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In electric mode its punchy enough up to 30mph, and itll do up to 70mph without the petrol engine turning on. With the Jaguar E-PACE plug-in eclectic hybrid, you get all the benefits of driving an SUV family-friendly motoring in comfort, modern exterior and interior styling together with efficient, eco-friendly performance. Conserva los 470 litros de maletero, algo escaso para su tamao exteriorEs en el apartado mecnico gan versiones con etiqueta ECO y CERO.

Still, even using a 7kW domestic wallbox, the battery can reach 80 percent charge in just one hour and 24 minutes.

within our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Charging points and wall boxes can be fitted at home, best located near your driveway, or garage. Experience the New Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid for yourself and arrange a test drive at your nearest Stratstone Jaguar retailer. Thats mainly down to the interior, which even on the cheapest models makes the pre-2021 car look about as posh as an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can then charge your Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybridovernight, ready to go in the morning. On top of that, its more fun to drive than you might expect from such a high-riding car, offers lots of comfort and refinement, and particularly with the extensive 2021 update it offers a vast array of technology and a real luxury feel inside. The All Wheel Drive system controls torque distribution and enhances dynamic handling to provide improved stability while JaguarDrive Control with Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) checks and monitors the road ahead, adjusting brake settings if required. The most interesting model is the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo PHEV, which offers up to 33 miles of electric-only range. The Jaguar F-PACE plug-in hybrid has a classy interior and is fun to drive, too for such a heavy car. Talking of boots, the F-Pace plug-in hybrid loses around 20% of its luggage capacity due to the battery being mounted under the floor. The F-Paces boot is one of the biggest in its class in standard form, but as is usual with plug-in hybrids it loses a big chunk of capacity due to the batteries being stashed under the boot floor. Throughout the interior, there are a number of pleasing design touches. However, it is a good deal heavier than than lesser models, so ultimately the handling isnt quite as sharp. El Jaguar E-Pace 2021 actualiz el Jaguar F-Pace, el SUV compacto lanzado originalmente en 2018. Find fuel and parking locations en route, get live traffic updates with real-time information, browse 2D and 3D maps, and more.. All finance offers and monthly payments shown are subject to application and status. Find your perfect car with our Not only is the inside much posher to look at than before, its also nicer to the touch as material quality is now a match for the Germans. Occasionally we will send out newsletters promoting our offers and discounts. Rory calls the latest winner in our electric car giveaway - the proud owner of a brand-new Jaguar I-PACE worth 76,000! using this website you agree to our Terms and Conditions. - A weekly roundup of our favorite tech deals. Along with an impressive range, which will allow drivers to complete the average UK daily commute to and from work without requiring a recharge, and performance; the E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid produces a reduced amount of CO2 emissions of 32g/km and a superb fuel economy of up to 201.8mpg WLTP FE. Fuel consumption up to 46.5mpg, with a driving range of up to 34 miles when in full electric (EV) mode. The state-of-the-art All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) system allows you to set and maintain a specific speed on challenging conditions. Performance feels strong and despite only being a four-cylinder the engine doesnt sound or feel strained, thanks to the electric assistance. If the standard Jaguar F-Pace is already a Swiss army knife of a car, then this plug-in hybrid version, called F-Pace P400e, adds more useful tools to its tally than ever before. Introducing Engadgets 2022 back to school gift guide! Efficient and powerful, the New Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid delivers reduced CO2 emissions, an impressive all-electric range of up to 39 miles, and all the luxury design features of the conventionally-powered New Jaguar E-PACE. Seamlessly blending a sports car-inspired design with the practicality of a compact SUV, the New E-PACE now appeals to the environmentally-conscious drivers with its plug-in electric hybrid powertrain option. And company car drivers will love the low CO2 figure, reducing their tax liability. Jaguar has worked hard to address claims that the F-Paces interior had substandard materials and a slow infotainment system. spied spyshot range autoexpress The Dick Lovett website works best with JavaScript enabled, Jaguar Electric & Plug-in Electric Hybrid. Salvo el disel ms sencillo, con cambio manual, todos se asocian a un cambio automtico de convertidor de par, de nueve relaciones y disponen de un sistema mild hybrid. carwow Ltd is registered in England (company number 07103079),registered office2nd Floor, Verde Building, 10 Bressenden Place, London, England, SW1E 5DH. Theres loads of adjustment, and all cars get electric seats, while higher-spec versions see the 12-way adjustment upgraded to 16-way. You can expect to reach 62mph from zero in around 6.1 seconds and when the battery is fully charged, it provides up to 39 miles of all-electric range. A split leather steering wheel enhances the driving experience, while 12-way heated electric driver memory front seats make any journey comfortable and pleasurable. Average savings are calculated daily based on the best dealer prices on carwow vs manufacturer RRP. 0-60 is taken care of in five seconds flat, which unless youre in a Hollywood film chase sequence is probably punchy enough for most needs. Just make sure youve got somewhere to charge it up. The only time youll find the F-Pace isnt up to scratch is when you carry three people.

If you ask for quick acceleration above 30mph, though, the petrol engine will kick in. This new vehicle has an 11.4-inch HD touchscreen with the same Pivi Pro system found on the latest Land Rover models. carwow is the trading name of carwow Ltd,which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit brokingand insurance distributionactivities (firm reference number: 767155). Get in touch with us today to ask about our Jaguar E-PACE finance deals or to discuss our latest price offers. tron electrifying Ford will use new battery tech to help it build 600,000 EVs per year, Porsche Taycans will charge faster and go farther with latest update, 250,000 car deliveries in one quarter can't save Tesla from dwindling revenue. The range is perfect for short journeys, while you can switch to the petrol engine for longer excursions. En gasolina la oferta arranca con un 1.5 de 160 CV y tres variantes de un 2.0 con 200, 249 o 300 CV. These are located all over the UK, at fuelling stations, car parks, retail parks and even gyms. Using Jaguar's optional Domestic Plug (Mode 2) enables you to charge the vehicle at a three-pin socket, used for electric household items, although this is at a much slower rate. That goes into a 48V lithium-ion battery thats charged when slowing or braking and deployed when the car is stopped. Use the petrol engine for longer journeys, and switch to EV mode for those shorter trips that are always a part of our daily lives. With both power sources engaged the hybrid F-Pace is both smooth and pretty fast, given its not really a hot SUV. Car chooser. Todos los derechos reservados. The claimed figure of 619 litres (measured to the roof, so it cant be compared with similar cars) sees it lose around 185 litres from the standard car. You can unsubscribe from this at any time. Still for those that can plug-in at home and dont have huge commutes it works perfectly. The Jaguar F-Pace is a decently roomy SUV, but the plug-in hybrids batteries eat into luggage space. Inside, theres a larger loadspace than you might expect from a car with a sports-influenced exterior, while the spacious boot has the capability to store plenty of luggage and essentials for long journeys. If you dont regularly drive late at night, for instance, you can tell the vehicle to alert your phone if someones driving around in it at 3am. Get a personalised finance quote on this Jaguar E-PACE Electric Hybrid today. Browse our exclusive range of offers on a New E-PACE Electric Hybrid.

Even on the larger wheels you can go up to 22in for the full visual impact it doesnt crash or thump over sharp potholes too much and smooths out nicely at speed. suvs xdrive45e economical carbuyer autoexpress 2020 Motorpress Ibrica. This feature is, for now, available only in the UK, but it may roll out elsewhere in future. According to the company, youll be able to 32kW fast-charge the 17.1Kwh battery to 80 percent in a half hour, or a full hour when charging at 7kW. Thats why three of the four diesel and two of the four petrol-driven models are mild hybrids, with electric assist only available to get you off the line. Badged the P300e, the New Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid combines an advanced 1.5-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine with an Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) motor to deliver remarkable performance and efficiency. The plug-in version is no different. The Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid excels when it comes to practical solutions, with interior design details that serve the needs of driver and passengers. Its the E-PACE dynamics that really turn the head, however. Driving in SAVE mode is an alternative way to re-charge the E-PACE P300e as it can achieve 85 percent charge in 90 minutes when travelling at 70mph. Most of the time the plug-in F-Pace is much like its non-hybrid siblings to drive if youre out of EV mode.

Es similar a las del F-Pace, renovado poco antes, y como l estren palanca de cambios, volante o la instrumentacin digital, con una pantalla de 12,3 pulgadas. We expect the PHEV model to become a best seller in the UK, thanks to the company car tax rules that push cleaner vehicles. Youd need to plug it in regularly to juice up the batteries to achieve that, and with a range of 33 miles decent for a hybrid itll be much thirstier if your journey is longer than that. Perfect for daily drives in the city, thanks to its all-electric mode, but equally as suitable for longer journeys, due to its efficient petrol engine. Theres plenty of room up front in the F-Pace and its easy to get comfortable. Get in contact with our dealership below, they will be happy to help with any questions, arrange a test drive for you. En disel, hay un motor cuatro cilindros, el 2.0D de 163 y 204 CV. Of course, with climate change being a thing, were not sure any company in good conscience can sell pure fossil-fuel vehicles any more. The middle seat is very firm and the Jaguars relatively narrow body doesnt offer the shoulder room you get in a Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5, and the big hump in the floor means there isnt space for three pairs of feet either. The second-generation of Jaguars F-Pace luxury SUV is out in the open, and the company has made a big deal about the changes under the roof and under the bonnet. Talk to us about booking a test drive, and discover more about our range of finance offers and prices. In-car intelligence via the Pivi Pro infotainment system means that any journey is free of stress. Of course, that claim needs to be taken with a pinch (or a fistful) of salt. The cabin also offers active road noise cancellation, connected car features and a guardian mode that lets you tell the car when its not likely to be used. By Lane Keep Assist corrects any accidental drifting into the wrong lane on motorways and other roads, Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter advises on upcoming speed limits and Front and Rear Parking Aid enables sensors to assist with manoeuvring. Youll need to plug it in pretty much every time youre stationary, and only do fairly short journeys, to achieve that. Youll also be able to access Apple CarPlay as standard, while Android Auto or Baidu CarLife are available depending on your territory. Contrata tu seguro con Gocleer, pgalo mensualmente y consigue descuentos los das que no conduzcas. The company is also boasting that, should you press the Purify button, you can filter out PM2.5 particles from the air and ionize the cabin air for cleaner breathing. Plug-in system is a smooth and powerful performer, while the F-Pace is one of the best in its class to drive. carwow is a credit broker and not a lender. If you can live with that the F-Pace plug-in hybrid is well worth a look in. The seats are a little firm and the backrest is also quite upright, although the optional electric recline function solves the second issue. This is the case with many hybrid alternatives, however. The latest F-Pace really ups its game over the last car - but youll need to do your sums to check if the plug-in hybrid model makes sense.

Theres been some attention paid to clean up the F-Paces exterior, but the major focus has been improving the interior. Most of that is due to the loss of underfloor storage, which is also a pain as it means your car chargers will be sliding around in the boot. It really suits the cars character, although lesser versions arent lugging around hefty batteries and are more fun to drive as a result. Saving you money whilst protecting the environment; the new E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid works in the same way as Jaguar's larger SUV, the New F-PACE plug-in electric hybrid, but provides a smaller, more agile alternative for those who desire a compact SUV. Fitted with numerous cutting-edge functions, the Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid keeps driver and passengers informed, safe and entertained. Unfortunately, the new F-Pace is only available in Europe right now, with orders beginning today, and deliveries expected to begin at some point in January 2021. Find out more about the new Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid at Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham. This also saves you money, as charging from home costs less per mile in comparison to petrol or diesel. Your data preferences may be changed at any With the E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid, you get the best of both worlds top-class on-road performance and the prestige that comes with driving a Jaguar car, plus the benefits of an electric and hybrid vehicle. Like all Jaguar plug-in electric hybrid cars, the E-PACE uses a Combined Charging System, so you can charge from home, overnight, and also at any of the thousands of public charging stations. The UKs average daily commute is a little less than half that figure, meaning that your daily driving could be entirely electric-only. The P400e puts out a healthy 400hp easily enough to offset the increase in weight over lesser models. Engine noise isnt too intrusive unless youre really hammering it, either. As with most plug-in hybrids youll need to take the claimed 130mpg with a pinch or maybe a fistful of salt. This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers, Sporty SUV looks great and is good fun to drive, Still great to drive and look at, now with a suitably posh cabin, A fast and fun SUV with a superb engine, now featuring a much better interior, New Jaguar F-Pace 300 Sport and 400 Sport on sale now: price and specs, Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic Black on sale: price and spec, Jaguar F-Type replacement rendered as 1,360hp EV: price, specs and release date, New Jaguar I-Pace Black revealed: prices, specs and release date, Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic Black revealed: prices, specs and release date, New interior is far nicer than the old model. Acceleration takes a blink over six seconds to go from 0-60mph, and you can cruise along in relative quiet. The E-PACE is Jaguars first compact SUV, a striking combination of sporty looks, practical motoring, award-winning design and improved fuel economy. Jaguar's compact SUV plug-in electric hybrid is a great choice in terms of luxuriousness, practicality and economy. Its not a sports car, but for something so high-up, wide and heavy its agile and quite fun to thread down a country road. 2 Ofertas para el Jaguar E-Pace Plug-in-Hbrido nuevos. If you need to carry more than five people, youll have to consider a seven-seat SUV such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, instead. If you happen to be away from home or work, you are conveniently able to use one of the thousands of public charging points located around the UK. Climate control also comes as standard. The latest F-Pace is vastly improved inside over the outgoing car, and it needed to be. time. The way we use your data, as well as how the data is collected is found from Your backseat passengers will be pretty happy too, unless there are three of them. The F-Paces upright shape means they wont be bashing their heads on the roof (even if you specify the optional panoramic glass roof) and theres plenty of knee room. Front door bins are deep, and large enough to carry those must-have items with you.

Where the F-Pace trumps cars such as the Audi Q5 is in standard equipment terms. Not sure what you want? Jaguar E-Pace 1.5 I3 Phev R-dynamic S Awd Aut. Gone are all but one pure-gasoline (and diesel) engine models, in favor of mild hybrids and, for the first time, a plug-in hybrid. Although expensive to buy it has potentially very low running costs, provided you can charge the car up regularly. Las mayores novedades se centraron en la oferta de motores, ya que los cambios estticos fueron pequeos, resumidos en una nueva parrilla, faros LED que estrenan firma lumnica y el paragolpes.El interior (su gran punto fuerte) mejor an ms su realizacin y gan un aire ms tecnolgico con la pantalla tctil curvada de 11,4 pulgadas en el centro del salpicadero con nuevo sistema operativo. Mitsubishis Outlander PHEV, one of the few SUVs eligible for clean car tax credits, has become a surprise hit in the UK, with 50,000 models sold in six years. El ms potente es el hbrido enchufable, el E-Pace P300e, que combina el motor 1.5 de gasolina con uno elctrico para entregar 309 CV.Con un buen nivel de dotacin desde el acabado ms sencillo y novedades en materia dinmica, conectividad y seguridad, se ofrece con tres terminaciones: S, SE y HSE: Todos pueden contar con el paquete R-Dynamic que le da un aire ms deportivo a la carrocera, El acabado Sport es exclusivo de la variante de gasolina ms potente. Find out why the Jaguar I-Pace is the 2021 winner of our New Car of the Year Award, A plug-in hybrid option and improved infotainment give the updated E-Pace a boost but Jaguars compact SUV still struggles to make its voice heard, Jaguar has confirmed its plans to go fully electric by 2025 ahead of that we enjoy what might be a last blast for one with a noisy supercharged V8 motor. Its still plenty big enough for your weekly shop or a family holiday, however. Sportier R-design trim ditches subtle elegance for more visual impact with a number of exterior changes and even more kit. What that all means in simpler terms is a 404hp SUV, which weighs over two tonnes, claims to be able to do over 130mpg. Even the entry-level S gets an electric tailgate, heated and electric leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and the full new infotainment system, but the extra luxuries of SE or HSE trim may be worth splashing out for. As the new Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid is powered by both petrol engine and electric battery, you can switch between the two options. The only problem with the plug-in hybrid is that it adds a chunky of weight: about the same as having a couple of burly passengers on board. You see, not only does the F-Pace take care of the practical everyday stuff pretty well by being spacious and easy to drive, it also satisfies if youre after something with more desirability and class than more mainstream family SUVs. 309, Jaguar E-Pace 1.5 I3 Phev R-dynamic Se Awd Aut. 309. But cannily Jaguar hasnt made it super stiff to achieve this. Or tap the button below to build your own spec. The infotainment, which wasnt great before, is bang up to date, with a sleek 11.4inch curved touchscreen offering loads of features and responsive menus. Fitted with a number of excellent interior and exterior features, including innovative in-car technology infotainment and driver assistance safety functions, the Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid is a model that embraces the exciting future of electric motoring. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, too, if all you do is plug your phone in and go. The plug-in hybrid adds to this by giving the choice of smooth, silent and less polluting pure electric power, or extra straight-line oomph by using the electric motor to assist the petrol engine. That makes it a little less sharp in the bends and means a slightly more bouncy ride, but its still very good. Cupholders in the front give both driver and passenger somewhere to store drinks. The ride is comfortable even on the giant 22in wheels you can spec, it steers and handles nicely for such a big car, and its enjoyable to drive both on country lanes and motorways. If youre after a practical family SUV with space for plenty of passengers, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is worth a look. The F-Pace is now a much better car than before thanks to its mid-life update. Theres nowhere to store your charging cables, either, as the underfloor storage is no more. Cookies allow us to deliver and improve our web content and to provide you with a personalised experience. It adjusts for surfaces affected by mud, on wet grass, on icy or dirty roads, and in the snow. Electric Parking Brake, Anti-lock Braking System, front and side airbags and rear ISOFIX are among a number of safety features. Itll do 0-60 in five seconds and nudge 150mph, so its pretty quick. Test Drive the New E-PACE Electric Hybrid, HYBRID (default mode) - automatically blends petrol and electric power, EV - uses the electric motor only for quiet zero-tailpipe emissions driving. carwow may receive a fee from retailers advertising finance and may receive a commission from partners (including dealers) for introducing customers. If you want to see if the plug-in hybrid F-Pace works for you at a fair price, check out our F-Pace deals page. carwow is covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (please more information). Satin Chrome gearshift paddles are a classy feature, and you can create the right atmosphere with cabin lighting and an overhead lighting console. The steering is nice, too. Fire up the Jaguar E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid, and youll soon notice its dynamic and smooth performance. With 18 used Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Jaguar SUV cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale available across the UK. The F-Pace has always been one of the better handling larger SUVs out there and that hasnt been altered for the updated model. The F-Pace PHEV claims (emphasis on claim) CO2 emissions of 49g/km, making it far cheaper for employees with company cars to own. Drivers can select from three operating modes: Charging the E-PACE plug-in electric hybrid is simple, and the battery can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes when using a 32kW DC charger. Be careful, though, its easy get carried away with the spec and push the price of your F-Pace over 70,000, into the firing line of even posher and more practical SUVs such as the BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery large SUVs with seven seats and huge boots. Fitting a child seat isnt too much of a hardship because the Jaguar F-Paces height means you dont have to bend your back when youre fitting it and the Isofix points are easy to latch on to. The only difficulty comes when youre manoeuvring the seat onto the base the Jaguars doors dont open quite as wide as they do in the Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5. Still, the 49g/km CO2 output is nice and low.

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