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Please check your registed email for verification. trailer I was very egotistical, and I wanted to do everything my own way.

/Resources << 0000011111 00000 n 20 0 obj People need to know that they are valued as individuals. /FontDescriptor 20 0 R Jesus spent a lot of time with his disciples, because he loved them. <> People need to firstly sense our compassion, before they hear convicting words. The problem started when I was in my secondary school. /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Font << << <<076E4DDA0F6CF444A4546DEAB39ADCF5>]>> There was always trouble in my home and my mum used to go to all the religious groups to pray so the my father would change his ways. Change your priorities.

/ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageC ] 19 0 obj Renewal Ministries Care Centre Inc >> The leader, as well as participating members need to put these things into action for best results. There God started a deeper work and I just knew that He was calling me to serve Him. I did that and Brother Ronnie Tan asked me to see him at once. /Parent 1 0 R I repented of all my sins and decided to walk with God. 3 0 obj But God has a method that does work. Iz\ 3kSA>hx In fact, one day, without anyone else knowing about it, I took a measuring stick and went over to the Presbyterian church in order to take its exact measurements. /Font << That was the turning point in my mission work and I knew God had a plan and a calling for me to bring the Good News to the less advantaged people in this place. /Resources << 6 0 obj Determine to show a genuine interest in people. Some may say they are too busy to pray. /Annots 54 0 R endobj This is not surprising, especially when you consider that there are so many commands in the New Testament relating to things we do one to another. /Annots 30 0 R 21 0 obj /im1 21 0 R endobj xzy8{63b/,%Iv6,)J-7YK*!-dB$!,B~/3}s=D rDR?4hDhb9tE0 AL/)t6S$/H a\[M7W4(Cfh!dhdM]p4Jqo I=b[{-qg0?vTWiRtPK@g=3knDs,SBW o;.^\U?H_!Eb>g.-D K1#6fRvo~i'+=TAk=cM]v\||Vx`K=KNmU[LI>pNlulsdj]u At present , both me and my wife are pioneering a Bible Training Centre in Tagum City, Davao and also a Children Home Ministry under Renewal Ministries care centre. /F5 19 0 R 0000010057 00000 n God provided me the airfare thru my ex-cell members but it was only a one way ticket. All Rights Reserved. 14 0 obj >> It is really very important that a group leader has personal contact with individuals in the group outside of the meeting time. It is happening because I have applied the principles I am about to relate in the pages of this book. >> %%EOF /F2 13 0 R Tagum City, endobj

/Resources << But each time when I went home, I could not read the Bible and often felt sleepy but I could watch TV and stay awake. This cant happen if we limit our contact with one another to public celebration meetings and a brief chat afterwards even if we do occasionally go out to lunch with others from the church and talk about things. ;sl+IiH5y wxDG.


/StemV 137 So the leader must be prepared and disciplined. Without goals, a group will drift, and people will not be as motivated for Kingdom purposes. /Flags 6 This was not an intentional thing with me. Even if the agenda is to wait upon the Holy Spirit, a leader should have seriously prepared his or her heart and have some idea of where the Holy Spirit is wanting to take the group. From there on I became very violent and rebellious at the age of 13.

/Type /Font Its not the opening or closing prayers in a group meeting that count as much as the whole prayer life of the members of the group, especially the group leader. The thought that came to me was to call Ronnie Tan. This will produce better results. /Font << stream He has a secret for success, and He wants every church to have it.

/CapHeight 1005 endobj My name is Paul mahendran. Pests seek to manipulate people by causing them to fear their disapproval. Gods work done in His ways will never lack His supplies Such groups have a limited lifespan. God did not mean for me to keep this secret for success to myself. In fact, before I met Jesus Christ as my Savior, I had intended to become a physician. Pests major on negatives.

Its time to change. Prepare with a view to helping people in your group go to the next level whatever that may be. i have learn a lot from this site, i am a leader with the calling from God. I am a home cell leader and this has been so helpful, motivating and inspiring. Church growth is a byproduct. /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding << /F5 19 0 R I agreed and as a result of that ministry, God started to break all the bondages that had tied me for all these years. /Annots 48 0 R Good leaders use vision to benefit the people. Scripture verses marked RSV are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Copyright 1946, 1952, 1971 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America. At that time I thought I was doing it for God, but today I realize that really I was doing it out of my own personal ambition. 15 0 obj

zW?@x6jDz>BE`V{n4](2 >> endobj stream But certain guidelines must be followed if home cell groups are to succeed.

2 0 obj /FirstChar 32 This time I decided to ask the Lord for five times as many members as we had, and to give them to us within three years. /F4 17 0 R >> Copyright (C) 2000-2018 Michael Fackerell. 9 0 obj /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] endobj /XObject << In this place God started to prepare me for His work and mission .It was a tough time staying there for 2 years but it was a joy to see people being touched and healing taking place. This requires some preparation, and waiting on God. Every home group should have the goal to grow.

/MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] I was very down and my only solution was to continue trafficking drugs till I end my life in death or suicide. /Ascent 1000 /FontName /Arial True Stories, Christian Testimonies of Jesus Christ, How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit and Pray in Tongues, Prayers and Confessions based on the Word, A Simple Way to Share the Gospel! /Type /Font Learn More. /Contents 53 0 R /Type /Font /im1 21 0 R /XObject << Church growth and evangelism are not automatic byproducts. /XObject << On the other hand, others, whose spirit is not right, may be ambitious for position more than personal transformation.

At the same time, continue praying for them. People must give place to the Holy Spirit so that the Spirits fruit becomes increasingly evident in their lives.

Not on. /StemV 105 L@=L( t }PU8*V{/}{q @Uh E`P_$'|!:AIqMCp)SA/4H'KugH96||lq27e"RHrQd/0{[vi3*@:o(Ulqo;cNvTBGA;Wa^/+~ww02.k'k2Z]KiYN_x53W4m. 4 0 obj youth god faith partner mission parents known students own know help In addition, each person has a great potential for God. During this time of the deliverance session, God revealed His Mighty Power and I began to see visions of how the Cobra was strangling my neck and there was a chain from my head to the leg. This should not be. Unless the group leader privately prayers an hour or so on the day of the actual meeting, it is unlikely that the meeting will hit the mark God intended for it. I stayed among the Yakuman tribes. /Type /Page God will honor that. And every leader should ask, How many more people like me do I want to be in this group? If we would not like more people like ourselves, why not? 0000000558 00000 n endobj /Annots 36 0 R endobj The visitor is the most important person for the home cell group to grow. <> And when He gave me a growing ministry, He taught me to visualize the numbers of people that would be coming to my church. << He taught me to pray specifically for my needs. << It is important that the goals be articulated regularly so that the group can focus on achieving something together. It is created to help you know Jesus and get a great eternal reward from God Almighty. I almost gave up but as I was crying and praying for Gods guidance, the same still small voice told me Wherever I send you, My Grace is sufficient for you. I had been raised during the Japanese occupation of Korea and had been forced to live in a very poverty-stricken situation. A group leader is entrusted by God to care for people. /BaseFont /Tahoma /FontBBox [ -600 -207 1338 1034 ] /Type /FontDescriptor So when I entered the ministry, in my heart there was a hidden goal to become a famous and successful preacher. /Font <<

<> Will there be a Secret Rapture of the Church? Pauls intercession was a key factor in this. They have taken the trouble to get into the car and come out and meet a group of others, many of whom are possibly unknown to them. The third year I again asked him to double the membership, and by the end of that year we did have 600 members.

There were so many things that God showed me of my past: unforgiveness, stealing, telling lies, sexual immorality and so many other vices in my life. 15 0 obj Almost every person can be developed to the point where they are capable of leading a small group in their own right. Every person is intrinsically valuable. /F4 17 0 R AS I was being ministered to, all these spirits as well as the spirits of rejection and violence and others were evicted. I have visited some magnificent cathedrals where only a handful of believers continue to worship. I believe, with His guidance and likeminded Christians, we can win Mindanao for Jesus. 5 0 obj /BaseFont /Tahoma,Bold My prayer in the Philippines was that God would open doors for me to work with a tribal group and also the vision that God had put in my heart to Win Build Send those who are trained and have the calling to bring the message to their own groups. endobj If the group is not reminded of the goal to grow, it can settle down to become a mere support group which is only concerned with the needs of existing members. If the only reason we contact people is because we want them as numbers for our group, people will sense this. /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] 12 0 obj /F1 11 0 R Jesus Christ, who was totally in harmony with the Spirit of God, often knew what was to happen beforehand precisely because he really did have communication with the Father. /CapHeight 1000

>> <> %PDF-1.4 % Pls uphold us in prayers for our Bible Training centre needs of materials and study bibles. The kind of relationships he advocated for his followers cannot be built simply on the basis of casual contact. /Contents 23 0 R Both me and my wife are pioneering a Bible Training Centre and also a Children Home Ministry for the Less-advantage children in Tagum City,Davao,Minidanao,Philippines. /LastChar 255 We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I had almost died from tuberculosis. << It seated more than 2,000 persons. I decided to join the school but later found out that most of the guys who joined this school were like me. /Resources << i believe that this site can help me fulfill my calling in the excellent way. This is a good goal to have, however, if it is presented it must be done so with wisdom. I took the second option and was smoking and popping tablets to overdose. /FontBBox [ 0 -220 1113 1005 ] /ItalicAngle 0 /ItalicAngle 0 Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho, Pastor Full Gospel Central Church Seoul, Korea November, 1980, ContentsPreface Why Home Cell Groups?v 1 Personal Ambition: Key to Disaster..9 2 God's Reeducation Program19 3 Selling the Program to the Church..27 4 Satan's Counterattack: the Seven Obstacles35 5 The Security of Cell Groups49 6 Home Cell Groups: a Key to Evangelism55 7 A New Kind of Missionary.69 8 The Miracle Church77 9 Authority With Love..83 10 Church Growth International89 11 How to Begin Home Cell Groups.97 12 Importance of Fellowship With the Holy Spirit..107 13 Motivating Lay Leadership121 14 Preaching to a Growing Church..129 15 The Possibility of Church Growth Unlimited..143, In 1961 I decided to build the largest church in Korea. I became a tent-maker cutting trees and selling them to meet my needs and the ministry. endobj << The second year I asked Him to double the membership, and I got 300 members. See also Disclaimer. Prison became my first home for the past 18yrs. /Contents 29 0 R Join our Cause. /XObject << Good leader are gently forceful. During those times my only support were from my ex-cell members who helped me as God led them. <> Good leaders use positive reinforcement express delight for the persons visit. In those days the Yong Nak Presbyterian Church was the largest church in Seoul. /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageC ] Early in my ministry God showed me the importance 9, SUCCESSFUL HOME CELL GROUPS of setting goals and having faith to believe He would provide the growth for which I dreamed. /ItalicAngle 0 Today we are bringing the Good news and making disciples and sending them to the harvest field. We prayed together and I visited the tribal site and the Holy Spirit prompted me that this was the place for me to start the Bible and Mission training centre. /Keywords (sermon\040notes\054\040sermon\040outline\054\040free\040sermon\040notes\054\040Becoming\040A\040Cell\040Church) /F5 19 0 R

I was still involved in drugs and gang in the school and was caught for drug consumption at the age of 18. /Flags 32 /FontBBox [ -665 -325 2000 1006 ] /Parent 1 0 R @UBkPLk}Z The results are limited only by a lack of openness to Him. MY TESTIMONY OF HOW I MET JESUS AND HOW GOD LED ME TO THE PHILIPPINES << The Holy Spirit will not leave us confused and bewildered as to what He wants for a meeting, but will lead us with purpose. /Parent 1 0 R At the age of 11, my mum came to know the Lord Jesus and thru prayers, my father accepted the Lord and was transformed. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. Other books by Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho: The Fourth Dimension, Volume 1 The Fourth Dimension, Volume 2 The Leap of Faith Solving Life's Problems Suffering Why Me? Copyright 1981 by Bridge Publishing, Inc. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 81-80025 Bridge Publishing, Inc., 2500 Hamilton Boulevard South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080, USA ISBN 0-88270-513-X Printed in the United States of America, Preface Why Home Cell Groups?For years I have been traveling all over the world, sharing in seminars and conferences the story of the miracle that God has performed in our church in Seoul, Korea. endobj /Ascent 891 << The real secret is home cell groups. /Resources 59 0 R 0000010399 00000 n /Contents 84 0 R 0000013232 00000 n /Ascent 1000 In following people up, it is good to be pro-active but not to be a pest. /StemV 90 16 0 obj I obeyed and from then onwards, it was a road to recovery thru God using him as a vessel for my transformation. /Type /Catalog /Type /XObject I did not know that at the time, and so in all of my striving for the Lord I was always running scared. Jesus is, or should be, our model. endobj Good leaders invite people, pests badger and hassle prospects. That was the breakthrough in my life. [lD^-sJv] 69TE*1"^2>|7n}29#u%h(di!%j L3Jz'{_e@M{{QjB"4v. >> I am very blessed by your site as i am teaching my students to start small groups in their respective churches or cell groups.Ps attached is my Testimony and hope to hear from you. I am a leader in a small group in Accra Ghana,i am glad i read your principles and pray i will put them in use.I hope will reply me through my mail.Thank you. /Type /Pages They are much more than numbers for the group. When we learn to really treat our visitors with respect and honor, when we learn to intercede deeply for them, without neglecting those already entrusted to our care, our groups will explode with growth and new life. >> There is another way. As a response to my background, I had tremendous ambition to become famous and successful, and to make a lot of money. stream Just as the early church often met in homes, so too can we. /FontBBox [ -698 -207 1625 1065 ] To bring this about, however, God had to change me and my attitudes.

Have a look at there are great home cell notes there.And they get updated it with new ones all the time.
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