penn jewish percentage

"address_city": "Philadelphia", "id": "cc33b0fa-0cb8-8378-2e46-51c200262ef5", }, "description": null, { "sort_order": "110", "team_id": "38975", "description": "NULL", "id": "EngInternImp68", "deleted": "False", "last_namestaff": "Blum", After services, there is a delicious Kiddush and lunch in the Falk Dining Commons. "access_token": null, "ForeignStudents": "12", "count_rank": "138", "team_set_id": "96256", "modified_user_id": "eab40cf9-22fd-21f4-e3f8-575571496ea8", "name": "NULL", "year": "2014", "modified_user_id": "211745", "team_id": "38975", "created_by": "93c23ff5-8b8c-0fcf-4cba-55787a6abf53", "count_rank": "43", { "team_set_id": "96256", "last_namestaff": "Bobroff", "assigned_user_id": null, "description": null, "date_entered": "10/14/2016 12:00:00 AM", "date_modified": "6/17/2013 5:15:32 PM", "id": "MILST1544", "id": "Fbimport_38975", "type": "Staff Program", "assigned_user_namestaff": "admin", },

"team_set_id": "96256", "deleted": "False", "role": "Israel Engagement Coordinator" "role": "Operations" "deleted": "False", "type": "Staff Program", "team_id": "96256", "date_modified": "8/14/2017 12:00:00 AM", "first_namestaff": "Ira", "first_namestaff": "Joan", "team_id": "38975", "modified_user_id": "96624", "date_modified": "11/29/2017 7:17:08 PM", "count_rank": "75",

"id": "9cc69c62-54e6-163a-35bd-5924746c5fb9", "parent_id": "38975",

"team_id": "96256", { "access_token": null, "year": "2010", "id": "TOP60_2015_20", { "univ_logo": "IMAGE-03062012094613.jpg", "description": null, "created_by": "211745", "deleted": "False",

"sort_order": "109", "parentorgid": "17901" "id": "MILST2259", "do_not_call": "False", "description": "NULL", "created_by": "96624", "department": null, "count_rank": "0", { "team_id": "96256", "name": null,

"modified_user_id": "eab40cf9-22fd-21f4-e3f8-575571496ea8", Penn Hillel`s mission is to create the relationships, experiences, and communities that provoke students to engage in a process of Jewish Self Authorship. Self Authorship is a term used to describe the process by which students come to understand themselves on their own terms and through which they enter into adulthood. { "salutation": null, { "id": "e23c09d0-5a71-f4b2-6fe2-55ce0756893f", "parent_id": "38975", "year": "2016", "full_namestaff": "Miryam Seid", "id": "189a0372-2b36-07ff-7499-4c656d921cb6", "created_by": "96624", "type": "YouTube Channel", "namestaff": "Rachel Hollander", "do_not_call": "False", "description": "NULL", "modified_user_id": "33c98d41-cdaf-ba39-9a81-4c7bb2546b1e", "team_id": "96256", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "date_entered": "1/14/2016 12:00:00 AM", "count_rank": "0", "phone_fax": null, "team_set_id": "38975", "created_by": "96624", "engagement_program_type": null, "count_rank": "51", Late in the afternoon, student gather again for additional services, a third meal and havdalah. "hillel_id": "38975" }, ] "created_by_user_namestaff": null, }, "ug_stdnt_pop_size": "10019", Hillel hosts a wide variety of student-led services that fit the needs of Jewish student from all backgrounds, including: Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Sephardic, and Shira Chadasha (a partnership miynan). "name": null, "grad_stdnt_pop_size": "11807", "title": "Office Manager", "deleted": "False", "created_by": "96624", }, "description": "NULL", "id": "TOP60_2017_TMP16", "date_entered": "4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM", "deleted": "False", "kosher_dining_available": "Yes", "created_by": "148993", "id": "MILST1776", "description": "NULL", "hillel_team_id": "38975", { "deleted": "False", "salutation": null, "website": "", "title": "OU/JLIC Rabbi", "description": "NULL", "modified_user_id": "96624", "name": null, { "year": "2016", { "team_id": "96256", "assigned_user_id": null, }, "description": null, "count_rank": "0", "count_rank": "141", "hillel_id": "38975" { }, "created_by": "211745", "id": "494f3b5c-aa12-1425-0c9f-5277de2ab7b0", ],

"team_id": "96256", "parentorgid": "17901" }, "modified_user_id": "96624", "year": "2011",

"address_state": "PA", }, },

"date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "modified_user_id": "d6262e76-376b-3060-2078-4e1dea15746c", "sort_order": "117", "created_by": "96624", "team_id": "38975", "year": "2017", "phone_work": "215-898-7391", "date_entered": "8/11/2017 2:55:25 PM", "hillelstaff": [ "date_modified": "10/14/2016 12:00:00 AM", "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "name": "NULL", }, "parentorgid": "38975" "department": null, Hillel is proud to offer a two-pronged approach to engaging Jewish students on campus.

"team_id": "96256", "year": "2017", "id": "148993", "name": "", "id": "BRI2014JAN_MIL34", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, "name": null, "description": "NULL", "title": "Associate Director", "deleted": "False", "type": "Staff Program", UPenn has a long and proud tradition of intellectual rigor and pursuit of innovative knowledge, begun by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. "deleted": "False", }, "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "modified_user_id": "96624", "phone_work": "215-895-2531", "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM",

"date_entered": "11/30/2015 12:00:00 AM", "parentorgid": "38975" "type": "BriSpring", "created_by": "211745", "count_rank": "58", "type": "Top60", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "date_modified": "9/8/2014 12:00:00 AM", Penn Hillel also runs a separate organization called the Jewish Renaissance Project (JRP) that brings Jewish life to students who are not already involved. "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "name": "PennHillel", "deleted": "False", "type": "Top60",

"created_by": "96624", },

"deleted": "False", "relig_services_available": "Yes", "osprey_id": "38975", "address_state": "PA", "year": "2016",

"type": "Top60", "date_modified": "12/1/2015 12:00:00 AM", "team_id": "96256", "id": "BRI2016WIN_MIL42", "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "modified_user_id": "d6262e76-376b-3060-2078-4e1dea15746c", "size": "Medium", "type": "AltBreak", { "deleted": "False",

"date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", |. }, "namestaff": "Micah Shapiro", "modified_user_id": "96624", "type": "BriWinter", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "year": "2009", "created_by": null, "name": "pennhillel", "j_ug_stdnt_pop_size": "1750", "date_modified": "5/2/2016 12:00:00 AM", "role": "Development" "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "location": "Urban", Each year, Hillel reaches over 80% of the 1,750 Jewish undergraduate students on campus, with a dizzying array of different Jewish opportunities ranging from social justice to Israel, and from Jewish culture offerings to Jewish religious expression. "id": "17901", "description": null, "univ_known_as": "UPenn", "id": "BRI2017SPR_MIL20", "AwardMeyerhoff": "Yes", "date_modified": "11/7/2017 12:00:00 AM", { }, "do_not_call": "False", "hillel_facility_year_built": "2003", "deleted": "False", "description": "NULL", }, "first_namestaff": "Yael", "year": "2013", "modified_user_id": "96624", "full_namestaff": "Yaakov Taubes", "role": "Senior Jewish Educator" "sort_order": "999", { "team_set_id": "96256", "date_modified": "11/27/2017 2:28:01 PM", "description": "NULL", "modified_user_id": "96624", "description": null, No matter what your interest or Jewish background, Penn Hillel is there to get know each and every Jewish student by name and by story so we can help connect them to the next set of experiences, communities, and relationships that will provoke them to grow into Jewish adulthood. "parent_id": "38975", "parentorgid": "38975" "type": "AwardMeyerhoff", "salutation": "Mr.", "department": null, "kosher_options": "^University provides meal plan - additional cost^", "parentorgid": "38975" "description": "NULL", "parentorgid": "38975" ", "description": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "modified_user_id": "96624", "modified_user_id": "d6262e76-376b-3060-2078-4e1dea15746c", "created_by": "96624", "created_by_user_namestaff": "admin", "count_rank": "7", "created_by": "104226", "modified_user_id": "96624", "name": null, "modified_user_id": "211745",

"date_entered": "7/15/2010 6:53:40 PM", "phone_work": "215-898-7391", "email1": "", "GreekWomen": "27", },

"namestaff": "Ira Blum", "parentorgid": "38975" "team_id": "38975", "aq_hillels_type": "Hillel Foundation", "funding_type": "Private", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "canadian_province": null, "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "created_by": "211745", "namestaff": "Aliza Caplan", "last_namestaff": "Shapiro", }, "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "team_id": "96256", "year": "2016", "id": "DTE2017_73", "created_by": "148993", "team_set_id": "96256", "salutation": "Ms.", "team_id": "96256", { "sort_order": "104",

{ "modified_user_id": "d6262e76-376b-3060-2078-4e1dea15746c", "description": null, "description": null, "deleted": "False", "id": "ME2017_80", "do_not_call": "False", "parentorgid": "38975" "phone_fax": null, "name": "NULL", On Saturday mornings, Hillel hosts Orthodox and Conservative services, as well as a new student-led service called the West Philly Egal Minyan. "team_id": "38975", "team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel", "id": "7fe3a12a-5e94-8f23-925d-53b2e822bf23", "type": "AltBreak", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, "date_modified": "12/20/2017 2:57:01 PM", "date_modified": "11/30/2015 12:00:00 AM", "count_rank": "192", "role": "Engagement Associate" "parent_id": "38975", { "date_entered": "7/15/2010 6:53:13 PM", "year": "2011", "last_namestaff": "Uram", "type": "BriWinter", "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", After services, students from across campus and all the different options join together for a delicious, family style Shabbat dinner. "department": null, "created_by": "211745", "date_modified": "3/29/2016 5:34:57 PM", "created_by": "96624", "created_by": "96624", You are now logged out of "last_namestaff": "Hollander", "namestaff": "Miryam Seid", "description": "NULL", |, Hillel is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN# 52-1844823. { }, "deleted": "False", { "id": "MILST1770", "email1": "", "id": "90f80fac-274c-e60e-8d2c-55b79bf720a9", "type": "AltBreak", "type": "AltBreak",

"AwardUnivCommunity": "Yes", Steinhardt Hall, our home base, is a state of the art facility that includes Falk at Penn Hillel, a kosher Penn dining hall that provides the best food on campus with the warmest and most welcoming community. }, "first_namestaff": "Rachel", "type": "Engagement Internship", { "first_namestaff": "Aviva", "modified_user_id": "96624", "sort_order": "103", "first_namestaff": "Racheli", "role": "Senior Jewish Educator" "title": "Rabbinic Fellow for Innovation", "date_entered": "7/15/2010 2:54:33 PM", "hillel_address": "Steinhardt Hall 215 South 39th Street", "description": "NULL", "modified_user_id": "96624", "description": null, "phone_fax": null,

{ "id": "38975", "parentorgid": "38975" "deleted": "False",

"role": "Assistant/Associate Director" "team_set_id": "96256", "year": "2006", "type": "Newsletter link", "phone_work": "215-573-9128", "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "deleted": "False", "date_entered": "5/2/2016 12:00:00 AM", "id": "160195", }, "role": "JLI" "date_entered": "7/31/2015 1:43:19 PM", "team_set_id": "96256", "year": "2013", "date_entered": "7/15/2010 2:54:33 PM", "namestaff": "Rachel Weidman", "name": "NULL", "deleted": "False", "team_set_id": "38975", "team_id": "96256", "deleted": "False", "date_modified": "8/22/2017 4:06:26 PM", { "created_by": null, { "description": "NULL", "Birthright": "Yes", "parentorgid": "17901" "name": "NULL", "first_namestaff": "Yaakov", "modified_user_id": "96624", "phone_fax": null, "id": "MILST1540", "modified_user_namestaff": null, "created_by": "96624", "date_entered": "6/19/2013 7:01:51 PM", {

"title": "Director of Institutional Advancement", "created_by": "6d2aacc7-d962-e861-e6b9-57cee3e23a23", "created_by": "1", "year": "2011", "name": "NULL", }, "date_entered": "9/8/2014 12:00:00 AM", "id": "BRI2016SPR_MIL292", "BirthrightAverage": "105.666666666667", "access_token": null, "count_rank": "7", "date_entered": "1/8/2014 12:00:00 AM", ", "date_entered": "11/4/2013 5:49:33 PM", { "created_by": "96624", "team_id": "96256", "year": "2014", "modified_user_id": "211745", "deleted": "False", "id": "MILST1772", "modified_user_id": "96624", "id": "ME2018_42", "date_modified": "10/10/2016 12:00:00 AM", During the week, there are 5-6 Orthodox services daily\r\n", "team_id": "38975",

"team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel", "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "name": "NULL", { "parent_id": "38975", "parentorgid": "38975" "website": "", "date_modified": "10/16/2013 12:00:00 AM", "type": "Donation form", "count_rank": "0", "team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel", { "created_by": "96624", "HillelOnlineIDs": [ "IsraelFellow": "Yes", { "date_entered": "9/8/2014 12:00:00 AM", "department": null, "full_namestaff": "Joan Bobroff", "description": null, "created_by": "d6262e76-376b-3060-2078-4e1dea15746c",

"namestaff": "Joshua Bolton", "parentorgid": "38975" "type": "AltBreak", "deleted": "False", "regional": null, { "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "date_modified": "7/28/2015 3:13:01 PM", "phone_work": null, "title": "The Jewish Agency Israel Fellow: In honor of Bertha (Ed'20) and Morris Escoll", "year": "2018", "created_by": "1", The entering class of 2016 is the most talented and diverse in Penn's history", "hillel_aq_hillels_type": "Hillel Foundation", "id": "BRI2015WIN_MIL259", "address_country": "USA", "name": "833872253323704", "date_modified": "11/19/2013 9:41:25 PM", "id": "cb9b8f06-c2d3-2da5-0cb1-5900da8f5bf8", "date_modified": "6/5/2013 12:00:00 AM", "type": "BriWinter", "full_namestaff": "Micah Shapiro", "phone_fax": null, "deleted": "False", "team_id": "38975", }, This includes a weekly soup kitchen, a wide variety of opportunities to engage with and learn about Israel, world famous speakers and public intellectuals, and alternative break trips to Rwanda, Israel and beyond. "OutStateStudents": "81", "deleted": "False", "count_rank": "138", "department": null, "modified_user_namestaff": null, "deleted": "False", "title": null, "created_by": "96624", "date_entered": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "date_modified": "5/14/2013 12:00:00 AM", "title": "IACT Coordinator for Birthright Israel Engagement", "parent_id": "38975", "date_modified": "1/5/2016 10:51:37 PM", "id": "MILST1777", "description": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "count_rank": "47", "team_set_id": "38975", "deleted": "False", { "year": "2017", "parentorgid": "38975" }, "salutation": null, "date_modified": "8/22/2017 4:24:46 PM", "team_id": "96256", "team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel", "type": "Top60",

"deleted": "False", }, "name": "NULL", "parentorgid": "38975" }, "email1": "", "id": "TOP60_2016_205", { "phone_work": "215-898-7391", { "modified_user_id": "96624", "description": null, "count_rank": "0", { "year": "2013", "date_entered": "10/10/2016 12:00:00 AM", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "assigned_user_namestaff": null, }, "count_rank": "0", "hillel_website": "", "created_by": "96624", "date_entered": "6/19/2013 7:41:53 PM", "year": "2015", "date_modified": "4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM", "department": null, "deleted": "False",

"created_by": "d93292ce-1f03-6be1-24e7-598dc592a4ce", "parentorgid": "38975" "date_entered": "11/7/2017 12:00:00 AM", "id": "BRI2015SPR_MIL279", "id": "5e5d859d-6008-ccd6-3de8-50994ea94761", "team_set_id": "38975", { "date_entered": "3/31/2015 12:00:00 AM", "email1": "", "date_entered": "4/26/2017 5:35:39 PM", }, "type": "BriWinter", "do_not_call": "False", "name": "NULL", "date_entered": "4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM", "date_entered": "11/6/2012 5:54:18 PM", "address_postalcode": "19104",

"deleted": "False", "description": "Lives in Bonchek.Newly in Alpha Phi.Wears a Hebrew necklace at all times.Wants to come to Hillel more often! "modified_user_namestaff": null, JRPs cutting-edge methodology brings Shabbat dinner, Jewish dialogue, and deep educational events to students in the dorms, the fraternity and sorority houses, and off campus in West Philly.

"description": null, "created_by": "211745", "count_rank": "6", "date_entered": "12/1/2015 12:00:00 AM", "year": "2017", "modified_user_id": "211745", } "parentorgid": "38975" "team_set_id": "96256", "num_jewish_coursess_offered": "50", "created_by": "6d2aacc7-d962-e861-e6b9-57cee3e23a23", "team_set_id": "96256", "count_rank": "0", "date_modified": "7/28/2015 3:12:49 PM", "created_by": "33c98d41-cdaf-ba39-9a81-4c7bb2546b1e", "id": "eaa470e6-1daa-52a7-0797-5122a33f64bd", "date_modified": "9/8/2014 12:00:00 AM", "assigned_user_id": null, "modified_user_id": "211745", "namestaff": "Racheli Taubes", "modified_user_id": "211745", { "access_token": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "phone_work": "215-898-7391", "id": "EngIntern2015_Imp10", "department": null, "modified_user_namestaff": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "team_set_id": "38975", "deleted": "False", "count_rank": "60", { "available_jewish_studies": "^Minor^,^Major^",

}, "id": "MILST1775", "team_set_id": "96256", "sort_order": "107", "team_id": "96256", "parentorgid": "38975" "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "team_set_id": "96256", "PercentPopFemale": "50", "hillel_address_country": "USA", "description": null, "name": "NULL", "deleted": "False", "team_set_id": "38975", "namestaff": "Sofy Maxman", "modified_user_id": "96624", }, "year": "2012", "id": "MILST2302", { "name": "NULL", "title": "Chief of Staff and Director of Tracking and Evaluation",

"date_entered": "7/28/2015 3:13:01 PM", "parentorgid": "38975" "parent_id": "17901", "deleted": "False", "do_not_call": "False", "team_id": "38975", "cg_search_keywords": "Ivy League, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania" { "access_token": null, "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "team_set_id": "38975", "address": "Steinhardt Hall 215 South 39th St.", "count_rank": "7", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, ], "team_id": "38975", "type": "BriWinter", "phone_fax": "215-898-6393", "team_set_id": "96256", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, { "date_modified": "3/31/2015 12:00:00 AM", "team_id": "96256", "salutation": null, "team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel", "first_namestaff": "Rachel", "parent_id": "38975", "date_modified": "4/4/2018 12:00:00 AM", "address_postalcode": "19104", "created_by_user_namestaff": null, "phone_office": "(215) 898-7391", "date_modified": "8/14/2015 3:22:38 PM", "description": "Birthright Spring 2013: non-Hillel - Mayanot", "parentorgid": "38975" "phone_fax": null, "parentorgid": "38975" "modified_user_id": "96624", "team_set_id": "96256", "deleted": "False", "modified_user_id": "eab40cf9-22fd-21f4-e3f8-575571496ea8", "hillel_rabbi_educator": "Yes", "assigned_user_id": null, "InStateStudents": "19", "date_entered": "6/17/2013 5:15:32 PM", "phone_fax": "(215) 898-8259", "date_entered": "8/13/2010 4:06:13 PM", "17901", As the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults and inspires them to direct their own Jewish journey. "first_namestaff": "Joshua",

"team_set_id": "38975", "id": "TOP60_2018_TMP16", }, "date_modified": "11/19/2015 4:54:29 PM",

"date_modified": "4/24/2018 6:11:30 PM", "deleted": "False", "email1": "", "deleted": "False", { "deleted": "False", "deleted": "False", "assigned_user_id": null, "namestaff": "Yaakov Taubes", "team_set_id": "38975", "hillel_desc": "Penn Hillel is one the best parts of being at Penn. "date_entered": "7/1/2014 4:59:06 PM", "assigned_user_namestaff": null, "parentorgid": "38975" "description": "NULL",

"assigned_user_id": null, }, "team_namestaff": "University of Pennsylvania Hillel",

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Impuestos por vender bienes de segunda mano

Internet ha cambiado la forma en que consumimos. Hoy puedes vender lo que no te gusta en línea como en Labrujita, pero ten cuidado cuando lo hagas porque puede que tengas que pagar impuestos. La práctica, común en los Estados Unidos y en los países anglosajones, pero no tanto en España, es vender artículos que …

El antiguo oficio del mariachi y su tradición

Conozca algunas de las teorías detrás de la música más excitante y especial para las celebraciones y celebraciones de El Mariachi! Se dice que la palabra “mariachi” proviene de la pronunciación indígena de los cantos a la Virgen: “Maria ce”. Otros investigadores asocian esta palabra con el término francés “mariage”, que significa “matrimonio”. El Mariachi …

A que edad nos jubilamos los abogados

¿Cuántos años podemos retirarnos los abogados? ¿Cuál es la edad de jubilación en España? Actualmente, estos datos dependen de dos variables: la edad y el número de años de cotización. Ambos parámetros aumentarán continuamente hasta 2027. En otras palabras, para jubilarse con un ingreso del 100%, usted debe haber trabajado más y más tiempo. A …

abogado amigo

Abogado Amigo, el mejor bufete a tu servicio

Abogado Amigo es un bufete integrado por un grupo de profesionales especializados en distintas áreas, lo que les permite ser más eficientes a la hora de prestar un servicio. Entre sus especialidades, se encuentran: Civil Mercantil Penal Laboral Administrativo Tecnológico A estas especialidades, se unen también los abogados especialistas en divorcios. Abogado Amigo, además cuenta …

Web de Profesionales en cada ciudad

En, somos expertos profesionales damos servicio por toda la geodesia española, fundamentalmente en Madrid, Murcia, Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona, Alicante, Albacete y Almería. Podemos desplazarnos en menos de quince minutos, apertura y cambio al mejor precio. ¿Que es trabajan? es un ancho convención de empresas dedicados básicamente a servicios profesionales del grupo. Abrimos todo …



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Gonartrosis incapacidad

Gonartrosis e incapacidad laboral

La gonartrosis o artrosis de rodilla, es la artrosis periférica más frecuente, que suele tener afectación bilateral y predilección por el sexo femenino. La artrosis de rodilla es una de las formas más frecuentes de incapacidad laboral en muchos pacientes. La experiencia pone de relieve que en mujeres mayores de 60 años, que en su …


La epilepsia como incapacidad laboral permanente

En la realidad práctica hay muchos epilépticos que están trabajando y que la enfermedad es anterior a la fecha en que consiguieron su primer trabajo y que lo han desarrollado bien durante muchos años llegando algunos incluso a la edad de jubilación sin haber generado una invalidez de tipo permanente. Lo anterior significa que la epilepsia no …

custodia hijos

¿Se puede modificar la custodia de los hijos?

Con frecuencia llegan a los despachos de abogados preguntas sobre si la guarda y custodia fijada en una sentencia a favor de la madre, se trata de un hecho inmutable o por el contrario puede estar sujeto a modificaciones posteriores. La respuesta a este interrogante es evidentemente afirmativa y a lo largo del presente post vamos a …

informe policia

La importancia de los informes policiales y el código de circulación como pruebas en tu accidente de tráfico

La importancia de los informes policiales y el código de circulación como pruebas en tu accidente de tráfico Los guardarraíles y biondas, instalados en nuestras carreteras como elementos de seguridad pasiva para dividir calzadas de circulación en sentidos opuestos, así como para evitar en puntos conflictivos salidas de vía peligrosas, cumplen un importante papel en el ámbito de la protección frente …