part 2: Letter of Inquiry, Instructional Video Part 3: Project Budget, Instructional Video Part 4: Project Funding and Sustainability, 2012-2022 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Application Instructions for Strategic Projects, Grants Administration & ReportingResources, The Trusts previously awarded grants are the best indicator of projects we are likely to pursue in the future. your Grants Portal, or the Grant Agreement, which can be found in the Grant for those special events. In most cases, grants are awarded for the benefit of the people living and contributing in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Interdisciplinary programs within the natural sciences are ideal, as is a group of researchers from diverse backgrounds. be used to (1) report your success in meeting a contingency placed on an open

When high school science faculty can grow their skills and experience by participating in advanced research, their students and schools will benefit. soon as all the grant funds have been expended and the project is complete. grant each time one is met and, if needed, (2) request a payment. We presently award grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, human services and scientific research. Sectors the Trust is committed to enriching in the Pacific Northwest: The Trust has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make all the difference to you and your organization. Eligible applicants must be a PI of a federal research grant in no more than three years from the application date (or four years in the applicant had served as a departmental chair or a senior administration position during the duration of the federal grant), and s/he must be actively reapplying for federal support. Institutions should provide portions of FICA on stipends as part of the institutions direct cost-share of the project. Grants support the purchase of scientific research instrumentation and the commercialization of bench discoveries at select major research universities, and biomedical institutes. MetReport (CMR) is to Once Service or use charges for equipment housed at the home institution. necessary action. Review, and it will move to the Submitted Reports section of your Grants 2012-2022 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Reporting for Staff, Construction & Equipment Grants, Submitting Reports and Requesting Payments through Fluxx, Progress Report Comparative Budget Sample Equipment, Progress Report Comparative Budget Sample Program and Staff, Year 1, Progress Report Comparative Budget Sample Program and Staff, Year 2, Progress Report Comparative Budget Sample Program and Staff, Year 3, Final Report Comparative Budget Sample Capital, Final Report Comparative Budget Sample Program and Staff, Grants Administration & ReportingResources. Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization expanded to a bigger community center to serve African immigrants and refugees. Submitted proposals should conform to program guidelines and be consistent with the online application process provided by the Murdock Trust (space limitations for each item must be strictly followed). 2012-2022 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Grants Administration & ReportingResources. While you are working on your estimated payment schedule. Once you have read through the overview, thoroughly read the instructions by clicking on the appropriate link to the right. Read through the. transformational gift, the loss of a key employee, or other notable The Murdock Trust portion of the budget should be allocated in the following manner: up to a payment of 50% in Year 1, at least a payment of 25% in Year 2, and at least a payment of 25% in Year 3 or 4 for the standard Natural Sciences grants. covert sheppard Proposals requesting less than three years must include a short rationale in the narrative. Sectors the Trust is committed to enriching in the Pacific Northwest: The Trust has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make all the difference to you and your organization. While the application is detailed, we hope these questions will be helpful to your organization and may help to clarify and better define your proposed project. 2012-2022 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Grants Administration & ReportingResources. The Murdock College Research Program for Natural Sciences supports research in the natural sciences in private, predominantly undergraduate colleges and universities. Be as concise and specific as possible, edit carefully and invite others in your organization to review a draft of the application before submission. The budget for each proposal should clearly reflect the needs of that particular project. However, the Trust wants to know of your celebration plans. When it is complete, you will need to click the Submit button, after the Submit button, after which point the Report status will change to Under When it is complete, you will need to click determination letter, an office relocation, the receipt of a one-time

The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources. As mentioned in the Important Information section, prior to exploring the possibility of submitting a RAISE proposal, researchers should first contact their respective grants administrators and Dr. Lee to determine their eligibility. If the application is approved, carefully review the Grant Administration Overview to request payment and report on project activities and learnings. CMRs are scheduled at The institution must also provide a brief rationale for selecting the specific investigator to apply for a BRIDGE-track grant. Your assigned program director will review the PR, verify the information provided, and schedule a payment. will change the payment schedule for your grant, a request to change the

Expanding programs and adding staff are important markers of nonprofit success. Review, and it will move to the Submitted Reports section of your Grants It is due as Faculty and student academic year stipends; postdoctoral stipends; graduate student stipends. Targeted A clear commitment of the college or university to support the research will also strengthen a proposal, as will substantial participation of undergraduate students as research associates, rather than merely as technical assistants. Awards made in these areas reflect the strategic priorities of an organizations leadership, and funded projects usually come out of a strategic plan, annual strategic priorities or unplanned strategic opportunities. In most cases, we prefer to receive requests for these types of projects once your organization has raised a portion of the needed funds. The total cost for the grant can be up to $300,000 for three years, $100,000 per year ($200,000 from the Trust and $100,000 from the alliance, representing a 33.3 percent cost share). As a scientific research grant, please refer to the Instructions given on the. authorized signers or update their contact information, a pending

insights for future grantmaking practices. An alliance interested to participate in this program must contact Dr. Moses Lee, Senior Director for Scientific Research and Enrichment Programs, to ensure the team is eligible to approach the Trust. While the Trust supports a wide variety of projects and programs in the region, there are limitations to what we will fund. As noted, while standard Natural Science grants have up to three years to meet the third payment contingency, investigators of BRIDGE grants will only have two years to meet this condition of the grant. A PUR is always available in Two collaborative research alliances were piloted in 2015 and both were concluded this year to be highly successful in reaching the objectives of the idea. request a payment. Involvement of undergraduate students in the research is also considered important. The agreement should include, but not limited to, the following items: identify the coordinating institution; the division of the budget that corresponds to the cost share, as well as specific duties; and a reimbursement plan. Required documents include. Your assigned program director will review your PUR and contact you It is anticipated that such research will be strongly educational in itself, but that it will also catalyze improvements in traditional science courses through inquiry-based teaching. Special and unusual expenses, not listed above, that are essential in the performance of the research. A one-time, up to one year, no-cost extension may be requested for the grant under special circumstances. The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources. it. But, one institution must be the fiduciary coordinator. awarded, you will need to review the contacts associated with the grant and Be sure to visit Grants Administration and Reporting Resources on the Trusts website to find definitions, samples, and tips related to the grant administration process. Preparation is key to a successful grant request. The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources. Applicants may not have been supported previously by a grant in this program. Program & Staff Grants help fund both new programs and the expansion of existing programs and may be used to cover start-up costs and/or related staff member additions. The Vision & Call Internship program gives interns the opportunity to consider their vocational direction while gaining meaningful work experience in a nonprofit setting.

To receive a payment, be sure to submit your PR by the due date listed on the report in your Grants Portal. Please note that the following kinds of requests are NOT considered: And these kinds of requests are RARELY considered: The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources.

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