holy spirit ashes elden ring

Now I know, I could just NOT use the spirit ash. EDIT: Wow, I love that people who disagrees just downvotes when someone has a different opinion and almost taking it personal. I still love the game so don't get mad -I just wish they would have made the spirit summon system differently. Nah bro, I dont feel you. If you dont get these posts then you do t care about being critical which is fine but attacking someone for critiquing a flawed mechanic is just silly the game pushes and encourages you to use the summons it wouldn't be weird for someone to assume the game is balanced around them when its not. Play Dark Souls 1 or 3. Do a level 30 challenge run, and any summon other than mimic /tiche, I tell you what I did to fix the issue : I am so bad that even with mimic at 10 and moon katana at 10 I still struggle , like a lot. Something most of us are unable to do, because we're lacking time or patience. Currently, I have unlocked the whole map and trying to reach Malenia now, I could have not done this on my own, truly. Spirit Ashes is unnecessary mechanic that broke the game (bossfights mostly) balance. You could before, in all dark souls games and bloodborne just summon another player and make your fight a little bit easier as you said, why is that different from spirit ashes?

If you dont need them or think they ruin the experience you dont have to use them. I love that they tried something new but when the hype settles this game is def more like a 7 or 8/10. I am one of those gamers who never dare to touch any Soulsborne games or generally any fast paced games because I know I am generally not good at reflex and reactions. Of course, there are players out there who will defeat every boss RL1 naked solo without taking a single hit, but let's be realistic, those players are extreme minority who are willing to spend countless hours in order to complete a challenge. And the bosses are so cool bit it took maximum 2-3 tries for the last bosses and I just never got to learn them. It's way easier to summon a spirit summon than coordinate with someone online tho:). I hear that. Sea of Thieves has a mentalitly of "tools, not rules". "The steak I ordered was too accessible to me and I overate! In previous games I had to learn every moveset of the boss like a dance and thoroughly experience. They are a part of the game and help people. Dont use them. Anyone feel me? ", and not offer larger portions to anyone because of my personal issue.. If anything, the game is better by allowing people a wider way to play, to use the tools given to play the game their way. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Spirit ashes are not dumb. But if I have the opportunity to make the game a bit easier of course I will take it, and knowing that I can beat the boss if I just summon a spirit ash takes away the nervewrecking experience. For me, the spirit ashes took away the 10/10 from the rating and made it to 9/10 instead, placing Sekiro, DS3 and Bloodborne above it. It's just RNG at this point with some bosses like Astel spamming his AoE or not. But for someone who has played all the previous Soulsborne games I feel like soul ashes just made the game way too easy for me.

I think the ashes are cool and improve the game a lot in some ways. I struggled a lot prior to owning any spirit ashes and I honestly felt like giving up the game at the time. There are no rules saying you do or don't have to use things. People bitch about anything and everything I swear. It just made Elden ring way too easy.

To be honest, I kind of think your satire metaphor is very reasonable haha. So, because you cant resist using the Easy Mode button, they should be weaker for everyone? That is what got me into these games, and for the first bosses in Elden Ring I felt like it was gonna be the same. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. You found an issue with the game and instead of correcting that for yourself, you continued. I play something like The Sims a lot on my leisure time. After 80 hrs god this game was a drag of boring. Spirit ash made this game more accessible in a way, and I'm sure many players feel the same. This is like saying, the game was too easy once I levels you to X. I couldnt help myself I just had souls so I leveled. E: Sorry new to The Fromsoft hellscape little child, unfortunately the mechanic to make this open world nightmare more accessible had to be nerfed because this dude couldnt unequip a voluntary item. In order to defeat bosses, you either HAVE to use spirit ashes, which will make bossfight too easy, or you can keep trying to defeat a boss solo, which will quickly result in finding out that learning bosses movesets isn't fun at all, because they are too unpredictable and simply broken while attempting to do them solo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You don't get main issue. Even in games like Skyrim, it's mandatory for me to have companions at all times or I would struggle otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I am not entirely against them, but they should be much weaker imo. So yeah , get gud bad I guess. Okay so Elden Ring is a massive hit and obviously it is a great game if not one of the best games ever created. But when I got mimic tear+10 or black knife +10 I could just totally shred every boss I faced and let the spirit ash take most of the hits. Ive only used them for a few bosses, but that is in lieu of leveling for the boss. Spamming AoEs, combo chaining with little to no recover time, gank fights without balancing foes to complete each other like O&S, damage that will take away half of HP of end-game 60 VIG character (add this to chained combos), etc. I really dont get these posts. You clearly can't see bigger picture here, so let me draw it for you. An item that you dont have to use or even level up ruined the experience for you? Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. Press J to jump to the feed. The main issue with spirit ashes is, that many, many bosses were designed to fight multiple enemies. I don't have to be alone all the time and feel supported even when I die over and over again.

30 hours in I really thought this game had a shot beating bloodborne as their best work (or DS1). If I know that I can beat the boss if I want to it just takes away the adrenaline and the sheer terror of meeting these bosses. Yea I know, but as mentioned, I can't lie to myself. That worked. Spirit summons were their way of making an easy mode. So when I bought Elden Ring, it felt like a took a big leap, at worst I could just refund it. Therefore, they have incredibly unbalance moveset for players who want to play Elden Ring solo. It doesnt make the game less than, because YOUR choices determine your experience. You could summon an NPC to help you. If the option was there and you chose to not use it, you can do the same with spirit ashes. And people still complain about the stupidest things. So you see, it's not that you don't get these posts. Coop. This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Bosses in those games are (mostly) fair, because they are designed to fight 1v1 with some exceptions like O&S, or Demon Prince, but even in those cases, they are balanced. I shouldn't have to be expected to stop eating, so the restaurant should make the portions smaller to accommodate my compulsion! Fr cry me a river just don't use the ashes and boom "easy mode" off. but for me it was the lazy copy paste boss designs. This is the only AAA game in the past like 3 years to actually be a complete game not full of dlc and micro transaction. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco. If someone was struggling, easy mode was always there. You choose to make the game what you want it to be. Until I got my first wolf ash, it honestly was a game changer for me, it actually gave me courage to play and explore and fight bosses. Im sorry but these posts are annoying.
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