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Hiring a Mercenary in Expansion mode will now always offer mercenaries that match your character's Level, instead of having a randomized Level difference from your character's Level. We want to empower you to be creative with the builds you want to play, but we dont want to reinvent the wheel and steer classes from their core purposes. For the first time, players will have the chance to unlock a host of new Rune Words in the Ladder system! Lastly, with Grim Ward, we are adding a new functionality and synergy to give more reason to use the skill, which also gives more reason to spend skill points on Find Potion.. Mercs don't have or use mana so it has no effect on them.

This is incredibly special, as the last patch to make balance changes to classes in Diablo II was Patch 1.13c, which was released back on March 23, 2010! For Thorns, we want to improve the gameplay around getting hit to deal damage, so we are making the skill deal flat damage based on attack attempts in addition to returning damage after getting hit. The removal of Casting Delay and the new limitation on max Hydras will match the maximum Hydra count achievable from before the changes, but now players will have a much easier time to summon that amount. Study up, for using this newly penned knowledge to your advantage will have demons cowering in your presence. We improved their core stats so that they are more in line with other mercenaries while also having a distinct advantage with having the most resistance values. Perhaps the biggest change is that Leap Attack now deals AOE damage to surrounding enemies when landing. Developer Comments: Insight is a popular Rune Word, and we feel that allowing it on ranged weapons will promote more build possibilities that complement the skill and mercenary changes seen above. Its Last Call for Hearthstone Grandmasters! Developer Comments: With the Casting Delay changes, Druid Fire skills are generally going to be more widely used. Now the aura will deal a flat amount of damage when the aura-effected targets are attacked.

Monster Levels in the following areas have been increased for Hell Difficulty: Added language support for non-ASCII written language, Added player messaging for when a player tries to launch the game on an out of date patch version, Added 'Message of the Day' capabilities to the main menu to allow us to share important game updates with all players. Developer Comments: The restriction of the Druid being allowed only one type of summonable at a time has restricted the viability of this build and has hampered the fantasy of a Druid Summoner from living up to its full potential. Wow have Tals set since yesterday and thought why its not working. This will mostly affect damage when no weapon is equipped, Fixed an issue where the mercenary damage UI would display inconsistent damage values, Fixed an issue where scrolls weren't auto-populating to a belt slot when purchased, Fixed an issue where the lower resist tooltip didn't list the percentage by which the target's resistance is lowered, Fixed an issue where some players could bypass character name validation and create invalid offline character names. Below you will find patch notes Diablo II: Resurrected, Patch 2.4. Utilizing the Frenzy, Taunt, and Iron Skin abilities, they lure enemies in and unleash a fierce barrage of attacks, Bash level scaling increased and will no longer be capped at level 80, Stun level scaling increased and will no longer be capped at level 80, Now can also be used with Bows and Crossbows, Can now be used by Spears and Amazon Spears, 20% Chance to cast level 12 Lower Resist when struck, 25% Chance to cast level 15 Poison Nova on striking, Level 13-17 Cleansing Aura When Equipped (varies), 0.3% (0-29.7) Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level), 18% Chance to cast Level 18 Taunt on striking, 24% Chance to cast level 10 Weaken when struck, Level 4-8 Resist Fire Aura When Equipped (varies), -10-15% to Enemy Fire Resistance (varies), Level 8-12 Concentration Aura When Equipped (varies), Changed 6-14 Cold Damage to +2-198 to Maximum Cold Damage (+2 Per Character Level) (Full Set), Increased +20 Fire Damage to +200 Fire Damage (Full Set), Increased +25 Defense to +200 Defense (Full Set), Increased Fire Resist +15% to Fire Resist +25% (2 Items), Added 25% Bonus to Attack Rating (Full Set), Added +2-198 To Lightning Damage (+2 Per Character Level) (2 Items), Added 1-148% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (+1.5 Per Character Level) (2 Items), Increased Replenish Life +10 to Replenish Life +20 (Full Set), Added Increased Maximum Life 12% (Full Set), Added Poison Length Reduced by 75% (2 Items), Changed Adds 15-20 Cold Damage to +1-148 to Maximum Cold Damage (+1.5 Per Character Level) (Full Set). However, we have updated how and where that progress is calculated to improve the experience for the entire community. When the Ladder season ends, leaderboard rankings will reset, transitioning characters to non-ladder mode, giving players an opportunity to store their hard-earned treasured loot as a new Ladder season awaits them. Diablo 2 Resurrected (Diablo 2 Remastered) is the remastered version of Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Progress towards Uber Diablo is now tracked per game type. As for werebear - we want to deliver on the fantasy of a powerful, unstoppable, killing machine. By adding a new dual wielding Barbarian Mercenary, we hope to provide a powerful, fast-hitting merc that challenges the status-quo of common mercenary choice among players. In general, all summons will no longer have hidden randomized health values so that the tooltip is more accurate and so summons perform more consistently.

Developer Comments: For new Rune Words, we focused on complementing the skill and mercenary changes seen above, along with giving underused runes more usage. Developer Comments: The Piercing Attack tooltip now will display its pierce chance value in the tooltip. The options are 'GDI', 'Glide', and 'Resurrected'.

If a player character triggers a block during this time, the damage will still be negated, but the animation will not play, Changed how attack speed is determined while dual-wielding weapons. The hardcore (only 1 life) version of Ladder play that encompasses playing with four acts. Aura no longer returns a percentage of damage when hit. By increasing damage based on distance to the caster, each AoE damage aura will have increased effectiveness while still maintaining the same cadence of visual VFX on the screen. Adding chances to not consume as well as chance to replenish will allow a throwing barbarian to be viable without having to return to town frequently. The primary weapon will be used exclusively when attacking while transformed, Fixed an issue where using a skill could be interrupted if a player dodges, avoids, or blocks while executing a skill, Fixed an issue where uninterruptible skills could be interrupted within a 1 frame window if you were using the skill repeatedly, Fixed an issue where the skills granted by items sometimes couldn't be used on a controller, Fixed an issue where you could be blocked from talking to an NPC if a player initiates a trade request with you while you are talking to an NPC, Fixed an issue where weapon swap was not updating Faster Run/Walk on the game client, Fixed an issue where skill bindings for OSkills wouldn't persist after dying and joining a new game, Fixed an issue where one of the Chaos Sanctuary seals was difficult to select, Fixed an issue where the Glacial Trail entrance wouldn't highlight, Fixed an issue where continuing to move after running out of stamina could cause the stamina bar to not refill, Fixed an issue where a room in Act 1 Caves had misplaced walls, Fixed an issue where a few melee skills would often miss when attacking moving targets (Amazon Fend, Druid Fury, Paladin Sacrifice, Paladin Zeal), Fixed an issue where Quick Cast melee skills would sometimes fail to execute properly under certain circumstances, Fixed an issue where Force Move and Quick Cast skills could still operate when in a full screen UI menu in Legacy Mode, Fixed an issue that could cause players to miss their attack when using melee skills against enemies that are just barely within striking range and moving away, Fixed a rare issue where casting spells rapidly could result in incorrect mana cost in certain networking situations, Fixed an issue where Replenishing and Propagation item modifiers were not triggering when Quantity was removed from melee skills, Fixed an issue where mercenary damage bonuses were being applied inconsistently. For skills, we wanted to embrace their elemental fantasies, so we decided to give new flavorful utility skills, to further incentivize reasons to want to use these mercenary types. These warriors cannot use two-handed swords, but are well trained in the art of dual wielding. The initial mana cost is now 13 from 15, Static Field synergy added: +7% Lightning Damage per level, Duration baseline increased from 32 seconds to 144 seconds, Duration bonus per level increased from 8 seconds to 24 seconds, Tooltip updated to display more information about the Mana consumed and the Telekinesis synergy, Base damage and level scaling increased by about 75% (also to compensate for the incorrect damage calculation in the past), Mana Cost baseline reduced from 7 Mana per second to 4 Mana per second, Now also increases Run/Walk Speed by 2% per level, You can now spawn multiple hydras on controller when holding the button down, Updated each stat/skill gains in each difficulty to match so that there is no disadvantage of leveling up a Hell difficulty mercenary versus a Normal difficulty mercenary, Can now gain + Amazon skill bonuses from gear, Nightmare and Hell difficulty now have all 6 different aura types available from the Hire menu, instead of separating them out by 3 per difficulty. Developer Comments: We are adding more tooltip descriptions to Warcries for clarification on hidden skill mechanics. Developer Comments: We wanted to give more advantages for using Amazon melee skills, so we are freeing up skill synergy reliance on Lightning Fury, which will make the lightning melee skills a cheaper skill point alternative to build around. It does not divert damage from life to mana, or reduce damage to life in any way. With the improved Fury, the Werewolf can reach even faster attack speeds than it could previously. Micro-Holiday: The Auction House Dance Party is Here, Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 | Ladder Now Live, Learn the Art of Inscription in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker, Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Forbidden Reach, Become a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Mercenaries of Fortune Mid-Season update features The Terminator in Warzone and Vanguard, Jump Into This Week's PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk, As the Queen decrees: The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end, Murder at Castle Nathria Theorycrafting Livestreams and Pre-Launch Festivities, Class Change and New Features Debut in Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty: Vanguard One Week Free Access to Multiplayer and Zombies, Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes for All Platforms. Select Diablo II: Resurrected content will be exclusively for Ladder modes, Players can use /ladder and /helpladder chat commands to retrieve season start and end information, Ladder information is made available in the leaderboard UI, and for console, players will be updated upon loading into each game, At the end of a season, your Ladder character will be converted to a non- Ladder character, along with any Ladder -exclusive items your character has equipped or in their inventory, Once a season ends, you will have until the start of the season after next to retrieve items from your seasonal Ladder shared stash tab to bring into your normal online play, For example, once Season 1 ends, you have until Season 3 begins to retrieve items from your Season 1 stash. Developer Comments: For Berserk, the existing Shout synergy is changing to Battle Orders, because the Defense loss from the skill contradicts the usage of Shout, and this will better connect with other skill synergy build possibilities.

For War Cry, we want to make it more effective and rewarding to use at higher difficulties. Also, mana costs were reduced for the elemental arrow skills to give them more general usage. Wolves are getting improvements to give them more of an identity as damage-dealing summons. We decided to make the Khalim's Will quest a proper requirement to complete Act III, much like how players need to assemble the Horadric Staff to enter Tal Rashas Chamber in Act II. This gives the Barbarian a strong multi-target skill as early as level 18. Also, Frost Nova is receiving damage scaling improvements to give it more power where it was lacking in the later game. Developer Comments: We wanted to improve the lesser used Fire skills and give more reasons to use them. We have added new columns to various .txt files. If you take damage you will gain mana back. Developer Comments: We wanted to add more potential to the AoE (Area of Effect) Damage auras since they are a capable way for the Paladin to handle groups of monsters. Were thrilled to share new balance changes are coming to your favorite heroes in Diablo II: Resurrected! The Offline Game Difficulty Scale setting will now persist between game sessions. We feel like this will allow Martial Arts to perform smoother during combat by better maintaining current charges instead of having to re-acquire charges too often. In addition, we are increasing the physical damage scaling for Fire skills to be a reliable alternative damage source.

Also, Fire traps are receiving damage synergy improvements to make them more effective at higher difficulties. By allowing both Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heavens to damage Demons in addition to Undead, we hope to open it up as a viable build to use in more situations. Damage scales per level increased scaling compared to the PTR implementation, Leap synergy bonus applies to the AoE damage in addition to the attack, Increased mana cost of Leap Attack from 9 to 10, Leap Attack will be performed even when targeting adjacent enemies (used to perform a basic attack), Shout synergy replaced with Battle Orders, Added damage bonus with 16% baseline and 8% damage increase per level, Increased Stamina synergy added: +0.4 Seconds per Level, Missile speed increased by 100%. As fans ourselves, were just as eager as you to find new ways to play. Those characters can now be repaired - affected players will be prompted to rename the invalid characters, Fixed on issue where using a PlayStation controller on PC, some button prompts could appear with an Xbox controller button icon, Fixed an issue where binding a skill to Key 2 without binding anything to Key 1 would show the keybind UI to not show, Fixed artifacting that could occur on certain VFX when using DLSS, Fixed an issue where the player would become invisible if using Fade behind a transparent wall, Fixed an issue where ethereal items were appearing invisible when standing behind transparent walls, Fixed an issue where grass in Tamoe Highland could pop in and out while traversing, Fixed an issue where VFX could become missing after playing for an extended period of time on consoles, Fixed an issue where VFX could appear as black boxes on PS4 in high memory usage scenarios, Fixed a DLSS-related ghosting artifact that could occur on moving objects while the game camera is stationary, Fixed some localization issues with skill tooltips, Fixed some localization issues related to user presence in the Xbox social menus, Fixed some localization issues in the Settings menu, Fixed miscellaneous issues related to localization of chat commands, Fixed an issue where users in Europe or Korea were unable to block or report users, Fixed an issue where the right click context menu options in the Friends List would not consistently function, Fixed an issue where you could not highlight game names and join if using a controller in the Lobby menu, Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in an 'attempting to join' state if you tried to join a game through the friends list while you were rate limited, Fixed an issue where swapping between Keyboard and Controller on the front end could rarely force you into the Offline character tab and prevent access to the online tab for a small amount of time, Fixed an issue on consoles where online friends who have their presence set to appear 'Offline' in their platform settings would appear in the friends list sorted into other online friends rather than with their other offline friends, Fixed an issue on Switch where if you remove someone from your friends list, they may not correctly get removed, Fixed a visual issue that could occur when opening the Horadric Cube while in the middle of a trade with another player, Auto-generated game name and password from game sessions generated using the main menu 'Play' button will now be hidden, Fixed an issue where your character selection wouldn't persist if you exited the lobby, Fixed a rare issue that could cause your character to display the wrong name if you join a game from the friends list, Fixed an issue where users with 3050 series GPUs would have incorrect default graphics settings, Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game, Fixed a crash that could occur during the Pandemonium event, Fixed an issue where your game difficulty settings on Lobby would not update properly after changing characters.

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