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They differ in race, skills, and specialization. Likewise, if you play with a group, having a more diverse merc spread can make the game intersting. Giants skull: This helmet offers +35 strength to help equip heavier items and leaves you 2 open sockets to customize your loadout with. It is worth choosing a mercenary with an aura tailored to the needs of the class, since it can not be changed easily. The lower resist skill can break fire and lightning immunities or be nice add on for any elemental based character. Well, there we have the best outline I could offer for the new Act 3 mercs. This shield offers a ton of cold resist and a chance to proc level 7 lower resist when struck. So I did that. Each has two skills: active Jab- the ally performs 3 quick melee attacks and more importantly for the hero: auras. You can, of course, use the mercenary and his aura temporarily, for example, if you did not choose the character well and can not hit opponents, due to lack of dexterity - temporarily use the companion with Blessed Aim. I have been working a few of them into my builds lately and they work a lot better than people seem to be giving them credit. This will let you hammer them effortlessly to death with physical damage. Oramuss Robe: These can have +3 to one of the skills on one of the merc s and offer a 10 to 15% damage boost to their skills. If you have one lying around and pick a lightning merc its best in slot. You can equip mercenaries with armor, headgear and weapons.

Basically, you put one point into each summoning skill and let your +skills gear give some some mediocer summons. And there is Flickering Flame helm for a Fire version. Likewise, if lightning immunity is one of the easiest to break. This gives him a lot of utility against crowds and combat strategies. Its health will likely be 60 to 80% gone letting you finish it off easily. Likewise, if you dont deal lightning damage yourself and you come up against monsters immune to your damage types he can get the job done if you give him the right equiment and enough time to work. The one unique option the Act 3 mercs have is they have a shield slot where other mercs dont this opens up a few additoinal options. Lawbringer: While this option wont be procing the decrepify aura it is often used for. Mercenaries have their own stats and skills. Its a more budget option but it doesnt require a lot of stats to equip. But if 3 of us all show up with one then they become redundant. But, they do offer a few unique options that the more mainstream mercs dont So, if you have interest in their offerings I hope you give them another look. Viper Magi: This armor offers +1 skills, all resists and increased cast speed with a lot stat requirement as well. Additionally, charge bolt has a very wide area of effect and lightning pierces multiple targets when it hits.

Finish the Rescue the Barbarians quest and then go to Harrogath and talk to Qual-Kehk to recruit the Barbarian mercenaries in D2 Resurrected. He also has better resistances and defense potentional than an Act 2 merc or a act 1 cold arrow rouge. 3 perfect diamonds: 59 to all resists should max any of tehse guys out in a hurry if you cannot find something better. Azurewrath: You will likely need about 20 to 25 dex in the level 80 range to equip this. Likewise, we also have infinity or pride if you can afford one. In the vast majority of cases the answer to that question is no. diablo The spells available to each elemental type of Iron Wolf merc are mentioned below: The damage inflicted by all of the elemental types is the same, but the main differences lie in the debuffs caused by each elemental type. Unlike other mercs the act 3 mercs dont need fortitude for the added damage or treachery for the fade and venon as they dont make physical attacks: Griswolds Armor: Griswolds set armor offers you +20 strength which is enough at level 80 to equip a monarch spirti shield along with 3 sockets for other goodies. Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide by gamepressure.com. Ghostwire Tokyo Review Let The Ghosts Rest Where They Belong. They have Stunand Bash skills. Viper/shako gives the same number of + to skills except it hits all skills not just fireball.

It also lets those summons damage enemies who are immune to physical. By the time you reach the last member of a pack of monsters.

The main drawbacks on an ice merc is his overall damage is realtively low compared to most other mercenaries. Medusas Gaze: Yeah I now you are trying to figure out how to get 219 strenght onto one of these guys. A passionate gamer looking at the world with an analytical mindset while writing about it too! Then I was like, hey Ancients Pledge is cheap and will shore up the resistances, so I did that. So, while you get all the attack rating boost, it only adds about 200 to 250 fire damage at the most. The Fire Act 3 merc is a mixed bag who has recieved a lot of attention lately. Its pretty cheap to find and equip. The Rogue Scouts are mercenaries with bows that can help and provide artillery support as you fight on the front line. The main drawback here is that his damage is outdone by the more physical mercenaries and his overall kill speed is lacking.

The lightning version of the Act 3 mercs has the spells charge bolt, lightning and static field. Finally, Fire has firebolt, fire ball and enchant. However, they do have decent defense and the highest overall base elementa resistances of the choices on offer. In Diablo 2 Resurrected you can hire 4 types of mercenaries. This can add a little bite to what otherwise is just a 1 to 3 hit kill meat shield from the enemies. So, this is a good way to get that aura if you still want corpses. If you are not one of those builds he is a good option if you want to keep from being overwhelmed and want to slow things down. They are not the right choice for everyone. Spirit, Vipermage and lidless have you securely at 12 frames. Bow only: it may not be a crossbow, other throwable weapon, or a bow intended for Amazon only. The Face of Horror: This helmet doesnt offer +skills, but it does come with +15 to all resist and +25 to strenght serving as an alternative option to equip a spirit monarch or some heavier gear elsewhere. Fireball has a spread of a few yards and fire bolt is a single target. So, Ive covered the basics of the mercenaries from act 3 and when you might want to consider them. Heres what I did, keep in mind I primarily am just using the A3 merc for Enchant on my ThrowBarb. sorceress maxroll You get extra resists, MF, life, and FCR. Mercenaries gain the most in the later stages of the game - when you offer them the right equipment with runes. Their aura can be modified to generate completely different buffs, after using the equipment with the selected Runic words. Features of mercenaries: You can play without the help of mercenaries, especially if you play online. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Like his brothers, if you dont deal fire damage yourself he can be an alternate damage type when you run up against something immune to your setup. That an additional damage to every single physical attack made by everything in the party. Hell Plauge: This offers a +2 fire skills and you might find it early in the game or in a ladder situation before you get the runes for spirt. You can hire these mercenaries to aid you in battle by equipping them with decent gear like helmets, weapons, and other gear items. More importantly it will completely remove all the physical resisances from that enemy type.

In addition to the basic attack, they will be able to activate high-level spells when attacking / dealing damage, assist you with auras, etc. On this page of the Diablo 2 Resurrected tutorial you will find information about mercenaries - their traits and types. On this page of the guide you will find basic information about companions. In this guide, we will be taking an extensive look at the Mercenaries available for hire in Diablo 2 Resurrected. If someone offers a fire merc from act 3 then we get the 400% AR, and a little more damage on top.

Likewise, while 200 to 250 fire damage isnt a lot. You use a Giants skull to equip a leviathon plate then put a hel rune in the medusas gaze. Likewise, the slain monsters rest in peace ability only triggers if you kill them with the sword. Likewise, he also will cause a healthy number of them to shatter on death leaving no corpses behind for those annoying enemies to revive. Mercs can also inherit the same character bonuses you have on your main character. The Act 3 mercs are universally thought of as nicely improved but, still not good enough to consider using. But it provides the sanctuary aura from lawbringer and +1 to skills. Unlike most other mercs the Act 3 mercs dont need life steal so this opens up some other options.

He is a good fit for any melee character who wants the enemies they are fighting to be chilled and slowed in compbat. Likewise, any missle attack that impacts him will automatically get hit with a 1.5 second freezing is bolt in retaliation. There are 4 types of mercenaries available for hire, and we will be talking about all of them in detail. Also gives you a Cleansing Aura which is a nice to have.

It will provide a 13 to 16 level sanctuary aura. Around level 80 you will need 20 to 30 strength to equip one. He is also a good fit if you are using lower resist on a necromance or conviction on a paladin as part of your build. Desert Mercenaries, thanks to their aura and two-handed weapons and high defense, are the most common choice as mercenaries. That way you can get the most out of them. Hopefully, this will help some players decide if they want to give them another look and put all the options on the table. The Iron Wolves specialize in elemental damage like Fire, Lightning and Cold focused attacks. Cold has Ice Bolt, Glacial Spike and Shiver Armor. They specialize in frontline warfare based on their Bash and Stun abilities. Spirit: Spirit is cheap, makes the mercs cast faster and boosts all of their skills by +2. They may come in handy for players whose build can't handle many enemies at the same time. So, the Ice merc has ice bolt, glacial spike and Shiver Armor. Spirit: A spirt rune word in a monarch sheild is good def, faster cast and +2 to skills. Then equipping an Act 3 merc with gear as many sockets of possible will still work. They have a high defense rating because of the shields and stay at a distance to provide support, just like the Rogue mercs. Well suited as a support for. These are the different aura options available for the Desert mercenaries: The Desert Mercenaries can either be equipped with Javelins or Spears as they are a melee-focused class. The lightning merc is all about softening up targets. Secondly against anything that is cold immune he is basically a walking tv dinner. Guardian Angel Templar Coat: Again, this armor is well within their strenght range and offers a higher max resist all around which the Act 3 mercs can easily fill. The Act 3 mercs all come with 3 sorceress spells of their given element. Likewise, he attacks at a range keeping him out of harms way, unlike a holy freeze act 2 merc. On this page you will find information about mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected: what are available, when you can recruit them, and what are the rules around them. Andarials visage: Again we have +2 to skills and some high posion resists. Each iron wolf can use 2 spells from their respective elemental types. Mercenaries can be hired for gold in any camp, starting from Rogue Encampment - your contact here is Kashya. Take your pick. Their main feature is that with good equipment they are able to effectively eliminate enemies themselves. Once the fighting starts he will have himself, you, anthing you summon and anything else in your party enchanted within about 30 seconds and his skill lasts about 15 minutes. Overall, he has the lowest attack damage of three on a per spell basis. Spirit Shrowd: This armor offers the merc an easy +1 to skills and cannot be frozen. If you decide one is the right choice for you lets take a look at some options for how you want to equip them. Likewise, his other spells blanket a wide area and can chip enemies down further. However, it can also be a good choice for the other 2 mercs just from the high def and +2 skills. However, the Fire merc does not have the warmth or fire mastery skills. There are a lot of good choices available to you. Its a good option and fits all 3. That being said, if you or another party memeber is a tacit summoner. With the trang set you will never hit 86 FCR, 70 is your cap there if you have perfect spirits. Gaining +1 to all skills can boost these mercs output a lot. The main draw of the fire Merc is his enchant skill which starts in the low 30s and can be rasied from there. Getting to 146 ST on him is a trick and is attainable by lvl 83 IF you can find an Eth 4 OS monarch, and socket a P Amethyst into your Shakko. The fire mercs enchant offers more of an attack rating boost than anything else in the game unless you have a overskilled player enchantress in your party. Expensive but, another worth option if you have it. There are some other nice feathers like damage reduction and magic find as well. Any high def armor: This one really applies mostly to the cold merc, but with a good def on his armor, sheild and helm paired with his shiver armor skill he can be hard to hit keeping him alive. They can be acquired with a bunch of different aura options depending on the role you want them for and the difficulty you are playing on. Lidless Eye: This is a +1 skills option if you dont have enough strength for spirit. They have 3 elemental attack configurations: They do not cope well with the elimination of enemies and do not give much help to the player; it is worth considering ice spells to slow down enemies - or lightning to kill the wounded (in case you are using skills based on time action: area fire spells or poison). Desert Mercenaries are suitable for virtually any type of hero: they will provide bonuses also for summoned creatures, they will cope in melee combat, but do not count on them to eliminate opponents for you - they are still a support class, unlike other mercenaries At the Nightmare difficulty level, the auras are changed: Prayer into Thorns, Defiance into Holy Freeze, Blessed Aim into Might. Night Wings: This offers +2 to skills and added cold damage. Quahls Wisdom: Again we have a +1 to skills and faster cast rate in a low strength requirement package. A Guide to Equipping and Utilizing the Act 3 Mercenaries: armor can be upgraded to Shadow plate, as -40% to requirements would cover the Strength req, The helm and armor can be socketed with Fire Facets Jewels, or for Armor a nice rare jewel with -15% req (Freedom suffix) with nice other mods could be used. Likewise, given the overall fire immunity on the hell difficulty his damage is not particularly stellar. Any + skills hat: This would be anything from a peasant crown to an Ort Sol hat you craft yourself. Cant complain with any of these choices, despite them all being rather jank/budget, he does his job and he does it well and doesnt die very often at all.

However, he cannot use the insight rune word as teh Act 1 and 2 mercs can. This will pulse damage and push back undead enemies. Likewise, if he dies during combat, you and everything he enchanted keeps that benifit for a while, unlike a blessed aim Act 2 merc whos aura dies with him. Storm Shield: This offers a 35% physical damage reduction and good resistances with a healthy def stat and is a good filler if you want to keep them alive. In Act 1, 2, 3, and 5, you unlock more allies. As far as how often does he cast enchant. So, in the case of a summoner it comes down to your overall strategy and what you are going for. Mercenaries can have one of three auras: Auras only work at a certain range. But, his overall kill speed is lacking. The Mercenaries have been changed a lot in Diablo II Resurrected when compared to the original game. Usually, however, their help is welcome. So I found an Ethereal Shako and was gonna just drop it but then I realized, hey this actually might be okay on act 3 merc. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The first mercenaries will be recruited in Mercenaries, next during the later stages of the game. Barbarian warriors also are not often used as companions - mainly because they are available only in Act 5 after completing the task Rescue on Mount Arreat. If he had decent base defense from his gear he can have the highest potential for that stat in the game. This write up is about how to best leverage and equip them and where they fit in the mix. He is good at slowing foes down and stopping them in their tracks. A point to consider is FCR, You need 58 to hit 12 frames, 86 for 11 frames, 138 for 10 frames is basically impossible. You can always animate an junk insight into an iron golem if you need that option to go with the fire merc. They do not actually attack enemies with their swords. They are available for hire at Kurast Docks if you talk to Asheara there. The Act 5 frenzy barb will out DPS any other mercenary hands down. However, with the right other gear the -30 fire resist might not be a factor on an Act 3 merc. Copyright 2000 - 2022 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. However, every spell he fires will chill and or freeze the target and disable them for at least a second. That being said, I dont see them ever being the mainstream option. +3 to fire skills, - to enemy fire resistances, and a fire resist aura. If you are running a summoner druid or necromancer who that is their main strategy. But, that can be a misconception. He makes a nice companion for any kit that takes on targets one at a time. Additionally, all 3 of them can use a sword, armor, helmet and a shield. Once you swap out lidless for Spirit shield, as in you hit the ST req you can get down to 11 frames which adds 800 DPS to your mix. The Iron Wolves are the only magic-using mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are cheap and easily tradable for. It suits them all around and is a great budget option. Lightning has charge bolt, lightning and static field. Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Review Dungeons & Dragons in First Person, Baybay! You can hire the Desert Mercenaries by talking to Greiz over at Lut Gholein. Mobile versions of this guide will be available for download as soon as WWW version is ready. Then I had this nicely rolled Iron Pelt and was like hey, this will help the act 3 merc survive better, so I did that. Splendor: At eth and Lum this sheild offers +1 skills and enhanced defs if you dont have the strenght for spirt. His two main attacks of fireball and firebolt deal around 1500 to 2500 fire damage to a target depending on your +skills and gear on him. This gives him the ability to freeze multiple targets at a range and slow the pace of combat down. That being said after reading below you might find something you want to try out and see if it better suits your needs. Cresant Moon: This can be a nice addition to a lightning merc offer a -35% enemy lightning resist if you want to go that route rathern than loaind up on facets. Then a Act 2 might mercenary will add more damage through their aura to your summons than what you pick up from the Fire Mercs enchant. Both of them out DPS the Act 3 mercs and offer better support options in terms of the Act Auras and the mana recovery of insight. Elemental Arrow: ice or fire - the fire one deals more damage, but the ice one additionally slows down opponents. Hence why some of the strength increasing options are listed above. This can go both ways if your character needs corpses for some skills, such as redemption, feeding the druids summons, find item or anything a necromancer does. So, lets get the obvious point out of the way. Iron Wolf is available in chapter 3. The obvious place for him in a lot of peoples mind is on a summoner build. At lvl 91 you can pull that P Amethyst out and use a Facet.

The Ice Mercs shiver armor gives him very high defense boost. Barbarians are quite tough and are a good choice if you are looking to give your character some much-needed support on the frontlines. His level of static field has a very healthy range and he casts it pretty frequently. 6 socketed crystal sword: Just a cheap way if you want load one of these guys up wiht a slew of options from extra, life, resist, magic find ect. Likewise, the Act 2 mercs are well documented with their 6 available auras along with insight, reapers toll and several high DPS polearms. These mercenaries can be hired from the Rogue Encampment if you go and talk to Kashya and complete the Blood Raven quest for her. Silence: Silence is a very expensive rune word for this merc, but it boasts the same +2 to skills as spirit and 75 to all resistances. So, if you play with a group, they might be worth considering just for the unique variety they add to a situation. With the recent 2.4 mercenary rework there has been a lot of discussion about what the new best merc is.

Plague in a sword is also an option to get +2 skill, and 20% chance to cast lvl 12 Lower Resist when struck. Elden Ring Review Arise now, Ye Tarnished!

Then I was like, heres a Spirit sword Im not using, lets put it on him. So, you are a necromancer with 1 point in raise skeleton and 7 or 8 revives, or a druid with one hard point in each wolf to get to the bear. Finally, he attacks very quickly and can be brought to bear much faster than an ice rouge when it comes to overall crowd control. Sometimes their "help" can actually be an interference (when, for example, they attract a bunch of monsters to you in a critical situation). If you are considering an Act 3 mercenary then it comes down to if their abilites are going to be more useful to you than the Act 2 and 5 mercs. Lets go slot by slot. Last, as stated above he destroys about 40 to 60% of the enemy coprses leaving some classes without access to them for the relevant skills. Is there any particular reason You did not included Trang Oul Helm and Armor for Fire Merc ? An Act 2 merc with a might aura and insight is a common best pick for a physical melee class. Naj light plate: Again this one has low strenth requirments and offers +66 life, +1 skills, and resist and a healthy def base. If you even have a lower resist wand in your off hand, static field will chew down anythings health if you can break the immunity. The idea of loading up on 5/5 facets is cost prohbitive and not really worth the investment but there are some good options and a lot of them are very reasonably priced. If you are a character who tackles one target at a time then moves onto the next. We will be discussing everything, including the different types of mercenaries available in D2R, the differences in their gear, and all the suitable roles for them. Mercenaries become available for hire after completing the second quest in the first act - killing Blood Raven in the quest Sisters' Burial Grounds (or by unlocking experience level 9). However, this armor offers up to +50 to strength and can be needed to equip some other gear that can be useful. Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga All Bespin Side Missions Guide, Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Count Dooku Boss Guide, Diablo Immortal Character Creation And Customization Tips, Cold: Glacial Spike, Frozen Armor, and Ice Blast. While it looks like +18 to Fireball for this Merc is capped to only +3, this dual combo has some advantages : You stated the first thing, + to fireball is capped at 3. If you consider this an opportunity cost vs Shako and Vipermage (arguable easier to find/equal to find): you can still socket those with facets. Rogue Scout mercenaries are not that good during fights and can die pretty easily if exposed to a lot of danger so, they will only be useful if they stay behind at a safe distance and cast the Inner Sight Amazon skill, which lowers the enemys overall defenses. The mercenaries available in the Second Act are Desert Mercenaries. Griffians eye: This one is very expensive, but it offers +1 skills, faster cast, lighting damage boost and - enemy lighting resist. The Act 3 mercs tend to have the lowest base strength and dexterity of the available mercenaries. You can equip them with heavy two-handed weapons: wood weapons, javelins (they cannot carry the shield in the other hand), spears. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. He has a higher damage potential than the ice merc on each spell he casts. The barbarian mercs can be equipped with a single sword and class-specific helms. If you do not want to play the multiplayer mode in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it is worth to investigate the topic of mercenaries. diminishing purediablo phenomena You get experience for enemies defeated by allies, they cannot carry the shield in the other hand. The first mercenary available after completing the mission Blood Raven in 1 act or unlocking experience level 9. They need to add Masteries to make these guys workable. The old strategy of selling your first born child and left nut for a slew of rainbow facets. Harlequen crest: Again we have a +2 to skills which is the main want for this merc type and a healthy boost to life as well. So, the Act 3 mercs have a sword slot. So, its best to pick something that fills the build. This is higher than some player sorceresses who specialize in it tend to reach. This can easily whittle down groups of foes and bosses to half their total health in a minute or two if you struggle with groups. It does add up and is worth considering. There are some edge cases where they are the best overall choice for a particlar setup. Its about 370 to 420% with the right gear.

Basically, you are maxing out skeleton mastery and raise skeleton, or wolf, dire wolf and bear in the druids case. The Lightning merc will cast static field about once every 15 seconds once combat starts. But, if you are looking at these guys for overall DPS, then you are wasting a lot of resources. They only use magic although they can wield a weapon and shield. If you need the attack rating and dont need one of the Act 2 merc spears he is the best overall choice. While playing the latest version of Diablo 2 Resurrected, any mercenaries you hire will be closer to your characters level, and they can be leveled up further, which makes them even more useful. The lightning merc doesnt kill stuff fast, but if something is not immune to lightling he can put a pretty good dent in its health pool before you get around to finishing it off. Levathon Plate: This one will require to to socket it up with a hel rune to get it into the strength range. This mercenary class specializes in spear attacks and is a very popular choice among the players. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Blizzard Entertainment or Blizzard Entertainment. if you don't resurrect the mercenary but hire a new one, the equipment of the dead mercenary will be lost. So theres that. Then that 200 to 250 fire damage might be more than your low level friend can down on their own and the 400% attack rating will let them actually hit things.
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