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Her heart laid with someone else, Jace deserved to know that she didnt want to be shipped off for a formidable price for their parents, she wanted the risk taker, the boy who had grown into a brave man. seemed to have something in his mind. The kiss was deep and lazy, Steves arms tightening around you as he pinned you to his chest, his tongue ghosting over yours as you let out a long sigh through your nose. you mumbled, looking down to your lap and picking up your purse. perfect fucking pussy; taking all this big cock, just like the good girl you are he moans out; eyes catching the blush on your cheeks from the constant praise. Leave it Jace, trust me, you dont want to know. All Alec wished to do was protect the young man that was practically his brother, he had always tried to do the same for him. Summary: Steve tells you about his dream, and you have no problem making it a reality, A/n: I apologise for any mistakes! Ill always choose you, through all of eternity. Leaning in, you replace your fingers with your lips, pressing a gently kiss to the large freckle on his right shoulder blade , your lips just catching the raised edge of a scar. I love you so much. Steve practically weeped. Perhaps your ears were mistaken, but you could have sworn that there were footsteps echoing through the sewer. There was someone else, someone he never expected to have felt anything for. Without it, you couldnt activate your healing rune. And now you were sure to die, away from Idris and the aid of Magnus. The silly smile you had in your face You werent a shadowhunter, so your schedules You could see Billy smirking, Didnt know you were into that kind of stuff.. You can be tagged in a certain kink or character; or just in all of them; just let me know! Bob was killed. 4. , , . Steves words made something flutter in your stomach, and you hid your smile in his chest, your eyes fluttering shut at the feel of Steves fingers brushing your hair away from your face. Your bodies rolled lazily against one another, your hips pinning Steve just how he liked it. He was hiding something, their bond suggested such a secret. Leave Y/N alone. His fingers slowed down, teasing you, Fuck, your dripping down my fingers. Do I have to listen to it? you raised The list of possible guests wracked in her mind, it could truly be anyone. Jace Was it something he had said? Jace Wayland was your boyfriend, and you were happy with You heard him curse under his breath each time he burnt Steve started to stir awake beside you. You lowered yourself down and he teased your entrance with his tip before pulling you down onto him. The desire to keep the truth a secret was growing frustrated, he had felt the mood shift almost a week ago. , Hi! Peter and you had just met, you two being little kids with chubby He looked back to The way to your apartment was printed in Jaces other, and you were no exception. It Wanted you to know he was there for you. This felt like a large milestone, as though there was a ray breaking through the window, although in reality there wasnt. But the predicament that he was webbed into was a difficult one, he wouldnt have understood. He had taken away most part of it, yet your body was weak and it was Humming softly, you rolled closed towards your boyfriend so you could feel his warmth, his back rising and falling evenly beneath your gently touches as your fingertips traced paths between his freckles. It was a championship game, a lot of people came out to see them and many of the students held the notion that the cheer routines success influenced the games. From all of them, Jace was taking it the worst. He curled his fingers, hitting that certain spot that had you moaning loudly and you whined when he stopped and pulled his fingers out of you. And when will they be posted? Well, we better go berry Jace Jace nodded slowly, your words brighter. were pink from the cold, the anxiety tears you had let out in that bathroom Jace wasted no time to ogle, instead he threw his shirt to the ground, and began unbuckling his belt, pulling his jeans and underwear down until he too was naked before her. He had killed the monster, single handily. But he couldnt bring himself to react. placed a hand on your knee. take it-, And Darren Jace let out a soft snickering behind him. That happened every time the blonde man decided Steve grabbed your hand and opened the backdoor, his hand resting on the small of your back as he quickly guided you inside. reader, penetration, multiple orgasms, soft! He shut the trunk and both of you got into his car. Dustin was hoarding a dead demodog in Joyces fridge. to find them. She ran to it, noticing the spillage of blue that was pooling on the ground. Conversation came back to you when Jace His good You bit your bottom lip and crossed your arms in front of you to provide We all appreciate the sacrifice that you are making for our family title, but youll be family, because youll be wed to Alec., He hasnt spoken to me since your brother told him about our engagement. She sent her friend a sad smile before continuing her words, choosing to sit beside Izzy. made you shy of show yourself. It will be good for That was what Jace had said when he : The most popular fic in each category (it might change). If not, please send me an ask. A few months ago I reached the 1k followers, and Im soo happy! Jaces next words were camouflaged with you wanted to find out if he really meant his words. head to see who was entering and Jace looked over your shoulder; he saw nothing when he finally linked your sudden need to go the bathroom with those douches appearance. It was the day of the basketball finals, and you had a big routine planned to open the game with the rest of the squad and you were nervous. Jace felt the need to punch them unconscious, and he hadnt even Requested by @online-fangirl! Just ask me for a character and a kink you can think about. Steve always found cheerleaders a bit too preppy. that she doesnt ends with all those cakes, she has eaten enough for all her He had his hair pulled back in a bun, He obeyed and thrusted up into you at a faster pace, making you gasp as you pulled away from the kiss. Im getting married. The words fell from Alecs mouth, but there was still more to be spoken. All he could see was you, laid there in a motionless sprawl. Your eyes rolled back as the coil in your stomach ruptured, Fuck Steve. We work with her, in the bakery. was ready to push the blade farther into the boys crotch when he felt the B-But I dont and you didnt want Jace to be in trouble because of you. laugh. It felt like nothing had changed as of weeks ago, there were no quarrels, no arrangements, and most of all, no marriages. wanting you in his eyes. insecurities to realised that youre beautiful, berry he explained, and placed Ignoring the offensive remark, the Think youre funny? he glanced down dragged him into the best adventures, and his parabatai Jace who was his the second guy, who was hiding behind the other one, joked. If its not in this list, please message me! your swollen cunt taking all he has to offer as he leans on his knees fucking into you with such vigor that the sound of your hips meeting resonates around the room. Steve grabbed you by the elbow and held on. Im no-Jace, Im The stele you carried with you was across theroom. Anyway, be careful. He flung you around like a rag doll, buddy. Dustin chimed in from the front seat. He We were all in a great worry.. The thing had thrown you away from it, openly showing its desire for you to suffer, slowly at that. Warning: SAD SAD, LIKE A LOT OF ANGST. Taking you by surprise, Steve suddenly rolled over, and you found yourself peering up at your boyfriend as he crowded you beneath him, the morning light became brighter and warmer. music became distant and you felt your whole face turn red, your breathing picking She was sitting here a few seconds ago.. Robin came up to you as she threw herself onto you, Oh thank god, you two are here. friendly smiles. Dont lie, you love her. Silence enveloped the two, both knew that Alec had spoken the truth.

People around the coffee were starting to take interest in the scene, Since she came to the institute with Jace, she had been taking Now Jace was not only hunting it to punish it for the murders it had committed, but also for vengeance. (Dont) Care: Jace Wayland angst alphabet, Im with you, no matter what: Peter Parker original work. I just, there are some characters which are really difficult to write about for me, and I dont feel confident enough about Jace to write about him. If you had just listened to me, we wouldnt be lost in the first place! you argued. What if he never speaks to me again? None of it was fine, it was a tragic scenario. Do you have the map? he queried. of him were you, and he knew that your name wasnt Phant. He pushed you aside easily. His fingers ran along your clothed cunt, Youre soaking through your underwear he muttered into your neck. Ive been a little abstent, Im sorry! What are you guys doing here?. And Im And the love of your embarrassment. He wasnt the keenest on strangers, especially when they had free reign in the institute. Honestly, Ive never heard such a pathetic names. times where someone had told you not to eat that, because youve already Let me explain; if I write about Peter Parker + praise kink, you can ask me to write the whole one shot.

throat appeared. They will be posted on November; but I see that its something that is really liked, I will continue doing it! Requested a long time ago by @badasseddy, Im sorry again I lost your request If this has happened to any of you, please message me! Youd never leave a mission unfinished, even if it was more dangerous than you had initially been told. you and knowing that he had faced the people who made fun of you made your day thought of him; for you, he was just your best friend. The red-haired maybe its a stressful one and they both kind of get stressed and just cranky so they fuck in the back seat of the car to relieve some stress?? Once you were in his backseat, he got in and shut the door before leaning over you and pressing his lips against yours again. I do think youre the most gorgeous woman in this world. What is it?. I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N), so much.. that you had practise with Isabelle so many times. (Y/N), if you dont get in the car right now he warned, Or what? you challenged. Jace. the counter and telling the waitress to keep the change. , , .

No, none of that this time he

at each other. life who didnt know you had feelings for him, but that was another story. As soon as you recognised them, your your jacket closer to your body. that time your voice was weaker, and you were looking at him in the eyes. It was not easy to love Jace, not Its not my fault that you dont listen. It seemed he preferred her company over yours, and a part of you couldnt blame him for that. fat! Finally. The warlock entered, touching your forehead with his palm. you as the goddess you were in his eyes. No, now get in the car he stated, No you shook your head. that you love him, yet you dont think youre worthy of him? She unfortunately didnt know what out of the complicated options was right, and what was wrong. It was always like that; you and Jace together, you drooling over were starting to sweat as you felt their stares in your back. Im here, daddys cheeks and small feet. Something great you hoped. his mouth the cookies that May had prepared for him with so much love. They wanted to help Eleven close the gate by distracting the demodogs down in the tunnels. Thats far from true. Before you could retort something back, he eased your anger by connecting your lips. your cute tits bouncing with every thrust as your arms are splayed out above your head. I told you that I had things handled. You muttered. He stood there, his hair rugged and messy, the way that she preferred it, wearing all black and a sombre expression. of water that still made it difficult to breath. Waiting to be posted (not in this order): Not started (I will start them when I have time/ inspiration for the characters, Im sorry! chuckled, placing a hand on your shoulder. She too was being crushed in this fulfilment of noble bloodlines, all uphold reputation. I think you might have a concussion but I love you so much.. Douglas whimpered and Darren tried *, The sound of Billys car made everyone in the Byers house freeze. Your teeth chattered and your cheeks soon You always woke ups before him, your eyes fluttering open and taking in the expanse of his bare back as he cuddled his pillow. Im going to get shadow banned fr, Warnings: Spoilers!, smut, breeding kink,unprotected sex, just filthy I dont know what to say, , ( ). Billy looked at the house behind you and chuckled, Oh really? You glared at him although you were He pulled your closer to him. summary: youre steves perfect angel and you deserve a good fuck, cw: praise kink, daddy kink, fem! moment. Ive never been with anyone, kissed anyone. had every right to be. I promise I wont do it again. Movie weekends where you would do nothing more than

Blood, injuries. What For the past few months, Jace had become used to himself, and you smiled little by little. I love you so much. At his profession, she let go, he too joining her shortly after, pairing them both toghether in the state of bliss. Theyre all mourning nevertheless. Hey, sorry to interrupt Jace said And you, well, you didnt wake up. Well, good thing youre not the babysitter for the rest of the week Steve commented. The blonde had made you reckless. i do not consent to the writing being reposted, copied or translated on other sites or on here by anyone. (Y/N) knew that she had missed out on something truly beautiful, instead she was forced to create a life with a man that she didnt love in that way. in the play yard when Peter sat beside you, his little hands empty and his credit to owner. something was off with you. (Y/N/N), I hate to say this gorgeous, but youre not marrying him. The information was obviously wrong. Izzy stated desperately, leading the way. Im going to go handle this. Steve announced to everyone. at them while the couple talked about their day, and one of the teenagers was here princess he patted the side of your neck as if you were his pet. and you came face to face with Jace, who had a comforting smile on his face. a leaf. placed the blade back into his waist with a swift movement, and place his arm I hope you like it This is written with a plus-size reader. Robin looked between the two of you, Was that really why you guys werent able to get here earlier or was it? she gestured to your neck. Warnings | Mentions of death, brief smut (handjob), angst, heartbreak, unrequited feelings (for Clary), Quick link to my masterlist, if youre interested in reading more of my crap . You had a cute little innocent gag going on and he didnt want to ruin you completely yet, so he kept it to himself. gave you a compliment, he always got the same, fake anger of sass. You thought back about all those Well, from inside it looked like you needed some assistance.. He pumped himself a few times, one hand on his cock and the other resting on your hip. You wouldnt want to be in that situation ever How the unshed tears made your eyes Them implying that he talked with demons, didnt bother him. you looked angelic, Request:steve harrington and the reader going on a road trip. She had the strongest connection to you, and she trusted that it would help them find you.

Both of my best friends left me here with all of you and now Im the babysitter Robin agreed. One of you had forgotten to pull his curtains all the way shut the night before, early morning light filtering into the room and bathing everything in a soft, dreamlike glow. I didnt just get down on one knee and propose, it was arranged. Thats when all hell broke loose. I'm a sucker to read something like this though: jace holding the reader in his arms at the brink of death (or her having a faint pulse) but still gets to live :P thank you so much! everywhere. stuck in your cheeks with the sleeve of your sweater, trying to spill the remainders He hadnt moved from the Steve interrupts your favourite morning ritual. However, you werent happy with the fact that Clary saw that You knew Isabelle was behind, knowing that Slowly, he made his way between them, and you noses Kid peter parker and his overstressed dad. after you; Jace was drowning in guilt and sadness. Im not Clary, or the thins girls you like! blonde hair, fearful of doing something wrong. You and Steve headed down to the basement and already heard the group talking and hanging out. One day, you were sitting Congratulations. Jace spoke, before walking away, his shoulder hitting into the barrier of his friends own. Once he made sure you were looking at him and not drowning in said, and his hand searched for yours. Thinking about him only made you wonder what the two of you could have been. What will you do if I dont get in the car?. This requests will follow the same rules as the rest of them. had told you that you looked pretty with your new dress. Arent you the cutest, berry Jace him; hell, he had joked with you thousands of times about how he would join a You were just filling with toxins, drowning in their menace. pairing: steve harrington x cheerleader!reader, warnings: p in v unprotexted sex, MDNI, choking, petnames, mirror fucking, steve is slightly mean [very slightly], publuc sex [reader and steve fuck in the schools bathroom], disclaimer: this is my original work! Im lookin at proof right now.. your cheeks, and you tried to clean them with your sleeve. I could care less about Clary. if you were not related by blood, she was your sister. Because She-Shes fat dude. Why did you go after it? She grabbed Billys keys and held them up, Lets get out of here.. You leaned in closer to him, your chest against him, Or what, Steve? Well, well, well, if it isnt the beautiful, (Y/n). Billy bellowed into the night. Warnings: drug use, tiny bit of angst (nothing important), extreme fluff. The only person that had been sitting in front he called you for the first time berry. again. Thats what I said, wasnt it? You teased back. I hope you like it. Clearing his throat, the blonde finally caught the attention of the brunette, his hazel eyes snapping away from the part of the wall that they were caught on. Do you like to mock someones weight? your heart forgot how to beat. air through his teeth, taking advantage of his superior height; he was fuming. He wanted to kick himself. Requested by @online-fangirl (I can tag you FINALLY THANK GOD) and an anon. It was no secret that you had become more invested with your shadowhunter duties, you may have even been working yourself too hard. !, Steve, relax. Then you wouldnt be you. The promised woman counteracted, her breath fanning over the lower half of Jaces face. He was looking at you with those puppy eyes that could Me and (Y/N) are getting married, shes to be my wife in a fortnight., What? Jace stumbled back, keeping steady to the surprise of his friend, shocked by the revelation. What are you doing?. Thighs Theyre getting sentimental back here! Lucas shouted. on my drink thanks to you. I have it on good authority that my little brat of a sister, Max is here., Billy chuckled, I heard of how feisty you can be. We are going to the tunnels to help Hopper and Eleven.. Phant, as Elephant. He doesnt want to marry me either, so Id say hes quite the opposite.. He found lips trying to fight back a smile, and your nose as red as a strawberry. stuck. 3. A warm hand raised your chin slowly, The waitress was checking Youre hiding something from me. It wasnt a question, it was a certain statement. right?. Why would I want any girls number when I have you?. smiled, admiring every inch of your face. Its about Jace, isnt it? At the pause in the room, Izzy knew that it was. ): I think this is all I have (for now). Shut up you mumbled, fidgeting Im so sorry, if you want to request about anyone else I have a few fics of him in my masterlist, and some of them are really similar to what youre requesting (kidnapped indont care, injury and jace holding the reader in his arms in weak). Jace was sitting beside you, leaning He was stubborn as hell. We can invite Clary, mundanes have this thing called a hen night. a sigh, returning your eyes to your lap. You remember moving into town around the same age as she was. I dont have a schedule to post them. She definitely did. He went to kill whatever almost killed you. And that was where the two of you were alike. You moaned into his mouth, Oh fuck, faster. I remember when I drew this rune, youd scraped your leg. second of it when you did. It is! You couldnt bear the realisation of not Since you were neighbours and your mother was Weeks passed by and the only time you saw Jace was when you two went to opened the door, waiting until you were out to walk behind you. Your vision blurred, and you smiled pitifully as you ran through your memories. Usually his friend would tell him all, they were practically brothers. She was still devoted to him, in spite of her circumstances, and the fact that they had hardly spoken in hundreds of hours. Steve silently tilted his chin up, his lips brushing over yours more insistently than before, and you closed the rest of the space between you.

should do to. If you have read my work Lagerthas Daughter (Ubbe), its that kind of angst. I do have second one, answered, feeling protected by his mates body; who was shaking as He bit your lip, tugging at it between his teeth before pulling away. Everyone was worried about him; he didnt eat, didnt Its been two weeks, tomorrow I wont be me, Ill be the wife of his best friend. you and a sudden rush of confidence hit you. Jace caught your wrist and searched Billy, Max isnt here. She was new and beautiful, what wasnt there for Jace to like? What the hell do you want? You cut to the chase. when you werent as thin as Isabelle or as pretty as Clary. Uh, sorry guys, dont know any Despite everything that was going on, there wasnt one hair on Steve Harringtons perfect head that was out of place. Plot: Jaces focus is on your recovery and on the little black box he cant seem to hide well enough. Looking back on it, your life before the recent days had been good. She had suddenly, cutting you off.

Couldnt be more stupid if They didnt expect him to You understand, Tears that you had tried to keep away dropped down left his mouth, trying to find something that might had hurt you. Even if you liked to number you stated, ignoring the pang of hurt that hit your chest. Ironically, there was a fist meeting the other side of her door, knocking in aversion of intruding. Usually, that look so angry, to be so tall and so damn intimidating. Demodogs were on the loose creating havoc. His hands squeezing your ass as you moved faster, Fuck, just like that he groaned as he watched his cock slid in and out of you. Steve watched in awe as your face contorted in pleasure and he continued thrusting up into you, helping you ride your orgasm as he was chasing his own. boy talked, his fist tightening under the desk. The two of you grinned, Fall break, we figured wed surprise everyone you answered.

with the can of soda in your hands. By distancing himself, as Maryse had convinced him, you would be safer, and may stick to safer behaviour. your mouth full of sandwich.

You chuckled softly into his skin, laying a gentle kiss on a small silver scar. to meet you. Right now, Ill probably write sooner about Marvel. Phant he explained. It could have killed you! This was the first time you ahd shouted at the blonde, but it felt nice to finally release all of the pent up anger you had been dealing with. the man of your dreams and Jace spending a good time with his best friend. I have been hooked with some jace wayland fics and i absolutely love reading angst, too! tried to make you see yourself as the beautiful girl you were, yet it wasnt until Quickly the warlock left, only to return with visitors.

couldnt even tell him if he had drawn the rune correctly. Jace didnt You look so beautiful like this, Steve murmured, his dark eyes tracing every curve and contour of your face. How do they work? The chill air greeted you when he Thats what you get Its where the women go out to celebrate the brides last day as a unkept lady.. Whats the matter? you asked him, his face was strained with chocolate and held his hands up, trying not to touch Lets go. taking him by surprise. If you dont like it, I dont mind doing it again! This was the moment where you had to tell him everything, Youre all I care about, (Y/N) (L/N) of Idris.. to their clothes; even if they were expensive, they were still wearing the Yet, how do you tell someone Izzy had already visited, so the chances of it being her were slim, unless she wanted to drag in a laptop and force you to watch the human creation of a movie, it wouldnt be the first time. finally Jace had gotten the hint. You rolled your eyes, Why doesnt anyone listen to me?, Billy shoved Steve to the ground and kicked him, I told you to plant your feet.. You turned your You can repeat the kinks or character, dont worry! You hoped it would be another monster, one merciful enough to finish you off. The place you had chosen to spend

were complicated.

his arm back in your shoulders and started walking, both of you deep in your thoughts. When Billy hit Steve with a plate, you saw red. mouth, and you were tempted to close your eyes, and enjoy the dream. He moaned loudly while he got his bearings. I had a lot of problems with the smut part, Im so sorry I couldnt do it. I love you too Jace Wayland. (Y/N) climbed atop of the blonde, adjusting her position so that she was able to sink down onto the flawless shadowhunter. It would be a mockery conducted by Maryse, who was ignorant to how her second son felt, continuing her conspiracies without him in the picture. scratched the back of his neck, not knowing who could they be talking about. Remembering how your heart sped up every time he was in the room. to find something to say, yet only came out as short and pathetic cries. He pushed you a bit backwards There was poison corrupting your veins. Im not scared of Billy Hargrove. Id never do that to you., Yet he was still willing to marry the badass shadowhunter that had captured the heart of his friend, from the day of his 7th birthday. If there was an escape plan, shed finish it, trailing away from the nightmare that she was to be met with the next day. touching each other, bigger chest than most girls and rolls in your tummy that Before you could try and stop him, Billy rushed into the house. the coffee, all of them minding his own business.

wrong, just a bunch of dudes, and you were glad you werent facing him. injuries and nasty bruises. Perhaps her and Jace were never meant to be, it felt doomed considering the mess that (Y/N) found herself in the middle of. For angels sake, Im talking about Clary! Releasing your arm, Jace stepped back, shocked by your inaccurate observation. emoji alec shadowhunters lightwood jjingureum

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